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1836 Pennsylvania Railroad passenger car photograph

Identifier: 1969-006
Abstract: Founded in 1846, Pennsylvania Railroad Company (PRR) was a leading industrial and transportation force throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This collection features a cyanotype and a photographic copy print of an image depicting the first passenger car created for PRR, most likely taken in 1893 in relation to Chicago World's Columbian Exposition.
Dates: circa 1893

A Study of Railway Transportation photographs and manuals

Identifier: 1994-253
Abstract: Founded in 1934, the Association of American Railroads is a leading railway organization that focuses on productivity and safety of the U.S. rail industry. Members include major freight railroads in North America and Amtrak. This collection is an educational kit composed of three parts created by the Association of American Railroads. There are two teacher's manuals and loose photographs.
Dates: 1951

Alan Wood Steel Company and Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad Company blueprint maps and stereograph

Identifier: 2001-230
Abstract: The Alan Wood Steel Company was a small, family-controlled integrated steel company. The Upper Merion & Plymouth Railroad connected all the elements of the Wood steel-making complex. The collection includes three blueprint maps showing the layout of industrial buildings at Alan Wood Steel Company and the track of the Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad Company. Also in the collection is a stereograph featuring a blast furnace plant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Dates: circa 1910-1995

Allen family papers

Identifier: 1978
Abstract: Horatio Allen (1802-1889) was a noted civil engineer and inventor, who worked with the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company, the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company, the Croton Aqueduct, and the New York & Erie Railroad. The bulk of his the papers is personal correspondence (1818-1864), and biographical materials collected by his family. Also included is a small collection of Allen's business papers, particularly concerning his work on the New York & Erie Railroad.
Dates: 1818-1925

Allen H. Tweddle collection of railroadiana

Identifier: 2639
Abstract: A collection amassed by a retired conductor successively employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak. It consists partly of company publications and documents collected on the job, and partly of advertisements, timetables, brochures, maps and other railroadiana from many different companies bought from dealers and other collectors. It is particularly useful for the Amtrak manuals relating to things like consumer satisfaction, employee health and safety and equipment maintenance.
Dates: 1878-2011

Allen H. Tweddle collection of railroadiana

Identifier: 2015-304
Abstract: Allen H. Tweddle (1949-) is a retired railroad conductor and avid collector of railroadiana. Railroadiana are artifacts related to current or former railways. This small collection consists of photographs, prints, and note cards related to railroad locomotives. There are photographs of train stations, train cars and engines and one stereoview showing an elevated railway street scene of New York City. There is an album containing many different Amtrak trains, several blotters from the Association of American Railroads, and a few series of note cards. Notably there is a large collection of railroad locomotive trading cards from the Topps Chewing Gum Company series called "Rails and Sails" published in 1954.
Dates: 1940s-1950s, 1994, 2009

American Car and Foundry Company and Hamilton Watch Company sheet music for company songs

Identifier: 1993-284
Abstract: This collection contains two pieces of sheet music: "Volume for Victory," the song of the A.C.F. (American Car and Foundry Company) and "Hamiltonia," song of the Hamilton Watch Company. The American Car and Foundry, Company was founded in 1899 and is still considered a leading American manufacturer of railcars and railcar parts. The Hamilton Watch Company was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892. Among other milestones, it produced the first electric wristwatch in 1957 and the first digital watch in 1970. The Hamilton brand is currently owned and manufactured by the The Swatch Group out of Switzerland.
Dates: 1940-1942

American Car and Foundry Company, Jackson and Sharp Company miscellany

Identifier: 0275
Abstract: American Car and Foundry Company is a manufacturer of railroad rolling stock and railcar parts, founded in 1899. In 1901, the company began leasing the facilities of a railroad rolling stock and shipbuilding manufacturer, the Jackson and Sharp Company. The records include photocopies of a history of the Wilmington plant, incorporation papers, and deeds.
Dates: 1909-1946

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Improvement Project records

Identifier: 2731
Abstract: The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) first began operations on May 1, 1971, following the passage of the Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970. Through the passage of the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976, Congress authorized the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project (NECIP), a comprehensive program with the goal of improving intercity rail passenger service between Washington, D.C., through New York City, to Boston, the most heavily used passenger train corridor in the United States. Records related to Amtrak's involvement in the NECIP include preliminary and ongoing technical and financial reports, leases and agreements, as well as minutes, agendas, and other working project files.
Dates: 1956-1994

Amtrak Train calendar

Identifier: 2013-214
Abstract: The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak, is a passenger rail service in the United States. This item is a standard twelve-month calendar, with an image on the top portion of each month featuring an Amtrak train.
Dates: 1994

Atterbury family papers

Identifier: 2053
Abstract: The Atterbury family, specifically brothers John Guest Atterbury (1811-1887) and William Wallace Atterbury (1823-1911), and John's son William Wallace Atterbury (1866-1935), were descendants of a London bank house representative and Huguenot family. John was a lawyer and later a Presbyterian minister, as was William. The younger William was a career officer for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The Atterbury family papers consist primarily of the personal papers of the younger W.W. Atterbury as preserved by his family, along with a few items from his father and uncle.
Dates: 1834-1990

Baldwin Locomotive Works Trades Exhibit Constitutional Centennial Celebration album

Identifier: 1983-237
Abstract: Baldwin Locomotive Works was a manufacturer of railroad locomotives from 1825 until 1972. The company was originally located in Philadelphia and then later moved to Eddystone, Pennsylvania. This album contains twenty two photographs of Baldwin Locomotive Works train engines, train cars, and parts. The album appears to have been created by company President S.M. Vauclain for the Trades Exhibit at the Constitutional Centennial Celebration.
Dates: 1887

Baldwin Locomotive Works World War Two workers group photograph

Identifier: 1993-246
Abstract: Baldwin Locomotive Works was a manufacturer of railroad locomotives from 1825 until 1972. This image shows group of about forty male employes and fifteen factory visitors or managers posed on a 8-inch (?) railway gun mount in the Eddystone, Pennsylvania, plant.
Dates: 1943

Beaver Meadow Railroad and Coal Company stock transfer books

Identifier: 0669
Abstract: Incorporated in 1830, Beaver Meadow Railroad & Coal Company transported anthracite coal mined in Beaver Meadow to Philadelphia markets. The company merged into the Lehigh Valley Railroad in 1864. Their records consist of stock transfer books in two volumes, dated 1833 to 1846 and 1861 to 1863, which list transactions of the company shares and changes in ownership.
Dates: 1833-1863

Budd Company historical files

Identifier: 2411
Abstract: The collection consists of a synthetic historical file assembled for public relations purposes at Budd Company's Michigan headquarters.
Dates: 1914-1993; Majority of material found within 1929-1982

Budd Company photographs

Identifier: 2017-237
Abstract: The Budd Company was a manufacturer of steel automobiles, passenger rail cars, and other transportation products. This collection of photographs include railcar interiors, exteriors, and construction progress images of vehicles for the Budd Company customers between 1931 and 1987. Fifty-four railroads are represented in the collection, but half consist of only a small number of images.
Dates: 1931-1987

Centennial Exhibition photographs and ephemera

Identifier: 2003-255
Abstract: The Centennial International Exhibition of 1876 celebrated the one hundreth anniversary of American Independence. Held in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, it was the first major U.S. world's fair. This collection contains Centennial Exhibition photographs, albums, scrapbooks, and ephemera
Dates: circa 1872-1877

Central Railroad Company of New Jersey records

Identifier: 1869
Abstract: The Central Railroad Company of New Jersey operated a main line between New York and Scranton with numerous branches within the state of New Jersey. It was one of the more important anthracite-carrying railroads, with important commuter and terminal facilities in the New York area. The collection primarily consists a set of incomplete minutes of parent, predecessor, and subsidiary companies.
Dates: 1839-1973

Charles Mattathias Jacobs painting

Identifier: 2014-224
Abstract: Charles Mattathias Jacobs (1850-1919) was a British tunneling engineer. This is a digital copy of a painting of Jacobs at approximately sixty years of age, in court dress.
Dates: circa 1910

Chicago Railroad Fair photographs and postcards

Identifier: 1998-244
Abstract: The Chicago Railroad Fair was the last exposition that featured railroads as its theme. It marked the centennial of the arrival of railroads to Chicago and their role in westward expansion. The exposition was held in 1948 and 1949 in Chicago. This collection consists of souvenir postcards and miniature photographic views of the buildings and locomotives at the Fair.
Dates: 1948-1949

Coal mine inspection trip album

Identifier: 1986-238
Abstract: Coal Lands Securities Co. was one of several mining companies owned in large portion by Thomas J. Foster (1843-1936), a publisher. Lackawanna Coal and Lumber Company and Highland Lumber Company were also part of Foster's holdings. The album contains photographs taken during an inspection trip made by a party from the Coal Lands Securities Company to properties in West Virginia owned by the Lackawanna Coal and Lumber Company and the Highland Lumber Company.
Dates: 1914

Conrail advertising portfolio

Identifier: 2514
Abstract: The Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) was incorporated in October 1974. It was formed under the auspices of the United States Railway Association, a quasi-public agency established for the purpose of solving the problems of bankrupt railroads in the Northeast and Midwest. The portfolio contains sixty-eight examples of proof copies of advertisements created by the advertising agency of Ogilvy & Mather, Inc. (later Ogilvy & Mather Partners, Inc.), between Conrail's start up in April 1976 and 1990. There are also two pages of proxy instructions that appear to date from the first CSX takeover bid in 1997.
Dates: 1976-1997; Majority of material found within 1976-1990

Conrail photographs

Identifier: 1993-231
Abstract: The Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) was incorporated in October 1974. It was formed under the auspices of the United States Railway Association, a quasi-public agency established for the purpose of solving the problems of bankrupt railroads in the Northeast and Midwest. The Conrail photograph collection consists of a large number of images from its company files, but the majority of the material comes from its predecessor companies: Pennsylvania Railroad and Penn Central Transportation Company. These items are predominanatly composed of photographs, negatives, transparencies, lantern slides, and films.
Dates: 1900-1979

C.P. Wahmann collection of railroad records

Identifier: 2482
Abstract: Records collected by Christopher P. Wahmann during his career as a manager in the Operating Department of Amtrak between the mid-1970s and mid-1990s, including Amtrak documents and those of other railroads and commuter agencies over which Amtrak operates or that operate trains over Amtrak's lines.
Dates: 1952-1994; bulk 1982-1994

Crossing site of the Wilmington and Northern Railroad and Peoples Railway photographs

Identifier: 1994-277
Abstract: These photographs document the abandoned site where the Peoples Railway trolley car passed under the tracks of the Wilmington and Northern Railroad in Rockford Park near the Brandywine Creek. The Peoples Railway Company started in 1900 to bring visitors via electric trolley to the Brandywine Springs Amusement Park outside of Wlimington. The Wilmington and Northern Railroad Company was a branch of the Reading railroad system running in a north-south direction between Wilmington, Delware and Reading, Pennsylvania. Its object was to connect the various industrial plants located along Brandywine Creek with other railroads leading to the west and to the anthracite coal regions.
Dates: 1994

Daniel Cauffiel papers

Identifier: 1997
Abstract: Daniel Cauffiel (1867-1930) was a merchant, real estate developer, and entrepreneur of Johnstown, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware. The Daniel Cauffiel papers depict his career as a small business entrepreneur and as an agent or employee of the du Pont family and in their various businesses.
Dates: 1867-1930

David H. Cope photographs

Identifier: 2001-242
Abstract: David Harrison Cope (1913-2001) held a lifelong interest in railroads and, in particular, steam locomotives. He began collecting photographs at an early age. This collection primarily consists of black and white photographs and negatives of steam locomotives from a variety of railroads, but it includes some other rolling stock, station photos, related railroad items such as coaling stations and some street railroads, interurbans, and trolley images.
Dates: 1890-1988

Deadwood Central train at Chicago Railroad Fair postcard

Identifier: 1998-277
Abstract: The Chicago Railroad Fair was the first exposition after the Second World War and the last exposition that featured railroads as its theme. It marked the centennial of the arrival of railroads to Chicago and their role in westward expansion. This is a postcard of the narrow gauge Deadwood Central train that carried visitors around the fairground.
Dates: 1948

Delaware and Bound Brook Railroad Company records

Identifier: 1776
Abstract: The Delaware and Bound Brook Railroad Company was incorporated in 1874, for the purpose of forming a second railroad route between the cities of New York and Philadelphia. Their records consist primarily of basic corporate documents such as minutes, account books, annual reports to the I.C.C., and agreements.
Dates: 1872-1979

Delaware Coach Company records

Identifier: 1685
Abstract: The Delaware Coach Company was originally incorporated as the Wilmington & Philadelphia Traction Company on June 25, 1910, and operated an electric street railway line from Wilmington, Delaware, to Chester, Pennsylvania, and to Philadelphia. Throughout the early twentieth century, the company purchased stock in and leased numerous electric railway, transportation, and utilities companies in the Wilmington and Chester areas. In 1941, it changed its name to the Delaware Coach Company as trackless trolleys and buses replaced electric streetcars. Included are official documents and correspondence; personnel and financial records; public relations files; land deeds; legislation; labor agreements and contracts; equipment, fare, and route policies; ordinances; minute books, and other miscellaneous material created by Delaware Coach and its predecessor electric streetcar companies.
Dates: 1814-1973, bulk 1940-1966

Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company records

Identifier: 1643
Abstract: The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad was one of the largest and most prosperous anthracite mining and transporting companies in Pennsylvania.Their records consist of minutes of the DL&W and its two direct predecessors.
Dates: 1849-1960

Edward H. Weber collection of railroad timetables

Identifier: 2573
Abstract: The major portion of a collection of railroad public and employee timetables amassed by railroad enthusiast and historian Edward H. Weber (1934-), best known for his systematic photography of railroad stations and structures. Although the oldest date from the nineteenth century, most cover the period of decline and restructuring of North American passenger service that began in the Depression and accelerated in the years after World War II.
Dates: 1856-2009; Majority of material found within 1930-1976

Edward Stickel collection of railroadiana

Identifier: 2056
Abstract: Edward R. Stickel (1928-2008) worked for the Penn Central Transportation Company, Amtrak, and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). His collection consists of copies of official documents relating to the commuter rail operations of SEPTA and its predecessors.
Dates: 1931-1987

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. Old Hickory plant panoramic photographs

Identifier: 1969-159
Abstract: The War Department of the United States Government contracted with the DuPont Company to build and run a smokeless powder plant called the Old Hickory plant on the Cumberland River near Nashville, Tennessee during World War I. These panoramic photographs show overall views of DuPont Company's Old Hickory smokeless powder plant, also views of exterior and interior details.
Dates: 1918

Elliiott, Johnson & Co. letters to Henry du Pont

Identifier: 1790
Abstract: Elliott, Johnson & Co. was a well-known banking and brokerage firm of Wilmington, Delaware, in the late nineteenth century. Henry du Pont (1812-1889) was an American military officer and son of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834), founder of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., and Sophie Madeleine Dalmas du Pont (1775-1828). The collection consists of two letters from Elliott, Johnson & Co. regarding the purchase of bonds in two Florida railroads, the Sanford & Lake Eustis Railroad Company and the Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Railway Company.
Dates: 1887

Eugene du Pont Jr. papers

Identifier: 1599
Abstract: Eugene du Pont Jr. (1873-1954) was a director of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company from 1917 until 1954, and a great grandson of company founder, Éleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834). The collection contains the personal papers of Eugene du Pont, Jr., and the records of the Kinloch Gun Club, a private shooting club which he founded. It also contains a separate collection of correspondence between his brother Alfred I. du Pont, vice president and general manager of the DuPont Company, with his assistant Frank L. Connable, which is an important source for the history of the company in the early 1900s.
Dates: 1835-1956

Frank A. Weer collection (selected items)

Identifier: 2688
Abstract: Frank A. Weer (1932-2019) was a white-collar railroad employee who spent most of his career with the Reading Company, and after the transfer of railroad operations in 1976, with Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail). This collection is a small portion of a much larger collection of official railroad company documents, maps and drawings. Documents are primarily those of the Reading Company, Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Penn Central Transportation Company and Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail).
Dates: 1796-1990

Geo. D. Whitcomb Company locomotives album and catalogs

Identifier: 2018-230
Abstract: The Geo D. Whitcomb Company was a manufacturer of coal mining machinery and industrial locomotives. The album is a factory salesman sample photograph album for the gasoline powered Whitcomb mining and switching engines. There are two Whitcomb catalogs and an original offprint from the 1932 Railway Age.
Dates: 1917-1940s

Harry F. Brown papers

Identifier: 2340
Abstract: Harry F. Brown (1886-1980) was an electrical engineer and his entire career was devoted to railroad electrification. The collections consists of materials collected by Brown relating to American railroads outside of New England and primarily includes engineering reports and memoranda relating to railroad electrification and electric locomotives and cars.
Dates: 1921-1970; Majority of material found within 1938-1965

Harry R. Hippler collection of Pennsylvania Railroad negatives

Identifier: 2015-279
Abstract: The Pennsylvania Railroad Company was the largest railroad in the United States in terms of corporate assets and traffic from the last quarter of the nineteenth century until the decline of the northeast's and midwest's dominance of manufacturing. Harry Richmond Hippler (1875-1958) was a pharmacist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and an avid amateur photographer. This collection contains negatives primarily of Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) train cars, both interior and exterior views. There are also images of train tracks, bridges, construction and other railroad related images. The bulk of the photographs date from the 1910s through the 1940s. It is possible that Harry R. Hippler was the photographer of some of the photographs in the collection.
Dates: 1832-1947; Majority of material found within 1905-1945

Interstate Commerce Commission railroad abandonment index

Identifier: 2014-276
Abstract: The Transportation Act of 1920 required railroads to file with the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) for permission to eliminate tracks from their system. The collections consists of index cards to finance dockets involving the Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central Transportation Company, and Conrail.
Dates: 1920s-1985

Jackson and Sharp Company blueprints

Identifier: 1939
Abstract: The Jackson and Sharp Company, a manufacturer of railroad passenger cars, was incorporated in Delaware on February 24, 1869, as the successor to the partnership of Jackson & Sharp. This collection consists of blueprint floor plans for eleven cars built between 1901 and 1905, primarily for narrow-gauge lines in Maine.
Dates: 1901-1905

Jackson and Sharp Company drawings and blueprints

Identifier: 1030
Abstract: The Jackson and Sharp Company, a manufacturer of railroad passenger cars, was incorporated in Delaware on February 24, 1869, as the successor to the partnership of Jackson & Sharp. The drawings comprise materials salvaged from the plant. Most are detail drawings of brake rigging or of parts such as couplers, locks, ventilators, and plumbing fixtures. The projects include standard and narrow-gauge railroad cars and streetcars for both foreign and domestic customers. The materials date from 1895 to 1930.
Dates: 1895-1930

Jackson and Sharp Company photographs

Identifier: 1969-036
Abstract: The Jackson and Sharp Company, a manufacturer of railroad passenger cars, was incorporated in Delaware on February 24, 1869, as the successor to the partnership of Jackson & Sharp. This collection contains copy photographic prints of the company plant.
Dates: before 1902

James H. Yeager photographs

Identifier: 2012-207
Abstract: James Henry Yeager (1911-1986) was the industrial photographer for the Bethlehem Steel Corporation for thirty years, between 1946 and 1976. The first half of this collection contains photographs taken by James H. Yeager during his tenure at Bethlehem Steel as industrial photographer. The second half the this collection consists of photos and slides taken by Yeager while traveling in Pennsylvania, New York, and New England, and to a lesser degree Washington, DC and the southern United States.
Dates: 1939-1980

James Zellner glass plate negatives

Identifier: 1974-278
Abstract: This collection consists of glass plate negatives showing scenes from Carbon County, Pennsylvania during the second half of the nineteenth century, as well as a selection of archival prints. The majority of the images show scenes from Mauch Chunk (now Jim Thorpe) and the surrounding area, the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway, and the waterfalls at Glen Onoko.
Dates: circa 1870-1895

Jervis Langdon, Jr. papers

Identifier: 2068
Abstract: Jervis Langdon, Jr. (1905-2004) was a railroad executive largely known for rehabilitating ailing railroads and for his influence in the reshaping of national railroad policy in the 1970s. Langdon's papers document the U.S. railroad industry's efforts to obtain a competitive rate rule through Congress in relation to other freight carriers, such as trucks and barges. Also included is material covering Langdon's efforts in revitalizing bankrupt railroads, such as the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific, and the Penn Central reorganization and its subsequent 1980 valuation case.
Dates: 1889-1991

Jill Jonnes research notes for Conquering Gotham

Identifier: 2404
Abstract: Jill Jonnes (1952-) is a freelance writer who has published a number of books on technology and society, including Conquering Gotham in 2007, which is an account of the design and construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad's New York improvements. The collection is comprised of Jonnes' research notes for writing the book, almost entirely of photocopies of letters, reports, newspaper articles, and extracts from books.
Dates: 2001-2006

John F. Tucker collection of Philadelphia transit photographs

Identifier: 1994-224
Abstract: John Foster Tucker III (1950-2008) was a Philadelphia-born rail transit operating official and rail history enthusiast. This collection consists of photographs of trolleys, trains, rails lines, and rail stations in Philadelphia and the city's Pennsylvania suburbs, as well as offices, maintenance shops, and garages used by transit authorities. Most of the collection is devoted to SEPTA, but predecessor companies PTC (Philadelphia Transportation Company) and PSTC (Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Company) are also represented.
Dates: 1905-2004; bulk 1966-1990

John F. Tucker collection on transit history

Identifier: 2046
Abstract: The John F. Tucker Transit History Collection consists of official documents produced or used by Mr. Tucker during his career as a public transit official, records of the pre-SEPTA Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company (1907-1939) and the Philadelphia Transportation Company (1940-1968) that he preserved from loss or destruction, and materials collected out of his interest in the history of transit systems, particularly electric traction lines. The collection traces the evolution of the Philadelphia transit system, its extent, routes and services, and of North American rail rapid transit generally.
Dates: 1895-2002, bulk 1920-1990; Majority of material found within 1920 - 1990

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