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Radio -- Receivers and reception

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Radios; Automatic gain control; Clock radios; Crystal sets (Radio); GPS receivers; Portable radios; Radio frequency modulation receivers; Radio antennas; Radio monitoring receivers; Radio panoramic receivers; Stereophonic receivers; Superheterodyne receivers; Transistor radios.

Found in 8 Collections and/or Records:

Charles A. Rosencrans lab notebooks

Accession: 2549

Charles A. Rosencrans (1908-1991) was an RCA engineer who specialized in radio transmission. His notebooks largely consist of fragmentary handwritten notes from both his career at RCA and from his studies in electrical and mechanical engineering at Lehigh University.

Dates: 1929-1959

Charles M. Burrill papers, 1923-1966

Accession: 2464-09Identifier: 2464-09-14.
Scope and Content:

The Charles M. Burrill papers are a collection of his research, advisory board correspondence and findings, teaching records, employment and travel documents, and RCA Laboratories annual research reports.

Dates: 1923-1966

John Okolowicz collection of publications and advertising on radio and consumer electronics

Accession: 2014-277

Advertising, both print and radio, developed as a prominent industry in the early decades of the twentieth century as popular magazine circulation exploded and the radio became ubiquitous in American households. This collection consists of digital access copies of publications, including employee magazines, and magazine advertisements for radios and other related household electronics dating from 1912 to 1980.

Dates: 1903-1988

Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America engineering drawings

Accession: 2464-83

The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Corporation of America was founded in 1899 as the American branch of Guglielmo Marconi’s (1874-1937) Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company of London. Because of its emphasis on providing radio transmitter receivers for ships and fostering oceanic communications, the U.S. Navy commandeered the company during World War I. After the war, both government and industry colluded to buy out the British company; they created the Radio Corporation of America in its stead in 1919. This collection includes around 1,300 engineering and technical drawings from the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America . Subjects depicted range from circuit diagrams, wiring layouts, and switchboard schematics to architectural plans for aerial towers and carrying case designs.

Dates: 1905-1921

National Electrical and Radio Exposition album

Accession: 2015-289

The 1934 National Electrical and Radio Exposition was held in New York City at Madison Square Garden from September 19th to the 29th. The Electrical Association of New York organized the exposition. It was one of the annual radio and electronic products trade shows held in the city in the 1920s through the 1940s. This item is an album forty-five photographs taken during the exposition. The photographs are primarily of various companies individual displays. Companies represented are RCA, Westinghouse Electric, Singer Sewing Machine, General Electric, Hoover, Leonard, among others.

Dates: 1934 September 19-1934 September 29

Nicholas F. Pensiero collection of RCA Victor photographs

Accession: 1996-211

RCA Victor was an American electronics company. Nicholas F. Pensiero (1918-2003) worked for RCA's Marketing Division. This collection contains sixteen photographs in which Gladys McHugh is the model posed using RCA Victor appliances. The remainder of the photos are candids, some taken inside or near RCA offices.

Dates: 1935-1945

RCA product information

Accession: 2464-77

The Radio Corporation of America (renamed RCA Corporation in 1969) was best known for its pioneering radio and television development and manufacturing. In addition to consumer electronics, RCA was a major player in the development of electronics for industrial and military applications. The collection contains extensive documentation of RCA’s consumer and industrial products and components. Files include manuals, technical data, advertisements, technical bulletins, catalogs, and training materials.

Dates: 1904-1994

Telecommunications, circa 1930-1977

Accession: 1995-220Identifier: 1995-220-XVIII.
Scope and Contents:

The Telecommunications series contains images of equipment, components, parts, and details. The series is arranged into six subseries: Equipment, Facsimile equipment, Mobile, Speech, Telephones, and TELEX. The materials date from 1930 to 1977.

Dates: circa 1930-1977