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Technical drawings

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Drawings intended for constructional, mechanical, or mapping purposes and that follow precise conventions of scale and projection, including cross-sections, details, diagrams, elevations, perspectives, plans, blueprints, specifications, made for use in architectural engineering or other technical context.

Found in 19 Collections and/or Records:

Bethlehem Steel Corporation predecessor and subsidiary companies records, 1860-1947

 Record Group
Identifier: 1699-III.
Scope and Contents: The records of the subsidiary and predecessor companies of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation consist of a series of fragments from forty-three of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation's more than 400 subsidiary and predecessor companies. The bulk of the records are design and construction drawings for vessels built by the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, Ltd., and its predecessors. The best coverage is available from the Wilmington, Del., yard. The ship drawings are only partially processed.The records of the Fore River Shipbuilding Corporation consist of a series of contracts with the United States Navy, most of which were made during the First World War. They include numerous contracts for torpedo boat destroyers, scout cruisers, and the submarine torpedo boat USS AA-1 (originally named the USS Schley, and then renamed the USS AA-1 in 1917), the first of three experimental submarines built for the US Navy toward the end of the war. Select contracts authorized during August 1917 include signatures from Franklin D. Roosevelt, who for a brief period served as the Active Secretary of the Navy.The records also include the contracts for the USS Lexington, USS Quincy, USS Rhode Island, and the aircraft carrier USS Wasp. The contract for the battle cruiser USS Lexington (CC-1) also contains correspondence related to the supplementary contract for its conversion into an aircraft carrier, as well as agreements made with the General Electric Company. Correspondence included with the USS Quincy contract covers claims filed by Bethlehem Steel regarding the extra construction and labor costs incurred following the enactment of the National Industrial Recovery Act in 1933. Correspondence in connection with other contracts in the records discuss typical topics such as financial issues, contract clause amendments, and construction delays.There are small quantities of executive documents for a few of the companies. Minutes are available for the Bethlehem Iron Company, Maryland Steel Company of Baltimore County, Pennsylvania Steel Company of New Jersey, Midvale Steel & Ordnance Company, and the Harlan & Hollingsworth Corporation. A few important managerial and technical reports can be found in the records of the Bethlehem Iron Company, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, Ltd., and the Pennsylvania Steel Company. The acquisiton of Cuban ore lands is described in the records of the Juragua Iron Company, Ltd., the...
Dates: 1860-1947

Bowlus-Du Pont Sailplane Company drawing

Identifier: 1986-249
Abstract: Bowlus-Du Pont Sailplane, Inc. was a short-lived company which combined the financing of record holding glider pilot, Richard du Pont (1911-1943), and the engineering skills of Hawley Bowlus. This reproduction drawing (there are two copies) includes elevations and cross sections of an Albatross II.
Dates: circa 1935

Branch Stores Records

Identifier: 2117-VI.
Scope and Content: Includes plans, publicity articles, brochures, and scrapbooks, plus leases, mortgages, contracts, and insurance appraisals of store and contents for the following branch stores beginning in 1930: Ardmore, Jenkintown, Springfield, Neshaminy, Plymouth Meeting, and Exton, Pennsylvania; Cherry Hill and Echelon, New Jersey; and Wilmington and Christiana, Delaware. This subgroup documents the growth of suburban shopping strips and shopping malls during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, including malls designed by Victor Gruen, an internationally-known designer of shopping centers, and Ewing Cole Erdman & Eubank of Philadelphia.
Dates: 1793-1996

Delaware Construction Co. blueprints

Identifier: 1088
Abstract: The Delaware Construction Company was a building company, constructing residential houses in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. It was founded in 1909 as a subsidiary of the National Real Estate Trust Company, which provided loans and financing for the properties. This small collection consists of five blueprints of houses by E. Olney Sherman, dated 1910 for Delaware Construction Co.
Dates: 1910

Erie City Iron Works technical illustrations

Identifier: 1973-419
Abstract: The Erie City Iron Works in Erie, Pennsylvania, was a major manufacturer of boilers, stationary and portable engines, and machinery for sawmills and steam riveting. The collection consists of technical diagrams of engines.
Dates: circa 1912-1924

Frederick W. Wood papers

Identifier: 0884
Abstract: Frederick William Wood (1857-1943) was an executive and engineer in the steel and shipbuilding industries. His papers constitute a major source on the history of the American steel industry in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The papers are primarily official records of the various companies with which Wood was associated.
Dates: 1867-1943

Jackson and Sharp Company blueprints

Identifier: 1939
Abstract: The Jackson and Sharp Company, a manufacturer of railroad passenger cars, was incorporated in Delaware on February 24, 1869, as the successor to the partnership of Jackson & Sharp. This collection consists of blueprint floor plans for eleven cars built between 1901 and 1905, primarily for narrow-gauge lines in Maine.
Dates: 1901-1905

Jackson and Sharp Company drawings and blueprints

Identifier: 1030
Abstract: The Jackson and Sharp Company, a manufacturer of railroad passenger cars, was incorporated in Delaware on February 24, 1869, as the successor to the partnership of Jackson & Sharp. The drawings comprise materials salvaged from the plant. Most are detail drawings of brake rigging or of parts such as couplers, locks, ventilators, and plumbing fixtures. The projects include standard and narrow-gauge railroad cars and streetcars for both foreign and domestic customers. The materials date from 1895 to 1930.
Dates: 1895-1930

James W. Flaherty, Inc. drawings

Identifier: 2537
Abstract: James W. Flaherty Inc. was a general contractor company in Wilmington, Delaware that operated between 1949 and 1983. Consists of drawings and plans for various local properties, including du Pont family estates.
Dates: 1948-1977

Joseph Bancroft & Sons Company engineering sketches

Identifier: 2323
Abstract: A small sample of engineering sketch sheets from a large Wilmington, Delaware, cotton textile and textile finishing firm.
Dates: 1912-1966

Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America engineering drawings

Identifier: 2464-83
Abstract: The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Corporation of America was founded in 1899 as the American branch of Guglielmo Marconi’s (1874-1937) Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company of London. Because of its emphasis on providing radio transmitter receivers for ships and fostering oceanic communications, the U.S. Navy commandeered the company during World War I. After the war, both government and industry colluded to buy out the British company; they created the Radio Corporation of America in its stead in 1919. This collection includes around 1,300 engineering and technical drawings from the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America . Subjects depicted range from circuit diagrams, wiring layouts, and switchboard schematics to architectural plans for aerial towers and carrying case designs.
Dates: 1905-1921

Public Information and Advertising Department Records, 1939-1970

Identifier: 1915-II.
Scope and Content: The Public Information and Advertising Department series includes advertising literature, newsclippings, trade catalogs, correspondence of department managers, technical reports, blueprints, engineering correspondence and press releases. The files also include biographical material on Elmer Sperry and an oral interview with Hannibal Ford of the Ford Instrument Co. Other files document Sperry's efforts to work with the military during World War II to produce a series of films for defense. Of particular interest are papers describing the company's efforts to help produce the motion pictures "The House on 92nd Street" and "The Road to Murmansk."
Dates: 1939-1970

Public Relations Department Technical literature file, 1915-1962

Identifier: 1915-I.
Scope and Content: The Public Relations Department literature file includes trade catalogs, manuals, technical reports, pamphlets and published articles describing Sperry's products. Many of the files contain blueprints and specifications.
Dates: 1915-1962

Red Arrow Lines photographs

Identifier: 1972-438
Abstract: Red Arrow Lines, Inc. was a suburban transit company. This collection contains photographs of Red Arrow Lines transit vehicles and stations that were used in book R. DeGraw, Red Arrow Lines.
Dates: 1899-1970

Richard Hollerith papers

Identifier: 2054
Abstract: Richard Hollerith, Jr. (1926-), spent his professional career working as an industrial designer of office products, computers, printers, office space, and household products. His papers include correspondence, meeting minutes, conference and working group reports, and blueprints reflecting his work as a designer and as an advocate of universal design and barrier-free environments.
Dates: 1962-2004; Majority of material found within 1965-1980

Wawaset Park records

Identifier: 2638
Abstract: Wawaset Park was a planned community, commissioned by the DuPont Company for its company executives. The records describe the park, its residents, and history through corporate records, maps and deeds of the property, lists of corporate officers and residents, as well as histories of the park, the City of Wilmington, and the state of Delaware.
Dates: 1658-2011

William Liseter Austin papers

Identifier: 1879
Abstract: William Liseter Austin (1852-1932) was an executive of the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia. Baldwin Locomotive Works was a manufacturer of railroad locomotives from 1825 until 1972. The papers include correspondence, most of which is technical in nature; there is also a vertical file on the construction, sale, and parts of locomotives; specifications; sketches and sketchbooks; and engineering drawings. A very small portion of the collection covers Austin's personal affairs.
Dates: 1855-1932; Majority of material found within 1870-1932

William Pahlmann papers

Identifier: 2388
Abstract: The William Pahlmann papers provide a rich insight into the world of interior design in the middle of the twentieth century. Pahlmann (1900-1987) was well known for his use of bold colors, textures and mix of antique and modern furnishings. Stressed in all of his work, were the conventions of comfort and functionality as well as his clients individual tastes. The William Pahlmann Papers are organized into thirty unique series of varying sizes. The papers are organized into correspondence, publicity files, renderings, samples, artifacts, design plans, and client invoices.
Dates: 1927-1976

Woodlawn Trustees, Inc. records, Group I

Identifier: 2424-I
Abstract: The Woodlawn Trustees, Incorporated, is a non-profit real estate development firm incorporated in Delaware on December 12, 1918, by textile manufacturer William Poole Bancroft (1835-1928). Their records include charters, minutes, officer lists, directors' correspondence, real estate records, property maps, reports, drawings and specifications and newspaper and journal articles on the history of the Trustees and of the Bancroft family.
Dates: 1880-2005; Majority of material found within 1901-1995