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Alexis Irénée du Pont family papers

Accession: 2618

Dr. Alexis Irénée du Pont (1843-1904) was a businessman and non-practicing physician who resided in both Louisville, Kentucky, and Wilmington, Delaware. The Alexis Irénée du Pont family papers primarily consist of both outgoing and incoming correspondence from A. I. du Pont and his immediate family.

Dates: 1850-1913

Amelia E. du Pont divorce proceedings (photocopy)

Accession: 0581

Amelia Elizabeth du Pont (1796-1869) was a granddaughter of Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours (1739-1817) founder the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, a chemical research, and manufacturing company. She was the eldest child of Victor Marie du Pont (1767-1827) and Gabrielle Josephine de la Fite de Pelleport (1770-1837). The collection contains a photocopy of the act of the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware by which Amelia Elizabeth du Pont's (1796-1869) marriage to Nathaniel Perkins, alias Nathaniel H. Clifford, was dissolved and a declaration that their child Gabrielle du Pont (1813-1891) was legitimate.

Dates: 1816

Crofton and Shubrick family correspondence

Accession: 1205

The Crofton and Shubrick families were descendants of a prominent French American diplomat and businessman, Victor Marie du Pont (1767-1827), and represent middle-class American women in the mid-to-late nineteenth century. Two generations of women married military men who were stationed across the world. This collection spans three generations of women (Julia du Pont Shubrick, Gabrielle Josephine Shubrick Crofton, and Julia du Pont Crofton Walcutt) from these families and contains correspondence regarding everyday life.

Dates: 1852-1898

Dimmick family correspondence (microfilm)

Accession: 0418

The Dimmick family were descendants of the founders of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, a chemical research and manufacturing company. The collection contains a microfilm copy of correspondence between Joanna (Smith) du Pont (1815-1876) and her daughter, Joanna (du Pont) Dimmick (1854-1901), and letters from Sophie M. du Pont (1810-1888) to her niece, Dimmick, and the latter's step-daughter, Lavinia Elizabeth Dimmick (1874-1946). The letters are personal in nature, including du Pont family news.

Dates: 1873-1887

Du Pont, Kemble, De Forest family correspondence

Accession: 2156

This collection of family correspondence encompasses several generations of the du Pont, Kemble, and de Forest families. Victorine du Pont (1825-1887), the eldest child of Alfred Victor du Pont (1798-1856), senior partner in E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, and Margaretta Elizabeth (Lammot) du Pont (1807-1898), married Peter Kemble (1825-1887), son of William Kemble the company's New York business agent. One of their daughters, Meta Kemble (1852-1933), married New York artist Lockwood de Forest (1850-1932).

Dates: 1840-1882

Eleuthera du Pont Smith and Sophie Madeleine du Pont letters to Mary Wilkinson

Accession: 0259

Eleuthera du Pont Smith (1806-1876) and Sophie Madeleine du Pont (1810-1888) were daughters of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834) and Sophie Madeleine Dalmas du Pont (1775-1828). This collection contains letters from the du Ponts to Mary Wilkinson, a former student at the Brandywine Manufacturers' Sunday School. The letters discuss domestic matters, including family news, health, faith, and needlework for the mills.

Dates: 1862-1886

Elise Simons du Pont household receipts

Accession: 1667

Elise Simons du Pont (1849-1919) was the wife of Francis Gurney du Pont (1850-1904), a vice president of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., a chemical company more commonly referred to as the DuPont Company. The records consist of itemized household receipts, primarily from three Wilmington, Delaware grocers and one from John Wanamaker's department store in Philadelphia. The receipts give descriptions of goods and prices.

Dates: 1902-1903

Emma Holmes diary (microfilm)

Accession: 0919

Emma E. Holmes (1838-1910) was the daughter of Dr. Henry M. Holmes (1790-1854) and Eliza Ford Gibbes (1808-1875). The diary chronicles Holmes's life in Charleston, South Carolina, during the Civil War, detailing the Charleston fire of December 1861, visiting army camps, taking a position as governess and tutor, and plundering Union troops near the end of the war.

Dates: 1861-1866

Eugene du Pont Jr. papers

Accession: 1599

Eugene du Pont Jr. (1873-1954) was a director of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company from 1917 until 1954, and a great grandson of company founder, Éleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834). The collection contains the personal papers of Eugene du Pont, Jr., and the records of the Kinloch Gun Club, a private shooting club which he founded. It also contains a separate collection of correspondence between his brother Alfred I. du Pont, vice president and general manager of the DuPont Company, with his assistant Frank L. Connable, which is an important source for the history of the company in the early 1900s.

Dates: 1835-1956

Gabrielle Josephine du Pont household account book

Accession: 0431

Gabrielle Josephine de La Fite de Pelleport (1770-1837) was the wife of Victor du Pont (1767-1827), a French American diplomat, politician, and businessman. He was the brother of Éleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834), the founder of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. The account book is supposedly the household account book of du Pont and contains handwriting of various people, including her son Charles I. du Pont (1797-1869). Entries include purchases of coal, whiskey, soap, candles, and other items, as well as construction materials and tools.

Dates: 1828-1835

Henry Belin du Pont collection

Accession: 0178

Henry Belin du Pont (1898-1970) was a research engineer with General Motors and the vice president of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company from 1939 to 1963. This collection contains correspondence from several generations of the family from the early nineteenth through the twentieth century, including Francis Gurney Smith (1784-1873), Elizabeth (Eliza) MacKie Smith (1787-1861), Joanna Smith du Pont (1815-1876), Frances du Pont Coleman (1838-1902), Eleuthera "Ella" du Pont Bradford (1848-1906), Eleuthera Bradford du Pont (1873-1953), Alicia Bradford Maddox (1875-1920) and Phoebe George Bradford (1794-1840).

Dates: 1814-1913

Lavinia Dimmick Rée memoir

Accession: 0523

Lavinia Dimmick Rée (1874-1946) was a descendant of the founders of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, a chemical research and manufacturing company. She was the daughter of Irene du Pont (1845-1877) and Edward Dimmick (1843-1895), and a great-niece of Sophie M. du Pont (1810-1888). The records consist of two copies of a typewritten transcription of "Memories of Aunt Sophie" written by Rée about du Pont's home, Lower Louviers, during the late 1870s and 1880s.

Dates: circa 1943

Margaretta du Pont Coleman papers

Accession: 2027

The Margaretta E. "Meta" du Pont Coleman Papers primarily consist of family correspondence collected by Meta Coleman.

Dates: 1852-1915

Martha Brown Ogle Forman diaries (photocopy and microfilm)

Accession: 1159

Martha Brown Ogle Callender Forman (1788-1864) was the second wife of Gen. Thomas Marsh Forman (1758-1845). Her diaries are entirely personal, with many details of the daily life of enslavers and the enslaved at Rose Hill, a Cecil County, Maryland plantation.

Dates: 1814-1860

Mary Belin du Pont inbound letters

Accession: 2228

Mary Belin (1839-1913) married Lammot du Pont (1831-1884) and had eleven children, many who were prominent in the building up of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. The volume consists of a typed transcript of letters originally sent to Mary Belin du Pont (1839-1913) by her daughters Louisa ("La") (1868-1926), Sophie M. ("Tabby") (1871-1894), Isabella ("Bella") (1882-1946), and Margaretta ("Peg") (1884-1973) in 1894. The letters center around a single incident wherein Sophie, who was suffering from tuberculosis, was sent to Colorado Springs for a cure.

Dates: 1894

Mary Belin du Pont recipe book

Accession: 2458

Mary Belin (1839-1913) married Lammot du Pont (1831-1884) and had eleven children, many who were prominent in the building up of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. The collection includes a carbon copy of a typed transcript from Belin's recipe book. The recipe book included dishes typical of middle class Americans in the Northeast in the early and mid-nineteenth century, as well as home remedies, household hints, and how to prepare paints and dyes.

Dates: circa 1870s-1900s

Oral history interviews on Wallace Carothers

Accession: 1994-311

Wallace Hume Carothers (1896-1937) was chemist and inventor of Neoprene artificial rubber and Nylon synthetic fiber. He worked as a chemist in E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company's Fundamental Research Program from 1928 until his death in 1937. This collection contains five interviews conducted in July and August of 1978 with Wallace Carothers’s friends and colleagues. The interviewees primarily share stories and focus on their feelings surrounding Carothers’s personality, work, and suicide.

Dates: 1978

Oral history project notes on Wallace Hume Carothers

Accession: 1985

Wallace Hume Carothers (1896-1937) was a chemist and inventor of Neoprene artificial rubber and Nylon synthetic fiber. He worked as a chemist in E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company's Fundamental Research Program from 1928 until his death in 1937. The records include the handwritten transcripts of a series of interviews with persons who knew and worked with Carothers, conducted in 1978 and 1979. The interviews were conducted by Adeline Bassett Cook Strange (1917-2004), a teacher, researcher, and volunteer who spent her life dedicated to various charitable projects around Wilmington, Delaware.

Dates: 1925-1979; Majority of material found within 1978-1979

Ramsay family papers

Accession: 2014

William Gouverneur Ramsay (1866-1916) was a civil engineer for railroads and explosives corporations, including Repauno Chemical Company, Great Northern, and DuPont Company. His wife, Caroline “Lena” Johnston Canby (1872-1958) was interested in cultural and educational institutions and traveled extensively. The Ramsay family papers primarily consist of William G. Ramsay's personal and business papers, as well as his family's personal papers which primarily consist of correspondence, much of it between William Ramsay and Lena Ramsay prior to and after their marriage. the letters describe social life in Wilmington, literature, courtship and marriage, household administration, family life, child rearing and health.

Dates: 1828-1958

Rockland oral history interview transcripts

Accession: 2264

Rockland is an unincorporated old mill village in New Castle County, Delaware, and was later surrounded by du Pont family estates. The collection contains twelve edited oral history transcripts by Mary Laird Silvia (1938-2013) with people who lived in Rockland.

Dates: 1999-2011

Shubrick and Crofton family material

Accession: 1385

The Crofton and Shubrick families were descendants of a prominent French American diplomat and businessman, Victor Marie du Pont (1767-1827), and represent middle-class American families in the mid-to-late nineteenth century. The collection includes a small amount of material from the Shubrick and Crofton family from the nineteenth century to mid-twentieth century.

Dates: 1837-1851; undated

Sophie Madeleine du Pont letter to Mary Brunot

Accession: 2021

Sophie Madeleine du Pont (1810-1888) was the youngest daughter of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834), founder of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., and Sophie Madeleine Dalmas du Pont (1775-1828), and the wife of Samuel Francis du Pont (1803-1865). In the letter to Mary Ann (Hogg) Brunot (1822-1899), du Pont thanks her for a sermon Brunot sent and reflects du Pont's concern with religious and domestic matters.

Dates: 1860

Thomas H. Savery papers

Accession: 0285

Thomas H. Savery (1837-1910) was president of Pusey, Jones and Company, a shipbuilder and papermaking machinery manufacturer in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In 1864 he married Sarah Pim Savery (1837-1928). This collection consists of ther business and personal papers of Thomas H. Savery, primarily related to his papermaking machinery ventures, and twenty-nine diaries of Sarah Pim Savery.

Dates: 1848-1910

Victorine du Pont and Ferdinand Bauduy marriage certificate

Accession: 0179

Victorine du Pont (1792-1861) was the eldest child of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834), founder of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, and Sophie Dalmas du Pont (1775-1828). Ferdinand Bauduy (1791-1814) was the son of Peter Bauduy (1769?-1833), business partners with du Pont in DuPont, Bauduy, & Co., and Theresa Bretton des Chapelles (1773-1837). This collection is a copy of their marriage certificate in 1813.

Dates: 1813

Victorine du Pont Bauduy autograph album

Accession: 0532

Victorine du Pont (1792-1861), the eldest child of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834), founder of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, and Sophie Dalmas du Pont (1775-1828). The album contains poetry and verses written by Victorine and her friends and family, sketches, and watercolors.

Dates: 1821-1844

Walt Biddle oral history interview transcript

Accession: 2113

Walt Biddle (1925-1995) was a gardener in the household of Louise du Pont Crowninshield (1877-1958) and Francis B. Crowninshield (1869-1950) at Eleutherian Mills in Greenville, Delaware. In his oral history interview transcript, Biddle describes the Crowninshields and life at Eleutherian Mills in the 1940s and 1950s.

Dates: 1994

Wilhelmina du Pont letters

Accession: 1591

Wilhelmina du Pont (1906-2000) was the daughter of William K. du Pont (1875-1907) and Ethel Hallock (1876-1951), a fourth generation descendent from E.I. du Pont (1771-1834). The letters are to Wilhelmina du Pont from her cousin Alice (Belin) (Mrs. Pierre S. du Pont) (1872-1944); mother Ethel (Mrs. William Kemble du Pont); cousin Alice (du Pont) (Mrs. T. Coleman du Pont) (1863-1937); and uncle Pierre S. du Pont (1870-1954).

Dates: 1915-1952

William du Pont, Sr. papers

Accession: 2724

William du Pont (1855-1928) was an industrialist and member of the promienent du Pont family of Delaware, whose family business was the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, also known as the DuPont Company which was a large manufacturer of gunpowder. He worked for the first DuPont dynamite manufacturer, Repauno Chemical Company, as secretary and treasurer (1880-1884) and after the tragic death of Lammot du Pont (1831-1884), as president (1884-1892). This small group of papers encompass both correspondence and various financial and investment accounts, largely covering his ten years spent in England after leaving the United States in 1893.

Dates: 1891-1905

William Ferris, II glass plate negatives

Accession: 1974-359

William Ferris, II (1822-1909) was, along with Philip Garrett (1814-1896), a senior partner in the firm of the Ferris & Garrett company, a supplier of plumbing fixtures for gas, steam, and water service in Wilmington, Delaware. This collection consists of thirty-eight glass plate negatives, mostly of unidentified people and interiors, photographed by William Ferris, II.

Dates: 1888-1889

William G. Ramsay family papers

Accession: 2600

William Gouverneur Ramsay (1866-1916) trained as a civil engineer at the University of Virginia, finishing his course work in 1887. After a career working at various times in canal, railroad, chemical, dynamite, and coal industries, in 1903, Ramsay became Du Pont's chief engineer and directed the construction of many of the largest explosives factories in the United States. In 1916, Ramsay became a director and vice president of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, in addition to retaining his position as chief engineer. The William G. Ramsay family correspondence comprises sixty-four letters. They are largely addressed to William himself, from a variety of interlocutors, but mostly members of his own family. The majority of the letters are written by women, and thus provide a powerful picture into women’s lives and roles in the Ramsay family at the turn of the century across the Eastern seaboard.

Dates: 1877-1942; Majority of material found within 1893-1916

Wood-Randolph family papers

Accession: 2445

The Wood family was founders of one of Philadelphia's great Quaker mercantile and manufacturing families, and within a couple of generations founded the Wawa Dairy Farms. The papers were primarily collected by Julianna Randolph (1810-1885), wife of Richard D. Wood (1799-1869), and include correspondence from Julianna Randolph, her parents Edward (1784-1834) and Mary Taylor Randolph (1790-1868), and her husband Richard Wood. The letters are almost entirely limited to correspondence within the Wood-Randolph kinship group.

Dates: 1797-1884

Wright family papers

Accession: 1665

Samuel Gardiner Wright (1781-1845) was a West Jersey Quaker merchant and ironmaster who conducted a wide-ranging mercantile business based in Philadelphia, iron furnaces in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and in southern Delaware and maintained a country house and farm in Monmouth County, N.J. The papers document his varied business interests, especially iron manufacture and sales. There are smaller quantities of papers from his wife, sons and grandson.

Dates: 1785-1902, bulk 1809-1876

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E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. Experimental Station 2
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Ramsay, William G. (William Gouverneur), 1866 - 1916 2
Ree, Lavinia Dimmick, 1874-1946 2
Strange, Adeline Bassett Cook, 1917-2004 2
Walcutt, Julia du Pont Crofton, 1866-1948 2
Ayres, Eunice Bambary, 1914-2002 1
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company 1
Bauduy, Ferdinand, 1791-1814 1
Biddle, Walt (Walter Arthur), 1925-1995 1
Bispham, Edward K., III, 1923-2011 1
Braun, Thomas (1917-2003) 1
Brunot, Mary, -1899 1
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company 1
Clark, Sarah Phillips Brown, 1926- 1
Coleman family 1
Coleman, Margaretta du Pont, 1862-1938 1
Coleman, R. Bannen (Robert Bannen), 1856-1898 1
Connable, Frank L. (Frank Lee), 1871-1947 1
Copeland, Louisa d'A du Pont (Louisa d'Andelot du Pont), 1868-1926 1
Crofton, Gabrielle Josephine Shubrick, 1835-1894 1
Crowninshield, Francis Boardman, 1869-1950 1
Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958 1
Delaware. General Assembly. House of Representatives 1
Delaware. General Assembly. Senate 1
Dimmick, Joanna du Pont, 1854-1901 1
Du Pont, Alexis I. (Alexis Irénée), 1843-1904 1
Du Pont, Alexis I. (Alexis Irénée), 1869-1921 1
Du Pont, Alfred Victor, 1833-1893 1
Du Pont, Amelia, 1796-1869 1
Du Pont, Annie Rogers, 1858-1927 1
Du Pont, Bidermann, 1837-1923 1
Du Pont, Charles I. (Charles Irénée), 1797-1869 1
Du Pont, Elise Simons, 1849-1919 1
Du Pont, Ellen Coleman, 1838-1876 1
Du Pont, Eugene, 1873-1954 1
Du Pont, Henry Belin, 1898-1970 1
Du Pont, Joanna Smith, 1815-1876 1
Du Pont, Josephine de la Fite de Pelleport, 1770-1837 1
Du Pont, Margaretta Lammot, 1807-1898 1
Du Pont, Mary Alletta Belin, 1878-1938 1
Du Pont, Philip F. (Philip Francis), 1878-1928 1
Du Pont, T. Coleman (Thomas Coleman), 1863-1930 1
Du Pont, William, 1855-1928 1
Du Pont, Zara, 1869-1946 1
Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate) 1
Ewing, S. Tyson (Samuel Tyson), 1919-2010 1
Ferris, William, II 1
Finnie, Betty Comegys, 1922-2006 1
Forman, Martha Ogle, 1788-1864 1
Great Northern Manufacturing and Supply Company 1
Hearne, Rodney Lee, 1923-2006 1
Holmes, Emma, 1838-1910 1
Howard, Robert, 1943-2012 (staff) 1
Hughes, Debra (staff) 1
Kemble, Victorine Elizabeth du Pont, 1825-1887 1
Kinloch Gun Club 1
Newman, Libby Goldberg, 1922- 1
Paschall, Barbara Bispham, 1931-2012 1
Porter, Luther, 1909-2000 1
Pusey and Jones Company 1
Ramsay, Caroline Canby, 1872-1958 1
Randolph family 1
Randolph, Julianna, 1810-1885 1
Repauno Chemical Company 1
Russell, Mary Biddle, 1922- 1
Savery, Sarah Pim, 1837-1928 1
Savery, Thomas H., 1837-1910 1
Shubrick, Irvine, 1797-1849 1
Shubrick, Julia du Pont, 1806-1882 1
Silvia, Mary Laird, 1938-2013 1
Smith, Eleuthera du Pont, 1806-1876 1
Twer, Beatrice Goldberg, 1919-2003 1
Wawa Dairy Farms 1
Wood family 1
Wood, Richard D. (Richard Davis), 1799-1869 1
Wright family 1
de Forest, Meta Kemble, 1852-1933 1
du Pont, Wilhelmina, 1906-2000 1
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