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"A Chicago District Perspective of the History of the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, 1900-1969" memoir

Identifier: 2100
Abstract: The Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company grew to be one of the six largest basic steel companies in the United States. This volume presents an insider history and personal memoir by a retired operating official of Youngstown's Indiana Harbor Works.
Dates: 1991

Account books of Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. and subsidiary firms

Identifier: 2414
Abstract: Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. was a major manufacturer of saws and other woodworking tools and one of the largest industrial firms in Philadelphia. The Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. had a number of subsidary companies, these records contain a small number of account books from only three of the firms subsidaries. There are accounts for: the Tacony Fuel Gas Company, the Henry Disston & Sons File Company, Limited, and the Henry Disston & Sons Iron & Steel Works, and an insurance ledger from the Estate of Henry Disston.
Dates: 1824-1918; Majority of material found within 1867-1907

Alan Wood Steel Company and Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad Company blueprint maps and stereograph

Identifier: 2001-230
Abstract: The Alan Wood Steel Company was a small, family-controlled integrated steel company. The Upper Merion & Plymouth Railroad connected all the elements of the Wood steel-making complex. The collection includes three blueprint maps showing the layout of industrial buildings at Alan Wood Steel Company and the track of the Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad Company. Also in the collection is a stereograph featuring a blast furnace plant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Dates: circa 1910-1995

Alan Wood Steel Company photographs

Identifier: 2013-209
Abstract: The Alan Wood Steel Company was a small, family-controlled integrated steel company, producing primarily steel sheets. This small collection consists primarily of interiors and exteriors of the companys' facilities, equipment, and workers. There are also some images from various events related to the company.
Dates: circa 1900s-1968; bulk 1940s-1960s

American Iron and Steel Institute (AI&SI) records

Identifier: 1631
Abstract: The records of the American Iron and Steel Institute and its predecessors provide an overview of the American iron and steel industries from their roots in the mid-eighteenth century to the early 1980s. The bulk of the archive consists of the Institute's library. Most of the Institute's own publications, plus a large collection of steel industry annual reports, are cataloged individually and stored in the general Imprints Department stacks.
Dates: 1872-1985; Majority of material found within 1908-1975

American Iron and Steel Institute photographs and audiovisual materials

Identifier: 1986-268
Abstract: The American Iron and Steel Institute is a trade association of North American steel producers. The group’s mission includes advocating for public policy, education and innovation for the Iron and Steel Industry. The Institute was established under the leadership of Elbert H. Gary (1846-1927) in 1908, after the Panic of 1907 brought an end to industry-wide consolidations. This collection consists of photographs, research notes, audio, film, and video which document the history of the steel industry. The images cover the entire scope of the steel industry from basic raw materials through the multiple aspects of steelmaking. In addition to images documenting the technical aspects of steel production, there are photographs showing steel in use. These include a variety of industrial and consumer applications and images related to the steel industry and environmental issues. The Albert T. Keller (1869-1940) photographs depict the sites or remains of early ironworks primarily in the mid-Atlantic states and New England states during the 1930s and there are over fifty blast furnace complexes pictured. The Walter C. Woodman (1903-1979) photographs and research notes document the history of iron furnaces and Saugus Iron Works becoming a national historic landmark.
Dates: 1851-1980

Archibald Johnston papers

Identifier: 1770
Abstract: Archibald Johnston (1864-1948) was a mechanical engineer, who joined the Bethlehem Iron Company in 1889 where he was responsible for the erection of the gun forging and armor plate plant. In 1901 he was elected to the company's Board of Directors, and between 1906 and 1908 was president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The bulk of this collection is concerned with Johnston's work at Bethlehem Steel; a smaller portion consists of strictly personal papers.
Dates: 1894-1923

Bethlehem Steel Co. viewbook

Identifier: 1989-232
Abstract: At the turn of the century, under the direction of Charles Schwab and Eugene Grace, Bethlehem Steel Corporation became the second largest American steel company; combined with its other venture, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., it became a leading 20th century American business. This item is a viewbook which contains exterior views of the Bethlehem Steel Works. These include numerous images of both the plant and office, most of which were taken at street level.
Dates: 1911

Bethlehem Steel Corporation and Bethlehem Ship Corporation photographs

Identifier: 1980-300
Abstract: At the turn of the century, under the direction of Charles M. Schwab (1862-1939) and Eugene Grace (1876-1960), Bethlehem Steel Corporation became the second largest American steel company; combined with its other venture, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., it became a leading twentieth century American business. The collection includes a wide range of photography which documents the company’s long history and the breadth of its enterprises from east to west coasts and overseas. It contains eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century industrial and non-industrial images and of management and workers. As a research tool, its use will be as varied and extensive as the corporation itself was during its years as an American industrial giant.
Dates: 1786-1966

Bethlehem Steel Corporation records

Identifier: 1699
Abstract: The Bethlehem Steel Corporation was the number two steel producer in the United States between 1916 and 1984. For a time it was also the largest shipbuilding firm in the world. The records of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation (parent company) are a series of fragments, lacking the complete runs of corporate and executive documents that normally comprise a business archive, and largely consist of fragmentary corporate records and files from executive officers.
Dates: 1714-1977

Cyrus J. Sharer research files on the iron ore and steel industries

Identifier: 2183
Abstract: This collection represents materials collected by Cyrus J. Sharer for his research on the iron and steel industry and particularly the world iron ore trade. The main emphasis is on the iron ore trade of the Great Lakes. The period covered, mid-1960s to mid-1980s, was one of crisis and reorganization in the American steel industry and in the lake ore trade, and this is reflected in the records.
Dates: 1943-1987

"Design Concepts: Water Storage" booklet

Identifier: 2745
Abstract: A booklet produced by the American Iron and Steel Institute's Committee of Steel Plate Producers in the 1960s to illustrate imaginative and attractive designs in constructing community water-storage structures with steel.
Dates: circa 1965

Edge Moor Iron Company records

Identifier: 1064
Abstract: The Edge Moor Iron Company engaged in the manufacture of iron and steel bridges at a plant located on the Delaware River north of Wilmington. The collection is comprised of a limited selection of documents, primarily connected to the liquidation of the company in 1936. It includes plant and property maps, clippings, and deeds and titles covering the property.
Dates: 1774-1941

Erie City Iron Works records

Identifier: 0905
Abstract: The Erie City Iron Works was founded by Pennsylvania capitalist Bethuel Boyd Vincent (1803-1876) as the Presque Isle Foundry in 1840. The Works was a major manufacturer of boilers, stationary and portable engines and machinery for sawmills and steam riveting as well as railroad freight and passenger cars. Their records are largely comprised of accounting records.
Dates: 1864-1937

Frederick W. Wood papers

Identifier: 0884
Abstract: Frederick William Wood (1857-1943) was an executive and engineer in the steel and shipbuilding industries. His papers constitute a major source on the history of the American steel industry in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The papers are primarily official records of the various companies with which Wood was associated.
Dates: 1867-1943

George Atwell Richardson papers

Identifier: 1230
Abstract: George A. Richardson (1886-1976) was an engineer with an expertise in metallurgy. He spent his career primarily involved in technical publicity and sales for major steel manufacturers such as the Midvale Steel & Ordnance Company and the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The papers consist primarily of materials collected by Richardson during the performance of his official duties with the steel companies, in preparing technical lectures and papers, and in teaching courses in metallurgy.
Dates: 1923-1948

George Atwell Richardson papers

Identifier: 1307
Abstract: George A. Richardson (1886-1976) was an engineer with an expertise in metallurgy. He spent his career primarily involved in technical publicity and sales for major steel manufacturers such as the Midvale Steel & Ordnance Company and Metallurgical Laboratories, Inc. (METLAB). These records consist primarily of materials collected by Richardson during the performance of his official duties with the steel companies, in preparing technical lectures and papers, and in teaching courses in metallurgy.
Dates: 1914-1959

George Atwell Richardson photographs

Identifier: 1969-082
Abstract: George A. Richardson (1886-1976) was an engineer with an expertise in metallurgy, he spent his career primarily involved in technical publicity and sales for major steel manufacturers such as the Midvale Steel & Ordnance Company and the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. This collection of photographs and negatives was primarily taken by George Atwell Richardson throughout the course of his career while working for Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company and the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The images document views of steel plants and operations, as well as steel products mostly taken between 1913 and 1929. The collection has been organized into five series: Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company; Cambrian Steel Company; Bethlehem Steel Corporation; Exhibits, and Other steel and coal companies.
Dates: 1876-1955

Heintz Corporation records

Identifier: 2082
Abstract: The Heintz Manufacturing Company was originally organized by Leo Heintz in Philadelphia in 1921. The firm initially manufactured all-steel pre-assembled truck bodies but later expanded to produce a wide range of pressed sheet-metal products. The records primarily focus on the company’s contractual obligations with the US Navy during World War II; employee retirement and pension plans; descriptions of various welding processes and tools, and material related to the licensing of cold welding under the trademark, "Koldweld."
Dates: 1921-1990

Helen S. Garret vs. Edge Moor Iron Co. suit

Identifier: 1216
Abstract: Helen Sellers Garrett (1857-1946) was one of Wilmington's pioneer businesswomen and served as president of the Labor Commission of Delaware. She was the daughter of one of the Edge Moor Iron Company's founders and granddaughter of abolitionist Thomas Garrett (1789-1871). The collection contains a carbon typescript report of the lawsuit of Helen S. Garrett vs. Edge Moor Iron Company, including financial statements.
Dates: 1941

Hill-Chase & Company photographs

Identifier: 2006-238
Abstract: Hill-Chase & Co., also know as the Hill-Chase Steel Company, was formed in February 1929 by Charles H. Chase (1884-1967), John J. Hill, Jr. (1891-1978), and several other employees of Edgar T. Ward Steel Service Center in Philadelphia. The company was well known for its innovations in steel. This is a small collection of copy photographs of the facilities and employees.
Dates: circa 1945-1951; bulk 1945-1951

James H. Yeager photographs

Identifier: 2012-207
Abstract: James Henry Yeager (1911-1986) was the industrial photographer for the Bethlehem Steel Corporation for thirty years, between 1946 and 1976. The first half of this collection contains photographs taken by James H. Yeager during his tenure at Bethlehem Steel as industrial photographer. The second half the this collection consists of photos and slides taken by Yeager while traveling in Pennsylvania, New York, and New England, and to a lesser degree Washington, DC and the southern United States.
Dates: 1939-1980

John B. Lovis papers on the Bethlehem Steel Company plant

Identifier: 2539
Abstract: John B. Lovis (1935-2015) was a longtime employee of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, where he assisted in the design and engineering of the Burns Harbor Plant and held various positions in the company's Corporate Engineering and Planning Department before his retirement as Director, Strategic Planning, in 1995. The collection consists of an unpublished paper prepared in 2007 on the closure of the steel plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and a revision of that paper delivered at Lehigh University in 2014.
Dates: 2007; 2014

John B. Lovis research notes on Bethlehem Steel Corporation

Identifier: 2410
Abstract: The records consist of materials collected by John B. Lovis (1935-2015) for the writing of his book on the history of the Sparrows Point Plant, plus original Bethlehem Steel documents from his tenure in the Corporate Planning Department.
Dates: 1894-2006; Majority of material found within 1963-2003

John Trageser Steam Copper Works calendar

Identifier: 1989-270
Abstract: John Trageser Steam Copper Works manufactured galvanized and copper range boilers, expansion tanks, hot water tanks, as well as; sinks, drainboards and bathtubs. This item is a page (March 1926) from a calendar of the John Trageser Steam Copper Works of New York. A humorous color illustration by Tony Sarg shows four men golfers "Limbering up at the first tee."
Dates: 1926

Keith Reeves Rodney diaries

Identifier: 1884
Abstract: Keith Reeves Rodney (1875-1956) was a metallurgist at the Fairmount Steel Company in Philadelphia. His diaries document his 1905 European tour of a number of steel mills and machine shops. He visited Italy, France, Germany, and England.
Dates: 1905

Lukens Steel Company corporate records

Identifier: 2314
Abstract: The Lukens Steel Company was a medium-sized, non-integrated steel company and one of the top three producers of steel plates in the United States. Lukens operated continuously at its Coatesville, Pennsylvania, site since 1810 and was one of the few successful survivors of the many nineteenth-century iron works that once dotted southeastern Pennsylvania. This collection of Lukens Steel Company records consists of corporate records, mostly from the Secretary's Office. The records are comprised of seven series: Shareholders' meeting agendas; Stockholder lists; Proxies for annual meetings; Board and committee meeting agendas; Financial statements; Secretary's correspondence; and Counsel's correspondence.
Dates: 1874-1972; Majority of material found within 1933-1969

Lukens Steel Company records

Identifier: 0050
Abstract: Lukens Steel Company was a medium-sized producer of specialty steel products and one of the top three U.S. producers of steel plate. The Lukens Steel Company records documents all aspects of the business from the early nineteenth century through the 1970s.
Dates: 1798-1993

Lukenweld, Inc. records

Identifier: 2034
Abstract: Lukenweld, Inc. was the first U.S. commercial shop to cut and fabricate shapes from steel plate by arc welding. The records are files of Robert C. Sahlin (1896-1967), a member of Lukenweld's sales staff. Sahlin's files record his dealings with Lukenweld's customers and his other activities as a salesman. Most Lukenweld orders were custom work, fabricating individual machine parts, so there was frequent interplay between sales and engineering staff.
Dates: 1928-1954

Maryland Steel Co. photograph album

Identifier: 2008-224
Abstract: Maryland Steel Company was a steel-works and shipyard operated from 1891 until 1916, when Bethlehem Steel acquired the Pennsylvania Steel Company and its subsidiary, Maryland Steel. This collection consists of 3 albums containing 204 cyanotype photographs taken at the Maryland Steel Company's steel plant and shipyard between 1890 and 1894. The photographs show steel buildings, steel workers, shipyard buildings, ship construction, tugs and steamships.
Dates: 1890-1894

Michael Munroe of Lobdell Car Wheel Company pouring steel photograph

Identifier: 1969-058
Abstract: Lobdell Car Wheel Company was a producer of cast railroad car wheels in Wilmington, Delaware. This collection contains one photographic reproduction depicting employee Michael Munroe (1879-1969) pouring steel.
Dates: circa 1910-1940

Michael Tenenbaum papers

Identifier: 2276
Abstract: Michael Tenenbaum (1913-2005) was a metallurgist and President of the Inland Steel Company from 1971 to 1978. This small collection of his papers consist of a series of his writings and speeches and a small number of Inland Steel Company publications.
Dates: 1937-1983

Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company motion picture films

Identifier: 1970-034
Abstract: The Midvale Steel Company manufactured steel parts and was known for casting, forging, and machining high-quality steels, including alloy steels, and precision steel products for a wide array of industries. Their primary business came from work related to railroad and ordnance manufacturing. This small collection consists of five reels of film that document operations at the Midvale Steel Plant in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia. While the reels are not dated, they are believed to be from 1919. The films document the various stages of production at the plant with a focus on the precision steel making processes for which Midvale was known.
Dates: circa 1919

Midvale Steel Company plant album

Identifier: 1974-362
Abstract: The Midvale Steel Company manufactured steel parts for the railroad industry and the armaments industry. The company was known for casting, forging, and machining high-quality steels, including alloy steels. This album contains photographs showing exteriors and interiors of Midvale Steel facilities in the Nicetown area of Germantown.
Dates: circa 1905

Phoenix Iron and Steel Co. miscellany

Identifier: 0909
Abstract: The Phoenix Iron and Steel Company began in the late eighteenth century as a manufacturer of cut nails. It later became a major producer of railroad rails and iron and steel structural members. It operated as the Phoenix Iron and Steel Company from 1950 to 1959, when it was reorganized as the Phoenix Steel Corporation. This small collection primarily consists of a sample of letters received by president Samuel J. Reeves (1872-1878), primarily concerned with the Girard Avenue Bridge contract. There is also a volume of annual reports by the superintendent and a company history written by Catherine S. Sisto in 1950.
Dates: 1872-1950

Phoenix Steel Corporation, Claymont Division miscellany

Identifier: 2737
Abstract: The Phoenix Steel Company began in the late 18th century as a manufacturer of cut nails. It later became a major producer of railroad rails and iron and steel structural members. Claymont Division of the Phoenix Steel Corporation was established in 1960 when the company purchased the Claymont, Delaware steel plant from the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. This small collection of materials originating from the Claymont steel plant includes miscellaneous plant announcements, catalogs, labor agreements, photographs, company-issued newsletters, and brief historical essays on the Phoenix Steel Corporation and its predecessors.
Dates: 1917-1985

Phoenix Steel Corporation records

Identifier: 0916
Abstract: The Phoenix Steel Company began in the late eighteenth century as a manufacturer of cut nails. It later became a major producer of railroad rails and iron and steel structural members. Their records include minutes (1856-1929); stock ledgers; brief of title papers and property maps; legal and financial correspondence and tax papers; account books; and a works diary.
Dates: 1827-1963; bulk 1856-1949

Pittsburgh Steel Company album

Identifier: 2006-208
Abstract: The Pittsburgh Steel Company manufactured steel products. Early products included wire, barbed wire, nails, wire fence, and pipe. This item is an album containing photographs of birds-eye-views of the Monessen plant, an exterior of the office building, views in boiler houses, open hearth furnaces, soaking pits, power plants, engines, and an electric power plant.
Dates: circa 1905

Sponsored and industrial motion picture film collection

Identifier: 2018-222
Abstract: ‘Sponsored film’ defines variety of motion picture productions funded by businesses, organizations, or governments that dictated the point of view, audience, and intent of the film. Industrial or business films are a subgenre of sponsored films with content that marketed products and ideas, touted a particular company or industry, trained employees, and explained manufacturing or transactional processes around the creation and sales of products and ideas. The Sponsored and industrial Motion Picture Film Collection at Hagley is an artificial collection compiled by curators that includes single motion picture films or small sets of films acquired via purchase or donation.
Dates: circa 1910-1984

Steel Industry Wage Bureau records

Identifier: 2273
Abstract: The records of the Steel Industry Wage Bureau document the process of establishing wage rates and job descriptions in the U.S. steel industry.
Dates: 1931-2002; bulk 1945-2000

Taylor-Wharton Iron and Steel Company photographs and films

Identifier: 1971-530
Abstract: The Taylor-Wharton Iron & Steel Company produced frogs, switches and other railroad fittings including couplings, axles and wheels, as well as war material during both World Wars. The company was incorporated in 1912 as successor to the Taylor Iron & Steel Company. The collection contains photographs primarily of products such as dredging equipment, railroad tracks, rollers, crushers, and buckets. The films document dredge buckets in operation and were shot in the United States and at international locations. The collection has been organized into four series: Company history, Plant views, Products, and Films. Each series is arranged alphabetically.
Dates: 1776; 1780; 1870-1965

William Douglass papers

Identifier: 2367
Abstract: William Douglass (1849-1925) worked his entire professional life in the steel industry. He was an educated steel worker and spent many years as foreman or superintendent at various jobs site, the majority being in Birmingham, Alabama. The papers are a collection of items partly documenting Douglass' career as a foreman in the steel industry in the Pittsburgh and Birmingham Districts from 1889-1915.
Dates: 1889-1915

William E. Mullestein collection of Luken's Steel Company photographs

Identifier: 1987-258
Abstract: William E. Mullestein (1911-2005) was president of the Lukens Steel Company from 1969 to 1974 and chairman from 1974 to 1978. These seven photographs relate to his career at Lukens Steel.
Dates: circa 1945-1960

Worth Steel Company records

Identifier: 1529
Abstract: The Worth Steel Company was a manufacturer of steel plates in Claymont, Delaware. Its records consist of papers from its operations and from its predecessor companies (Viaduct Iron Works and Worth Brothers Company, both of Coatesville, Pennsylvania). Items include correspondence, accounts, data sheets, agreeements, closing papers in sale to Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation in 1951.
Dates: 1863-1951

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