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Account books of Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. and subsidiary firms

Accession: 2414

Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. was a major manufacturer of saws and other woodworking tools and one of the largest industrial firms in Philadelphia. The Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. had a number of subsidary companies, these records contain a small number of account books from only three of the firms subsidaries. There are accounts for: the Tacony Fuel Gas Company, the Henry Disston & Sons File Company, Limited, and the Henry Disston & Sons Iron & Steel Works, and an insurance ledger from the Estate of Henry Disston.

Dates: 1824-1918; Majority of material found within 1867-1907

All American Engineering Company records

Accession: 1541

The engineering and research unit of All American Aviation, once the principal feeder airline for the mid-Atlantic region, became the All American Engineering Company in 1953. Their records document the early evolution of All American Aviation, the development of its system of air pick-up service, and its use in postal and military applications.

Dates: 1937-1975

Aurora Gun Club records

Accession: 2488

Aurora Gun Club is a private target shooting organization and social club. It has had six locations since its founding in 1895 by brothers Eugene du Pont (1873-1954) and Alexis I. du Pont (1869-1921), are all centered in the area around Wilmington, Delaware. The records of the Aurora Gun Club are comprised of records collected by the club presidents and treasurers from approximately 1955 through 2006. The records range from membership rosters, club bulletins and shoot results to financial records.

Dates: 1930-2006; Majority of material found within 1955-2006

Betts & Seal records

Accession: 2179

Betts & Seal was an iron foundry in Wilmington, Delaware that operated under that name from 1857 to 1867, but was established in 1828. The Betts family of Wilmington, Delaware, produced three generations of innovative founders and machinists. The records of Betts & Seal cover the operation of the foundry from 1828 to 1867. The result is a rare time-capsule look at the workings of a small but innovative foundry during the first phase of American industrialization.

Dates: 1828-1867

Christ Church Christiana Hundred records

Accession: 2437

Founded in 1848 by Reverend Samuel Brincklé (1796-1863) and members of the du Pont family, Christ Church Christian Hundred located in Greenville, Delaware is one of the oldest Episcopal churches in the Diocese of Delaware. Their records chronicle the activities of Christ Church over a span of nearly one hundred fifty years and include administrative and vital records.

Dates: 1831-1998; Majority of material found within 1888-1987

Christiana Bank & Trust Company records

Accession: 2710

The Christiana Bank & Trust Company formed in 1992 to conduct a banking and trust business for Greenville, Delaware, and nearby communities in New Castle County, Delaware, and Chester County, Pennsylvania. The records include initial business and organizational plans, including stock offerings; annual reports; shareholder and directors lists; board minutes; quarterly financial reports, and documents covering the merger of the bank with National Penn Bancshares, Inc.

Dates: 1988-2007

Collection of Philadelphia merchants records

Accession: 0095

The Collection of Philadelphia merchants records comprises the papers of major and minor merchant houses in Philadelphia throughout the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and primarily documents trade with major port cities in Western Europe and the West Indies. Included are the papers of merchants Andrew Clow & Co., Dutilh & Wachsmuth, Manuel Eyre, and George Louis de Stockar, along with records of other miscellaneous merchants from the Philadelphia area. The records include correspondence, accounts, bills, orders, invoices and other material that give insight into the rise of capitalism in the Early Republic.

Dates: 1750-1850

Curtis Paper Company records

Accession: 1365

The Curtis Paper Company was a small producer specializing in high-quality paper located in Newark, Delaware. This small collection of records consists of incorporation papers from 1911 and financial reports dating from 1941 to 1946. There are two agreements and two letters related to the sale of the company from Alfred A. Curtis (1848-1945) to Charles M. Levis (1859-1941) and Herbert W. Mason (1882-1939) in 1926.

Dates: 1911-1946

Donaldson Brown papers

Accession: 1334

Donaldson Brown (1885-1965) was an industrialist and business executive with E.I. du Pont de Nemours and the General Motors Corporation. These papers relate to Brown's association with GM, and reflect his concern with financial policy, organization and operation, and employee relations. They are especially concerned with the period of World War II. Files from the 1920s and 1930s describe Brown's effort to relate pricing policies to financial control.

Dates: 1921-1966

DuPont Company Executive Committee records

Accession: 2091

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company is a chemical company more commonly referred to as the DuPont Company. The Executive Committee became the principal body for coordinating the work of the various departments of the rapidly growing company, establishing company organizational structure and policy; approving capital expenditures and contracts; and fixing salary levels, bonuses, and other compensation. The files are arranged in six series. The "E" files are primarily service record information on members of the Executive Committee, giving some prior history of the person's career with DuPont. The "D" files are limited to organization charts, dating from 1914 to 1917. The "O" files (Operative Committee), "F" files (Finance Committee), and "X" files (Executive Committee) are primarily related to patents and licensing. Finally, materials copied by David A. Hounshell and John K. Smith for their book, Science and Corporate Strategy, are included.

Dates: 1903-1991; Majority of material found within 1950-1982

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. records

Accession: LMSS-V

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company was organized in Paris in 1801 by Pierre Samuel "P.S." du Pont de Nemours (1739-1817) and his son Eleuthère Irénée "E.I." du Pont (1771-1834) for the manufacture of gunpowder. Included here are records of the firm collected by P.S. du Pont and separated from the main body of company records.

Dates: 1782-1902; Majority of material found within 1802-1830

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company DuPont Building files

Accession: 2629

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company is a chemical company more commonly referred to as the DuPont Company. The DuPont Building was one of the first high-rises in Wilmington, Delaware; it occupied an entire block bound by 10th, 11th, Orange, and Market streets. Until early 2015 the building housed DuPont's headquarters. The collection documents the history of the DuPont Company, as well as its finances, corporate values, special events, and company communications.

Dates: 1802-2015

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company minute books

Accession: 2530

The E. I du Pont de Nemours & Company minute books document an important era in the history of the company from just before the turn of the twentieth century through the 1930s. The DuPont Company in this time went through many changes in structure under the leadership of cousins T. Coleman du Pont, Alfred I. du Pont, and Pierre S. du Pont.

Dates: 1899-1940

Elva M. Chandler papers

Accession: 2057

Elva M. Chandler (1900-1990) was an active clubwoman, active in many women's professional, church, and political organizations and president of the local Business and Professional Women's Club. She was best known for her involvement in the Delaware Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs (BPWC) and belonged to the Christina branch. Chandler's papers document her role in business and professional women's organizations and the changing role of women in business life from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Dates: 1917-1988; Majority of material found within 1965-1972

Erie City Iron Works records

Accession: 0905

The Erie City Iron Works was founded by Pennsylvania capitalist Bethuel Boyd Vincent (1803-1876) as the Presque Isle Foundry in 1840. The Works was a major manufacturer of boilers, stationary and portable engines and machinery for sawmills and steam riveting as well as railroad freight and passenger cars. Their records are largely comprised of accounting records.

Dates: 1864-1937

Eugene du Pont Jr. papers

Accession: 2656

Eugene du Pont Jr. (1873-1954) was a director of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company from 1917 until 1954, and a great grandson of company founder, Éleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834). The papers of Eugene du Pont Jr. include reports to the DuPont Company Board of Directors by the executive committee and the treasurer of the DuPont Company. In addition, there are several copies of letters to du Pont family members.

Dates: 1811-1957

Frank Gifford Tallman papers

Accession: 0381

Frank G. Tallman (1860-1938) was an executive of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. The collection includes personal and business papers of Tallman such as diaries, letter books, and correspondence files.

Dates: 1876-1946

Greenville Center, Inc. records

Accession: 2335

Greenville Center, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware on August 3, 1960 for the purpose of developing a shopping center at the northeast corner of the intersection of Buck Road and Kennett Pike in Greenville, Delaware. The records of Greenville Center, Inc. consist of an assortment of records from two sources--those of Greenville Center itself, kept by stockholder Arthur McGeorge, and a smaller portion from Peter H. Greeley of the Greenville Manor Homeowners' Association. They describe the mechanics and difficulties of building and operating a small but upscale suburban shopping center and restaurant.

Dates: 1950-1998

Hardy Jefferson Bowen papers

Accession: 2292

Hardy Jefferson Bowen (1913-2003) was an engineer and scientist. He was founder and president of Industrial Models Inc., a company which built scale models as an aid in the construction of oil refineries and chemical plants. This small collection of his papers primarily consist of materials documenting his modelmaking business.

Dates: 1948-1993

Harper's Ferry Paper Co. and Shenandoah Pulp Co. financial blueprints

Accession: 0651

Harpers Ferry Paper Company and Shenandoah Pulp Company were established in the late nineteenth century by Thomas H. Savery (1837-1910) along the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. This small collection contains a production graph and chart showing financial positions on a comparative basis for the companies.

Dates: 1909-1913

Harper's Ferry Paper Co. and Shenandoah Pulp Co. papers

Accession: 0344

Harpers Ferry Paper Company and Shenandoah Pulp Company were established in the late nineteenth century by Thomas H. Savery (1837-1910) along the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. The papers contain certificates of incorporation, financial notes, reports and charts on operation costs, statistical data on wood and pulp, inventories of material on hand at the mill, and correspondence with Horace H. Thayer Jr. (1878-1959), Savery's son-in-law.

Dates: 1886-1924

Harry Lobe Straus papers

Accession: 2186

Harry Lobe Straus (1896-1949) was an early computer engineer and developer of totalisator or "tote board," an electronic system that printed and issued betting tickets at racetracks, automatically computed the bets and odds, and displayed them on a large board. This collection is a small group of papers preserved by his personal secretary, Christine Behm Nunus (1906-1998). It includes financial statements, business letters, estate papers, and items relating to Straus's biography, "Win. Place. Show."

Dates: 1932-1990

Helen S. Garret vs. Edge Moor Iron Co. suit

Accession: 1216

Helen Sellers Garrett (1857-1946) was one of Wilmington's pioneer businesswomen and served as president of the Labor Commission of Delaware. She was the daughter of one of the Edge Moor Iron Company's founders and granddaughter of abolitionist Thomas Garrett (1789-1871). The collection contains a carbon typescript report of the lawsuit of Helen S. Garrett vs. Edge Moor Iron Company, including financial statements.

Dates: 1941

Henry Bower Chemical Manufacturing Company records

Accession: 1032

Henry Bower Chemical Manufacturing Company was a chemical manufacturing company that primarily produced ammonia. The company was formed in 1906 by the merger of three existing companies. The records include account books, production records, sales records, and inventories.

Dates: 1854-1957

Henry S. Leverich checkbook

Accession: 2097

Henry S. Leverich (1804-1885), along with his brothers, was a merchant and financier in New York City. The checkbook contains annotated stubs for checks drawn on the Merchants' Bank in the City of New York and several blank checks.

Dates: 1830-1837

Huston-Lukens family papers

Accession: 1441

Stewart Huston (1898-1971) began his career as a metallurgist and worked in varying capacities in the family business, Lukens Steel Company, in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, from 1923 until his death. Assembled by Huston, the collection relates to genealogy and family history.

Dates: 1718-1971

John B. Lovis research notes on Bethlehem Steel Corporation

Accession: 2410

The records consist of materials collected by John B. Lovis (1935-2015) for the writing of his book on the history of the Sparrows Point Plant, plus original Bethlehem Steel documents from his tenure in the Corporate Planning Department.

Dates: 1894-2006; Majority of material found within 1963-2003

Joy Manufacturing Company records

Accession: 2463

The Joy Manufacturing Company was a major manufacturer of mining and materials handling machinery built upon the invention of the first practical coal loading machine by Joseph F. Joy (1883-1957). It is a somewhat random collection of documents assembled and preserved by the former corporate secretary James Packer (1920-2008) for the purpose of writing a never-completed company history. They include the sorts of documents normally in possession of a corporate secretary, such as copies of meeting minutes, corporate family tree information, historical notes, and promotional publications.

Dates: 1915-1989; bulk 1949-1984

Keystone Mushroom Farms, Inc. records

Accession: 1574

Keystone Mushroom Farms, Inc. was a producer, canner, and distributer of mushrooms in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. It was the successor of two previous businesses, L.F. Lambert Spawn Co. and Keystone Mushroom Company, Inc., which were formed in the early 1920s with complementary functions of spawn research; production and sales; and mushroom propagation, canning, and distribution. These records document the L.F. Lambert Spawn Co. and the Keystone Mushroom Company, Inc. The collection includes financial records, correspondence, payroll, reports, and shipment and inventory information. Of special interest are the records documenting Lambert's work with the War Production Board to produce penicillin.

Dates: 1904-1964

Lanman & Kemp records

Accession: 2328

Lanman & Kemp was a multi-generational family firm of wholesale druggists in New York City. Their records document the operations of the wholesale drug business in the years before the development of modern pharmaceuticals. They also show the importance of New York City as a center for the import, export and re-export business and of London bankers in financing international trade and extending credit.

Dates: 1840-1925; Majority of material found within 1852-1879

Lehigh Valley Railroad Company records

Accession: 1917

The Lehigh Valley Railroad Company was one of the major anthracite railroads and formed a secondary trunk line between Jersey City, New Jersey and Buffalo, New York. Their records consist of minute books, corporate histories, voluntary reorganization plans, and an illustrated brochure on Claremont Terminal.

Dates: 1847-1971

Manheim, Petersburg and Lancaster Plank Road Company records

Accession: 2047

The Manheim, Petersburg and Lancaster Turnpike or Plank Road Company constructed a plank road between the named towns in 1851 to 1852, during the plank road craze. The records consist of eight pocket volumes and some loose papers kept by the company treasurer, such as a subscription book, toll gatherers' receipt book, and payment book.

Dates: 1850-1863

North Pennsylvania Railroad Company records

Accession: 1999

North Pennsylvania Railroad was a railroad company which served the Pennsylvania counties of Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, and Northampton. It was incorporated as the Philadelphia, Easton and Water-Gap Railroad Company on April 6, 1852, and renamed the North Pennsylvania Railroad Company on October 3, 1853. Their records consist of corporate records such as minute books, annual reports, account books and statements.

Dates: 1836-1982

Pennsylvania Railroad Company records

Accession: 1807

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company was the largest railroad in the United States in terms of corporate assets and traffic from the last quarter of the nineteenth century until the decline of the northeast's and midwest's dominance of manufacturing. These records provide nearly comprehensive coverage of corporate matters for the entire time span and reasonably complete coverage of the functional departments from 1920 to 1950, with less coverage from 1893 to 1920 and from 1950 to 1968.

Dates: 1813-1968

Philadelphia Phillies records

Accession: 1752

The Philadelphia Phillies are an American professional baseball team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they compete in the National League. The team was founded in 1883 by Alfred J. Reach (1840-1928), who purchased the Worcester, Massachusetts, professional baseball club and moved it to Philadelphia. The records of the Philadelphia National League Club document the Philadelphia Phillies professional baseball organization, and includes various papers and records from the National League and Major League Baseball in general, primarily dating from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Dates: 1902-1981

Philadelphia Quartz (PQ) Company records

Accession: 1865

Founded in 1831 as the Elkinton Company and later renamed, Philadelphia Quartz Company became an important innovator during World War I by discovering that silica gels could be used as a base to manufacture catalysts for cracking crude oil molecules to make high-octane gasoline and developing potassium silicate which was adopted for use in cathode ray tubes. The company's records includes business records and the personal papers of the company's founding family.

Dates: 1733-1983; Majority of material found within 1831-1981

Pusey & Jones Corporation and Parsons Engineering Company records

Accession: 0489

The Pusey & Jones Corporation were shipbuilders, founders, and machinists of Wilmington, Delaware, which later expanded into papermaking machinery manufacturing. The Parsons Engineering Company was established for the manufacture of smoke-consuming devices and innovations with railroad technology. This collection includes papers from the Pusey & Jones Corporation and Parsons Engineering Company.

Dates: 1888-1935

Pusey & Jones Corporation miscellany

Accession: 0369

The Pusey & Jones Corporation were shipbuilders, founders, and machinists of Wilmington, Delaware, which later expanded into papermaking machinery manufacturing. This collection contains miscellaneous material from the company including financial statements, calling cards, memoranda, and correspondence from Thomas H. Savery (Sr. and Jr.), Eugen Fullner, and A.G. Paine.

Dates: 1898-1945

Quaker Lace Company records

Accession: 2050

The Quaker Lace Company manufactured Nottingham lace and was one of the textile firms founded by John Bromley (1800-1883) and his seven sons. The records represent a fraction of the total Quaker Lace archive which was salvaged from the 4th and Lehigh mill during the liquidation of the company. The collection is arranged into seven series: General administrative files and correspondence; Sale literature; Advertising and promotional materials; Production records; Legal records; Financial records; and Tax records.

Dates: 1897-1972

Reading Stove Works records

Accession: 1828

The Reading Stove Works manufactured stoves, furnaces, and heaters. The collection includes Board of Directors minutes and sales and financial statements document the history of the company.

Dates: 1891-1904

R.G. Dun & Company credit ledgers (microfilm)

Accession: 1413

Founded in 1841 by Lewis Tappan, the Mercantile Agency — later known as R.G. Dun & Co. — was the first commercial reporting agency in America and dominated the field well into the twentieth century. The microfilmed credit ledgers contain volumes of handwritten credit reports on individuals and firms from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Dates: 1840-1895

Schuykill Navigation Company subscription list for loans

Accession: 1215

The Schuylkill Navigation Company constructed a canal along the Schuylkill River from Philadelphia to the anthracite coal field near Pottsville between 1815 and 1825. The item is a small notebook with subscriptions to the company's loans in 1823 and 1824.

Dates: 1824

Sophie du Pont May papers

Accession: 2402

Irene "Sophie" Sophie du Pont May (1900-2001) was a churchwoman, a philanthropist, and a descendant of Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours (1739-1817) who founded the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company with his son Eleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834) in 1802. The E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company is a chemical company more commonly referred to as the DuPont company. The collection consists of Sophie du Pont May's family correspondence and financial correspondence as well as correspondence between her father Irénée du Pont (1876-1963) and his older sister Louisa d'Andelot du Pont Copeland (1868-1926).

Dates: 1892-1998; Majority of material found within 1960-1995

Sperry-UNIVAC records

Accession: 1825-II

The Sperry Corporation was an electronics company and the UNIVAC Division manufactured the first commercial digital computer. The Sperry UNIVAC division has its origins in the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation (EMCC), founded in 1946 by J. Presper Eckert (1919-1995) and John W. Mauchly (1907-1980), the developers of ENIAC, the first electronic digital computer. THis collection consists of the administrative, financial, marketing, personnel, and legal records of Sperry UNIVAC and its predecessor companies. Also included are manuals, reports, and publications on hardware and software developed by Sperry UNIVAC; task force reports and studies for developing new products; printed materials from the Systems Programming Library Service; and biographical and historical data.

Dates: 1874-1995

Strawbridge & Clothier records

Accession: 2117
Scope and Content: The Strawbridge & Clothier records are not a complete corporate archive but rather a mix of corporate and legal documents and materials collected for a two-volume anniversary history. Nevertheless, they give a good overall picture of the evolution of retailing in the Philadelphia area, particularly in the twentieth century.The Corporate records include incorporation papers, board and committee minutes, and annual reports, which give an overall view of the firm's operations.The Management records are limited to very fragmentary correspondence of the corporate secretaries and president Herbert J. Tily. Much of it concerns bank financing, authorizations, and accounts. There are also executive payrolls (1931-1950), employment contracts for top executives, and notes on executive development programs.Financial and accounting records include fragmentary runs of journals and ledgers, including a sales ledger (1881) and a sales & salaries ledger (1903-1906); financial statements for S&C and the rival Lit Brothers chain; and tax papers.Legal records include trial records relative to the failed hostile takeover attempt made by Ronald Baron in 1985-1986. There are transcripts of testimony from the major parties on both sides. This subgroup also contains a variety of miscellaneous legal papers, including settlements with S&C's foreign offices and various suppliers in London, Paris, and Berlin (1921-1926); merchandising agreements with domestic and foreign manufacturers (1896-1907); and claims case files (1906 and 1911).Real estate records include title papers for the company's flagship store at 8th & Market Streets (1793-1922); contracts for store construction; and some plans for twentieth century construction. Four linear feet of store appraisals for the flagship store are detailed lists for insurance purposes of the store, its fixtures, and contents (1948-1970).Branch store records include plans, publicity articles, brochures, and scrapbooks, plus leases, mortgages, contracts, and insurance appraisals of store and contents for the following branch stores beginning in 1930: Ardmore, Jenkintown, Springfield, Neshaminy, Plymouth Meeting, and Exton, Pennsylvania; Cherry Hill and Echelon, New Jersey; and Wilmington and Christiana, Delaware. This subgroup documents the growth of suburban shopping strips and shopping malls during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, including malls...
Dates: 1793-1996

Thomas H. Savery checkstub books

Accession: 0914

Thomas H. Savery (1837-1910) was president of Pusey, Jones and Company, a shipbuilder and papermaking machinery manufacturer in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This collection consists of two checkbook stubs dating from 1892 to 1896.

Dates: 1892-1896

Thomas H. Savery papers

Accession: 1364

Thomas H. Savery (1837-1910) was president of Pusey, Jones and Company, a major ship builder and manufacturer of papermaking machinery in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The papers are a fragmentary collection of Savery's diary, correspondence, and financial papers. The materials document his early career, papermaking machinery business ventures, some personal correspondence, and speeches.

Dates: 1855-1910

Tonopah Mining Company of Nevada records

Accession: 1972

The majority of the records for the parent company consist of correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, primarily generated by or for company officers and/or directors.

Dates: 1901-1956

William du Pont family papers

Accession: 2317

William du Pont, Sr. (1855-1928) was an industrialist and member of the promienent du Pont family of Delaware, whose family business was the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, also known as the DuPont Company which was a large manufacturer of gunpowder. He worked for the first DuPont dynamite manufacturer, Repauno Chemical Company, as secretary and treasurer (1880-1884) and after the tragic death of Lammot du Pont (1831-1884), as president (1884-1892). William du Pont, Jr. was the youngest child of du Pont, Sr. and Annie Rogers Zinn du Pont (1858-1827). Du Pont Jr. became the president of Delaware Trust Company in 1929, the youngest bank president in Wilmington at that time. In 1952, he became chairman of the board, retaining both positions until his death in 1965. The William du Pont family papers are organized into two record groups: William du Pont, Sr. papers and William du Pont, Jr. papers. The William du Pont, Sr. papers primarily encompass the years of his active business life from the early 1880s to his death in 1928. There are also some papers from his early life and after his death. The William du Pont, Jr. papers document areas of his activities predominantly concerned with land development in Wilmington, Delaware; farming, animal breeding and foxhunting in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia; and promotion of horse racing in the United States, especially in Delaware.

Dates: 1840-1980

William du Pont, Sr. papers

Accession: 2724

William du Pont (1855-1928) was an industrialist and member of the promienent du Pont family of Delaware, whose family business was the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, also known as the DuPont Company which was a large manufacturer of gunpowder. He worked for the first DuPont dynamite manufacturer, Repauno Chemical Company, as secretary and treasurer (1880-1884) and after the tragic death of Lammot du Pont (1831-1884), as president (1884-1892). This small group of papers encompass both correspondence and various financial and investment accounts, largely covering his ten years spent in England after leaving the United States in 1893.

Dates: 1891-1905

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Elmira, Cortland, and Northern Railroad Company 1
Erie City Iron Works 1
Esmeralda Power Company 1
Eureka Corporation 1
Eyre, Manuel, 1777-1845 1
Fell, J. Gillingham (Joseph Gillingham), 1816-1878 1
Garrett, Helen S. 1
General Motors Corporation 1
Gerard, Felix Roy, 1887-1947 1
Glen Summit Hotel and Land Company 1
Greenville Center, Inc. 1
Greenville and Hudson Railway Company 1
Hazleton Coal Company 1
Henry Bower Chemical Manufacturing Company 1
Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1
Highland Coal Company 1
Huston family 1
Huston, Robert M. (Robert Mendenhall), 1795-1864 1
Huston, Stewart, 1898-1971 1
Industrial Models, Inc. 1
Ironton Railroad Company 1
Irvington Railroad Company 1
Jersey City Belt Line Railway Company 1
Jim Butler Tonopah Mining Company 1
John H. Bliss, 1823-1907 1
Joy Manufacturing Company 1
Kerr, Duncan J. (Duncan John), 1883-1940 1
La Lux Mines, Limited 1
La Luz and Los Angeles Mining Company 1
Lanman & Kemp 1
Layton, Greta B., 1924-2014 1
Lehigh Valley Coal Company 1
Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Railway Company 1
Lehigh Valley Railroad Company 1
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