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Anna Lea cartes-de-visite album

Identifier: 2013-233
Abstract: Anna Lea (1849-1927) was the daughter of William Lea (1805-1876) and Jane Scott Lovett (1817-1888). Since the 1770s, the Lea family were among the largest flour mill operators at the Brandywine Falls, north of Wilmington, Delaware. This item is a carte-de-visite photograph album which contains portraits of the Lea and related families, primarily the families of William and Jane Scott Lea’s children (Anna’s siblings, their spouses, nieces, nephews, and friends).
Dates: circa 1860s

Austin Powder Company album

Identifier: 1973-231
Abstract: The Austin Powder Company is a Cleveland-based manufacturer of industrial explosives and provider of blasting services around North America. The company began in 1833 at a site south of Cleveland, Ohio along the Cuyahoga River. The album contains photographic prints of the Austin Powder Company's plant near Solon, Ohio, circa 1900.
Dates: circa 1900

Baldwin Locomotive Works Trades Exhibit Constitutional Centennial Celebration album

Identifier: 1983-237
Abstract: Baldwin Locomotive Works was a manufacturer of railroad locomotives from 1825 until 1972. The company was originally located in Philadelphia and then later moved to Eddystone, Pennsylvania. This album contains twenty two photographs of Baldwin Locomotive Works train engines, train cars, and parts. The album appears to have been created by company President S.M. Vauclain for the Trades Exhibit at the Constitutional Centennial Celebration.
Dates: 1887

Bureau of Standards fire test of steel furniture album

Identifier: 1993-265
Abstract: This album documents a fire test conducted by the Bureau of Standards concerning the effect of fire on steel furniture, possibly among other things. The Bureau of Standards, now known as the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is a non-regulatory federal agency under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Its mission is "to promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life."
Dates: 1926-1927

C.E. "Bim" Argyle steamboat albums

Identifier: 2015-303
Abstract: Captain C.E. (Clarence Edward) "Bim" Argyle (1927-2006) was a riverboat captain for Consolidation Coal and a World War II Navy veteran. He worked primarily on steamers and coal barges along the Monongahela River in Western Pennsylvania. These two albums record Argyle's river experience between 1943 and 1950. There are portraits of his co-workers as well as many photographs of numerous commercial boats.
Dates: 1936; 1946-1949

Centennial Exhibition photographs and ephemera

Identifier: 2003-255
Abstract: The Centennial International Exhibition of 1876 celebrated the one hundreth anniversary of American Independence. Held in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, it was the first major U.S. world's fair. This collection contains Centennial Exhibition photographs, albums, scrapbooks, and ephemera
Dates: circa 1872-1877

Cities Service Oil Company "Dealerama" album

Identifier: 2020-211
Abstract: Cities Service Oil Company was an oil and natural gas company formed in 1959 after a Federal Court mandated that Cities Services Company divest its holdings as a result of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935. A souvenir album from the first annual Dealerama, a trade show held by Cities Service Oil Company to encourage service stations to increase their advertising. The trade show was a two day event in January of 1959 that took place at the Hotel Statler-Hilton in New York. The materials in the album are primarily photographs of exhibitions or booths that demonstrate a varity of products. There are a small set of materials that were laid into the album.
Dates: 1959 January; 1962; undated

C.N. Vicary's Clothing Store album

Identifier: 2015-296
Abstract: Vicary’s Clothing Store was a men’s clothing store located in Canton, Ohio founded by C.N. (Charles Newell) Vicary (1858-1921) in 1905. This album contains brochures, reports, stock certificates and photographs of the clothing store and its employees. There are exterior views of the store front at various locations, interior views of the store showing different fixtures, different departments, including staff members in the store and individual portraits of staff members.
Dates: circa 1890-1950

Coal mine inspection trip album

Identifier: 1986-238
Abstract: Coal Lands Securities Co. was one of several mining companies owned in large portion by Thomas J. Foster (1843-1936), a publisher. Lackawanna Coal and Lumber Company and Highland Lumber Company were also part of Foster's holdings. The album contains photographs taken during an inspection trip made by a party from the Coal Lands Securities Company to properties in West Virginia owned by the Lackawanna Coal and Lumber Company and the Highland Lumber Company.
Dates: 1914

Creed and Company Limited manufacturing plant album

Identifier: 2000-225
Abstract: Creed and Company Limited was originally founded as Creed, Bille & Company Limited by Frederick George Creed (1871-1957) and Harald Bille (1879-1916) in 1912 to manufacture and sell telegraphy equipment. In the early 1900s, Creed had invented several machines that facilitated the sending and receiving of Morse code messages. Much of Creed and Company's manufacturing capacity was in Croydon, London, England. These photographs show a group tour of the Creed and Company Limited plant in Croydon on October 14, 1954.
Dates: 1954

Disposor Corporation album

Identifier: 2013-258
Abstract: The Disposor Corporation was the sales agent for the General Fan Corporation of New York City in the 1930s. This collection consists of fourteen photographs of the General Fan Corporation's various mechanical products (ventilation and cooling units) on display at exhibits or installed in businesses, including a ship and restaurants. The album was put together by the Disposor Corporation for sales purposes.
Dates: circa 1930s

F.H. Dow & Company Utopian chocolate candy boxes album

Identifier: 1999-222
Abstract: F.H. Dow & Company was a manufacturer of chocolates and candy. This album contains of photographs from F.H. Dow & Company of Boston, Massachusetts, showing various box designs for Utopian chocolates.
Dates: circa 1910-1920

Frank R. Zebley photograph albums

Identifier: 1968-012
Abstract: Frank R. Zebley (1883-1960) was a Delaware native collector, photographer, author, and one-time speaker of the Delaware House of Representatives. He published Along the Brandywine and The Churches of Delaware. The Frank R. Zebley photograph albums includes nearly 1500 black and white photographs from the city of Wilmington, locations around Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, and other places of interest in the mid-Atlantic region.
Dates: 1918-1944

French exhibit at the Exposicion Internacional del Centenario album

Identifier: 1998-286
Abstract: The Exposicion Internacional del Centenario commemorated the centennial of the May Revolution in Argentina and its consequent independence from Spain. It was an international exhibition that was held in 1910 between May and November in the capital of Buenos Aires. The photographs in the album consist of views of France's exhibit and include the exterior and interior of the pavilion.
Dates: 1910

Geo. D. Whitcomb Company locomotives album and catalogs

Identifier: 2018-230
Abstract: The Geo D. Whitcomb Company was a manufacturer of coal mining machinery and industrial locomotives. The album is a factory salesman sample photograph album for the gasoline powered Whitcomb mining and switching engines. There are two Whitcomb catalogs and an original offprint from the 1932 Railway Age.
Dates: 1917-1940s

Hayden & Crouch chairs and rockers photographs

Identifier: 1996-216
Abstract: Hayden & Crouch were in the chair manufacturing business for a ten-year period from 1888 to 1898 in Rochester, New York. No mention is made of Hayden & Crouch after the 1898 directory. The album contains pictures of thirty-five wooden chairs, some with casters, some rocking chairs.
Dates: circa 1890

Kelvinator Corporation electric refrigerators album

Identifier: 1997-229
Abstract: Kelvinator was founded in Detroit in 1916. Nathaniel B. Wales (1883-1974) was the founding engineer, and he had been developing home refrigeration units. By 1923, Kelvinator had the lion’s share of the electric refrigerator market at eighty percent. This album appears to be a wholesaler's catalog showing sketched illustrations of the exteriors and interiors of Kelvinator refrigerator models.
Dates: circa 1930

Louis E. and Max Levy photograph album

Identifier: 1976-252
Abstract: The brothers Louis Edward Levy (1846-1919) and Max Levy (1857-1926) founded a photoengraving business in Baltimore in 1875. In 1877 they moved to Philadelphia and reorganized the firm as the Levytype Company. Here they introduced their invention (jointly patented on January 4, 1875) of a new photochemical engraving process, which they called "Levy-type". This album contains personal cyanotype photographs of their homes, travels, friends and family.
Dates: circa 1886-1893

Maryland Steel Co. photograph album

Identifier: 2008-224
Abstract: Maryland Steel Company was a steel-works and shipyard operated from 1891 until 1916, when Bethlehem Steel acquired the Pennsylvania Steel Company and its subsidiary, Maryland Steel. This collection consists of 3 albums containing 204 cyanotype photographs taken at the Maryland Steel Company's steel plant and shipyard between 1890 and 1894. The photographs show steel buildings, steel workers, shipyard buildings, ship construction, tugs and steamships.
Dates: 1890-1894

Mrs. Willhoits Whittier Cleaning and Dye Works album

Identifier: 2015-283
Abstract: Whittier Cleaning & Dye Works was a small, dry cleaning business in Whittier, California. Mrs. Willhoit operated the business and eventually put her name in the title. This album contains images of the exteriors of the store, the interiors of the store showing Mrs. Whitter working, Whittier exiting a company car with clothing on hangers, a worker at the press, and Mrs. Whittier with an armed serviceman. There are several snapshots of Mrs. Whittier with a group of young women.
Dates: circa 1940s

Pittsburgh Steel Company album

Identifier: 2006-208
Abstract: The Pittsburgh Steel Company manufactured steel products. Early products included wire, barbed wire, nails, wire fence, and pipe. This item is an album containing photographs of birds-eye-views of the Monessen plant, an exterior of the office building, views in boiler houses, open hearth furnaces, soaking pits, power plants, engines, and an electric power plant.
Dates: circa 1905

Plymouth Cordage Company album

Identifier: 1982-231
Abstract: The Plymouth Cordage Company of North Plymouth, Massachusetts, was founded in 1824 and was involved, as their name implies, in the rope-making industry, particularly for use by the shipping and fishing industries. This album contains sixteen photographs of plant interiors showing machinery and manufacturing processes, and two exterior views of the building.
Dates: circa 1900

Pulp Keg Mill in the Hagley Yard album

Identifier: 1969-093
Abstract: The pulp keg mill was built around 1904 to manufacture an experimental design of black and smokeless powder container made essentially from paper. This album contains photographic prints of the construction of the pulp keg mill in the Hagley Yard of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. near Wilmington, Delaware around 1902 through 1905.
Dates: circa 1902-1905

Robert C. Naramore's Photographic National Bank Note Detector album

Identifier: 1996-305
Abstract: Because of rampant counterfeiting in the 1860s, Secretary of Treasury Hugh McCulloch (1808-1895) made an unprecedented decision to allow Robert C. Naramore (1829-1895) to photograph legal tender so that the images could be used to detect counterfeit bills. The photographs were published by the American Photograph Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut. This small album has eighteen albumen photographs of U.S. bank notes.
Dates: 1866

Saxon Motor Car Company album

Identifier: 1973-294
Abstract: The Saxon Motor Car Company was located in Detroit, Michigan and had offices in Troy, New York. It began producing automobiles in the winter of 1913-1914, when the company introduced a two-seater roadster. The album contains photographs of the Saxon Motor Car Company's offices in Troy, New York and Detroit, Michigan.
Dates: circa 1915

Trundle Engineering Company album

Identifier: 2020-212
Abstract: The Trundle Engineering Company was an industrial engineering management consulting company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Clients would hire Trundle Engineering Company to perform studies on their organization or operating methods. One aspect of the business was the design and manufacture of custom machinery for increased efficiency. This album is a salesman sample photograph album providing an overview of inventions and technology developed by the Trundle Engineering Company. Machinery represented here includes spiral meat-cutting machine, matchbook cover book-cutting machine, traffic signal control boxes, spinning machine for making artificial silk, ice cream freezing machinery, remote control spotlight, and a golf ball center compression test machine.
Dates: 1930

Ward and Gow elevated railway and subway advertising album

Identifier: 1995-243
Abstract: Ward and Gow, a New York advertising agency, is credited as one of the first firms to "systematize" advertising in the New York subway and elevated marketplace. These fifteen photographs document advertising on New York City elevated train platforms and on subway cars. Each photo's location is given in the lower right side of the image.
Dates: 1903-1910

Warren-Ehret Company photograph albums

Identifier: 2002-251
Abstract: The Warren-Ehret Company was a Philadelphia roofing company founded in 1883. This collection consists of 259 images from three unbound albums which were used as sales portfolios to show the variety and extent of Warren-Ehret's roofing jobs on a variety of buildings.
Dates: 1890-1910

Westinghouse Machine Company album

Identifier: 1983-247
Abstract: The Westinghouse Machine Company began in 1880, and the company's first contract to build a turbine dates to 1896. The album contains a variety of images of products and facilities related to the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. These include photographs of equipment such as boilers, generators, mechanical stokers, pumping machinery and turbines.
Dates: 1908

York Oil Burner Company's industrial oil burning equipment album

Identifier: 1969-083
Abstract: The York Oil Burner Company was a manufacturer of oil-fired residential and commercial oil heating equipment. This collection consists of one album containing 80 black & white photographic prints of industrial equipment of the York Oil Burner Co., Inc. Many of the photographs are interior views of building basements showing York Oil Burner Co. equipment installed in the building's furnace system.
Dates: circa 1936

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