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Raymond Loewy archive
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Raymond Loewy archive

Accession 2251

Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department Department, Hagley Museum and Library

PO Box 3630
Wilmington, Delaware, 19807

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Raymond Loewy archive
Dates: 1903-1982
Accession Number: 2251
Creator: Loewy, Raymond, 1893-1986
Extent: 40.5 linear feet
Language of Material: English
Language of Material: English, French, German
Repository: Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department
Abstract: This collections consist of the Loewy's personal papers, business records, and materials generated and maintained by Loewy's New York Public Relations Department.

Administrative Information


Auction purchase (Christie's), 2001

Processing Notes

Titles with quotation marks are the original file titles that were assigned by the Loewy or the Loewy office.

The National Endowment for the Humanities provided financial support for the arrangement and description of these materials

Access Restrictions

Records less than 25 years old are closed to researchers.

Use Restrictions

Literary rights retained by the estate of Raymond Loewy.


Biographical Note

Raymond Loewy was born in Paris on November 5, 1893. He was the third son of Maximillian and Marie Labalme Loewy and grew up in a bourgeois household. As a boy, he developed an interest in transportation and machines. At age seventeen, Loewy enrolled in a pre-engineering school, an experience that prepared him for the technical aspects of an industrial design career. After distinguished service in World War I, Loewy immigrated to the United States in 1919, hoping to find work at General Electric. He settled in New York City and for the next decade had a varied career as a fashion illustrator, window dresser, and costume designer, but primarily as a commercial artist, specifically an advertising illustrator. His clients included Saks Fifth Avenue, Bonwit Teller, the White Star Line, and Renault, and his images appeared in Harper's Bazar, and Vogue. Advertising illustration made Loewy a well-paid professional, but his real interest was in industrial design.

In 1929 Loewy received his first significant product design commission from Sigmund Gestetner, an Englishman who was seeking to modernize the look of his mimeograph machine. Loewy encased the machine's working parts inside a sleek, modern-looking shell and sales were dramatically increased. This project launched Loewy on his new career of industrial design. During the early 1930s, Loewy also worked for Westinghouse and the Hupp Motor Company, where he designed the prize-winning Hupmobile. His major breakthrough came in 1934 when he received the opportunity to redesign the Sears Coldspot refrigerator, and signed a contract with the Pennsylvania Railroad that launched a two-decade relationship with the "Standard Railroad of the World."

Loewy's work for the Pennsy did much to establish his reputation as the leading figure in the century's most noteworthy American design style: streamlining. His streamlined locomotives and passenger car interiors came to symbolize machine age modernism, a look that defined his body of work and industrial design during the interwar years. His interiors, designed for ships of the Panama Lines, Lord & Taylor department stores, and the Missouri Pacific Eagle railcar were stylish and comfortable. Loewy's "Transportation of Tomorrow" exhibit at the Chrysler Motors Pavilion at the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair included a streamlined taxi, liner, car and trucks, as well as a rocket ship that would travel between New York and London.

Loewy reached his peak in the post-war decades when his office focused on the American consumer and the suburbs. His company expanded to its greatest dimensions at mid-century. It had hundreds of contracts with a wide array of consumer product companies for which Loewy and his associates designed home appliances, bottles, kitchen utensils, living room furniture, dinette sets, dishware, silverware, food and beverage packaging, radios, television, and stereo systems. By this time the Loewy firm employed a large staff of designers, but it was the Raymond Loewy name that attracted clients. During this period Loewy's partner William Snaith (1908-1974) and the firm's in-house architects designed shopping centers, department stores, hotels, and supermarkets.

Loewy opened his first international office in London in the mid-1930s. The firm designed petrol pumps and scales for the Avery Hardoll company and automobiles for the Rootes group, and various packaging and appliances The London office was closed in 1939 due to World War II, but was reopened in 1947. He formed Compagnie de L'Esthetique Industrielle (CEI), in Paris, in 1952. CEI, a separate operation from the New York office, had been established to bring American-style industrial design to Europe. The office produced designs such as the Elna sewing machine, Le Creuset cookware, the Concorde for Air France, and various projects for Shell (such as corporate identity, gas attendant uniforms, and gas stations).

Transportation, particularly automobiles, was always one of Loewy's passions. After his design of the Hupmobile in the early 1930s, Loewy began work for Studebaker in 1936. His first project for Studebaker was the re-styling of the body of the 1938 President. A year later, the Champion was introduced, and both models boosted the company's image. The postwar Studebakers, particularly the 1947 Champion Regal Deluxe and the 1953 Regal Starlight coupe, had a strong influence on automotive design. Loewy's innovative design of the Avanti in 1962 was widely acclaimed.

Loewy's firm worked on a number of projects for the public sector, including habitability studies for the Navy, and trademark and identity programs for the Coast Guard, the Post Office, and other federal agencies. In 1962, Loewy redesigned Air Force One for President John F. Kennedy, changing the lettering and color scheme on the exterior, and redesigning the interior. Loewy believed that his most significant project for the government was his work with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). From 1967 to 1973 Loewy was retained by NASA as a habitability consultant for the Saturn-Apollo and Skylab projects. His recommendations for Skylab included the inclusion of a window through which the astronauts could view earth, as well as proposals for the comfort and privacy of crew members.

In November 1973, Loewy traveled to the Soviet Union to negotiate an industrial design contract with Licensintorg, a government agency, and the All Union Research Institute of Industrial Design. This was an effort to assist the Soviet Union in an attempt to create consumer goods that could compete successfully in American and Western European markets, and to expand the Soviet capacity in industrial design. Loewy and the Soviets signed a multi-year agreement calling for scientific and design technology collaboration. In 1975, a five-year agreement between the U.S.S.R. and Raymond Loewy, International, Inc., USA was signed that broadened the original pact to include transportation design. Loewy was actively involved with the design of the proposed Moskvich automobile, but it was never produced.

Loewy's experiment with the Soviet Union marked the end of his industrial design career. Financial difficulties had beset the firm in the early 1970s and in 1975, Loewy attempted to stave off the monetary problems by merging all of his corporations into a firm called Raymond Loewy International. The following year, he and Viola (his wife) had sold their shares in that business, and by 1977 Raymond Loewy International declared bankruptcy. The Loewys moved to France and entered retirement. In 1979 his book Industrial Design: Raymond Loewy was published and a portfolio of lithographs of some of his best-known designs were released. Loewy died on July 14, 1986 in Monaco at age 92.

Loewy's life was chronicled in magazines and newspapers. His homes, particularly Tierra Caliente in Palm Springs, appeared in numerous architecture publications. In 1931 he married Jean Thomson, who was a partner in the design firm and played an important role in his early successes. They were amicably divorced in 1946. He married Viola Erickson (1922-1995) in December 1948. During their marriage, she played an increasingly significant role in managing company operations. Their daughter, Laurence Loewy (born 1953), is the CEO of Loewy Design, a firm that is reintroducing Raymond Loewy's designs to a new generation.


Scope and Content

This collection consists of the Loewy's personal papers, business records, and materials generated and maintained by Loewy's New York Public Relations Department.


Series Descriptions and Inventory

I. General Office, 1931-1982, bulk 1960-1977
9.0 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series consists of the general files of Lowey's New York and Paris offices.
A. New York Correspondence and Subject Files, 1931-1980
6.0 linear feet
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Scope and Content
Includes records that were generated by and/or filed in Loewy's New York office documenting prospective clients, Loewy's schedule, upcoming and current projects, and office administration. Subjects include Loewy's work as a consultant for the United Nations in the 1960s; the Loewy retrospective exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute's Renwick Gallery in 1975; the "Russian Contract" (1973-1976), his design agreement with the Soviet Union; design proposals for the U.S. government; and professional memberships.
1 "Agreement No. 73/73618 Project #3, Kometa Hydrofoil Final Deliverables, prepared by Raymond Loewy International, Inc. for Licensintorg," 1976 March 29 [final design description including photographs, miscellaneous studies, and reference material] ; bound report
1 "Aileron-NYC," 1979-1980 [correspondence proposing the licensing of an aerodynamic aileron installed on cars to reduce rear drag and fuel consumption; Loewy's sketches of Allibert set, Loewy's car with the aileron] ; copies
1 "Air France," 1970-1972 [diagrams of planes; Air France flight schedules for Loewy's trip to Paris]
1 "American Academy of Achievement," 1969-1972 [correspondence pertaining to Loewy's election as a member and invitations to annual dinner]
1 "American Airlines," 1971 [correspondence between Loewy and American Airlines regarding American's acquisition of Trans Caribbean Airlines; memo to Snaith from Walter Stern regarding their meeting with American Airlines]
1 "American Embassy--Paris, France," 1971-1972 [correspondence between Loewy and embassy staff regarding the Tupolev 144 supersonic transport project and visit of Mr. and Mrs. Six to Cape Kennedy]
1 "American Motors Corp.," 1965-1967 [correspondence between Loewy and American Motors executives regarding possible design work]
1 "Ankara," 1964 [Loewy's trip to Ankara, Turkey, on behalf of the United Nations Technical Assistance Board and Special Funds: correspondence; Loewy's speech notes; U.N. report on the feasibility of establishing an industrial project office in Ankara; guide book; hotel bill]
1 "Applications--CEI & RL/WS," 1970-1972 [correspondence and resumes for job applicants] ; 2.0 folders
1 "Archipenko," 1972 [correspondence regarding Loewy's gift of the Archipenko sculpture to the Palm Springs Desert Museum and color photographs of the sculpture]
1 "Art Center College of Design," 1970-1972 [correspondence between Loewy's office and the College]
1 " Automobile Quarterly," 1972 [correspondence regarding Studebaker issue of the magazine] ; copies
1 " Automotive News," 1972 [correspondence between Loewy and Don Williamson, senior staff writer for Automotive News regarding Loewy's thoughts on the car of the future.Handwritten note on label also read "also Raymond Loewy's Public Relations Reprint file."]
1 Avanti Miscellany, 1961, 1972, 1973, undated [photographs of a Loewy sketch and an attempt to build an Avanti in Moscow; news clipping quoting Loewy on automobile safety and negative of an Avanti]
1 "Avanti Motor Corporation," 1967, 1970-1972 [Avanti II promotional literature; correspondence including a letter written by Loewy describing the design process for the car; and two copies of Avantopics (Avanti Owners Association newsletter)] ; 3.0 folders
1 "Avanti Newsletter--Avanti and Raymond Loewy at Smithsonian, Summer 1975," Summer 1975, 1982 February [Also includes le fanatique de L'Automobile magazine (February 1982) with article on the Avanti.]
1 "A Miscellaneous," 1965-1967, 1970-1972 [Correspondence: ASPCA regarding the design of a holding pen; Admirals Club and Art Center School; Air France, Alcon, and Avon about potential design work; routine correspondence] ; 2.0 folders
1 "BL/Loewy," 1975-1976 [Letters from Raymond and Viola Loewy to Bernard Lederman about financial and office matters; Shell Oil credit card receipts; and IDSA 1976 membership directory.]
1 "The Bleifield Group," 1974-1976 [Correspondence with The Bleifield Group (a Fort Wayne marketing firm) that published a signed and numbered limited edition portfolio of Loewy's significant automotive designs.] ; 3.0 folders
1 "Bush, Donald (Prof. at Univ. of Albuquerque doing book on industrial design)," 1973-1975 [Correspondence between Donald Bush and Diane Thaler. Bush borrowed Loewy photographs for his book.]
1 "B Miscellaneous," 1970-1972, 1975-1976 [Correspondence: Jacob D. Beam, American Embassador to Moscow; Max Burns; Elinor Bunin; Bank of America; BASF; George Busbee (governor of Georgia); and Marvin Braverman.] ; 2.0 folders
1 " Car Classics--'Raymond Loewy's Custom Cars'," 1975 October [Photocopy of article and photographic negatives.]
1 "C.E.I. Paris Office--Designer Prospects," 1965-1967 [Correspondence and memoranda [English, French]]
1 "Church--Rochefort en Yveline," 1964 [Correspondence between Raymond Loewy and Monsieur le Curé in French]
1 " The Classic Car," 1972 [Correspondence with The Classic Car magazine requesting photographs of the Loewy designed Lincoln Continental.]
1 Client lists, 1971, undated [American and international Loewy/Snaith clients.]
2 "Clients, Possible," 1966-1967 [Correspondence between Loewy and possible clients.] ; 2.0 folders
2 "Clients, Prospects--Memos from Joe Lovelace to Raymond Loewy," 1966-1967
2 Client solicitation letter, 1972 [Copy of letter written by Joseph W. Lovelace (senior vice president, RL/WS) to advertising company with more than five million dollars in sales.]
2 "Compagnie de l'Esthétique Industrielle," 1970-1972 [Correspondence in English and French, and a list of designers employed at C.E.I.]
2 "Compagnie de l'Esthétique--Order for Material (July) for Office," 1972 [Memos between Loewy, Diane Thaler, and CEI staff regarding plastic upholstery, includes samples, and images of unidentified plastic bottles.]
2 "Contributions," 1965-1967 [Incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding Loewy's financial contributions to various charities.] ; 2.0 folders
2 "Cressonnieres," 1973-1974 [Correspondence (in English and French) between Loewy and Josine des Cressonnieres regarding her work for RL/WS and CEI monitoring industrial design news in Belgium.]
2 "C Miscellaneous," 1965-1966, 1970-1972 [Memos regarding credit cards (1965-1966); correspondence: Cass Canfield (Harper & Row, Publishers), Central Bureau for Registered Addresses, The Carlyle, and Carte Blanche.] ; 2.0 folders
2 Dreyfuss, Henry, 1965 [Photocopy of letter from Dreyfuss asking about what inspired Loewy's creativity. Dreyfuss was preparing a paper on creativity for the Society of Automotive Engineers. Loewy's handwritten notes in response are attached. His response was that travel and meeting unorthodox people provided him with creative ideas.]
2 "D Miscellaneous," 1970-1972 [Correspondence: Niels Diffrient (Henry Dreyfuss), Dell Publishing, and Design Research Unit; promotional literature for DF 2000]
2 "Edmund Scientific Co.," 1970-1972 [Trade catalog, order form, and receipt.]
2 Electric Mini-Car, 1963-1968, undated [Photocopies of articles (in French), Loewy sketches (originals and copies), memos and correspondence from Elizabeth (Betty) Reese (vice president, public relations, RL/WS); transcription of Loewy's notes, and RL/WS press release about traffic problems and automobiles.]
2 Europe Space Reference, 1973 [Correspondence between the European Space Research Organization and David Butler (Vice President, Director of Product Design, Raymond Loewy-William Snaith, Inc.), and resumes of Loewy designers involved with NASA.]
2 "E Miscellaneous," 1970-1972 [Correspondents with surname beginning with E seeking employment.]
2 "Flame of Hope Advisory Board," 1968 January 24 [Notebook containing meeting agenda, reports, and sketches.]
2 "Fles, Barthold," 1972 [Fles was Loewy's literary agent. Correspondence (copies) regarding royalties and Loewy's idea for a gift book pertaining to aesthetics.]
2 Florida State University, 1967-1968 [Correspondence between English professor Kellogg W. Hunt and Loewy. Loewy had written a brief statement about the manufacture of aluminum, and Kellogg sent him a report based on the rewriting of the statement.]
2 "French Chamber of Commerce," 1970-1972 [Membership literature and directory.]
2 "French Firms--Correspondence," 1971-1972
2 "French Government," 1972 [Christmas/New Years holiday greeting card from the French ambassador.]
2 "F Miscellaneous," 1970-1972 [Correspondents include First National City Bank (re. Christmas tree), Funk & Wagnalls and Field Enterprises Educational Corporation (Loewy's article on industrial design for World Book.]
2 "Gemmaux--Mr. Loewy's apt. and office," 1957, 1956-1968 [Contains correspondence, photographs, newspaper, and magazine articles about a process called "Gemmaux." Working from a painting, a gemmiste transcribed the image onto a horizontal plate of glass by superimposing pieces of glass with various colors, shapes, and sizes. When lighted, the glass panel was incandescent. Loewy owned two Gemmaux based on designs of Picasso and Gauguin. In 1963, Loewy and Snaith presented a Gemmaux Picasso to The Evansville Museum of Arts and Science.]
2 "G Miscellaneous," 1965, 1970-1972 [Correspondents: Kalus Gotsch, Jean-Pierre Gachet; trade literature: Grumman Corporation products.] ; 2.0 folders
2 Hupmobile, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1971 [Photographs showing Hupp cap before and after Loewy-redesign; photos of car with notes regarding the design; photographic negatives of the car; Special-Interest Autos magazine (July/August 1971).]
2 "H Miscellaneous," 1970-1972 [Correspondence with Harper & Row regarding Loewy autobiography; Hilton International and Hallmark Cards as prospective clients.]
2 "IDEA Magazine," 1970-1972 [Correspondence regarding Loewy's inclusion in book on American packaging and corporate identity.]
2 "Impact: national reactions to "Impact: national reactions to ," circa 1967 [A promotional piece.]
2 "Industrial Design Society of America," 1970-1972 [Membership directories, annual report 1970, and correspondence re. death of Henry Dreyfuss.]
2 "Inter-office Memos," 1975-1977 [from Loewy regarding potential clients, organizational changes, and requests for information.]
2 "I Miscellaneous," 1970-1972 [Correspondence with Isuzu Motors, International Harvester, IBM (Thomas Watson), and Inexco Funds Company.]
2 "J Miscellaneous," 1970-1972 [Correspondence with Caldwell Johnson and Jersey Central Power & Light Company.]
2 "Kellogg, Tom," 1965-1966 [Two letters from Kellogg to Loewy seeking to return to employment with the firm.]
2 "Kennedy Memorial Candle," 1966-1968 [Correspondence, news clippings, photographs, negatives, and a brochure about the candle.]
2 "K Miscellaneous," 1970-1972 [Correspondence with Kutztown State College.]
3 L'Antipeinture, 1971 [Loewy's notes and typewritten statement. In French.]
3 Life bicentennial issue correspondence, 1975-1976 [List of those who were sent the magazine and acknowledgement letters from those who received copies from Loewy. His designs were in the article "100 Events that Shaped America." Correspondents included Henry Ford II and Jacob Javits.]
3 " Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club Magazine (article on Lincoln Continental)," 1972 [Copy of the magazine, correspondence about the article.]
3 "Lionel Corporation," 1972 [Memoranda and correspondence regarding Lionel stores with Loewy/Snaith recommendations.]
3 "Loewy, Raymond--Correspondence," 1971 [Includes incoming (some originals, and photocopies of originals) and outgoing (onion skin copies) office correspondence, memos, and telegrams; photocopy of letter written by Viola Loewy outlining his industrial design work, particularly international; his personal automobiles; travel confirmations; acknowledgements; letter regarding the design for the U.S. Postal Service.]
3 "Loewy, R.--Correspondence," 1972 [List of automobile articles pertaining to Loewy; and incoming (some originals, and photocopies of originals) and outgoing (onion skin copies, some Raymond Loewy original notes) office correspondence, and memos. Topics include aircraft interior materials suppliers; Ed Kozloski (Loewy) Product Department design drawings for Avon; description of the organization of the office filing system; and Loewy's work on the Hupmobile during 1930-1934. Letters and memos from Loewy's secretary Diane Thaler pertain to his correspondence, respond to his requests, and discuss office matters--occasionally there are handwritten replies from Raymond Loewy .]
3 "Loewy, R.--Correspondence," 1977 [Copies of memoranda to Loewy from Diane Thaler.]
3 "Loewy, R Exhibition--American Embassy, Paris," 1972 [List of photographs, captions, and notes for the exhibit.]
3 "Loewy, R--Inter-office memos," 1972 [Includes a long memo about a meeting between Loewy and Ron Saypol in which Loewy describes his views about the design of a proposed store.]
3 "Loewy, Raymond--La Cense," 1965-1966
3 "Loewy, Raymond--Letterbook," 1970 January-December [Includes correspondence, phone message sheets, office memoranda, and memos to Loewy. Correspondence pertains to Yuri Soloviev's visit to the U.S. (lectured at Syracuse on design in the U.S.S.R.); acknowledgements; Loewy's travel; and routine office work.] ; 2.0 folders
3 "Loewy--Materials for Articles," 1971-1972 [One item "America: two hundred years later," design conference program, 1971. Circled is the talk by Jay Doblin, a former industrial designer for Raymond Loewy.]
3 "Loewy, R.-- Movie--Film--Dorian Walker Productions Inc.," 1977 [Incoming and outgoing copies of correspondence between Loewy and Dorian Walker Productions regarding an hour-long documentary Looking Back to the Future: Raymond Loewy, Industrial Designer, which was to receive funding from PBS.]
3 "Loewy, R.-- Movie--Loewy/Circle Galleries Correspondence," 1977 [Incoming and outgoing copies of correspondence between Loewy and Circle Galleries Ltd., which published limited edition lithographs of signed Loewy drawings.]
3 "Loewy, Raymond--NISD Fellowship Award," 1960 March [Photos and press releases: Loewy receiving award; Loewy receiving a French design award; two employee newsletters The Brown Forum, (Brown-Forman), January 1968 and Dateline Houston, January 1969.]
3 "Loewy--New line of personal name products," 1971 [Memoranda and correspondence regarding proposed line of executive desk items to be sold under the "Designed by Raymond Loewy" label at Bloomingdales.]
3 "Loewy, Raymond--Palm Springs," 1964-1967 [Correspondence primarily regarding the pool overflowing and causing damage to living room at Tierra Caliente.]
3 "Loewy--Palm Springs," 1970-1972 [Office correspondence file regarding Tierra Caliente (burglary, home insurance, utilities, and re-zoning).]
3 "Loewy--Personal," 1970-1972 [Personal correspondence (mostly outgoing copies) and memoranda pertaining to the office staff who took care of Loewy's personal affairs (ordering items, arranging his schedule, paying bills, and replying to invitations); list of Loewy's files; and Loewy text and his revisions about communication, miniaturization, and computers.] ; 3.0 folders
3 Loewy reminiscences re. design of the Avanti and the Exxon logo, 1970, 1977
3 "Loewy-Snaith Aviation Assignments," undated [List of aviation companies and the work done for them by Loewy-Snaith.]
3 "Loewy, Viola Loewy--Correspondence," 1970-1972 [Office file containing primarily personal correspondence and memoranda between Mrs. Loewy and the office staff pertaining to her travels, finances, Laurence Loewy's itineraries and college education, household matters, and invitations. There is also one business letter in which Viola Loewy details Raymond Loewy's international work.] ; 2.0 folders
3 "Lucky Strike," 1969, 1976-1979 [Articles about the Lucky Strike design and Loewy's notes in French.]
3 "Ludvigsen Reports," 1971-1974 [Includes the Moskvitch XRL reports with handwritten notes, biographical sketch of Ludvigsen, and copies of articles by Ludvigsen.]
3 "L Miscellaneous," 1965-1966, 1970-1972, 1975 [Correspondents include Mary Lasker, Robert Lehman, Philip Liebmann, Lord & Taylor, J.H. Loudon, Al Louviere (NASA chief of manned spacecraft design); Loewy's suggestions for sketches on the television show "Laugh In."] ; 2.0 folders
3 Martini & Rossi, 1976 [Copy of a letter in which Loewy discusses Americans' changing tastes in alcohol (from hard liquor to wine) and recommendations for packaging and new products.]
3 "Metro Project," 1955, 1961, 1972, undated [Includes Loewy Associates Greyhound tour bus drawing (1955); report "Projet de Metro Vehicules et Details de la Structure" (1961); metro (Russia and Canada) photographs (1972).]
3 "Miscellaneous," 1971 [Correspondence pertaining to industrial designers seeking employment with Loewy.]
3 "Moscow Exhibit," 1975 [Correspondence and memoranda]
3 "Moskvitch," 1972-1974, undated [Memoranda, copies of outgoing correspondence, meeting transcripts, Loewy's design comments regarding the car; photographs of drawings, draft of letter from David R. Butler (Vice President, Director of Product Design, Loewy/Snaith) to Karl Ludvigsen with Loewy's revisions, Loewy's notes and drafts, progress report, and transcript of notes taken at meeting regarding discussion of Porsche working with Loewy/Snaith.] ; 4.0 folders
3 "Moskvitch MXRL," 1975 [Correspondence from Loewy to Yuri Soloviev and memoranda from David Butler regarding revision of the MXRL.]
3 Movie short proposal, 1966 [Correspondence regarding Loewy's "scenario for a five minute movie short without live actors."]
3 "M Miscellaneous," 1970-1973 [Correspondents include MIT Press, Fowler McCormick, David Mahoney (American Revolutionary Bicentennial Committee), Milestone Car Society, and George E. Mueller (NASA).]
4 "Newspaper Articles--Cars, Russia/USA, etc.," 1974
4 "Notes Made During Licensintorg Meeting, July 19-20, 1973, USSR Moscow," 1973 [Viola and Raymond Loewy's notes and copies of telexes.]
4 "N Miscellaneous," 1970-1972 [Correspondents include National Society of Interior Designers and the New York Athletic Club.]
4 "Occidental Petroleum," 1973-1974 [Correspondence (incoming and outgoing copies): to Dr. Armand Hammer from Loewy, letter from Marvin Watson (Executive Vice President, Occidental Petroleum Corporation); newspaper clipping; and memoranda. Loewy had proposed to do interior planning and design on the Occidental Petroleum Trade Center development in Moscow and outlined his Russian work.]
4 "O Miscellaneous," 1970-1974 [Correspondents include Optimex Trading Company, Olympic Airlines, and Overlook Press (regarding Loewy writing a book).] ; 2.0 folders
4 "Patents," 1971 [Two letters from attorneys Ostrolenk, Faber, Gerb & Soffen regarding Loewy's renewal of a British patent for a pneumatic car seat.]
4 " People Magazine," 1974-1975 [Correspondence between Loewy, writer, and the editor about the article on Loewy.]
4 "Pisar, Samuel (law firm in Paris)," 1973-1974 [Correspondence, memos, drafts pertaining to Russian automobile project.] ; 2.0 folders
4 "Prudkov, O.--Editor, Literaturnaya Gazeta," 1972 [Correspondence about the magazine's request for Loewy to write an article about the automobile industry.]
4 "Purolator Courier Corp (rates in folder)," 1974 [European package delivery rates.]
4 "P Miscellaneous," 1970-1977 [Correspondents include Paris American Club, Pratt Institute, N.V. Philips (regarding redesign of electric shaver and packaging), Panocean Ship a Car System (regarding damage to Loewy's car), Arthur Pulos, Walter Petschek (Loewy's attorney), Palm Springs Desert Museum, The Plaza Hotel, Philadelphia '76 Inc., and Presentation Associates.] ; 3.0 folders
4 "Rolls Royce of Columbus Inc.," 1972 [Letters to Loewy seeking his opinion on the new Rolls Royce.]
4 "Royal Designers for Industry," 1971-1976 [Membership lists and information. Loewy was an honorary member.]
4 "Russia Article," 1963-1964 [Correspondence between Yuri Soloviev and Loewy, and Loewy's account of his trip to the Soviet Union in 1961.]
4 Russian Contract, 1973-1976 [Includes black and white photographs of the contract signing and press release, name and telephone list of Russians, Christmas and holiday greeting cards from Russians sent to the Loewys, copy of the 1975 agreement, and copy of letter from Loewy to Yuri Soloviev (director, All-Union Research Institute of Industrial Design, Moscow) expressing his disappointment about the ZIL refrigerator prototype.]
4 "Russian Contract Signing in Paris and Press Releases," 1975 June 16 [Photographs and press release for the second contract signed by Loewy and the Soviet government.]
4 "Russian Press Clippings (Re. Contract with RL/WS)," 1973 November-December [Photocopied translations of articles.]
4 "Russian Press Conference, Dec. 11, 1973 and Press Reports Thereafter, 1974," 1973-1974 [List of press clippings and copies of the clippings about the signing of the "Russian Contract."]
4 "Russian, Press Scrapbook for 1974," 1974 [RL/WS press kit includes client list, list of press clippings about the signing of the Russian contract, photograph of signings, press release, memos between Diane and Loewy regarding contents of the scrapbook.]
4 "Russian Prospects, 1973-1974," 1973-1974 [Memo from Loewy to RL/WS executives regarding his relationship with the Russians and future possibilities; David Butler's report to Loewy about Butler's meetings in Detroit regarding the MXRL II project; and copy of Loewy's letter about proposed car and significance of the project.]
4 "Russian Trip Report (by RL) and subsequent correspondence," 1974 May [Loewy's detailed description of his visit.]
4 "Russian Projects," 1975 [Correspondence between Loewy and Yuri Soloviev, design proposal for the Moskvitch M-2141, memoranda summarizing meetings with VNIITE and additional design proposals.]
4 "R Miscellaneous," 1963-1967, 1970-1976 [Raymond Loewy's notes on cosmetics and Revlon, 1963; The Journal of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts] ; 2.0 folders
4 Manufactures and Commerce, 1965 October [Copy of letter to Charles Revson, 1967; letter from Philip Rosenthal; Raymond Loewy sketch for Rosenthal China; other correspondents include Road & Track, Royal Designers for Industry, John Reinhart, William Raiser, Rohm & Haas, and Renault.]
4 Sales portfolio, circa early 1950s [Notebook containing images of designs by Raymond Loewy Associates, including various projects for the Pennsylvania Railroad, Studebaker, Greyhound, Coca-Cola, and Frigidaire. It also highlights the work of the architecture and packaging departments.]
4 "Six, Jacqueline Mrs. (Includes trip to Fla. For launch), 1971-1972.," 1971-1972 [Incoming and outgoing office correspondence regarding trips to the U.S. from France by Mr. And Mrs. Six (friends of Loewy).]
5 Smithsonian- The Designs of Raymond Loewy exhibition catalog, Renwick, 1975
5 Smithsonian-Exhibit publicity, 1975 [Invitations to and press release about the exhibit, and museum brochures.]
5 "Loewy, R.--Renwick Exhibit--Preview 7/31/75," 1975 [Includes speech (8/1) and related material.]
5 "Photos selected by the Smithsonian (also to be shown to Messer. Grief and Bush)," 1974 [List of photographs taken by L. Freeman (Renwick) and photocopies of the photos.]
5 "Preview Raymond Loewy Exhibit at Renwick, 7/31/75 and Speech 8/1/75 (and subsequent publicity)," 1975 [File contains memo from Loewy to his secretary Diane; photocopy of clipping from Washington Post Letters to Editor section with letters praising Loewy; copy of letter from Loewy to Lloyd Herman (Administrator, Renwick Gallery) acknowledging clipping; and Renwick calendar of events, August 1975, that includes Loewy exhibit.]
5 Smithsonian-Renwick exhibit catalog text, 1975 [Correspondence regarding photographs and draft of text.]
5 "Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Exhibit," 1973-1975 [Correspondence and notes regarding the exhibit and loan agreement forms.]
"Smithsonian Institute, 1971-1972.," 1971-1972 [Office correspondence file regarding Smithsonian’s request for Loewy’s photos showing products from the “streamline era” and possibility of Loewy’s space exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum.]
5 "Smithsonian Institution including Renwick Gallery," 1973-1977 [Correspondence, Loewy's notes about industrial design, loan agreements, and shipping forms.] ; 3.0 folders
5 "Social Security," 1964, 1966 [Certificate of social insurance award and note regarding notification when leaving the country for more than one month.]
5 "Soloviev, Yuri," 1972-1974 [Includes memo from Loewy to Loewy/Snaith staff regarding Tupolev 144 supersonic transport project, correspondence regarding Soloviev's visit to New York (which was cancelled), and proposal that Raymond Loewy become a consultant to the Soviet space program.] ; 2.0 folders
5 Space, 1970 [Includes text of Loewy speech "Living in Space," Congressional report regarding space investment, directory of Aerospace Medical Association, and Martin Marietta Corporation promotional booklet (duplicate copies) about the Titan III.]
5 " Special Interest Autos," 1973-1974 [Correspondence about the Loewy office sending photos to the magazine for an article on the 1947 Studebaker.]
5 Staff address lists, 1966-1969, 1974, undated
5 Stationery, undated [Blank office letterhead for various Loewy New York offices.]
5 Studebaker, 1939-1961 [Photocopies of trade literature and advertisements, press releases, minutes of interim Studebaker Product Committee (December 1954), and draft of Loewy's letter to company regarding the termination of his work with the company.]
5 "Studebaker," 1965-1966, 1965-1967 [News clippings, correspondence from Byers A. Burlingame (President), and Studebaker press releases.]
5 "Symington, Congressman James," 1975 [Loewy's notes and design for campaign literature.]
5 "Symington, Stuart, Senator," 1973-1974 [Correspondence between Loewy and Symington regarding letters of introduction from Symington to various government officials on behalf of Loewy.]
5 "Syracuse University," 1967-1969 [Correspondence regarding acquisition of Loewy's papers.]
5 "S Miscellaneous," 1965-1967, 1970-1975 [Correspondents include Third Panel of the Sheriff's Jury membership, Syracuse University, Shell, Swift & Company, John E. Swearingen (chairman of the board, Standard Oil, Indiana), and Sandia Corporation.] ; 4.0 folders
6 "Tennessee Fine Art Center," 1974 [Correspondence regarding photographs lent by Loewy office to the Tennessee Fine Art Center for an Art Deco exhibit.]
6 "Texas," 1970 [Correspondence regarding trip to Dallas to increase business.]
6 "The Third Panel Sheriffs Jury," 1968-1970 [Correspondence regarding Loewy's membership.]
6 "Tower International," 1974 [Correspondence regarding the Loewy's proposal to work with Tower International on the construction of a hotel in the Soviet Union.]
6 "Trademarks," 1946-1964, undated [Black and white photographic reproductions of Loewy-designed trademarks and logos (and some "before" examples). Includes Franklin Aluminum Co. (1964), Rogers Brothers, United Nations Development Program, Special Olympics, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Ekco Products, Schenley Laboratories (1945), Ansul, Master Bread, Kroeger, William H. Wise & Company, Frigidaire, Meister-Brau, Standard Cap and Seal Company, Consolidated Products Company, Dr. Salisbury's, Armour Company, Standard Oil of Ohio, O-Cedar, Newsweek, Super Swiss Milk, Philco Radio and Television Corporation (Great Britain), International Harvester, TWA, Brown-Forman, Atlas Chemicals, Huyler's, Nabisco, Discover America, Hallicrafters, Pepsodent, Flexvac (1946). Typewritten descriptions about: Rogers Brothers Company, Brown-Forman Distillers, Nabisco, ALCAN, International Harvester, Eagle Pencil, Equitable of Iowa, and National Grange Mutual.] ; 2.0 folders
6 "Trip to Germany," 1955 [Includes itinerary, text of speeches, correspondence, and memoranda regarding meeting with Philip Rosenthal and establishment of a German design office.]
6 "Trip to Moscow," 1958, 1973 [Contains items from two trips including photostat of letter from U.S. State Department regarding Loewy's proposed trip (1958), hotel brochure, program, color negatives and color photographs.]
6 "T Miscellaneous," 1965-1966, 1968-1969, 1973-1974 [Correspondents include Tiffany & Co., TWA, Time, Inc., and Tokyo Idea Center.] ; 3.0 folders
6 United Nations, 1964-1968 [Records regarding Raymond Loewy's and CEI's work for the UN Development Programme and Special Fund in Bulgaria, Tunisia, Turkey, and Egypt. Correspondence regarding Loewy's work for the U.N. and reimbursement; Loewy's "Report about the U.A.R.'s Request for an Industrial Design, Training and Prototype Centre" (1964); "Report about the U.A.R.'s request of U.N. Assistance for an Industrial Design, Training and Prototype Centre" (1964); "Report about the Request of UN Assistance for the Establishment of a Department of Industrial Design at the University of the Middle East in Ankara" (1964). Also included is Loewy's U.N. passport.] ; 3.0 folders
6 "U.S.S.R. 1973 Correspondence, Memos, Addresses," 1973, undated [Records generated before and after the Loewy visit in March 1973. Also includes newspaper clippings about the Soviet Union.]
6 U.S.S.R., 1973, 1975 [Photographs and press releases pertaining to the Soviet contract.]
6 "U Miscellaneous," 1968-1970, 1973-1975 [Correspondents include United Air Lines, Norman Burton Uris, and University of Cincinnati.] ; 2.0 folders
6 "Vnnite," 1973-1974 [Notes from meeting between Loewy, his staff, and Russians; copies of letters from David R. Butler (Vice President, Director of Product Design, Loewy/Snaith) to Soloviev pertaining to the Zil refrigerator (recommending modifications); and Loewy's draft and copy of letter sent regarding Loewy as a consultant to the Soviet space program.]
6 "V Miscellaneous," 1973-1974 [Topics include article about Skylab in Industrial Design.]
6 "Washington, D.C.," 1963-1967, 1973-1976 [Incoming and outgoing correspondence files between Loewy and U.S. government officials regarding his work for the Coast Guard and Post Office, as well as proposed projects for government departments.Correspondence from Senator Stuart Symington and Congressman James Symington pertain to Loewy's proposal to the Defense Department, and his interest in working as a consultant to the Soviet space program. Also includes list of names, addresses, and telephone number of Washington contacts. Map Drawer 98 contains boards used in presentation for proposed visual identification project for the U.S. Government and the Coast Guard.]
6 "W Miscellaneous," 1973-1974 [Correspondents include Robert F. Wagner.]
B. Financial Records, 1955-1976
1.0 linear foot
Scope and Content
Consists of tax returns, expenses records for Loewy and William Snaith, and stock transactions. Correspondence describes the financial difficulties experienced by the firm in the 1970s with the eventual sale of Raymond Loewy International.
Arranged chronologically.
7 "RL Insurance Policies Cash Value Received in 1958," 1955, 1958 [Draft of partnership agreement for Raymond Loewy Associates, Inc., and correspondence regarding Loewy's retirement annuity contracts.]
7 Stocks "Bache & Co. (Desk Folder)," 1958-1959 [Memoranda from Lucille Heil (Loewy's secretary) to Loewy listing stocks purchased and sold through Bache and discusses office matters. Includes statements from Bache.]
7 Stocks "Bache," 1960 [Stock statements.]
7 Stocks "Bache & Co.," 1961-1962 [Correspondence, statements, and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 "Raymond Loewy Personal--Re. Brokerage Transactions and Costs," 1961-1963 [Income tax returns, stock transactions and costs, and correspondence regarding purchase of property in Palm Springs.]
7 Stocks "RL--Coleman & Co.," 1962 [Correspondence, statements, and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 Stocks "RL--Coleman and Bache Statements," 1963 [Correspondence, statements, and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 Stocks "Bache & Coleman," 1964 [Statements and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 "RL's Recommendations to WTS about Restructuring," 1965 [Loewy's handwritten notes about meetings held between he and Snaith, and discussions about ways to restructure the firm to save money and increase business.]
7 "Raymond Loewy Foundation," 1966, 1969-1970 [Correspondence from Loewy authorizing Bache & Co. to sell stock, and regarding Bache & Co. stock statements and sale notifications for the Raymond Loewy Foundation.]
7 "R. Loewy--Stocks," 1967-1971 [Statements and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 "Stocks/Securities: RL--Weis, Voisin, Cannon, Inc.," 1970 [Statements for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 "R. Loewy--Personal Recharges and Compensation," 1970-1973 [Records show amounts for Loewy's actual expenses, personal recharges, amount of expense account, payroll expenses, and total compensation.]
7 "W. Snaith--Personal Recharges and Compensation," 1970-1973 [Records show amounts for Snaith's actual expenses, personal recharges, amount of expense account, payroll expenses, and total compensation.]
7 "Stocks/Securities: RL--Loeb, Rhoades & Co.," 1971 [Statement for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 "R. Loewy--Stocks," 1972 [Statements and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 "R. Loewy--Inexco Stock," 1972 [Prospectus and promotional literature from Inexco Northern Exploration Company.]
7 "American Embassy Exhibit of RL Designs in France," 1972 [Loewy's bills and receipts for business expenses, including the exhibit.]
7 "Personal--Landis, Tucker & Gellman," 1972, 1974 [Agreement between Loewy and Snaith (Raymond Loewy/William Snaith, Inc.; Raymond Loewy/William Snaith Associates, Inc.; and Market/Concepts, Inc.) and notes about the agreement.]
7 "RL Stocks," 1973 [Statements and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 "Petschek," 1974 [Correspondence between Loewy and Walter Petschek (his attorney) regarding the business and financial difficulties after the death of William Snaith; letters between Loewy and Jean Bienfait, regarding personal matters and business.] ; 2.0 folders
7 "David's Statements, January 17, 1974 "David's Statements, January 17, 1974 ," 1974 January 17 [Two letters to Loewy from David W. Freudian with before and after tax profits for the company, 1969-1973.]
7 "Notes, Memos Feb. 20th to March 9th, 1974," 1974 [Loewy's notes about the firm and its finances, written after the death of William Snaith.]
7 "RL Stocks and Loan Items," 1974 [Statements and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks; correspondence regarding Loewy's personal loans.]
7 "RL Bache Stocks," 1974-1975 [Bankers Trust receipts and statements; correspondence from Raymond Loewy's office authorizing stock transfers; memoranda and correspondence from Bernard Lederman (Vice President and Comptroller, New York office) about bank balances and transfer of funds; bank loans.]
7 "R. Loewy--All Correspondence, 1974-1975," 1974-1977 [Correspondence: Loewy's financial matters, bank statements, bills and receipts, notes about expenditures, and restated certificate of incorporation of Raymond Loewy International, Inc. (Sheridan purchase).]
7 "Raymond Loewy--Stock," 1975 [Statements and receipts for sale and purchase of stocks.]
7 Correspondence, 1975-1976 [Loewy and office staff detailing Raymond Loewy International's financial problems, low staff morale, and lack of new clients.]
7 "B. Lederman Contracts and Proposals for Review," 1976 [Correspondence, balance sheet, audit and other financial records regarding Raymond Loewy International and the formation of a Swiss company and company in the United Kingdom.]
7 "London--BT Statements," 1976 [Raymond Loewy International accounts' statements with Bankers Trust Company estimated cash flow.]
7 "RLI London Duplicates," 1976 [London office accounts.]
7 Sale of Raymond Loewy International, 1976 [Includes handwritten notes with information about the purchase price and copies of the contract, agreements, and promissory note.]
C. Paris (CEI) Files, 1952-1982
2.0 linear feet
Scope and Content
Consists of correspondence, memoranda, and financial records documenting the establishment and administration of Loewy's design firm in France. Subjects include the hiring of designers, financial matters, corporate restructuring, and strategies regarding their client Shell International.
Organization and Arrangement
Arranged chronologically.
8 CEI Records, 1952-1981 [Letters, memoranda, notes, reports, staff lists, and contracts tracing the origins of the company, corporate restructuring, financial information, strategies regarding Shell International, and Yuri Soloviev's visit. Correspondents include Loewy, William Snaith, and Evert Endt. Also included are three floor plans for CEI offices, 1966, 1969.] ; 14.0 folders
8 "Compagnie Américaine d'Esthétique Industrielle (CAEI)," 1954-1957 [Financial records such as profit and loss and monthly statements, correspondence and memoranda between Raymond Loewy and CAEI staff, and work progress reports. CAEI would later be known as CEI.] ; 2.0 folders
8 "CEI," 1957-1958 [Correspondence and memoranda with information about prospective clients and designers; floor plans of CEI offices and Loewy's apartment; BP; and staff activity reports.]
8 "Agendas Paris R.L.," 1962-1966 [Loewy's schedule of activities in Paris.]
8 "Chronological, 1962-1964," 1962-1964 [Copies of Loewy's correspondence from the CEI office.] ; 4.0 folders
9 CEI Reports - "BP Retail Outlet Image, Design Concept," 1964 March
9 CEI Reports - "BP Lighting Study, Phase I Report," 1966 July
9 CEI Reports - Loewy's notecards for presentation to British Petroleum, undated
9 CEI Reports - Drafts of proposals, undated
9 Shell Publications, 1963, 1967-1969 [Promotional booklets about Shell plastics and resins; employee magazines (one featuring Loewy and CEI's work with the company); brochure showing uniforms]
9 "Shell - For France Jan. 1967," 1964, 1967-1968 [Logo designs and re-design, gas station attendants' uniforms, photographs of gas stations, Loewy correspondence and notes for January 1968 presentation]
9 "Shell 1970," 1969-1970 [Memoranda, copies of correspondence between Loewy and CEI staff describing meetings with Shell and CEI proposals]
9 "Shell," 1972-1973, undated [CEI report on Shell development into consumer marketing and Loewy memo about Shell entering the home product market]
9 Shell: Glimmerveen, Loudon, 1977 [Copies of correspondence between Loewy and retired Shell executives, J.H. Loudon and Ari Glimmerveen]
9 "prisme international, 4/5," circa 1970s, undated ["French review of graphic art and visuals communications" publication focuses on CEI's logos; packaging; jet interior; kitchen, office, and bedroom storage; industrial products; Elna Lotus sewing machine. In English, French, and German.]
9 Correspondence files, C-L, 1979-1982 [Office correspondence from the CEI office [formerly housed in notebook labeled "CEI Raymond Loewy, Raymond Loewy C a L"]] ; 7.0 folders
9 Loewy Correspondence, Q-Z, 1979-1982 [Office correspondence pertaining to Sotheby auction, 60 Minutes appearance, lithograph sale [originally in one CEI notebook]] ; 3.0 folders
9 Stationery, circa 1952-1974 [Blank CEI letterhead]
9 Promotional materials - Brochure announcing address change for CEI, circa 1950s
9 Promotional materials - mailer for information, circa 1970s
9 Promotional materials - reprint from Graphis regarding CEI, circa 1960s
1 Drawings for interior of Dassault Mystère executive jet, undated
1 Mockup of Loewy/Snaith promotional booklet, The Creative Decision with French translation, undated
II. Public Relations, 1921-1981
26.0 linear feet
Records in this series were generated and maintained by Loewy's New York Public Relations Department. Betty Reese, the firm's vice-president of public relations for several decades, headed the department.
A. Client/Project Files, 1934-1981, bulk 1947-1963
8.0 linear feet
Scope and Content
This subseries consists of press releases, photographs, trade literature, and some correspondence documenting Loewy's role in helping to create the modern consumer society and his work on more than 200 projects for clients such as Exxon, Shell Oil, and Coca-Cola.
10 Abbott Laboratories, 1958-1960 [Sucaryl (artificial sweetener); Vitamins; Medallic Art Company] ; 3.0 folders
10 Acadia Fisheries, undated [Frozen fish packaging]
10 Advance Aluminum Casting Corp., 1950 [Annual Report]
10 AGA Heat Ltd., 1949 [Travel Trailer]
10 Air Force 1 -- President's Plane, 1967, 1969
10 Air France, 1947, 1959, undated [Agency; Constellation Comet; Concorde]
10 Aireon-Electronic Phonograph, undated
10 Allied Precision Industries (Chicago), undated [Electric Alarm Clock]
10 Aluminum of Canada -- ALCAN, 1960, undated [Photos; press information; company logo]
10 A.M. General Engineering, 1972, 1973 [Transbus]
10 American Can Company, undated
10 American Cancer Society, 1957-1960, undated [Sword of Hope]
10 American Central Manufacturing Corporation, 1946-1950, undated; 2.0 folders
10 American Cyanamid, 1961 [Aureomycin Chlortetracycline Powder (treatment of Pink Eye)]
10 American Junior Red Cross, undated
10 American Locker Company, undated [Greyhound Bus Terminal lockers]
10 American Oil Company (AMOCO), 1953 [AMOCO Service Station, Yonkers, NY]
10 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1964
10 American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1962 [Seattle World's Fair]
10 American Tourister Luggage, undated
10 Ansco Division, General Aniline & Film Corp., 1953, undated [Folder 1 contains photos of Viking Camera, Memar Camera, Speedex Camera, Readyflash Camera, Karomat Camera, Flash Unit. Folders 2 and 3 contain photos of packaging] ; 3.0 folders
10 Ansul Chemical Company, 1954, undated [Dry chemical fire extinguisher; agricultural containers; company plane; company car; company sign; Industrial Design reprint, 1954]
10 Arden, Elizabeth, undated
10 Armour & Company, undated [Dairy products]
10 Armour & Company -- Armour Laboratories, undated
10 Armour & Company -- Creed Packaging, undated
10 Armour & Company -- Modern Packaging magazine, 1945-1950 [Treet; Ham; Bacon; Cloverbloom Cream Cheese; Eggs; Butter; Butter-etts; Pegg; Lard; veterinarian's prescription blank]
10 Armour Products not under Armour Label, undated [Iowana Decker Brand; Riverside; Memphis Evergood; Banner; Crecent; Arbutus Brand Drummond; Korn Kist; Peerless]
10 ARO Equipment Corp., undated
10 Arvin Industries Inc., 1952, 1953, undated [Electric heater; fabric samples; dinette sets; ironing board (never produced)]
10 Arvin Tray Table, 1953, undated
10 Associated Merchandising Corporation, 1944, undated [Merchandising study "Implementing Tomorrow"; office interiors of Boston; Bullocks]
10 Atlas Chemical Industries (Atlas Powder Company), 1961, 1963, undated [President's Bulletin No. 565 re company name change; press release information; photos of blasting caps, booster, gelatin, Sorbo Drums; company logo; article for Modern Packaging]
10 Austin Motors, 1948 [ Wall Street Journal]
10 Automatic Canteen Company of America, 1945 [Company brochure]
10 Automobiles (general), 1948 [ Fortune article]
10 Avanti, 1970-1974, undated [Correspondence; Avanti Owners Group literature; computer printout of Avanti facts arranged in shape of car; Gene Hardig letter; photo, negatives and slides]
10 BarcaLounger, 1966, 1967
10 Béla Blind, undated [Venetian blind development]
10 Bes-Pak & Company, 1962, undated [Polyethylene freezer bags and containers]
10 Better Homes and Gardens, 1964 [Maintenance free house designed by Andrew Geller]
10 Biltmore Hotel, 1957
10 Bloomingdales, 1954-1955 [ Stores The Magazine of Retailing; Tide The Magazine of Sales and Advertising Trends; Architectural Record reprint]
10 Blue Bell Inc., 1956, undated [Manufacturer of work clothes (denim, jeans, overalls, etc.) and play clothes]
10 Boeing Stratoliner, 1938-1939, undated [TWA planes]
10 Borg-Erickson "Flight" Bathroom Scale, 1954, undated
10 Bristol-Myers Products, 1965, undated [FACT toothpaste]
10 Broadway Department Store, 1947 [ Time article]
11 Brown-Forman Distillers Corporation, 1954-1970 [Photos/Holiday Cartons for Early Times Kentucky Bourbon, President's Choice Bourbon, Old Forester, Usher's Green Stripe Scotch, Old Forester Personalized Decanter, Gancia Vermouth, Asti Gancia Sparkling Wine, Clicquot Champagne, BOLS Liqueus, Cruse Chateau Pontet Canet. Modern Packaging reprint; company trade catalog; liquor chest; brochure "A Contemporary Chest of Old Forrester Bonded Bourbon"; press information; Brown-Forman New York office] ; 3.0 folders
11 BSR, 1962 [Record Changer trade literature; photos; press release]
11 Buffalo Traffic Study, 1949, undated
11 Buitoni, 1972, undated [Spaghetti Sauce]
11 Burdines's, 1955-1957 [Department Store]
11 Camouflage, circa 1942 [New York City]
11 "Canada Dry Bottles and Labels," 1953-1959, undated [Beverage cans, bottles and 6-pack Flavorline; product labels; product information for salesmen; Modern Packaging reprint, October 1954]
11 Canada Dry Crème de Menthe/Bourbon, 1958, undated [Bourbon and Peppermint Schnapps holiday packaging; Crème de Menthe]
11 Carney, Crowell & Leibman Offices (Attorneys), 1947 [Reprint of Industrial Design Interiors article]
11 Carolina Craft Development Center -- Puerto Rico Industrial Development Corp., 1961, 1964 [ Sunday San Juan Star magazine, January 19, 1964; photos of master ceramists and finished pottery/terracotta pieces] ; 2.0 folders
11 Carrier Air Conditioning Company, 1959, 1960
11 Carstairs Whiskey Bottle, undated
11 Carter Products, Inc., undated [Arrid Whirl-in Deodorant; photos]
11 Cartoons, undated [Illustrated gadgets]
11 Cartoons -- Rube Goldberg, 1947-1950 [Goldberg cartoons and Lowey versions. Letter to Loewy from Goldberg granting permission to use illustrations in book.]
11 Casco Products Corporation, 1961 [Lady Casco Chef-Mate; photos]
11 Celanese Corporation, 1964, undated [Promotional pamphlet "Celcon® Will Change Your Ideas About Aerosols"; Celcon Acetal Coploymer aerosol containers (trade catalog); reprints of Packaging with Machinery and Materials, and Aerosol Age]
11 Celotex, 1954 [Building material]
11 Central Rubber and Steel Corporation, 1960 [Women's Friend - Family Size Wringer Washer; SuperRegent; Monarch Challenger; Monarch Empress; Monarch Washers brochure; Western Auto Supply Co. catalog]
11 Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company, 1955, 1956 [ The Sales Pitch company newsletter December 1955, featuring the 'Gift Telephone in Color' -- home telephone extensions; display in Baltimore, fall 1956; product information]
11 Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railroad, Cedar Lake, IN, undated
11 Chicago International Fair and Exposition, 1950-1959 [Photos of drawings for layout of fair; news release from Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry, January 1957]
11 Chicago Yacht Club, undated
11 Chubb Corporation, 1970 [Chubb & Sons, Inc., Underwriters]
11 Cleo Corporation, [affiliate of Memphis Converting Company], 1961, undated [Christmas gift wrap]
11 Coca-Cola, 1946, 1948, 1962 [Automatic Beverage Inspection Machine article; bottle forms; export cans; Red Barrel, monthly company publication, January 1948 with article by Loewy; Coca Cola truck; Fanta bottle and label; photos.]
11 Coca-Cola Company -- Coolers & Dispensers (Not Fountain), 1946, undated [Photos and press information; Wet Coolers; Vendo Company model; dispensers and cups.]
11 Coca-Cola Company - Fountain Dispensers, 1946, undated [Photos before and after; project information]
11 Cochran, Jacqueline, undated [Jacqueline Cochran cosmetic line]
11 Colibrita Toilet Soap, undated [Soap wrapper]
11 Consolidated Products Company, 1952 [Agricultural feed products packaging]
11 Consumer CO-OP -- Consumers Cooperative Association of Kansas City, MO, 1958 [ Modern Packaging, April 1958 reprint]
11 Cooper Alloy Corporation, circa 1960 [ Stainless Steel News, with article on 'Stainless Marine Hardware']
11 Country Togs Specialty Store, 1952 [Newspaper article 'Long Island Shop In Own Building']
11 Cummins Perforator, 1948 [ Product Engineering reprint]
11 Design Consultation, 1961
11 Designs, 100 Best -- Time magazine, 1959 January 12
11 Design & Paper, undated
11 Dictaphone, 1961-1963
11 Dilbert's Big Ben, 1960 [Supermarket. Progressive Grocer, reprint]
11 Discover America booklet, circa 1970
11 DoMore Chair Company, 1956 [Ergonomics]
12 EKCO -- Diamond Silversmiths Division, 1950-1951, undated [Stainless flatware patterns]
12 EKCO -- Housewares Catalog & Price List, 1949, 1958, 1972
12 EKCO Products Company, 1950-1957 [EKCO - Flint Cutlery trade catalog; Flint Stainless Steel; Ekcoline kitchen tools. EKCO Ware Stainless Steel copper bottom pots and pans; Ekconomic Low-Pressure Cooker-Sterilizer; Fryryte – electric frying pan; Flint kitchen tools; Lewis & Conger Annual Home Safety Award; EKCO Minute Mop; Ironing Board; Best Beater; Flint can opener; Time magazine article, May 19, 1952.] ; 3.0 folders
12 Ekcoline Packages, 1948-1949 [ Modern Packaging article and reprint]
12 Electro-Mechanical Research Inc. (EMR), 1963, undated [Schlumberger Ltd., subsidiary. Applied Science Corporation (ASCOP Division of E M R)]
12 Electronic Secretary Industries, Inc. (company changed name to Automatic Electric Company), 1961 [Reprint from Product Engineering, re telephone answering set; Electronic Secretary photos]
12 Elkay Manufacturing Company, 1959-1960, undated [Two-Bowl Sink; Various stories of "SINKronizing"; Cuisine Centre ; photos]
12 Embra Cigarette Packaging, 1969, undated [R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Reprint from Food & Drug Packaging, 1969; photos]
12 Emerson Radio, post-war period, 1943 [Emerson Radio; Emerson Phonoradio]
12 Empire State Building, 1956 May 3 [Empire State Building Beacon dedication night photos]
12 Euipoise Opener, 1955
12 Equitable of Iowa (Trademark), 1961
12 Essex House, 1956-1958
12 Esso Service Stations, 1934-1950 [Rotary Filling Station built by Standard Oil Company in New York City; Service Station Management publication]
12 Esterline-Angus Instruments, 1961 [Analog Event Recorder]
12 EverReady Batteries (Union Carbide), undated
12 Eversharp, Inc. -- "CA" Repeater Pen & Pencil, 1946, undated
12 Eversharp, Inc. -- Regional Offices, New York City, undated
12 Eversharp Pen, 1946 [ Design News magazine, December 1946]
12 Eversharp -- Schick, 1949 [ Modern Packaging, January 1949 reprint]
12 Eversharp -- Schick and Durasharp, 1945-1947, undated [Razors and toiletries]
12 Eversharp Showroom, 1946
12 Exxon Corporation, 1971-1977 [Esso to Exxon; sketches; Loewy letter; marketing information]
12 Fairbanks, Morse & Company, undated [Diesel electric locomotive (never built)]
12 Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corporation, 1952, undated [Bayshore, Long Island, NY; Hagerstown, MD; Islip, Long Island, NY] ; 3.0 folders
12 Fairchild -- Hiller, 1970 [Safety Car; helicopter]
12 Fairchild Industries, undated
12 Fairchild Personal Plane F47, 1947
12 Fairchild Recording Corporation, 1955, undated [Turntable; pre-amplifier; equalizer]
12 Fairview Park Center, Cleveland, Ohio, undated
12 Fedders Minute Mount Air Conditioner, 1958, undated
12 Federal Enameling and Stamping Company, 1960, undated [Stainless steel cookware]
12 Federal Pacific Electric Company, 1958-1961, undated [Precision Balance; circuit breaker]
12 Firestone, 1945 [Storefronts]
13 First National City Bank, undated
13 Flair Kitchens, 1950, undated
13 Fleermint Gum, undated
13 Fleischmann's Whiskey and Gin, undated [Bellows Reserve; Distilled Dry Gin; White Rock Black Raspberry]
13 Foley's & Shillito's Shopping Bag, 1962-1963
13 Fonda Container Co., 1962 [Firmware (plastic coated paper tableware; plates and cups)]
13 Foreign Exhibitions, 1951-1953 [London and Oslo]
13 Formica Corporation, 1954-1962 [Colors charts; press release; The Use of the Formica Symbol and News and Views in this Formica World - company publications]
13 Fostoria Glass Company, 1956-1958 [Press releases and correspondence; company stationary; advertisements; photos]
13 Fox-Bilt Homes, 1964, undated [Apartment buildings: Beaver Hill and Sherry Lake]
13 Fox & Jacobs, 1963, undated [Dallas apartments, Dallas, TX; Proctor Road Apartments, Dallas, TX; Flair House, Dallas, TX; Quiet House, Dallas TX; Glen Cove addition; photos] ; 2.0 folders
13 Fox & Jacobs Builders, 1963 [ House & Home article]
13 Frank B. Hall & Co., Inc., 1974
13 Freshlike, undated [Canned vegetables]
13 "Friends of the GG1," 1981
13 Frigidaire -- Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers, 1950-1951 [Promotional information; photos]
13 Frigidaire -- Ranges, 1947-1951 [Promotional information; photos]
13 Frigidaire -- Refrigerators & Freezers, 1942-1951 [Press information; trade catalog; photos]
13 Frigidaire -- Washers, Dryer, & Ironer, 1950-1951
13 Frigidaire Historical File, 1942-1948 [Press releases; washers, dryers, irons, refrigerators and Freezers; R. Loewy and Mr. Schweller - Chief Engineer, Frigidaire Division, General Motors Corp outside Dayton, Ohio Plant; photos]
13 Frigidaire Selling Stations, circa 1950
13 Games -- Raymond Loewy Auto-Styling Kit, 1977 [Concept for a game similar to a jigsaw puzzle]
13 General Aniline & Film Corporation, 1956, undated [Publication Lummus Builds the World's First Full-Scale, High-Pressure Acetylene Chemicals Plant for General Aniline & Film Corporation at Calvert City, Kentucky; Ozalid machine]
13 General Electric Company -- Transportation Systems Business Division, 1972, undated [ACT-1 Car; ACT-1 Train; photos]
13 General Foods, Inc., 1955, undated [Good Seasons salad dressing mix and kit pictures; product and packaging history.]
13 Gillette Safety Razor Company, 1932 [Packaging; brushless shaving cream; photos]
13 Glenn Martin #303 Exec. Plane, undated [Cabin layout. Grammercy Inn [file is empty].]
13 Greyhound, 1949, 1952, 1954, undated [Reproduction of proposed design for the helicopter and conversion of an existing bus depot and press release about the Scenicruiser. Engineering drawing showing 39 passenger seating layout, photoprints of floor layout showing seating and drawing showing seating in Map Drawer 98.]
13 Griesedieck Breweries, undated [Light beer; lager beerGrumman Advance Rapid Transit [file is empty]]
13 Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., 1959, 1961, 1971 [Gulfstream; LIM]
13 H & K Marketing Services, undated [Trade show; various displaysAmerican Iron and Steel Institute, Pipe Sculpture, 'Ask the Computer', telephones, bathrooms; photos]
13 Halle -- Westgate, Cleveland, Ohio, 1954 [Department store]
13 Hallicrafters Co. -- Communications Receiver, 1944-1948, undated [Photos; press information; Sales Management articleHallicrafters Co. -- Radio Phonographs, undatedCarnegie Line]
13 Hallicrafters Co. -- Television Sets, 1948, undated
13 Hallicrafters Co. -- Walkie-Talkie, 1946 [Citizens two-way radio]
13 Hanovia "Bahama" Sun Lamp, Dec., 1958 [Photos; original sketch; design specifications]
13 Hanovia Sun Lamp, 1955, 1965, 1966, undated [Photos; post cards; "The Magic of Ultraviolet"; advertisement; design information]
13 Hat Council, Inc., 1961 March [Press release; photos]
14 Higgins Yacht, 1945 May [Interior photos]
14 Hill-Rom Company, Inc., 1954 [Hospital furniture]
14 Hills Bros. Coffee Inc., undated [Instant coffee]
14 Hilton Hotels -- N.Y. World's Fair, 1964 [Marco Polo Club; Hilton Café International; post card from The Waldorf-Astoria, NY]
14 Hilton Inn, undated [Signs; photos]
14 Hilton-Orly, 1965 [Opened October 1965, Paris, France; Coffee Shop menu; press release; press kits; photos] ; 4.0 folders
14 Hoffman Specialty Co., 1942 [Valve]
14 Holtzer-Cabot, undated [Synchronous and induction motors]
14 Horlick's, undated [Malted Milk Tablets; instant cocoa]
14 Hough Payloader, J. Hauser, 1955
14 House of Westmore, 1943, 1946 [Lipstick packing; photos]
14 Hudnut, Richard, undated [Toiletries]
14 Hupp Motor Company, 1932, 1934, 1972, undated [Hupmobile; correspondence with Edouard Doll; photos; Special-Interest Autos, a publication of Hemmings Motor News]
14 Huyler's Candy, undated [Packages; Hempstead, Long Island store exterior; New York City Candy Shop and Restaurant; photos]
14 Imperial Desk Co., Inc., 1962-1963 [Photos]
14 Imperial House, 1959-1961 [Photos]
14 IND Subway Station -- 5th Ave., undated
14 Inflight Motion Pictures, Inc., 1969, undated [Inflight Jet Theatre; photos]
14 Insignia, 1941, 1951, 1966, undated [Air Corps Ferrying Command; Air Transport Ferry Command; U.N. Development Program; USO; photos and original sketches and mock-ups]
14 Instrumentation Engineering, 1970 [System 390; photos]
14 International Club, undated [Aftershave; cologne; photos]
14 International Harvester Co., circa 1940 [Farmall; Light Truck; Cream Separator -- promotional drafts]
14 International Harvester Co. -- Dealer Stations, undated [Parts Division; offices and old buildings; dealer stations -- parts and service, exteriors, interiors; calendars]
14 International Harvester Co. -- Farmall [Promotional draft]
14 International Harvester Co. -- Farm Exhibit: Chicago, IL, 1946
14 International Harvester Co. -- Light Truck, circa 1940 [Promotional draft]
14 International Harvester Co. -- Packages, 1955, undated [Anti-Freeze; synthetic enamel; twine; brake shoes; refrigeration oil; milker pump oil; cream separator oil; magnetic drain plugs; spark plug cable set; electrical repair kit; fuel pump repair kit]
14 International Harvester Co. [Trademark Development]
14 Kennedy Foundation, Fitness Award, undated [Drawings; mock-ups; photos]
14 Lily Tulip Cup Co., undated [Paper cups]
14 Lime Rock Race Course, 1957 [Article by Harry W. Smith; drawings and pictures of racecourse and tower; photos]
14 Linex Box -- Stereo and Camera Viewer (Roy Stevens), undated [Correspondence; photos]
14 Lofts Candy, undated [Candy boxes]
15 London Office Designs and Products, 1940, 1951, undated [Otto Stove; Knight's Castile Soap; Quix Concentrated Suds; Batchelor's Canned Foods and Packaged Soup; Pears Gloria Shampoo; Wisk; Pin-Up Whole-Head Perm; Eve Soapless Shampoo; Breeze Soap; Vinolia Très Chic Soap; Atkinsons Colognes & Soap; Avery Scale; Avery-Hardoll Gas Pump; vacuum Cleaner; oven; office furniture; packaging exposition, January-February 1951; Blue Band Canned Margarine; Prestige Cutlery; Gibbs S.R. Toothpaste; Gibbs Astral Cream Soap; Lux Toilet Soap; Agamatic Broiler; Rexona soap; Saxone footwear packaging; Kumfi-Kut Scissors and Shears; Persil clothes detergent; Prosol High Protein Food (Tru-Food Limited); Wall's canned meat; Golden Age perfume by Atkinsons; G.E.C. Street Lighting; 1940 Hillman Minx; MasterBilt Autosmoker by Master Built Products, Inc. (cigarette case and automatic lighter)]
15 Lucent Corp. -- Dinnerware and Carrying Case, 1956-1958 [Company stationery; press release; company price list; Melamine dinnerware; Joseph Block dinnerware; TV table; photos]
15 Mademoiselle Cigarette Package -- Experimental, 1940
15 Maison Blanche Truck, circa 1945-1946
15 Maritime Administration -- Mock-Up Press Opening, 1959 [Officers' stateroom; officer and crew quarters; crew stateroom]
15 Market Research and Reports, undated [Photos for various companies and cities]
15 Marlborough-Blenhein Hotel -- Atlantic City, undated
15 Martin Marietta, 1970, undated [Desk negative; transit presentation negative; Martron]
15 Match-It Dime Bank -- Randall Bank, undated
15 Matesa Loom -- Scale Model (Spanish Project), 1967
15 Matson Navigation Company, undated [Matson Lines -- Los Angeles, CA ticket office; SS Lurline interior;]
15 Mattel Toy Automobile, 1954 [Sports car model]
15 Meade Johnson, undated [Pablum Mixed Cereal packaging; Pablum Oatmeal packaging]
15 Meister Brau, 1947, 1948 [Package design; Peter Hand Brewery Co.; bottle labels]
15 Mengel Company, 1946, 1952, 1953, undated [Speech by Coleman R. Curtis; furniture specification sheets; company promotional information; Royal-Wood Kitchens brochures; photos] ; 2.0 folders
15 Metric Hosiery Company, undated [Packaging -- Polyethylene by the Kennedy Carliner Co.; Patented Zip-Lip; Re-Useable Bag]
15 Metropolitan Transit Authority -- N.Y. Subway Cars, undated
15 Mid States Trailer Corp., 1952 [Promotional literature; trailer coach makers; "The National"; "The Executive Flagship Mobile Home and Office"; biography of William MacDonald, president of Mid States; photos]
15 Midtown Galleries, 1960 [Exhibit "A Designer's Presentation to a Client" press release; news clippings; photo]
15 Milan International Trade Fair, 1957 [Exhibit brochures; Milan Samples Fair publication; trade packages from Office of International Trade Fairs, U.S. Dept. of Commerce]
15 Minskoff Bldg. -- "Gold Building" (Adolph Studley, Photographer), 1958 [575 Lexington Avenue, NY]
15 Missouri Auto Club, undated
15 Mitsuwa, undated
15 Monsieur Henri Wines, Ltd., 1961, undated [Thistle Scotch]
15 Montreal Cultural Centre, 1958, 1959, 1963, undated
15 Moody, N.W. -- Toothbrushes, undated
15 Mosler Safe Company, undated
15 Murine Eye Solution, 1959, undated [Squeeze bottle; glass bottle with dropper]
15 Nabisco (National Biscuit Co.), 1963
16 NASA, 1967-1981 [Telegram to James Webb of NASA; Space Stations: Habitability Study; drawing of "Advanced Orbital Space Station"; Loewy's handwritten notes for introductory remarks he gave in Washington DC to NASA executives, April 12, 1968; brochure for an auction at Sotheby's entitled "Sotheby's Presents Raymond Loewy and Living in Space." The text was written by David Baker, Ph.D., technical consultant, Space Flight Operations, and details Loewy's work for NASA; publications: NASA'S Manned Space Flight Program April 29, 1967, Living in Space September 9, 1970, The NASA-memo Center Airborne Research Program Management September 9-10, 1970, Spinoff 1977. An Annual Report, Space World. The Magazine of Space News March, 1980 (2 copies); photos: Loewy in Skylab, proof sheet with R. Loewy & V. Loewy in Skylab, R. Loewy & rocket, Apollo-Soyuz Project, "Man on the Moon" photo signed by George Mueller, astronauts testing equipment, tomato soup packaging. Also see Map Drawer 98 for oversize copies of Loewy drawings showing Skylab interiors.]
16 Ondine Parfumes Inc., 1962, 1963, undated
16 Park West Center, Mansfield, OH, 1952
16 Press release; Chain Store Age article, 1952 March
16 Peace Cigarettes, 1951-1967 [Daiichi Bussan Kaisha, Ltd. Importers and Exporters, Tokyo, Japan; photos]
16 Penicillin, undated [Photos; Schenley packaging]
16 Pharma-Craft Corp., undated [Obay Spray Deodorant]
16 Picker X-Ray "Gamma Irridation Chamber," 1957
16 Pioneer Rubber Company, 1952 [Photos; promotion pack; Gardinettes; Garden Queen; Bluettes; Gardies; Smoothies; Handeez, Skinnies; Rock-a-Dri Baby Pants; Qualatex Tested Balloons; Gene Autry Watertight Mitts; ESKImitts]
16 Pitney Bowes, 1967, 1968 [Cigarette tax stamping unit; "Boxer" letter sorter; post office letter sorter; mail inserting machine; automatic mailing machine; copier]
16 Platers & Stampers Ltd. -- London, England, undated [Sales display room; "Prestige" kitchenware]
16 Plaza Hotel (Suite), undated
16 Private Plastic Plane, undated [Clark plane]
16 Proctor Toaster, 1958 [The "Mary Proctor" toaster; press release; design assignment specs; photos]
16 Products, Miscellaneous, undated [Master Built Products, Inc.; Elastikon Adhesive Elastic Bandage; Bristol Belt Lacing; Atlas; Pepperell Red Label Sheets; Luxor "American Beauty" Cologne; Grip-Tuth Hairtainer; Rayve Crème Shampoo; Breeze detergent; Kroger Corn Flakes, PRR #9914; Coca-Cola machine; mixed displays]
16 Project Home -- "The Motivations Towards Homes and Housing," 1967 [Photos; The Project Home Committee presentation manual]
16 Publicis Offices, NYC, 1958 [Photos and press release]
16 Puerto Rico Office Work, 1960 [Concreto Mixto, Inc., truck and logo design]
16 Purma Camera, undated [Purma Special]
16 Quix Packages -- Concentrated Suds, undated
16 Quaker Oats -- Aunt Jemima, 1956-1958 [Overview of Quaker Oats Company; Corn Bread Mix; Waffle Mix; Pancake Mix; Coffee Cake Mix]
16 Raphael Liquor, undated [St. Raphaël Apéritif Wine; photos]
16 Rawleigh, undated [Personal hygiene products and vitamins]
16 Raymond Gas Cooker, undated [General gas appliances]
16 Reardon Products (Bondex, Dramex), undated [Cement paint; interior finish; spackling; liquid masking tape]
16 Rheingold -- Chug-a-Mug, 1962 [Liebman Breweries; corporate brochure/trade package; containers and packaging; Christmas gift carton; photos]
16 Rich's Knoxville, Stores, 1955 September/November [Store brochures; Architectural Forum, November 1955 reprint]
16 Rigidized Metals -- Photographs & Text, 1957
16 Rival Manufacturing Company, 1962 [Rivalaire Purifier]
16 RL/WS (Raymond Loewy/William Snaith) Corporate Booklet, undated [Brochure; photos]
16 Robinson's Department Store, 1952 [ The Beverly Hills Citizen, February 11, 1952; Lighting and Lamps, June 1952; Women's Wear Daily, February 13, 1952; Progressive Architecture, August 1952; Arts & Architecture, April 1952]
16 Rockefeller Center -- Underground Buildings, 1950, 1951, undated [Photos and publications A Digest of Facts About Rockefeller Center, 1950; Rockefeller Center: A Photographic Narrative, 1951]
16 Rogers Brothers, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 1965 [Corporate identity program; stationery; packaging for diced potatoes, chopped onions, seeds, potato flour]
16 Roma Wine Company, 1944, undated [California brands of Vermouth, Sparkling Burgundy, Champagne; Brandy; Sherry with Egg; Crème de Roma. Bottle and box packaging; label designs; photos]
16 Rootes Securities Ltd., 1939-1948 [Cars and delivery truck]
16 Rosenthal -- Block China Showrooms, 1953
16 Rosenthal--Block: "Circles," 1961 [Matte Charcoal Holloware]
16 Rosenthal China -- Classic Modern, undated [Patterns"Birds," "Gems," "Linear," "Dawn," "Silken Flowers," "Solitaire," "Sunburst," "Plaza," "Holloware." Also includes press release information.]
16 Rosenthal China -- Continental, 1953, undated [Patterns: "Jet Rose," "Shadow Leaf," "Springtime," "Silhouette," "Spatter," "Grey Fern," "Golden Oak," "Fountain Court," "Festive," "Charcoal," "Script."Photo of Loewy, Rosenthal, and others at opening of Continental China Showroom, April 13th 1953]
16 Royal Gelatin Dessert (Standard Brands, Inc.), undated
16 Royalty Stationery, undated
16 Rudd-Melikian, Inc., 1961, 1962 [Food and Beverage Division; vending machines; Old Mill Brew-a-Cup ground coffee-on-tape; soup; hot chocolate; iced tea; Kwik Kafe (quick frozen coffee concentrate); Kwik Kooker microwave oven; 1962 Annual Report]
16 Ruppert Beer, undated [Jacob Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer; Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer; photos]
16 Russeks, New York -- Savoy Plaza, 1955
17 S&S Corrugated Automatic Corrubiner, 1961 April [Drawings, photos, promotional material, technical story, press release]
17 S&S Corrugated Paper Machinery, 1957 June [Die Cutting and Creasing Press; Corrubiner; photos, manuals, and drawings]
17 Salinas y Rocha, Mexico City ["11-Story Building, First Store --Men's & Women's Apparel, Furniture, etc. -- to be Mexican owned and operated -- American Designed"]
17 Salsbury's (Dr.) Laboratories, 1949 [Packaging for Ren-O-Sol; Vapo-Roost; Wormix; Rat Death; Germex; Sulquin; Weed-Kill; Can-Pho-Sal- Stop Pick; Fow Pox Vaccine]
17 Sao Paulo Office Designs, 1948, undated [Department store; Wolff Silverware Shop]
17 Schenley (Distillers) Import Corporation, undated [Flamingo Puerto Rican Rum; Penicillinase]
17 Schick, Inc. -- "Colonel," 1940, undated [Photos]
17 Schick, Inc. -- Miscellaneous Packages, 1940, undated [Schick Dry Shaver]
17 Schick, Inc. -- Shaverest, 1939, 1946, undated ["Captain" and "Super"; Wall Holder package; Shaverest for Schick Shavers. Press releases and designer notes.]
17 Schick, Inc. -- Vibrasseur, 1939, undated [Design and Production notes]
17 Schumacher Fabrics, undated [Wallpaper swatches; photos; Cosmopolitan Line sample book]
17 Schuster's Capital Court Restaurant (Milwaukee, WI), 1957, undated [Capitol Terrace restaurants; Golden Anchor cocktail lounge and grill; photos, text and drawings]
17 Scott-Atwater Manufacturing Co., 1956-1958, undated [Outboard Motors -- photos of motors and boats; Brussels Exhibition; press releases]
17 Sealtest "Light n' Lively," circa 1973 [Photos; packaging for yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, ice cream, and Kleinpeter's Golden Guernsey Milk]
17 Shell Chemical Co., 1963 [ 23 Ideas for Tomorrow's Packages in Shell Plastics]
17 Shell Chemical "Tomorrow's Packages," 1962-1963 [Shrink wrap for tires; injection molded polypropylene storage boxes; speeches -- one by Loewy and one by Snaith; Lipton Tea implements; Wishbone Salad Oil implements; promotional give-away; National Packaging Exposition correspondence; Tape Talk, W. Stern -- Shell Chemical Company --AMA Exhibit (dictated by telephone February 11, 1963); photos]
17 Shell Oil Company, 1959, undated [Service stations and signs; press information; photos]
17 Shell "Packaging Family," Tom Yee, 1959 [Cigarette package concept; motor oil, Brake fluid, etc. packages; Handy Oil; lighter fluid and spot remover; Kaiser foil containers; Shelltox Insecticide; photos]
17 Sikorsky Aircraft, 1958-1960 undated [ Tomorrow's Flying Cranes reprint from United Aircraft Corporation's Bee-Hive; S-61 and S-62 helicopter; movie script]
17 St. Paul, Minnesota -- Recommendations for the Development of the Downtown Area, 1944, undated
17 Stewart's Department Store -- Reisterstown, 1963 [ Tone, July-August 1963]
17 Store of Tomorrow, 1950, 1960
17 Stores -- The Downtown Recovery -- Stores Publication, 1959 October [F & R Lazarus, Columbus, Ohio]
17 Taxi -- Electrotaxi, circa 1968
17 Time & Life Building -- Paris, 1963 [Project design (job cancelled)]
17 Tropic-Aire Sewing Machine, 1950 [Reprint from Electrical Manufacturing, April 1950]
17 U.S. Department of Commerce -- U.S. Science Exhibit, 1963 [Publication U.S. Science Exhibit: Seattle World's Fair. Final Report, 1963]
17 United Air Lines, 1956, 1957, 1965, undated [Project information for: DC-6; DC-6B; DC-7; DC-6 Mainliner]
17 United Music Company, undated ["The Master of the Automatic Music World. United's Hi-Fidelity Phonograph" brochure]
17 World's Fair -- New York, 1939-1940 ['The Story of Transportation' for Railroad Exhibit; Composite Type Rocket Vehicle for Transoceanic Transportation; House of Jewels exhibit; Cartier exhibit; Chrysler exhibit; Automobile of the Future; Plane of the Future; photos]
B. Scrapbooks, 1934-1970
8.0 linear feet 39 volumes
General Note
Volume 15 is missing.
The volumes were compiled by subject and numbered by the Public Relations Department.
Scope and Content
The scrapbooks contain articles that appeared in magazines, newspapers, and trade publications. Topics include the Avanti, stores (interiors and exteriors including Gimbels, Lord & Taylor, Foley's, and Wanamaker's), dinnerware (Fostoria, Limoges, Lucent Corp, Rosenthal), fabrics, furniture, cars (Studebaker and Avanti as well as Loewy's personal automobiles), Snaith/Project Home, supermarkets, housewares, transportation (including Pennsylvania Railroad, TWA, Panama Lines, Air France, United Air Lines), and packaging.
Several scrapbooks contain clippings pertaining to Loewy's public appearances and speeches, and his social life, a valuable resource since most of Loewy's business correspondence during the 1930s and 1940s had been destroyed.
1 Avanti, 1957-1970 [French and London newspaper articles; various trade association press articles; New York Times, Des Moines, Iowa Tribune, UPI press release , Industrial Design, Newsweek, Time, Car and Driver, Popular Science, Road & Track, Motor Trend, Sports Illustrated, Look, Esquire articles praising the conception and design. Radio TV Reports, Inc., transcripts in which Loewy mentions the world record speed of 171 m.p.h. for the Avanti while driven by Mr. Granatelli; Howard K. Smith Show transcript. Congratulatory letter from John Reinhart of U.S. Steel Corp.; Studebaker press information packages and photo. Leo Newmam and Nathan Altman Studebaker dealership re-engineer Avanti; a supercharged Avanti makes test run at Daytona.]
2 Company News, 1947-1968 [News clippings and trade journal articles detailing accomplishments of the Loewy staff. Many articles announcing new employees to the firm, promotions within as well as jobs taken elsewhere, and design organizations/trade associations in whih Loewy employees were members. Notices of awards received by the firm; wedding announcement of Jamie Geller and Donald Gorst; Queen Exposition; Lord & Taylor store opening; Wyoming Ranch of Mel St. Clair; Plaza 400 Roof Top Health Club; Project Earning Power (products made by the disabled) article which mentions/pictures Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson; Lincoln Center Mall and Central Park; Monmouth College Business Institute; N.S.I.D. (National Society of Interior Designers); Raymond Loewy's involvement judging student design competitions; National Association of Store Fixture Manufacturers; Institute of Store Planners; Lower Manhattan "Sky Tunnel" Plan; Imperial House; Netti Hart profile; firm's name change to Raymond Loewy and William Snaith, Inc.; San Juan Puerto Rico office; acquisition of Jon W. Hauser Inc. industrial design firm; record album cover contest; non-matching men's suit; Missouri Pacific "Eagle"; obituaries for Netti Hart, Robert H. Askren, and Dana Stuart Cole.]
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Retail Development Division, Raymond Loewy Corporation promotional piece, undated
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - A Exposicao Juvenil, clothing store, Rio de Janeiro, 1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - J.N. Adam & Co., department store, Buffalo: domestic department (second floor), 1941-1942
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - J.N. Adam & Co., department store, Buffalo: store expansion (included Magnolia Terrace restaurant, lingerie department, fur salon), 1946-1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - W.T. Grant & Co., retail store, pet shop bird section display, Buffalo, NY, 1941
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - H. Liebes & Co., specialty store, San Francisco, 1945
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Abraham & Strauss, department store, Brooklyn, Rose Room (women’s fashions), 1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - L. Bamberger & Company, department store, Newark, NJ, dress salon, 1940
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Bishop’s Corner Shopping Center, West Hartford, CT, 1953-1954
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Blauner’s, women’s specialty shop, Upper Darby, PA, 1953-1954
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Block & Kuhl Co., home furnishings store, Danville, IL, 1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Block & Kuhl Co., paint center, Peoria IL, 1949-1950
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Y-Q Furniture Galleries, Minneapolis, 1946
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Thalhimer’s, department store, Richmond, VA, glass and china department, 1946-1947
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Charles Bloom, Inc., New York, 8th floor remodeling, 1950
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Bloomingdale’s, department store: NYC, world map design, 1943
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Bloomingdale’s, department store: Stamford, CT, 1954-1955
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Bonwit Teller’s, Philadelphia, lingerie and corset salon, 1945-1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - J. Davidson Corporation, appliance store, Worchester, MA, 1946
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - L. Bamberger & Co., department store, beauty salon, 1947
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Boston Store, second floor (women’s fashions), Milwaukee, 1946
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Clipper, women’s wear store, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Exposicao, men’s wear store, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Exposicao, children’s wear store, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Guaruja Island Brazil, country club, polo field, beach club, fishing club, hotels and residential houses, 1947
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Broadway-Hale Stores Inc., department store, ‘Twin Stores’: Panorama City Shopping Center (Broadway-Valley) San Fernando Valley, CA; Broadway-Anaheim, Orange County, Anaheim, CA, 1954-1955
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Broadway-Hollywood, department store, Los Angeles, CA, 1947-1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Broadway-Crenshaw, department store, Los Angeles & Hollywood, CA, 1947-1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Broadway (annex), department store annex, Los Robles Ave. & Union Street, Pasadena, CA, 1960
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Broadway Del Amo, department store, Torrance, CA, 1959
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Burdines, department store, Miami Beach, FL, 1953-1954
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Emporium (The), department store, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1945-1951
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Fair (The), department store/shopping center, “The Fair of Tomorrow,” Fort Worth, TX, 1948-1949
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Federated Stores: Filene’s, Lynnfield, MA; Filene’s and Jordan Marsh, North Shore Shopping Center, Peabody, MA; Filene’s Shopping Center, Lexington, MA, 1953-1956
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Federated Stores: William Filene & Sons Co., R.H. Stearns, and S.S. Pierce - Chestnut Hill Shopping Center, Newton, MA, 1950-1951
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Florsheim Shoe Shop, Miami, FL; Sibley’s Florsheim Shoes, Lincoln Park Plaza Shopping Center, Detroit, MI; Florsheim “Fish Bowl” Store, New York, 1951-1959
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Forbes & Wallace, dry goods store, (The Meridian Lunch Bar) Springfield, MA, 1947-1954
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - B. Forman Co., department store, Rochester, NY, 1941-1942
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - W.T. Grant Company, department store, (article in Chain Store Age notes company history), 1950
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Halle Bros. Company, Cleveland, OH, ‘Westgate Shopping Center’; ‘Middleburg-Parma Shopping Center’, 1953-1956
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Hamden Plaza, shopping center, Hamden, CT, (F.W. Woolworth Company, Miles Shoes, Liggett Drugs, Grand Union, J.C. Penney, W.T Grant, Marianne, Inc., Household Finance Corporation), 1953-1954
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Horne’s (Joseph Horne Co.), Pittsburgh, PA, ‘Joseph Horne Co. Centennial’, 1949
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - J.A. Kirven Co., department store, Columbus, GA, 1948-1949
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Kline’s, specialty shop, Detroit, 1940
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Knollwood Plaza, shopping center, St. Louis Park, MN, (J.C. Penney Co., Sears, Roebuck & Co., F.W. Woolworth, Powers Dry Goods Co., Berland Shoe Store, G.R. Kinney Shoe Co., etc.), 1953-1955
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Leask’s, department store, Santa Cruz, CA, 1949
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - F. & R. Lazarus & Co., department store, Columbus, OH, (building façade, store departments and the Buckeye Dining Room), 1948-1957
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - H. Liebes Co., specialty store, San Francisco, CA, 1948
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Lincoln Plaza, shopping center, Worcester, MA, 1953-1954
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Louisville, Kentucky Color Improvement (town’s shopping district improvements), 1953
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Macy’s, R.H. Macy & Co., New York, Parkchester, NY, Syracuse, NY, 1940-1942
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - May Co., department store, Baltimore, MD, 1948-1961
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - McCurdy & Co., department store, Rochester, NY, 1953-1955
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Meir & Frank Company, department store, Portland, OR, 1950
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Miller & Rhoads, department store, Richmond, VA, 1954-1956
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Moore’s Clothing Company, Oakland, CA, 1948-1950
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Henry Morgan & Co., Montreal, Canada, 1953
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Mt. Prospect Plaza, shopping center, Mt. Prospect, IL, 1958-1959
3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - S. Ft. Mitchell Project, shopping center Dixie-Expressway Plaza, Cincinnati, OH, 1959
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - J.J. Newberry, variety store, (nationwide), 1956-1957
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Ohrbach's, women's specialty, NYC, 1954
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Peck & Peck, women's sportswear, (mid-Atlantic region and Midwest), 1954-1956
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Pizitz, department store, Birmingham, AL, 1947-1948
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Raglands, department store, Kingsville, TX, 1950
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Rogers Peet Men's Store, NYC, 1953-1954
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - J.W. Robinson Co., department store, Beverly Hills, 1947, 1950
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - J.W. Robinson Co., department store,Los Angeles, 1952-1953
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - J.W. Robinson Co., department store,Pasadena, 1956
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Russeks Fur Salon, Yonkers, NY, 1954
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Russeks Fur Salon, NYC, 1955
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Salinas Y Rocha, specialty store, Mexico City, 1945, 1947
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Shillito's, Cincinnati, women's fashions floor, 1950
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Shillito's, Cincinnati, boys' department, 1957
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Sosnik-Thalhimer, Department store, Richmond, VA, 1947, 1949
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Sosnik-Thalhimer, Women's shop, Winston-Salem, 1950, 1951
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Steiger's Department Store, Springfield, MA, 1953
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Stewart Dry Goods Co., department store, Louisville, NY, 1947-1948
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Stix, Baer & Fuller, department store, St. Louis, 1948-1949
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Thompson-Winchester Co., lamps shop, 1953
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Jay Thorpe, women's casual shop, NYC, 1944
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - John Ward Men's Shoe Store, NYC, 1946-1947
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Weber & Heilbroner, department store, NYC, 1954
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Western Hills Plaza, shopping center, Cincinnati, 1953-1954
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Westgate Shopping Center, Cleveland, 1953, 1954, 1957, 1961
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - White House Department Store, San Francisco, 1948
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Woodward & Lothrop department store, Chevy Chase, MD, 1950-1951, 1955
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Woodward & Lothrop department store, Washington, DC, 1949-1953
4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Younkers, department store, Des Moines, 1948-1950
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Abraham & Strauss, department store: Brooklyn, NY, 4th floor (junior department), 1961
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Abraham & Strauss, department store: Brooklyn, NY, 3rd floor (fashion), 1962
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Article, "The Shopping Center Goes to the Shopper," New York Times Magazine, C.B. Palmer, 1953 November 29
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - L.S. Ayres & Co., department store: Market Square shopping center, Lafayette, Ind., 1958-1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - L.S. Ayres & Co., department store: Springfield, Ill., 5th floor, (women's wear), 1960
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - L.S. Ayres & Co., department store: Indianapolis, fourth floor (women's shoes), 1963
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - L.S. Ayres & Co., department store: Indianapolis, second and third floors (women's specialty), 1964
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - L.S. Ayres & Co., department store: Greenwood Shopping Center, Greenwood, Ind., 1964-1965
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - L.S. Ayres & Co., department store: Glenbrook Shopping Center, Indiana, 1965-1966
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Best & Co., clothing store: Garden City, Long Island, NY, 1957
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Best & Co., clothing store: Abington, Pa., 1957-1958
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Best & Co., clothing store: Boston, 1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Best & Co., clothing store: Skokie, Ill., 1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Best & Co., clothing store: Oakbrook shopping center, Oakbrook, Ill, Chicago area, 1961-1962
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Best & Co., clothing store: Reisterstown Road Plaza, Baltimore area, 1961-1962
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Best & Co., clothing store: Northland Center, Detroit area, 1963
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Best & Co., clothing store: Capitol Court Shopping Center, Milwaukee, 1965
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Bloomingdale's, department store: Gifts and accessories floor, Stamford, CT, 1954
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Bloomingdale's, department store: NYC, third floor (junior ready to wear), 1955
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Bloomingdale's, department store: Third Avenue façade, 1956
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Bloomingdale's, department store: Men's shop, 1957-1958
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Bloomingdale's, department store: Article on hosiery departments, 1961
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Bloomingdale's, department store: Bergen County, Hackensack, NJ, 1958-1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Bloomingdale's, department store: Mall at Short Hills, Millburn, NJ, 1966-1967
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Boston Store, department store: Bay Shore Shopping Center, Glendale, Wisconsin, 1957-1958
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Boston Store, department store: Main floor, Milwaukee, 1958-1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Boston Store, department store: Point Loomis Shopping Center, Milwaukee, 1960
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Boston Store, department store: Erie, PA, 1967
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - John Bressmer Co., department store, fifth and sixth floors (women's clothing and furniture), Springfield, IL, 1960
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Broadway-Hale, department stores NYC corporate office, 1955
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Broadway, department stores: Broadway-Anaheim, 1955
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Broadway, department stores: Broadway-Valley, Panorama City, CA, 1955
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Broadway, department stores: Del Amo Shopping Center, Torrance, 1958-1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Broadway, department stores: Whittwood Shopping Center, Whittier, 1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Broadway, department stores: Pasadena addition, 1959-1960
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Broadway, department stores: Broadway-Crenshaw, 1947, 1965 [Store opened in 1947, article published in 1965.]
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Ed Shuster & Co., department store: Children's shoes, Milwaukee, 1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Ed Shuster & Co., department store: Hilldale Shopping Center, Madison, WI, 1959
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Cole Bros., department store, Sheffield, England, 1961
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Capitol Terrace restaurant and cocktail lounge, Capitol Court Shopping Center, Milwaukee, 1957
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Dayton's, department store: St. Paul, 1961-1964
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Dayton's, department store: Brookdale Shopping Center, suburban Minneapolis, 1965
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Deptford Mall, NJ, regional shopping mall, 1968-1969
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Durham, NC, study commissioned for civic and cultural center, 1968
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Loose clippings found in scrapbook: Pawtucket shopping mall, 1969-1970
5 Stores Post '55 A-D - Loose clippings found in scrapbook: Woodward & Lothrop and Hochschild Kohn, department stores, Columbia Mall, Columbia, MD, 1970
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Famous-Barr, department store: St. Louis, 1959-1960
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Famous-Barr, department store: South County Shopping Center, (St. Louis area), 1962-1963
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Famous-Barr, department store: Northwest Shopping Plaza (St. Louis area), 1964, 1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Federated Department Store, office, Cincinnati, 1967
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Filene's department store: North Shore Shopping Center, Peabody, MA, 1956-1958
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Filene's department store: Southshore shopping center, Braintree, MA, 1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Filene's department store: Tea room, Boston, 1962
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Filene's department store: Tea room, Natick, MA, 1965
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Filene's department store: Warwick Mall, RI, 1970
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Citibank, NYC, undated
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Forbes & Wallace, department store: Third floor youth department, Springfield, MA, 1960
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Forbes & Wallace, department store: Eastfield Mall, Springfield, MA, 1967
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Forbes & Wallace, department store: Fairfield Mall, Chicopee, MA, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Gayfer's, department store, Springdale, AL, 1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - G. Fox & Co. department store, Naugatuck Valley Mall, Waterbury, CT., 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Hudson's, department store, Franklin Park Mall, Toledo, OH, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Block's, department store, Glendale Shopping Center, Indianapolis, 1958-1960
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Halle Bros. Co. department store: Southland Shopping Center, Middleburgh Heights, OH, 1957
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Halle Bros. Co. department store: Severance Estates shopping center, Cleveland, 1960-1961, 1963
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Halle Bros. Co. department store: Men's clothing floor, Cleveland, 1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Halle Bros. Co. department store: Fur salon, 1967
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Halle Bros. Co. department store: West Erie Plaza, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Hahne & Co., department store, Middletown Township, NJ, 1967-1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Hartley's clothing store, Dadeland branch, Miami, 1962
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Hengerer's, department store: Amherst, NY, 1955, 1957, 1966, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Hengerer's, department store: Niagara Falls, 1960
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Hengerer's, department store: Buffalo, 1962
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Hamden Plaza, shopping center, CT, 1956
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Higbee Company, department store: Women's fashions second and third floors, 1960-1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Higbee Company, department store: Silver Grille restaurant, 1962
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Higbee Company, department store: Housewares fifth floor, 1965
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Higbee Company, department store: Cleveland; Westgate Shopping Center, Fairview Park, OH, 1961, 1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Higbee Company, department store: Midway Mall (Cleveland area), 1964, 1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Higbee Company, department store: Parmatown Mall, Parma, OH, 1965, 1967
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Higbee Company, department store: Great Lakes Mall Shopping Center, Mentor, OH, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - D.H. Holmes Co., Ltd., department store, Oakwood Shopping Center, West Bank, LA, 1964, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.L. Hudson, department store: Detroit: 6th floor (women's fashions), 1957
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.L. Hudson, department store: Miss Hudson Shop, (women's fashions), 1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.L. Hudson, department store: Woodward Shops (high end women's fashions), 1962
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.L. Hudson, department store: Oakland Mall, 1965-1967
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.L. Hudson, department store: Pontiac Mall, 1967
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.L. Hudson, department store: Franklin Park Mall, Toledo, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Hub clothing store, Hilldale Shopping Center, Madison, WI, 1960
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.B. Ivey & Co., department store: Jacksonville, FL, 1960, 1962-1963
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.B. Ivey & Co., department store: Park Road Shopping Center, 1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J.B. Ivey & Co., department store: Charlottetown Mall, Charlotte, NC, 1964
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Jones Store, department store, Blue Ridge Mall Shopping Center, Kansas City, MO, 1962
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Joslin's, department store: Buckingham Square Shopping Center, Aurora, CO, 1964
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Joslin's, department store: Villa Italia Shopping Complex, Jefferson County, CO, 1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Samuel Kirk & Son, Inc., silversmith shop, Baltimore, 1962-1963
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - F&R Lazarus & Co., department store, Columbus, OH: Home decorators floor, 1954
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - F&R Lazarus & Co., department store, Columbus, OH: Basement store, 1954-1955
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - F&R Lazarus & Co., department store, Columbus, OH: Sports, recreation, hobby center, 1955
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - F&R Lazarus & Co., department store, Columbus, OH: Annex, 1959
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - F&R Lazarus & Co., department store, Columbus, OH: Lazarus West, 1961-1963
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - F&R Lazarus & Co., department store, Columbus, OH: Northland Shopping Center, 1965
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - F&R Lazarus & Co., department store, Columbus, OH: Eastland Shopping Center, 1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Foley's, Houston, Mayfair Shop (women's fashions), 1959
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - John Lewis, department store restaurant, London, England, 1957-1958, 1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Lit Brothers, central warehouse for department store, Philadelphia, 1956 [Loewy as consultant.]
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Macy's, department store, NYC: men's department, 1960-1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - J. Magnin, store, San Francisco, 1960
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - May Co., RL/WS as consultants, 1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - May-D&F, department store: Bear Valley Shopping Center, Denver, CO, 1965-1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - May-D&F, department store: Antlers Center Complex, Colorado Springs, 1966
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - May-D&F, department store: North Valley Shopping Center, Denver, 1967
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - May-D&F, department store: Chase Stone Center, Colorado Springs, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Meier & Frank Co., department store, Valley River Shopping Center, 1968
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - McAlpin Co., department store, Cherry Grove Plaza, Cincinnati, 1958
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Mt. Prospect Plaza Shopping Center, 1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - M. O'Neil Co., department store, O'Neil-Sheffield Shopping Center, Elyria, OH, 1961
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: Long Ridge Plaza shopping center, NY, 1970
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: International Banking Center, 1970
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: Famous-Barr, department store, West County Shopping Center, Des Peres, MO, 1969
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: Forbes & Wallace, department store, Fairfield Mall Chicopee, MA, 1969
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: Jones Store, clothing, Prairie Village, MO, 1969
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: Lord & Taylor, department store, Stamford, CT, 1969
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: Higbee Company, department store, Canton, OH, undated
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: G. Fox and Co., department store, Naugatuck Valley Mall, Waterbury, CT, 1969
6 Stores Post '55 E-O - Loose clippings: J.L. Hudson, department store, candy department, Oakland, MI, 1969
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Peck & Peck, 1959-1962 [Short Hills Mall, New Jersey; Midtown Plaza, Boston, MA; Cherry Hill Shopping Center, Haddonfield, NJ; Northshore Shopping Center, Peabody, MA; Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie, IL; Eastchester Shop, NY; South Shore Plaza, Braintree, MA.]
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Penn Center, PA, 1959
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Plymouth Shops, Inc. -- Fifth Avenue Shop, NY; Rockefeller Center, Inc. Time & Life Building, NY, 1958-1960
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Pogue's, 1961-1965 [Carew Tower Arcade Store, Ohio; Pogue Portrait Studio (Osborne Photographic Laboratories Inc.) Queensgate, Ohio; Pogue's Kenwood Plaza Store, Ohio.]
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Powers Dry Goods Co. -- Highland Village Shopping Center, St. Paul, Minneapolis, 1958-1966
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Rich's Inc. - Belvedere Plaza, and Lenox Square, and N. DeKalb, Atlanta, GA; Knoxville, TN; Greenbriar Shopping Center, GA, 1955-1968
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Reisterstown Plaza Shopping Center -- Baltimore, MD, 1959
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Rike-Kumler -- Dayton, OH, 1959-1960
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Robinson's, J.W. -- Panorama City Shopping Center, Van Nuys, CA; Pasadena, CA; Palm Springs, CA; Anaheim, CA, 1953-1961
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Rock Hill Mall -- Florida, 1968
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Paul H. Rose, Department stores -- Greensboro, NC; Winston-Salem, NC self serve chain; Gastonia, NC, 1962-1963
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Saks Fifth Avenue -- Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie, IL; Springfield, NJ, 1957-1959
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Sangers -- Dallas, TX; Singer-Harris' Preston Center Store, TX, 1953-1965
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Savarin Restaurant -- Pennsylvania Station, NY, 1940
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Schuster's -- Wisconsin stores; Schuster Shoe Store; Wildwood Shopping Center, Wisconsin, 1955-1959
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Shillito's, 1956-1963 [Tri-County Center, and Western Woods, Cincinnati, OH; Sculptress Valerie Clarebout; Captain's Table restaurant]
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Simon Brothers, Apartment Builders -- Lexington Ave. & E. 63rd St., New York, NY, 1960
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co., 1960-1967 [24 difference shops and Sibley's, Rochester, NY; Southtown Plaza, NY; Syracuse, NY; Covered Arcade, Syracuse, NY]
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Stamford Landing Marina -- Stamford, CT; Marina America Inc., 1968
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Stewart's, 1953-1965 [Stewart Dry Goods Company, Louisville, KY; Reisterstown Road Plaza, Baltimore, MD; Union Station property, Louisville, KY; York Road Shopping Center, MD; Samuel Kirk & Son, Inc.]
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Wallace's, 1961-1963 [Kingston, NY; Schenectady, NY; Wallace Silversmiths Discovery pattern]
7 Stores Post '55 P-Z - Wanamaker's, 1963-1968 [Harrisburg East Mall, PA; King of Prussia Plaza, PA; Wanamaker Eagle designed by sculptor Henry Mitchell]
8 Gimbel's/Foley's - Foley's (Texas department store), 1946-1963 [Foley's Gourmet Food Shop; Pasadena/Bayshore store; Foley's Shoe Salon; Sharpstown Shopping Center; Children's World-Foley's Houston; Book Department; Budget Basement; Federated Department Stores, Inc., (parent company); Selfridges of London; Ready to Ware Dept.; Azalea Terrace restaurant menu; Sewing Center; York Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Bigelow Carpets; 6 Restaurants]
8 Gimbel's/Foley's - Gimbel's Department Store, 1947-1961 [North Hills Shopping Center, Pittsburgh, PA; Salute Award; 69th & Walnut Sts.; Valley Stream, Long Island, NY; Cross-Country Store, Yonkers, NY; Rickie (Mrs. Wesley) Olander, painter; Gimbel's Westchester; New York City store; celebrities at New York City store; Girl Scout Headquarters]
9 Lord & Taylor - News Clippings and Trade Reports, 1941-1968 [Prudential Center, MA; Manhasset, Long Island, NY addition; Stamford store, CT; Paramus, NJ; Medusa Stonenset Masonry Cemet; Falls Church, VA; Bull's Head, CT; Bergen, NJ; Western Ave., DC; Garden City, NY; The Bird Cage Restaurant, Bala-Cynwd, PA; Millburn, NJ; Tea Room, Garden City, NY; Jenkintown, PA; Bishop's Corners, West Hartford, CT; City Line Shopping Center, PA; Bala-Cynwyd Shopping Center, PA; New Rochelle, NY; Tray Service Restaurant (Lord & Taylor's One Arm Fancy)]
10 Dinnerware - Newspaper clippings and magazine articles, 1951-1968 [Newspaper clippings and magazine articles.]
10 Dinnerware - Block China Company [Patterns -- Chateau; Hearthstone; Rosenthal-Block "Circles"; Limoges - Ironstone Designs; Transition shape]
10 Dinnerware - Easterling China Co. [Patterns - Spencerian Rose (Bavarian dinnerware)]
10 Dinnerware - Easterling Dealership-Chicagoland Exhibit, 1968
10 Dinnerware - Fostoria Glass [Patterns, Milk Glass; Patrician stemware; Radiance; products -- Glass Fruit; Contemporary Coffee Pot; packaging - Thermoforming (plastics); Styrene foam]
10 Dinnerware - Limoges patterns
10 Dinnerware - Lucent Corp. [Dinnerware -- patterns -- Daisy Lane, Sun Petal, Debutante, April in Paris, Golden Splendor, etc.]
10 Dinnerware - Melmac® [Melamine resin -- patterns -- Rosebud, Italian Garden, Shadow Rose, Evening Song, etc.]
10 Dinnerware - Porcelain -- Lace Antique pattern
10 Dinnerware - Rosenthal "Classical Modern," [Patterns - Spectra shape; Solar decoration; Versailles; Monticello; Debut from Lorelei collection; Classic Greek key; Shah of Iran pattern; Fanfare; Classic Modern line, etc.]
10 Dinnerware - Rosenthal "Continental," [Patterns -- Coins; White; Springtime; Festive; Birdcage; Silhouette; Gayety; Script; Charcoal; Splatter; Confetti; etc.]
10 Dinnerware - Rosenthal-Porzellan Aktiengesellschaft, Germany
10 Dinnerware - Rosenthal-Block China Corp.
10 Dinnerware - Tobey & Crothers, ad agency
10 Dinnerware - Fabrique de Porcelaine Langenthal, artists, Switzerland and Spain
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Bullock's Wilshire buying office, NYC, 1948
11 Pre '55 Interiors - State Museum of Science and Industry, exhibits, Los Angeles, 1954
11 Pre '55 Interiors - State Exposition Building, exhibits, Los Angeles, 1948-1950
11 Pre '55 Interiors - California State Fair, 1948-1950, 1959
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Carney, Crowell and Leibman law office, Chicago, 1947
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Chicago State Fair, 1950
11 Pre '55 Interiors - DeMets Tea Room and Candy Shop, Chicago, 1946
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Eversharp, Inc., corporate offices, NYC, 1946-1947
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corp., Stratos Division, factory, Long Island, NY, 1952-1953
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Hanover Bank, window, Rockefeller Center, NY, 1953
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Huyler's Inc., candy store, Hempstead, Long Island, 1941-1942
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Lees-Cochrane Company, showroom, NYC, 1944-1945
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Long Island Railroad, Brooklyn, blood donor display, 1944
11 Pre '55 Interiors - James Lees and Sons Company, yarn/carpet showroom: Chicago, 1946-1948
11 Pre '55 Interiors - James Lees and Sons Company, yarn/carpet showroom: NYC, 1946-1947, 1950
11 Pre '55 Interiors - James Lees and Sons Company, yarn/carpet showroom: Los Angeles, San Francisco, 1948
11 Pre '55 Interiors - James Lees and Sons Company, yarn/carpet showroom: High Point, NC, 1950
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Lever House, interiors, NYC, 1951-1954, 1958
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Lever Brothers Co., cafeteria, 1949
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Raymond Loewy Associates: Chicago office, 1947, 1951
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Raymond Loewy Associates: NY office, 1951, 1961
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Long Island Railroad platform shelters, 1948-1949
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Long Island Railroad, New Hyde Park Station, 1947
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Matson Lines, ticket office, Los Angeles, 1946-1947
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Nesco, Inc., (kitchen products and appliances), national headquarters, Chicago, 1951
11 Pre '55 Interiors - New York Convention and Visitors Bureau, visitors' center, 1954-1955
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Albert Parvin & Co., furniture and furnishings showroom, Los Angeles, 1949
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Pennsylvania Railroad, canteen at Baltimore station, 1943-1944
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Rosenthal-Block China: Showroom, NYC, 1953
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Rosenthal-Block China: Store displays, 1953, 1955
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Hotel Shattuck, Berkeley, CA, 1948, 1950
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Stouffer's, restaurant, Westgate shopping center, Cleveland, 1954
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Joseph Horne Co., bridal studio, Pittsburgh, 1942
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Lord & Taylor, department store, Manhasset, Long Island, 1943
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Strawbridge and Clothier, department store restaurant, Philadelphia, 1942
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Luxury co-op department buildings, 1025 Fifth Avenue, NYC, 1954-1956
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Textron, Inc., fabric showroom, NYC, 1947
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Thoroughbred Motor Court, motel, Winchester, KY, 1953
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Union Oil Company, gas station, Pasadena, 1949
11 Pre '55 Interiors - Young-Quinlan Furniture Gallery, Minneapolis, 1949
12 Post '55 Interiors - Air France--Plane interior, 1947
12 Post '55 Interiors - Air France--Paris office interior, 1957
12 Post '55 Interiors - Biltmore Hotel: Bowman Room, 1959
12 Post '55 Interiors - Biltmore Hotel: Executive suites and guest rooms, 1956-1958
12 Post '55 Interiors - Blackhawk Restaurant, Chicago, 1955
12 Post '55 Interiors - Bloomingdale's gift department, Short Hills, N.J., 1968
12 Post '55 Interiors - Bull and Bear restaurant, Waldorf-Astoria, 1960-1962
12 Post '55 Interiors - Carnegie House (apartments, NYC), 1961-1962
12 Post '55 Interiors - Cattleman Restaurant (NYC), 1964
12 Post '55 Interiors - Chicago Yacht Club, 1956, 1958
12 Post '55 Interiors - U.S. Exhibit at International Trade Fair, Damascus, Syria, 1956
12 Post '55 Interiors - Do/More Chair Company, Inc., office furniture design and company headquarters, 1957-1958
12 Post '55 Interiors - Essex House: Lobby, 1958
12 Post '55 Interiors - Essex House: Casino on the Park, 1956-1959
12 Post '55 Interiors - Essex House: Colonnades Ballroom, 1963-1964
12 Post '55 Interiors - Essex House: Bombay Bicycle Club, 1963
12 Post '55 Interiors - Fairbanks, Morse (Buffalo and Baltimore), façade, 1961-1962
12 Post '55 Interiors - Citibank, First National City Bank of Panama, 1967
12 Post '55 Interiors - First National City Bank, NY, 1964
12 Post '55 Interiors - Gramercy Motor Inn, Washington, DC, 1962-1963
12 Post '55 Interiors - Hilton Orly, 1965-1966
12 Post '55 Interiors - Hilton Paris, 1966-1967
12 Post '55 Interiors - House of Chan, NYC, 1961-1963
12 Post '55 Interiors - Imperial House apartments, NYC, 1959-1960
12 Post '55 Interiors - The Laurel restaurant, Berlin, CT, 1955-1956
12 Post '55 Interiors - Loewy Associates, NYC, 1957 [(great color photo in article from Interiors.]
12 Post '55 Interiors - Lorillard office building, 1957-1958
12 Post '55 Interiors - Milan Triennale, 1957
12 Post '55 Interiors - Minskoff Gold Building lobby, 575 Lexington Ave., 1959 [ NYT Magazine double page color spread showing rendering.]
12 Post '55 Interiors - Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana, 1959
12 Post '55 Interiors - Publicis Corp, NYC, 1958
12 Post '55 Interiors - Rich's Department Store, Atlanta, 1968
12 Post '55 Interiors - Royal McBee office buildings: Kansas City, 1956
12 Post '55 Interiors - Royal McBee office buildings: Elsmere, NY, 1957
12 Post '55 Interiors - Royal McBee office buildings: Houston, 1958
12 Post '55 Interiors - Royal McBee office buildings: Mobile, 1959
12 Post '55 Interiors - Royal McBee office buildings: Richmond, 1960
12 Post '55 Interiors - San Marcos Hotel, Chandler, Arizona, 1960-1961
12 Post '55 Interiors - Seattle World's Fair: Pacific Northwest Bell/Bell Telephone building, U.S. Science Building, 1961-1962
12 Post '55 Interiors - Springfield Institution of Savings, MA, undated
12 Post '55 Interiors - Stamford, CT Yacht Club and Marina, 1967
12 Post '55 Interiors - Stouffer's restaurants: Top of the Rock, Chicago, 1955
12 Post '55 Interiors - Stouffer's restaurants: Gaslight cocktail lounge, Detroit, 1955
12 Post '55 Interiors - Stouffer's restaurants: Wynnewood, PA, 1955
12 Post '55 Interiors - Stouffer's restaurants: Top of the Six's, NY, 1957-1959
12 Post '55 Interiors - Stouffer's restaurants: Lord & Taylor, Eastchester, 1958
12 Post '55 Interiors - Tavern on the Green, Elmwood Room, 1959-1964
12 Post '55 Interiors - Top of the First restaurant, San Juan, 1961
12 Post '55 Interiors - TWA Terminal Restaurants: Savarin's Lisbon Lounge, Paris Café, and London Club, 1962-1964
12 Post '55 Interiors - Warner Brothers: Slimware-Lingerie and Hathaway house, 1964
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Arktex Ceramic Corp., SoundBar tile, 1960
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Celotex Corp.: Acoustic tile, 1954
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Celotex Corp.: Roof shingles, 1955
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Celotex Corp.: Ceiling tile, 1958
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Curon wall covering, undated
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Formica, 1953-1964 [Laminates (patterns include French Blue Linen, Nassau, Milanos, Tidestone, Silversnow, Parfait, White Skylark, Bonbon, Teak Picwood, Rosewood, Prima Vera, Royal Walnut, Sunrise Color line); logo,]
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Goodyear, vinyl flooring, 1950, 1953-1955, 1960-1961
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Marsh Wall Products, Marlite wall and ceiling paneling, 1954-1961
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - National Woodwork, 1958
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Federal Industries, Bonmarc, vinyl upholstery, 1959-1960
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Edward Fields, rugs, 1953-1960
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Pantasote Corp., Pantex vinyl upholstery, 1949-1950
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - F. Schumacher & Company, fabrics, 1957-1960
13 Fabrics: Floor, Ceiling, Wall Coverings, Textiles, Vinyls - Seneca Textiles, 1955
14 Furniture - News clippings [Clippings regarding Lowey's use of various colors and materials such as plastics, chrome, wood, metals, and wrought-iron and his infusion of Asian and Hawaiian motifs into mainstream consumerism.]
14 Furniture - Arvin Company, 1950-1958 [Use of chrome; hostess cart; modern portable heaters; various dinette sets which include plastic and metal, upholstered, and wrought-iron sets; 'Leisure' outdoor furniture.]
14 Furniture - Conn Organ Corporation, 1957-1961
14 Furniture - Directional Contract Furniture Corp., 1963 [Chairs used in TWA Terminal Restaurants; bar stool.]
14 Furniture - Domore Chair Company, Inc., 1956-1958 [Posture chair; office interiors/furniture; custom-fitted desks.]
14 Furniture - Englander Company (bedding), 1949
14 Furniture - Hill-Rom Company, 1955-1958 [Hospital furniture (motorized bed, bedside cabinets, etc.]
14 Furniture - Imperial Desk Company- office furniture, 1963
14 Furniture - Kroehler Manufacturing Company, 1953 ['Topper" Group; half sofas; lounge chairs; 3-piece sectional sofa and ottoman; sofa bed.]
14 Furniture - Lullabye Furniture Corp. -- children's furniture, 1964
14 Furniture - Mengel Company, 1952-1954 [Bedroom furniture; Oriental décor-living room furniture; Blue Flame Home; kitchen cabinets; inter-changeable tables with extenders and footed servers; studio apartment items; armless lounge chairs; sectional seating; Hikie Lounge; Soje Japanese Screen; chest-desk; night table with seat; double and triple base dressers; space saving multi-purpose furniture.]
14 Furniture - Simmons Company -- bedding; sofas; recliner, 1958-1959
14 Furniture - Tufflex (division of Wood Conversion Company)- Seating arrangements, 1960
16 Housewares - National Housewares Manufacturers Association, 1960
17 Housing and House Components - General articles on housing, 1961-1968
17 Housing and House Components - Quiet House, 1963
17 Housing and House Components - Leisurama House/Macy's, 1963-1964
17 Housing and House Components - Aluminum House, 1960, 1968-1969
17 Housing and House Components - Easy Care House, 1969
18 Miscellaneous - School surveys: Dallas, 1950
18 Miscellaneous - School surveys: West Haven, CT, 1951
18 Miscellaneous - Discover America, Inc. logo, 1967
18 Miscellaneous - Empire State Building beacon, 1956
18 Miscellaneous - Hats, 1961
18 Miscellaneous - Lime Rock Park automobile race track, 1957-1959
18 Miscellaneous - Montreal Cultural Center, 1958-1960, 1964
18 Miscellaneous - President's Commission on Employment of the Handicapped, 1965-1966
18 Miscellaneous - Cabildo Craft Center, Puerto Rico, 1963-1965
18 Miscellaneous - U.S. Army Engineers: Industrial camouflage, 1950
18 Miscellaneous - U.S. Army Engineers: Standardization of military signs, 1966
18 Miscellaneous - U.S. Army Engineers: Norfolk Cultural and Convention Center logo, 1970
18 Miscellaneous - International Harvester logo, 1965
18 Miscellaneous - University of Pittsburgh office design, 1969-1970
18 Miscellaneous - Raymond gas stove, 1951
18 Miscellaneous - Loewy's London office, 1947-1948, 1968-1969
19 Loewy Personal Cars - News and trade association articles, 1948-1964 [Articles (U.S., French, London, German and Spanish) on Loewy's personal cars; car shows; patent for inflatable auto seat; and museum displays. Loewy residence in Palm Springs pictured. Articles by Raymond Loewy. Indiana Society of Chicago 38th Annual Dinner program (1952).]
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Loewy Lincoln Town Car
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Town Car/Studebaker working model
19 Loewy Personal Cars - BMW
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Loewy Jaguar
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Boano, Turin, Italy
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Lancia Flamina
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Loewy Cadillac
19 Loewy Personal Cars - L'Electro-Taxi (solution to traffic congestion), Luxembourg, 1965
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Cornell (Spanish LIFE issue), 1957
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Paris Car Show, 1961
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Moore, Archie (light heavyweight champ 1957 w/custom built Jaguar)
19 Loewy Personal Cars - Clark and Frey, architects -- Palm Springs residence
20 Loewy - News and trade articles written by Raymond Loewy, 1935-1959 [News and trade articles written by Raymond Loewy projecting what consumers could expect in the future as well as the effect World War II had on materials, packaging, and production. Press releases announcing new industrial designers working for Loewy; Society of Industrial Designers press releases.Some noted magazine articles {but not limited to}: Cosmopolitan article (1959); House & Garden cover (1956); Vogue (1955) cover and article re. Loewy's New York apartment; Shelf Appeal article 'Loewy Starts in London' (September 1935); Time magazine covers from October 31, 1949 (Western Canada edition, Atlantic Overseas edition, Latin American edition, Pacific Overseas edition, United States edition includes text; Saturday Evening Post (1949); Look (1949); "Pic" The Magazine for America's Young Men (1945); transcript of a Loewy interview on September 9, 1941; USO banner presented to New York City Women's Division; Cosmopolitan article 'From Lipsticks to Locomotives' (1950); Nash Motors 1953 criticism of Loewy; Loewy-Wilmet merger; Lurline ship of the Matson line; Derham Custom Body Company; St. Tropez house; Prudential Insurance Company The Prudential Family Hour script "Your Future Home," by Loewy; Paris Theatre penthouse apartment on w. 58th St. New York; Palm Springs home; St. Tropez Villa; Coral Gables Youth Center; American Paint Journal, December 4, 1944; Sutton Place, NY (Brownstones); Atomic Age, 1945; Collier's, "Looking Backward to the Future" 1943; New York Times Magazine, "What of the Promised Post-War World," 1943; North Shore News, "Sands Point Man, Raymond Loewy Typifies All-Out Effort in Mufti," 1943 (includes picture of Raymond and Jean Loewy); Herald Tribune, "Billion-Dollar Glee Club Sings in City Radio Ad," 1948; transcript of an NBC radio show The United States Department of Justice, Washington, DC," I'm An American!"]
21 Loewy - Radio and television scripts; Burrelle's Press Clipping Bureau; Romeike press clippings; various newspaper articles; book reviews, 1947-1961 [The scripts reveal much about the personal side of Loewy; and contain items from Burrelle's Press Clipping Bureau; Romeike press clippings; various newspaper articles; book reviews -- Never Leave Well Enough Alone (many newspaper reviews as well as: Teen Talk; Advertising Agency; The Architects' Journal; Catholic Digest; Saturday Review of Literature; Fortune; Look; Book Review Digest; The Durez Molder; Dorothy Kilgallen's Voice of Broadway; Publishers Weekly; Mademoiselle's)]
21 Loewy - Radio Reports, Inc., 1951-1960 [Texts of broadcasts) New York; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL]
21 Loewy - Radio TV Reports, Inc., (Detroit, Michigan; Windsor, Ontario; Chicago, Illinois), 1960
21 Loewy - CBS News, 1961
21 Loewy - "Look Here" CBS interview of Loewy in Palm Springs, CA by Martin Agronsky of CBS, 1958
21 Loewy - "Nightline", NBC interview, 1958
21 Loewy - "The Louis Sobol Show", ABC interview, 1957
21 Loewy - "Margaret Truman and Mile Wallace, Weekday", NBC interview, 1956
21 Loewy - "Millie Considine Show," MBS Network interview, 1956
21 Loewy - "Dorothy and Dick Kollmar" WOR interview - re Decanter Design, 1955
21 Loewy - "Dorothy and Dick Kollmar" WOR interview - re Loewy Apartment, 1955
21 Loewy - "Dorothy and Dick Kollmar" WOR interview - Text of Laurence Loewy's birth announcement, 1953
21 Loewy - "Lynn Poole, Tomorrow", WABC-TV and ABC interview, 1955
21 Loewy - "The Fitzgeralds" WABC radio(?) text, 1954
21 Loewy - Count Gertz (former Loewy employee), interviewed by Bob Elson on WOR Radio, 1951
22 Loewy - Articles and advertisements quoting, directly relating to, and/or written by Raymond Loewy, 1945-1961 [There are many newsprint pictures of Raymond Loewy; Manhattan home of Mr. and Mrs. Loewy; Daily Annoyances; Fashion Forecasts; Rolex watch endorsement; "How I would rebuild New York City"; radio text of 'Raymond Loewy's Plan for New York in Esquire' aired over WOR (NY); Raymond Loewy's entrance hall; French Chamber of Commerce of the United States; Commander of the Legion of Honor ceremony in Washington, DC; Japanese influence; Cavanagh Hats; Eiffel Tower (paint it blue); several food recipes by Loewy; Ellis Island; New York's High School of Industrial Art (cartoon drawn by Loewy); Family Circle cover and article picturing the Loewy family Moore-McCormack ship model; airline uniforms; Plastic Shell Egg; Statue of Liberty; 1953 Loewy birthday announcement; Who's Who biography of Raymond Loewy; issue of Ameryka; issue of Noir et Blanc.]
22 Loewy - Meetings, Exhibitions, and Speeches, 1958-1960 [Swimming Pool Age Design Competition; National Housewares Manufacturers Association; Tiffany and Co.; National Association of Home Builders; American Barococo, 1959; Chicago International Fair and Exposition symbol; Design Derby.]
22 Loewy - Brooklyn Museum, exhibition, May 15, 1957-June 16, 1957
22 Loewy - Merchandise Mart Design Conference, Chicago, 1957
22 Loewy - Good Design Exhibition in Gimbel Brothers Store, Philadelphia, 1951
22 Loewy - Akron Art Institute, 1956
22 Loewy - Museum of Modern Art, NY, 1951
22 Loewy - Abraham & Straus, 1951
22 Loewy - Philbrook Art Center Exhibition, Oklahoma, 1952
22 Loewy - University of Cincinnati, 1956
22 Loewy - Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX, 1955
22 Loewy - Industrial Design Exhibition, Evansville, IN, 1952
22 Loewy - UCLA Engineering & Management Course, 1956
22 Loewy - Illinois Institute of Technology, 1954
22 Loewy - Joe and Emily Lowe Art Center, Syracuse University, 1955
22 Loewy - National Association of Manufacturers, 1955
22 Loewy - Boston Conference on Distribution Hall of Fame, 1953
22 Loewy - Harvard University, 1950
22 Loewy - Sales Executives Club of Chicago, 1950
22 Loewy - The Modern Artist and His World Denver Art Museum, Colorado, 1949
22 Loewy - Milwaukee Art Institute, 1949
22 Loewy - Pack Memorial Public Library, Ashville, NC, 1950
22 Loewy - Henry Dreyfuss, Society of Industrial Designers, 1947
22 Loewy - President Truman's Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner, Washington's National Guard Armory, 1950
22 Loewy - Satellite, 1958 [Star of Wood Will; Star of Hope; 1st U.S. Satellite Congressional Record, 1958]
22 Loewy - Flotels (houseboats on the Seine River, Paris), 1965
22 Loewy - 5th Avenue apartment
23 Loewy - Newspaper and magazine articles pertaining to Raymond Loewy, his designs, his speeches, and social appearances of Raymond and Viola Loewy, 1965-1970 [Topics include the Avanti, Air Force One, and Loewy's speech at the Vogue American Fashion Award dinner (1967).]
23 Loewy - Doubinski Frères, DF 2000 furniture line, 1968-1970
23 Loewy - NASA, 1968-1970
23 Loewy - CEI, 1965-1970 [Including design of Elna Lotus sewing machine.]
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Mademoiselle Cigarettes, 1948
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Packaging Institute article, 1955
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Laboratory Balance Scale, 1951
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Kroger Co., undated
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Economic Cooperation Administration -- Paris Package Display through Marshall Plan countries, 1951
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Greyhound Lines -- Long Distance Coach, 1950
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - "Packaging For the American Market" article by Loewy in News Bulletin of the British Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in the U.S.A. Inc., 1949
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Wilmet, Georges -- Merger with Loewy, 1948
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Package Designers Council, 1953
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Armour & Co., 1945-1960 [Pre-packed meat in foil lined can; Dash Dog Food; Cook n' Serve Container; Frozen Meat package; Bacon window package; Pork Sausage bag; Perk Granulated Soap; Ready-to-Eat Ham; Gerber Products Co.; Treet.]
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Armour & Company Veterinary Laboratories -- Double label prescription blank, 1950
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Ben Hur Products Inc. -- Vegetable Flakes, 1949
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Borden Company, 1950
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Crystal Sugar -- Crystal Apple Juice; Lucky Leaf Cherries; etc., 1949-1950
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Frances Denny -- Cosmetics -- Glass Containers, 1939
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Durasharp -- Razor Blades, 1954
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Fleischmann's Distilled Dry Gin, 1949
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Griesedieck Bros. Brewery -- Product labels and truck redesign, 1954
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Hudnut Sales Company, Inc. -- Men's toiletries, 1951
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Hill-Rom -- Hospital over-bed table for use in the home, 1956
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - International Harvester, 1945-1950
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Incabloc Corp. -- Shock absorbers for watches, 1954
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Keepsake Ring display -- A. H. Pond Company, 1953-1954
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Kretschmer Corp., 1950-1951
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Kroger Co. -- Private Label line, 1946-1957
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Larson Co. -- Veg-All, 1954
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Lever Bros., Unilever, Ltd., 1940-1953 [Peposdent Dental Cream and Tooth Brush; Breeze (synthetic detergent); Good Luck margarine; Surf (soapless detergent); hotel packaging; Rinso; Lever Bros. Company Cafeteria; etc.,]
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Meister Braü Beer, 1948
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - National Dairy Products Corp.- Breakstone; Sealtest; Lazy Susan; foil cream cheese package; Sealtest Big Top show, 1950-1963
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Omnibook, 1950
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - O'Cedar, - Household polishes/cleaners, 1948-1951
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Pablum, 1951
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Real Gold -- Frozen orange juice, 1950
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - S & S (Dr. Salsbury's Laboratories), 1950 [Poultry medicine; biologics; disinfectants; insecticides, etc.]
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Smiles 'n Chuckles Limited, Kitchener, Ontario (candy manufacturer), 1951
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Standard Brands -- Royal Gelatin Dessert, 1949
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Standard Laboratories, Inc., 1945
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Suchard Company -- Chocolate, 1954-1957
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Sun Oil Co., 1954-1958
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Swiss Colony, 1953-1955
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Virginia Dare Wine, 1954
24 Packaging, pre 1955 - Zinsmaster Baking Co., 1950-1951
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - General articles about new packaging designs that appeared in various trade publications, 1955-1969 [Publications include Package Engineering, Industrial Design, Food & Drug Packaging, Drug Trade News, Printing News, Aerosol Age, Paperboard Packaging, Bakers Weekly, Television Age, etc. Articles on the future of packaging 'towards the year 2000'; new materials, shapes and textiles with much emphasis on plastics. American Management Association (AMA) offers packaging course October 28 -- November, 1968. Mainstream newspaper articles ( New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, etc.) regarding the new trend in packaging and Loewy's role.]
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Awards/Exhibitions, 1955-1960
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Abbott Labs -- Sucaryl, Vitacaps & Optilets, 1954-1960
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Alcan, 1955-1961
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - American Tobacco -- Lucky Strike, 1956-1962
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Ansul Chemical Co., fire extinguisher, 1954-1959
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Anderson, Clayton & Co. -- Flair Shortening, 1956-1957
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - A & P, 1957
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Babbitt, B.T.-- Bab-O Cleanser, Glim Liquid Detergent, 1955-1957
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Ber-Design Inc. -- Old Harbor Candle Company, 1967-1968
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Bes-pak Co. -- plastic food storage containers, 1962
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Blue Bell Inc. -- work clothes, 1956
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Bristol Myers -- Fact Toothpaste, Invistin Vitamin, Whistle Household
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Cleaner, Ban Deodorant, Bactine, 1966-1968
25 Packaging, Post 1955 A-C - Canada Dry Corp., 1953-1961 [Six-pack container, bottle design, Bourbon, Cordials, Crème de Menthe, delivery truck design, fruit drinks, Quinine Water.]
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Carling Brewing Company -- Red Cap Ale; Black Label, 1955-1961
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Carrier Corporation -- Climate Center; air conditioners, 1959-1960
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Celanese Corporation -- Celcon; aerosol containers; U.S. Steel foil, 1964
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Chicago Printed String (Tie-Tie), 1957
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Cleo gift wrap box, 1961-1962
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - C&P Telephone Company, 1955
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Coca-Cola, 1960
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Consumers Cooperative -- COOP trademark, 1957-1958
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Braille Books -- new machine, 1958
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Chubb & Sons, 1970
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Dubuque container division of St. Regis Paper Co. -- bacon packaging, 1960
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Eagle Pencil Company, 1960-1961
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Farm Bureau Cooperative Association, 1958-1961
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Garnier Liqueurs, 1962-1963
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - General Foods -- Hills Bros. Instant coffee; Good Seasons salad dressing kit, 1955-1959
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Rice Award (Grantland Rice Memorial Trophy), 1955
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Hilton Inn, 1961-1962
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Indian Head Hosiery, (McCallum Boutique line), 1967
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - International Club (division of Angelique), 1958
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Interstate System (trucking firm), 1960
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Kimberly-Clark Corp. -- Kleenex, 1967-1968
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Koehler lamp, 1965-1966
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Kroger Corp. (supermarkets), 1961
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Metric Hosiery, 1957-1958
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Murine Eye Drops, 1959
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Manhattan Yellow Pages, 1958
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - NuTurf Grass Seed, 1959
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Oertel Brewing Co., 1966
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Ogilvie Mills, 1957-1958
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - O'Keef Brewing Co., 1957
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Omega Watch Co., 1959
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Ondine perfume, (Suzanne Thierry), 1962-1967
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Pagent Magazine, 1958
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Quaker Oats, 1956-1961 [Apple Crisp; Cherry Crisp; Life Cereal; Date Bread; 'Flako' Coffee Cake Mix; 'Aunt Jemima' Corn Bread Mix.]
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Reardon Co. -- Dramex paint, 1956
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Rheingold Beer, - Chug-a-Mug, 1955-1962
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Reynolds, R.J., - Embra and Vantage cigarettes, 1969-1970
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - State Mutual of America,- Corporate Trademark, 1959
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Singer Sewing Machine Co., 1958-1961
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Shell Oil Co., 1956-1963
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Savannah Sugar Co. -- Dixie Crystals, 1956-1957
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Shell Chemical Company -- division of Shell Oil Co., 1963-1964 [Experimental packages (push cylinders, shampoo container, cookie press, soap dispenser, baby powder dispenser, salad dressing, first aid kit).]
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Thistle Scotch, 1961
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - WNBT -- TV & Radio, 1953
26 Packaging, Post 1955 C-Z - Whitman's Chocolates, 1956-1957
27 Packaging, Brown-Forman -- Nabisco, 1954-1970 [Brown-Forman Distillers Corp. (Ambassador Royal, "Double Golden" Anniversary Seal, Old Forester, Early Times, Gold Pennant, President's Choice, King Whiskey, etc.)Nabisco (Toastettes, Sip n' Chip, Coconut Bars, Sugar Rings, Lemon Jumble, "Easy Bake" Cookies, Meal Mates, Party Partners, 100% Bran, Chicken in a Biskit, Frolic aerosol ice-cream mix, Famous Cookie, Shredded Wheat, Dromedary mixes, Premium Saltines, Oreo, Ritz, etc.]
28 Products A-C - Articles on general product design that include Loewy, 1945-1967 [Includes articles on the "100 best-designed products of modern times" (1959) that included seven Loewy-designed products: 1953 Studebaker hard-top coupe; 1946 Hallicrafters radio; Borg Flight bathroom scale; Singer upright vacuum cleaner; the 1947 Studebaker Starlight coupe; the 1937 Sears Coldspot refrigerator; and the General Motors Sceniccruiser bus. The Illinois Institute of Technology polled 100 top designers, architects, and design department heads of manufacturing firms and universities around the world.]
28 Products A-C - Acousticon hearing aids, 1961-1962
28 Products A-C - Aireon jukeboxes, 1946-1947
28 Products A-C - American Kitchen Co., metal cabinets, 1947-1954
28 Products A-C - American Central Manufacturing Co., kitchen sinks and cabinets, 1944-1948
28 Products A-C - American Locker Company, 1949-1954
28 Products A-C - ASPCA, humane kosher slaughter equipment, 1964
28 Products A-C - Ansco, film packaging, Anscoflex cameras, 1954-1959
28 Products A-C - A.P.I., "El Dorado" electric alarm clock, 1949
28 Products A-C - A.P.I., Radiantglass electric heater, 1960
28 Products A-C - Aqua-Tec (Teledyne Company), Water Pik, 1965-1967
28 Products A-C - Aro, lubricators, 1947
28 Products A-C - Automatic Canteen, vending machines, 1947
28 Products A-C - Barcalo Manufacturing Co., "Raymond Loewy" Barcalounger, 1966-1967
28 Products A-C - Borg-Erickson, "Flight" bathroom scale, 1954-1958
28 Products A-C - Bright Star, flashlight, 1955
28 Products A-C - Broil-Quik Co., "Super Chef" rotisserie and packaging, 1953-1955
28 Products A-C - BSR: Telephone answering machine, 1961
28 Products A-C - BSR: UA 15/UA 16 automatic record changer/turntable, 1962-1963
28 Products A-C - Carrier, room air conditioners, 1959-1961
28 Products A-C - Casco Corp., Chef-Mate (blender/food processor), 1961
28 Products A-C - Federal Pacific Electric Co., precision balance, 1961
28 Products A-C - Chase & Sanborn, Rudd-Melikan, Inc., Brew-A-Cup automatic coffee vending machine, 1962
28 Products A-C - Cormac Photocopy Corp., photocopier, 1958-1960
28 Products A-C - Coca-Cola: Uniforms, 1958
28 Products A-C - Coca-Cola: "Citation" fountain dispenser, 1958
28 Products A-C - Coca-Cola: Bottle and carton design, 1954-1955
28 Products A-C - Coca-Cola: Vending machine and opener, 1956
28 Products A-C - Coca-Cola: Trucks, 1948-1949
28 Products A-C - Coca-Cola: Automatic inspection of bottles, 1946
28 Products A-C - Cooper Alloy, stainless marine hardware, 1960
28 Products A-C - Cramer Company: Antenna rotor, 1968
28 Products A-C - Cramer Company: Timer totalizer, 1957
28 Products A-C - Cretors Corporation, popcorn machine for theaters, 1954-1956
28 Products A-C - Cummins Business Machines Corporation, perforating machine, 1947-1948
29 Products D-O - Delta Power Tool Division, Rockwell Manufacturing Company, 1957-1958
29 Products D-O - Disston Division, H.K. Porter Co., Inc.- Gardening Tools, 1959-1960
29 Products D-O - Dictaphone Corporation, 1962-1963
29 Products D-O - Diebold, Inc. -- Rotary Files/Dial-a-File, 1958
29 Products D-O - Donley Bros. Co. -- Flambeau free-standing fireplace, 1966-1967
29 Products D-O - Duralast -- Barbecue Cart, 1951
29 Products D-O - Eagle-Picher Triple Slide Storm Windows, 1957-1959
29 Products D-O - Electronic Secretary Industries, Inc. -- Telephone Answering Machine, 1960-1962
29 Products D-O - Elco Division, Electric Boat Co. -- Automatic Bowling Alley, 1948
29 Products D-O - Elkay Manufacturing Co. -- Stainless Steel Sinks; Faucets;, 1959-1960
29 Products D-O - Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corp., 1943-1944
29 Products D-O - Enger Kress -- Billfolds; Key Cases; Eyeglass Cases; etc., 1961
29 Products D-O - Eversharp Inc. -- Razor; Pens, 1942-1949
29 Products D-O - Fairchild Recording Corp., 1955-1959
29 Products D-O - Fairchild Hiller Corp., Republic Aviation Division -- Safe Automobile, 1970
29 Products D-O - Fedders Corp. -- Air Conditioners;, 1957-1959
29 Products D-O - Federal Pacific Electric Co. -- Precision Balance; Circuit Breakers; etc., 1961
29 Products D-O - Fiberglass -- Carrier Air Conditioning Company; Owens-Corning; One Piece Shower
29 Products D-O - Enclosure, 1962-1963
29 Products D-O - Frigidaire - Household Appliances (ranges, freezers, ice-cream freezers, air conditioners, etc., 1946-1953
29 Products D-O - Gestetner Duplicator Corporation, 1952-1960
29 Products D-O - Hallicrafters Co. -- 2-Way Radio; Television; Phono-Radio Television console, 1947-1954
29 Products D-O - Hanovia (Engelhard), Inc. -- Solar System Sun Simulators; Sun-Lamps, 1960-1965
29 Products D-O - Hanovia Chemical & Manufacturing Co. -- Health Lamps, 1956-1959
29 Products D-O - Holzer-Cabot Division, National Pneumatic Company -- Induction Motor, 1957-1969
29 Products D-O - In-Flight Motion Picture -- Screens; Theaters, 1969
29 Products D-O - International Harvester Co., 1946-1959
29 Products D-O - Jewel Associates -- Radiator/Humidifier, 1949-1950
29 Products D-O - Koehler Manufacturing Co. -- Convertible Lamp, 1965-1966
29 Products D-O - Lily-Tulip Cup Corp. -- Fountain Cup Dispenser; Mixrite Cup, 1950
29 Products D-O - Litton Industries, 1961
29 Products D-O - Missouri Auto Club -- Diagnostic Clinic, 1968
29 Products D-O - Mosler Safe Company, 1951-1956
29 Products D-O - Metaloid Co. -- Stove pad, 1951
29 Products D-O - Necso, Inc.(National Enameling & Stamping Co.), 1950-1955 [Corporate Interior; Roaster-Oven; Cookryte Sauce Pan; Electric Roaster; Kitchen Ware.]
29 Products D-O - Norris Dispensers, Inc., 1954
29 Products D-O - Nu-Tone Inc., - Self-Ventilated Range-Oven, 1964
29 Products D-O - Nutrilite Products Inc., 1958
29 Products D-O - Outdoor Advertising Association of America - Billboards, 1948-1959
29 Products D-O - Owens Brush Co., 1947
29 Products D-O - Ozalid -- Office Model Printing Machine, 1951
30 Products P-Z - Paper Art Co., 1960
30 Products P-Z - Partlow Corp. temperature controls, 1958, 1959, 1964
30 Products P-Z - Pioneer Rubber Company: Waterproof mittens, 1951
30 Products P-Z - Pioneer Rubber Company: Package design for rubber gloves, 1952-1955, 1958
30 Products P-Z - Pitney-Bowes postage meter mailing machine, 1960, 1968-1969
30 Products P-Z - Plumette line (S.K. Smith Co.) desk set, 1958
30 Products P-Z - Republic Steel Corp. stainless steel non-glare curtain, 1959
30 Products P-Z - Roberk Co. rear view car mirror, 1959
30 Products P-Z - Perpetual desk calendar (Osborne-Kemper-Thomas, Inc.), 1959
30 Products P-Z - Portable grill (Lawn Chef), 1950-1951
30 Products P-Z - Pres-A-lite automatic cigarette lighter and dispenser (Masterbilt Products Corp.), 1947-1949
30 Products P-Z - Proctor Mary Proctor toaster, 1958
30 Products P-Z - Product Seminars, 1954, 1955
30 Products P-Z - Loewy and industrial design, 1943-1944, 1965
30 Products P-Z - Ray-O-Lite fiberglass awning and patio covering, 1955-1960
30 Products P-Z - Rudd-Melikian automatic food and beverage vending machine, 1961-1963
30 Products P-Z - S&S Corrugated Paper Machinery Co.: Corrugated cutter-creaser, 1958
30 Products P-Z - S&S Corrugated Paper Machinery Co.: Corrugator, 1961
30 Products P-Z - Schick Co. electric razor and packaging, 1939-1940, 1946-1949
30 Products P-Z - Singer: Vacuum cleaner, 1948-1952, 1958
30 Products P-Z - Singer: Spinet cabinet and stool, 1953-1954
30 Products P-Z - Singer: Trademark redesign, 1957
30 Products P-Z - Soundscriber dictating system, 1960
30 Products P-Z - Swivelier Co., Inc., Cozy-Lite, 1969
30 Products P-Z - Taylor Co. thermometers, 1948, 1954
30 Products P-Z - Titmus Optical Co. eyeglass frames, 1963-1966
30 Products P-Z - Torsion Balance Company balance, 1949
30 Products P-Z - Tropic-Aire, Inc. sewing machine, 1949-1950
30 Products P-Z - Turbotrain (United Aircraft), 1967
30 Products P-Z - Union Carbide car seat for children, 1965
30 Products P-Z - United Music UPB-100 jukebox, 1958-1960
30 Products P-Z - Universal cordless electric shaver, Coffeematic (Landers, Frary & Clark), 1958-1959
30 Products P-Z - Vanguard Corp., Sellavator (combination shipping unit-display), 1953
30 Products P-Z - Vulcan Radiator Company baseboard heater, 1950
30 Products P-Z - Vornado automobile air conditioner, 1961
30 Products P-Z - Warner-Hudnut Inc., razors, 1951, 1953
30 Products P-Z - Westinghouse portable television, 1956-1957
30 Products P-Z - Westinghouse air conditioner, 1956-1957
30 Products P-Z - Whitin Machine Works Piedmont spinning frame, 1958
31 Snaith/Project Home - Project Home, 1967-1970
31 Snaith/Project Home - Snaith, 1943-1968 [Text of speeches, clippings, and article written by Snaith.]
32 Snaith/Personal - Magazine and newspaper articles written by and about Snaith, 1956-1970 [Include information on architecture projects; whirlpool/steam bath; book reviews of The Irresponsible Arts and Across the Western Ocean; Snaith's artwork and exhibits; yachtsmanship; World Sail Series trophy; Snaith's home in Weston, CT.]
33 Studebaker - American and French magazine/newspaper articles, 1934-1968 [Publications include Newsweek, Esquire, Motor Trend, Auto Sport Review, Speed Age, The Horseless Carriage Club Gazette, and trade association publications. Articles on "Studebaker Abandons the Loewy Style" in1956; mention of other cars with Loewy designs, i.e. Comete, Aston-Martin, Lancia Gran Turismo, etc.]
33 Studebaker - BMW Headlight-laden front
33 Studebaker - Silver Hawk
33 Studebaker - Hawk 4-Speed
33 Studebaker - Lark
33 Studebaker - President Sedan (station wagon)
33 Studebaker - S-P Special (Studebaker/Packard)
33 Studebaker - Commander Series
33 Studebaker - President Series
33 Studebaker - "Wildcat" V-8 engine
33 Studebaker - "Pacesetter" V-8 engine
33 Studebaker - Regal Land Cruiser
33 Studebaker - LeMaire, Eleanor (interior decorator -- upholstery)
33 Studebaker - Original Studebaker Conestoga wagon, 1834
33 Studebaker - Champion, 1939
33 Studebaker - Regal Champion
33 Studebaker - Conestoga
33 Studebaker - Museum of Modern Art, catalogue, 1953
33 Studebaker - Centennial Car
33 Studebaker - Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. annual meeting announcement, 1950
33 Studebaker - Accelerator, SAE monthly publication, 1950 December
33 Studebaker - Hupmobile, 1934
34 Supermarkets - Super Market Institute (SMI) publicity, 1959-1962, 1970
34 Supermarkets - Articles about Dilbert's (NY), Kroger (St. Paul, Cincinnati), and Big Bear (Columbus, OH), supermarkets designed by Loewy's firm, based on SMI report, 1960-1969
34 Supermarkets - Lucky Stores, Inc.: San Leandro, CA, 1947-1948
34 Supermarkets - Lucky Stores, Inc.: Montgomery Village Shopping Center, Santa Rose, CA, 1954
34 Supermarkets - Articles on supermarkets that include Loewy, 1950-1951
35 Transportation, A-L - Transportation, general news., 1941-1967
35 Transportation, A-L - Air France, 1947-1948
35 Transportation, A-L - American Banner Lines: SS Atlantic, 1957-1959
35 Transportation, A-L - Alouette, 1957-1959
35 Transportation, A-L - American President Lines: SS President Jackson, SS President Hoover, 1949-1957
35 Transportation, A-L - American Transit, 1955
35 Transportation, A-L - Bell Aircraft, 1943-1944, 1957-1958
35 Transportation, A-L - J.G. Brill, 1938, 1939
35 Transportation, A-L - Cleveland Transit, 1958
35 Transportation, A-L - Cockshutt Farm Equipment, 1958
35 Transportation, A-L - Delaware and Hudson, 1939
35 Transportation, A-L - Dorsett cruisers and runabouts, 1958-1960
35 Transportation, A-L - Eastern Air Lines, 1957, 1967
35 Transportation, A-L - Fairchild Hiller, 1967, 1968, 1970
35 Transportation, A-L - Greyhound, 1944-1956
35 Transportation, A-L - Grumman Gulfstream, 1958-1959
35 Transportation, A-L - Lockheed: Constellation, 1947
35 Transportation, A-L - Lockheed: Lodestar, 1951
35 Transportation, A-L - SS Lurline (Matson Lines), 1948, 1951, 1953
36 Transportation, M-R - Matson Lines, 1946-1948
36 Transportation, M-R - Maritime Administration, 1958-1960
36 Transportation, M-R - Mid-States Corp., trailers, 1952-1953
36 Transportation, M-R - Missouri Pacific Railroad, 1940
36 Transportation, M-R - Monon Railroad, 1947-1949, 1959
36 Transportation, M-R - Norfolk and Western Railway, 1947
36 Transportation, M-R - Moore McCormack: SS Brasil, SS Argentina, 1959-1967
36 Transportation, M-R - Northeast Airlines, 1966-1967