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Thomas H. Savery papers

Accession: 0285

Thomas H. Savery (1837-1910) was president of Pusey, Jones and Company, a shipbuilder and papermaking machinery manufacturer in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In 1864 he married Sarah Pim Savery (1837-1928). This collection consists of ther business and personal papers of Thomas H. Savery, primarily related to his papermaking machinery ventures, and twenty-nine diaries of Sarah Pim Savery.

Dates: 1848-1910

Thomas H. Savery patent papers

Accession: 1160

Thomas H. Savery (1837-1910) was president of Pusey, Jones and Company, a ship builder and manufacturer of papermaking machinery in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Copies of patents and correspondence relating to patents and royalties on inventions in papermaking, including the use of devices patented to others.

Dates: 1887-1908

Thomas J. Godson collection of DuPont Company photographs

Accession: 2011-202

Thomas J. Godson (1894-1992) was an employee of the DuPont Company for thirty four years, primarily working in the Paint and Varnish Division. This collection consists primarily of photographs of DuPont's Buffalo, New York Refinish Service Warehouse and group portraits of the office staff, salesmen, and warehouse crew working there.

Dates: circa 1925; 1943-1960

Thomas J. Godson papers

Accession: 2342

Thomas J. Godson (1894-1992) was an employee of the DuPont Company for thirty four years, primarily working in the Paint and Varnish Division. This collection relfects the career of Godson and includes sales materials, manuals, newsletters and other documents primarily related to DuPont's "Duco" paints.

Dates: 1925-1974; Majority of material found within 1925-1959

Thomas L. Foster photographs

Accession: 2007-212

Thomas Lansford Foster (1894-1956) was manager of export sales for Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. Baldwin Locomotive Works was a manufacturer of railroad locomotives from 1825 until 1972. This small colleciton consistate of five photographs showing Thomas L. Foster with other Baldwin staff and customers visiting the headquarters.

Dates: 1947-1952

Thomas Lamb papers

Accession: 2181

Thomas Lamb (1896-1988) was a industrial designer most noted for his design of physiologically efficient handles. His papers contain drawings, sketches, and artifacts pertaining to Lamb's career, which trace the development of his unique handle design, as well as his pursuits in the fields of textiles, cartoons, and writing, particularly for children.

Dates: 1916-1988

Thomas Morris brewer's log

Accession: 2647

Thomas Morris (1774-1841) was a fifth-generation descendant of Anthony Morris, who established Philadelphia's second brewery in the late seventeenth century. The Thomas Morris & Co. brewery operated from 1812 until 1829. In this volume, Morris records the mix of ingredients and measurements, such as the specific gravity of each brew. Every brewmaster would keep such a log, although surviving examples from the early nineteenth century are very rare.

Dates: 1820-1827

Thomas Parke Hughes papers

Accession: 2259

Thomas Parke Hughes (1923-2014), was one of the leading historians of technology of his era. This collection consists of files relating to the research and production of Professor Hughes' two prize-winning books, Networks of Power, and Elmer Sperry: Inventor and Engineer. Also included are Elmer Sperry's original desk diaries.

Dates: 1912-1984

Thomas Savery's patents for papermaking machine

Accession: 0776

Thomas H. Savery (1837-1910) was president of Pusey, Jones and Company, a ship builder and manufacturer of papermaking machinery in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This collection is two volumes of Savery's original and published patents issued to him for papermaking machinery dating between 1868 and 1906.

Dates: 1868-1906

Thomas W. Miller papers

Accession: 2212

Thomas Woodnutt Miller (1886-1973) served as Delaware's Congressman in the 64th Congress (1915-1917) and spent the majority of his career in Republican Party politics, serving primarily in non-elected roles. The Thomas W. Miller papers are exclusively focused on his term in the 64th Congress. They include copies of bills introduced by Miller and reports from the Committee on Claims and the Committee of Accounts, on which he served. The papers also reflect the political influence of the DuPont Company at the time.

Dates: 1914-1917

Thompson & Company daybook

Accession: 2005

Thompson & Company was a general mercantile business located at Riga Corners, now the village of Churchville, town of Riga, Monroe County, New York. The daybook documents a typical rural merchant at a time when the Rochester area was just being opened to white settlement.

Dates: 1812-1815

"Threshold of Tomorrow" film

Accession: 2014-253

The Masonite Corporation was a construction and interior design company established in 1925 by William H. Mason (1877-1940) as the Mason Fibre Co. This item is a sponsored public relations film by the Masonite Corporation about their advanced production of wood products that are "wood better than wood." The technology of wood and creative industrial process of creating 'hardwood,' siding, panelling, and a great range of products.

Dates: circa 1960s

Tim Bergin collection of UNIVAC/ENIAC materials

Accession: 2806

The Sperry Corporation was an electronics company; its UNIVAC Division manufactured the first commercial digital computer. The Sperry UNIVAC Division has its origins in the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation (EMCC), founded in 1946 by J. Presper Eckert (1919-1995) and John W. Mauchly (1907-1980). In 1950, Eckert and Mauchly sold their firm to Remington Rand, Inc, a major business machine manufacturer, which continued developing the UNIVAC system. Thomas "Tim" J. Bergin (1940-) is an emeritus professor of computer science and information systems at American University; he was also curator/director of the Computer History Museum. Bergin obtained this collection of UNIVAC/ENIAC historical materials from other computer pioneers. The collection consists of research reports, booklets, published articles, lecture notes, and audiovisual materials that describe the development of the EDVAC, ENIAC, and UNIVAC computers. The materials are organized into five series by format: Manuals and pamphlets; Articles and reprints; Tributes and anniversary materials; Photographs and films; and Objects.

Dates: 1946-2014

"Time To Think" film

Accession: 2016-210

This item is a manager training film. The film narrative is about a manager who is not in control and having problems and how he turns things around.

Dates: 1984

Tonopah Canadian Mines Company on Miller Lake aerial photograph

Accession: 1993-229

The Tonopah Mining Company of Nevada was incorporated on July 12, 1901 in Delaware for the purpose of developing and operating a gold and silver ores property at Tonopah, Nevada. One aerial photograph showing small mineral mining operation at Gowanda on Miller Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Dates: circa 1935

Tonopah Mining Company of Nevada records

Accession: 1972

The majority of the records for the parent company consist of correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, primarily generated by or for company officers and/or directors.

Dates: 1901-1956

Transportation Displays, Inc. photographs and plans

Accession: 1992-243

Transportation Displays Inc. (TDI) was an advertising sales agency targeting the commuter market. Founded in New York in 1938, the company installed and maintained placard advertising, posters, signs, and other displays aimed primarily at daily commuters, in railroad stations, passenger cars, menus, and timetables. The collection consists of photographs showing a wide variety of advertising placed and maintained by Transportation Displays, Inc. in train stations throughout the Northeastern United States. Also included are sketch plans of many of the stations, showing locations of poster frames and advertisements.

Dates: 1948-1967

Trattato de fuochi artificiali da guerra, e del modo della loro construzione, sperimentata ed usata in Napoli

Accession: 0365

The collection consists of a handwritten volume, in Italian, on the construction, testing, and use of ordnance during war in Naples, Italy.

Dates: circa 1793

Trojan Chemical Company loading plant, war workers, plant officials, and employees panoramic photograph

Accession: 1969-146

The Allentown Non-Freezing Powder Co. built this plant in 1903 to manufacture commercial explosives using its proprietary ingredient, nitrostarch. The panoramic photograph shows employees of the Trojan Chemical Company explosives plant in Seiple, Pennsylvania.

Dates: 1918 November 26

Trundle Engineering Company album

Accession: 2020-212

The Trundle Engineering Company was an industrial engineering management consulting company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Clients would hire Trundle Engineering Company to perform studies on their organization or operating methods. One aspect of the business was the design and manufacture of custom machinery for increased efficiency. This album is a salesman sample photograph album providing an overview of inventions and technology developed by the Trundle Engineering Company. Machinery represented here includes spiral meat-cutting machine, matchbook cover book-cutting machine, traffic signal control boxes, spinning machine for making artificial silk, ice cream freezing machinery, remote control spotlight, and a golf ball center compression test machine.

Dates: 1930

TWA passenger timetable

Accession: 1993-283

Trans World Airlines (TWA) was a major American airline from 1925 until 2001. It was created by the 1930 merger of Transcontinental Air Transport and Western Air Express. TWA was plagued through its history by financial deals that were not in the best interest of the company. These deals led to heavy debt and its eventual acquisition by American Airlines after its third bankruptcy filing. This airline timetable includes photographs illustrating the airline's sleeper service on cross country flights.

Dates: circa 1937

Tyler McConnell Bridge and surrounding area aerial and ground photographs

Accession: 1994-259

These aerial photographs of the Tyler McConnell Bridge and ground views of the nearby area of Henry Clay Village, Delaware, including the Hagley Museum and Library's entrance, were commissioned by the State of Delaware Department of Transportation. The Tyler McConnell Bridge over the Brandywine River on Route 141 (Centre Road) opened in 1952. The area was documented when research began on building another bridge to replace the current two-lane bridge. There are also views of the Charles I. du Pont house.

Dates: 1994

Typewriter trade cards

Accession: 1996-225

The Underwood Typewriter Company was founded in 1895 by John T. Underwood (1857-1937). The "No. 5" model was so successful it outsold all of its competitors combined for the first two decades of the twentieth century. The Royal Typewriter Company was founded in 1904 and began operating in 1906 in Brooklyn. By 1908 it had transferred to Hartford, Connecticut. One card features a photograph of a small image of an Underwood "No. 5" typewriter. The second one features a man posing with a Royal typewriter.

Dates: 1925-1935

Unidentified industrial facility aerial photograph

Accession: 2010-231

This item is an aerial photograph of an unidentified facility.

Dates: circa 1950

Unidentified machine shop interior and workers photograph

Accession: 1998-224

A machine shop is a place where skilled workers use machine tools to make parts. The parts are usually made of metal or plastic, although other materials can be used. This photograph shows the interior of an unidentified machine shop with a group of workers.

Dates: circa 1920

Unidentified male workers group photograph

Accession: 1989-277

The railroad in Pennsylvania expanded greatly throughout late nineteenth century. This item is a photographic print showing posed group of twelve laborers photographed by industrial building near railroad track.

Dates: circa 1885-1895

Union Stock Yards postcards

Accession: 1995-245

Chicago's Union Stock Yard was the meatpacking district for Chicago, Illinois. In 1864, a consortium of nine railroad companies purchased 320-acres of swamp land in southwest Chicago to build a new more efficient stockyard. The result was that Chicago's Union Stock Yard and Transit Company opened Christmas Day 1865. This collection consists of five postcards (one used) showing scenes from the Union Stock Yards.

Dates: 1905-1915

UNITE, Inc. records

Accession: 1881

UNITE, Inc. stands for Unisys Information Technology Exchange, a not-for-profit corporation, where members share information about Unisys and the use and development of information technology. The predescessor, UNIVAC Scientific Exchange (USE) was formed in 1955, consisting of UNIVAC 1103A computer users (Boeing Airplane Company, Holloman Air Force Base, Lockheed Missile Systems Division and Ramo-Woolridge Corporation) and Sperry-UNIVAC representatives. Their records document the evolving relationship between USE, Inc. and Sperry-UNIVAC including the history of software development through problem issues reported and improvements, response to user demands, and customer expectations.

Dates: 1955-1997

United Mine Workers of America membership certificate transparency

Accession: 1968-028

United Mine Workers of America is a labor union that represents coal miners. It was founded in 1890 and continues to be active. This color transparency of the United Mine Workers of America membership certificate that has various images along the boarders that depict coal miners' handshakes and rites of passage.

Dates: undated

United States Air Mail Service photographs

Accession: 1982-328

The collection consists of photographs taken during the first years of the United States Post Office Department air mail service. Many of these photographs are portraits of individual air mail service pilots. The first use of air mail in the United States occurred in September, 1911, while the first air mail route from Washington to New York via Philadelphia started in 1918. A transcontinental route was established by 1920. In 1925 the government transitioned out of the air mail business with the passage of the Kelly Air Mail Act, which called for commericial airlines to bid on air mail routes established by the Post Office.

Dates: 1911-1929

United States steamboats commemorative postage stamps

Accession: 1996-251

In the ninteenth century, steamboats revolutionized river transportation of people and goods because they could swiftly traverse rivers regardless of current. A mystique was created by the dangers they faced: explosions, sinkings, Indian attacks and daring races. This is a pane of commemorative stamps showing four steamboats: Sylvan Dell, Robert E. Lee, Rebecca Everingham, Bailey Gatzert.

Dates: 1995

University of Delaware postcards

Accession: 1993-210

The University of Delaware is the largest university in Delaware. Many of the buildings on campus have a Georgian style facade. This collection consists of twelve postcards showing building exteriors at the University of Delaware and one of St. Thomas Church, Newark, Delaware.

Dates: 1931-1940

Unknown printers' sample book

Accession: 1993-220

Printing companies often produce sample books, which contain actual samples, not just illustrations. This album contains mostly small pre-printed cards either folded or meant to be folded and used as invitations, dance cards, and programs.

Dates: circa 1880

U.S. Route 1 plat, showing properties

Accession: 1602

Route 1 is a major north-south U.S. highway extending from Florida to Maine. The plat depicts a small portion of Route 1 between Hamorton and the Anvil Inn, including P.S. du Pont's (1870-1952) Longwood Gardens.

Dates: circa 1930-1952

U.S. Steam Frigate "Wabash", Flagship of Rear Admiral DuPont lithograph

Accession: 1982-290

Samuel Francis du Pont (1803-1865) was an Admiral in the United States Navy and fought in the Mexican-American War and the Civil War. At the start of the Civil War du Pont was appointed a senior member of the Commission of Conference to establish naval operations for the North. du Pont was put in charge of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron and broke his flag on the U.S.S. Wabash. This item is a hand-colored lithograph of the U.S.S. Wabash at sea.

Dates: circa 1861

USDA materials on cotton standards and specifications

Accession: 2733

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) fully adopted federal grading standards for food and other agricultural products during the Second World War. In 1939, the Agricultural Marketing Service, a USDA agency, began administering commodity standardization, grading, and inspections of several programs, including cotton and tobacco. This small collection mostly includes USDA issued publications and reports regarding developments in cotton standards, specifications, and classification in the mid-twentieth century.

Dates: 1938-1966

Uxbridge Worsted Co., Inc. appraisal

Accession: 2816

Uxbridge Worsted Co., Inc. was a cotton, woolen, and worsted fabrics manufacturer. This item is an appraisal report made by the National Appraisal Company.

Dates: 1928 September 26

Victor Marie du Pont papers

Accession: LMSS-II

Victor Marie du Pont (1767-1827) was a French diplomat who later immigrated to the United States and established various trading companies before moving to Delaware. He was the eldest son of Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours (1739-1817). The collection consists of correspondence, business and personal papers, and writings of Victor Marie du Pont and his wife, Gabrielle Joséphine (de la Fite de Pelleport) du Pont.

Dates: 1778-1827

Victor Marie du Pont's children's papers

Accession: WMSS-V

Victor Marie du Pont (1767-1827) was a French diplomat. In 1794, he married Gabrielle Joséphine de La Fite de Pelleport (1770-1837), and a year later they came to the United States, where he was appointed as consul at Charleston, South Carolina. They returned to France in 1798, but came back to the United States in 1800 with their children; his father, Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours (1739-1817); and his younger brother, Éleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834), and his family. Victor and Joséphine du Pont had five children, four surviving to adulthood: Amelia Elizabeth (1796-1869), Charles Irénée (1797-1869), Samuel Francis (1803-1865), and Julia Sophie (1806-1882). (The papers of Samuel Francis Du Pont, husband of Sophie Madeleine Du Pont, are held in Group IX of the Winterthur Manuscripts.) The collection is arranged into three series: Amelia du Pont papers, Charles Irénée du Pont and his wives' papers, and Julia (du Pont) Shubrick and her husband, Irvine Shubrick papers. The papers consist primarily of personal correspondence with family and friends.

Dates: 1797-1881

Victor Talking Machine Company advertising brochure

Accession: 1998-266

The Victor Talking Machine Company was an American phonograph record company. In 1901, Eldridge Johnson (1867-1945) combined his patents with those of Emile Berliner (1851-1929), incorporating the Victor Talking Machine Company in Camden, New Jersey and adopting the "His Master's Voice" trademark from Berliner. It increased in success by signing Enrico Caruso (1873-1921) and John Phillip Sousa (1854-1932) among others to recording contracts, by introducing the Victrola with its enclosed horn in 1906, and by improving recording technology. This item is an advertising brochure for Victor Talking Machine Company records.

Dates: 1914

Victorine du Pont and Ferdinand Bauduy marriage certificate

Accession: 0179

Victorine du Pont (1792-1861) was the eldest child of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834), founder of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, and Sophie Dalmas du Pont (1775-1828). Ferdinand Bauduy (1791-1814) was the son of Peter Bauduy (1769?-1833), business partners with du Pont in DuPont, Bauduy, & Co., and Theresa Bretton des Chapelles (1773-1837). This collection is a copy of their marriage certificate in 1813.

Dates: 1813

Victorine du Pont Bauduy autograph album

Accession: 0532

Victorine du Pont (1792-1861), the eldest child of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont (1771-1834), founder of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, and Sophie Dalmas du Pont (1775-1828). The album contains poetry and verses written by Victorine and her friends and family, sketches, and watercolors.

Dates: 1821-1844

Victorine E. Foster memoir

Accession: 0428

Victorine du Pont Foster (1849-1934) was the granddaughter of Eleuthère Irénée "E.I." du Pont (1771-1834) who founded the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, a chemical company which began with the production of gunpowder. Her husband was Antoine Foster (1847-1928). The collection contains a typescript of Foster's memoir, "A Lost Garden" which describes the former garden at Eleutherian Mills.

Dates: 1921

Victorine Elizabeth du Pont papers

Accession: 1333

Victorine Elizabeth du Pont (1825-1887) was the daughter of Alfred Victor du Pont (1798-1856), senior partner in E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, and Margaretta Elizabeth (Lammot) du Pont (1807-1898), and the wife of Peter Kemble (1825-1887). Her papers contain miscellaneous material related to the du Pont family, including bills for her trousseau, autograph album, and correspondence from her mother, daughter, and grandson.

Dates: 1842-1888

View of Independence Hall, 1776, textile souvenir

Accession: 1975-325-1

William H. Horstmann & Sons was a manufacturer and retailer of silk products for civilian and military clothing between 1815 and 1940. This item is a woven textile souvenir from 1876 Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, showing Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

Dates: 1876

Views of Brandywine area engravings

Accession: 1969-003

The Brandywine Valley is a rural region of Southeast Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware celebrated for its historical ties to Revolutionary-era America. This collection contains two b&w engraved prints of depictions of the Brandywine area.

Dates: undated

Views of Wilmington, Delaware souvenir album

Accession: 1973-284

Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware located on the Christiana and Brandywine Rivers. This collection is a souvenir album containing fourteen views of notable buildings and places in Wilmington, Delaware.

Dates: 1883

Virgil B. Day papers

Accession: 2648

Virgil Baldwin Day (1915-2003) was a leading figure in American industrial relations from the 1950’s through the end of the 1970’s. Day worked for the General Electric Company from 1947 to 1973 rising to Vice-President of Relations Services in 1961. He was heavily involved in the company's negotiations with labor unions during the “Boulwarism” era at General Electric, and he was instrumental in the company's communications with its workforce. Day also served on a number of national boards and committees that were concerned with labor matters including an appointment to president Richard Nixon’s federal Pay Board in 1971. Day’s high-profile roles made him an in-demand lecturer on topics such as collective bargaining, equal opportunity employment, personnel management, and wage stabilization. The Virgil B. Day papers include correspondence, memos, reports, and clippings that document Day's career at General Electric and his work for the boards and committees he served. The collection also includes many of Day’s speeches which provide insight into the labor issues of his time.

Dates: 1904-2000; Majority of material found within 1947-1973

Vitale Fireworks Manufacturing Company print and printing plate

Accession: 1999-227

The Vitale Fireworks Manufacturing Company was founded in New Castle, Pennsylvania by Italian immigrant, Constantino Vitale (1876-1949) in 1922. It became a family business as his four sons and one of his sons-in-law joined him in the management and operation of the company. In 1993, the company was reorganized and now does business as Pyrotecnico FX. This collection consists of a proof and the printing plate it was made from of a page from a fireworks catalog put out by the Vitale Fireworks Manufacturing Company of New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Dates: circa 1930

Vue générale du Jardin des Plantes lithograph

Accession: 1969-049

Le jardin des Plantes remains one of France's premier botanical gardens. This collection contains 1 lithograph color print and 2 photographic b&w prints featuring an aerial view of le Jardin des Plantes in Paris, France.

Dates: circa 1860

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Du Pont, Irénée, 1876-1963 5
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