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Consolidation and merger of corporations

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

American Car and Foundry Company, Jackson and Sharp Company miscellany

Accession: 0275

American Car and Foundry Company is a manufacturer of railroad rolling stock and railcar parts, founded in 1899. In 1901, the company began leasing the facilities of a railroad rolling stock and shipbuilding manufacturer, the Jackson and Sharp Company. The records include photocopies of a history of the Wilmington plant, incorporation papers, and deeds.

Dates: 1909-1946

Andelot Stock Farms, Inc. records

Accession: 1861

Andelot Stock Farms, Inc. is a cattle and livestock farm in Worton, Kent County, Maryland. In addition to livestock, the farm produces peaches, apples, alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and dairy products. These two volumes are a stock transfer book and minute book documenting the merger of Andelot Stock Farms, Inc. into Andelot, Inc. in 1935.

Dates: 1932; 1935

Bethlehem Steel Corporation records, 1892-1967

 Record Group
Accession: 1699Identifier: 1699-I.
Scope and Contents:

The records of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation are a series of fragments, lacking the complete runs of corporate and executive documents that normally comprise a business archive. The surviving records give a reasonable overview of the company's history and activities, but one which is lacking in depth.

Correspondence and memorabilia of its executive officers consist largely of material collected by Robert McMath, Vice President (Finance) and Secretary. These include organization papers, directories, annual and quarterly reports to the stockholders and internal statistical reports. McMath’s correspondence deals with an assortment of subjects, including those related to the financial downturn of the 1930s and its effect on business and industry. Other letters pertain to plant visits, construction activities, destruction of securities, financial progress of competing steel companies, investments, the benefits of free enterprise over communism, and Bethlehem’s contribution to World War II. Although the bulk of the letters are addressed to McMath, some are directed to Bethlehem Steel Chairman Eugene G. Grace and Charles Schwab.

There are bound collections of documents regarding major mergers and acquisitions and the issuance of stock and bond issues, these documents are most useful in tracing the evolution of corporate structure. Also from McMath's office are scattered legal files of which the most important is a transcript of testimony from the anti-trust proceedings barring the merger with the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company in 1968.

Dates: 1892-1967

Corporate operations

Accession: 2173Identifier: 2173-II.
Scope and Contents: Series II. Corporate Operations is comprised of six subseries.Subseries A. Corporate Documentation; mainly includes articles of association, by-laws, minutes, agreements, financial reports, canceled stock certificates and registers, and related documents regarding Distillers Corporation-Seagrams Limited, The Seagram Company, Ltd. and subsidiaries. The records also document selected acquisitions. Subseries B. Financial Records; this subseries contains six volumes of Distillers Corporation-Seagrams Limited payroll registers (1933-1945); and miscellaneous fragmentary financial records for Atlantic Distilling Company Limited (1927-1929), Distillers Corporation Limited (1927-1941, 1971), Premartin y Ca. (1853-1871; in Spanish), and unidentified companies (1917-1928).Subseries C. Legal Records; includes agreement files pertaining to the company's early years and provide insights into its development, especially capital projects. Financial statements for D.C.-S.L. and selected subsidiaries.Government regulation in regards to customs and excise regulation; the Food and Drugs Act; labeling approvals and regulation; liquor control; taxation; trade agreements; and the wartime prices and trade board. Included in these documents is a large collection of bottle label registrations. Trademark records include trademark registrations, renewals and assignments. Royal Warrants from Canada, Denmark, England, Greece, India, Netherlands and Sweden. Subseries D. Plants and Manufacturing Processes; this subseries contains records pertaining to manufacturing plants in Canada, the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico and include plans, agreements, histories, payroll, clippings, and staffing records. The materials are arranged by plant location. Production and Processes records document manufacturing, machinery, packaging, cooperage, and warehousing.Subseries E. Real Estate; This subseries contains records documenting the Seagram Building (375 Park Avenue); 1410 Peel Street, Montreal (Canadian headquarters); Bronfman investment-property Harrison Hot Springs Hotel Company, Limited (B.C.); the Seagram Stadium (Waterloo, Ontario); and the Seagram Tower (Niagara Falls, Ontario). Subseries F. Agriculture and Research Records; This subseries documents Seagram research on distilling; fertilizers; corn; yeast; enzymes; and grain development including triticale. The tritcale and grain research was supported by the Rosner...
Dates: 1682-1996; Majority of material found within 1930-1990

DuPont-Conoco acquisition records

Accession: 1996

In the summer of 1981, a four-way bidding war errupted over the control of Conoco Inc., the world's ninth-largest oil company. These records consist of the various formal tender offers made for Conoco Inc.

Dates: 1981-1983

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company minute books

Accession: 2530

The E. I du Pont de Nemours & Company minute books document an important era in the history of the company from just before the turn of the twentieth century through the 1930s. The DuPont Company in this time went through many changes in structure under the leadership of cousins T. Coleman du Pont, Alfred I. du Pont, and Pierre S. du Pont.

Dates: 1899-1940

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company web archives

Accession: WA-2014-005

In the twenty-first century, the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, better known as the DuPont Company focused on science with a diverse set of interests and products. It operates in more than ninty countries with corporate headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, and employs more than 60,000 people worldwide, including 10,000 scientists and engineers. This is a collection of websites owned by or affiliated with the DuPont Company, between 2011 and present. Complete web archive is available at

Dates: 2011-2020

Irving S. Shapiro papers

Accession: 1898

Irving S. Shapiro (1916-2001) was a lawyer for the DuPont Company and was one of the first people outside the du Pont family to become chief executive of the company.

The papers represent a small fragment of Shapiro's work, primarily the more ceremonial aspects, during his tenure as DuPont Company CEO. It includes letters of congratulation, material related to opposing the attempt by Arab nations to enforce a boycott of companies doing business with the State of Israel, papers regarding the merger of Christiana Securities Company into DuPont, newsclippings and magazine articles, Shaprio's appearance on the Donahue show, and DuPont's response to Ralph Nader's book, The Company State.

Dates: 1964-1981

James J. McGillan papers

Accession: 2635

James J. McGillan (1941-2013) was a lawyer and businessman who specialized in corporate transactions and telecommunications systems. He was co-founder of Private Transatlantic Telecommunications System, Inc. (PTAT), which constructed the first privately owned transatlantic fiber optic telecommunications cable from the United States and England. Later, he was co-founder of Med-Tel International Corp., which operated Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) clinics in the U.S. and United Kingdom. McGillan's papers largely include the corporate records of both PTAT and Med-Tel International, documenting corporate buyout policies and transactions, high level executive and managerial decision making, federal licensing, and corporate law within the telecommunications industry.

Dates: 1984-2010

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company records

Accession: 1962

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company formed in 1920 through the consolidation of eight electric utilities companies serving central and eastern Pennsylvania. The collection primarily includes corporate papers documenting the company’s acquisition of various competing electric companies in the early-to-mid twentieth century by way of franchise building, market research and corporate communications, hydroelectric development through studies and surveys on Pennsylvania’s waterways, and material documenting the company’s various power plants in central eastern Pennsylvania. Financial and accounting records of the Pennsylvania Water & Power Company, which PP&L acquired in 1955, are also included.

Dates: 1796-1995; Majority of material found within 1920-1975

Philadelphia Electric Company records

Accession: 1780

The Philadelphia Electric Company was incorporated under the laws of Pennsylvania on October 31, 1929, as a merger of The Philadelphia Electric Company (incorporated in Pa. on October 27, 1902), the Philadelphia Suburban-Counties Gas & Electric Company, and three other small utility companies. It is the primary gas and electric company for Philadelphia, its surrounding counties and Cecil and Harford Counties in northeastern Maryland. Their records consist of microfilm copies of the minute books of about 150 of the predecessor companies of the Philadelphia Electric Company.

Dates: 1836-1953; Majority of material found within 1890-1915

Ransome Airlines/Pan Am Express/Trans World Express records

Accession: 2136

Ransome Airlines, Pan Am Express (PAE), and Trans World Express (TWE) are predecessor and successor domestic airline companies. Ransome Airlines was a regional commuter service that operated between 1967 and 1986. Pan American World Airways acquired Ransome Airlines in April 1986 and renamed the company Pan Am Express. It operated domestic routes for the first time in the parent company's history. When Pan American World Airways went bankrupt in 1991, their wholly owned subsidiary was purchased by Trans World Airlines and became Trans World Express. It continued to fly domestic routes until 1995. This collection of Ransome Airlines, Pan Am Express, and Trans World Express records documents the three airlines from the initial establishment, through each transition, to the final dissolution. While not a complete company archive, the records provide a representative and detailed view of high-level operations at Ransome Airlines, PAE, and TWE through the activities of various executives. The collection contains the papers of five company presidents, three directors of finance, two directors of public relations, one director of personnel, one director of planning and administration, and one member of the accounting department. It will be of high research value to aviation historians interested in the effects of deregulation, aircraft acquisitions, financial planning, company mergers and transitions, and bankruptcy. The collection will also interest labor historians involved in collective bargaining research.

Dates: 1927; 1966-1995

"The Lou Gordon Program" audio reel and letter

Accession: 2013-219

"The Lou Gordon Program" is a 90-minute radio show that interviews and discusses topics of public interest. This collection includes a letter to David C. Bevin from Lee C. Hanson and two audio reels of "The Lou Gordon Program."

Dates: 1974 May

Triton Biosciences, Inc. records

Accession: 2855

Triton Biosciences, Inc. was a biotechnology research company that focused on cancer diagnosis and treatment products. The company began in 1983 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell Oil Company. Triton Biosciences partnered with Cetus Corporation, a leading biotechnology research firm. By 1990, Triton had grown to approximately 300 employees and had two pharmaceutical products in late-stage development: Betaseron and Fludara. Betaseron is an injectable drug that is approved for use and treatment of symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Fludara is a chemotherapy medication approved for use and treatment of leukemia and lymphoma. The Triton Biosciences, Inc. records document the company's structure, goals, operations, research, and achievements from its formation to its sale to Schering AG. The collection is arranged into two series: General files and Evaluations and offerings. The General files series consists of presentations, publications, meeting minutes, and marketing materials. The Evaluations and offerings series consists of consulting groups' company analyses of Triton, Triton's self-assessment, prospective buyers' offering memorandums, and materials related to Triton's sale to Schering AG. This collection would interest those researching biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, patent medicine development, or company acquisitions.

Dates: 1980-1995; 2024

William Porter Allen papers

Accession: 1832

William P. Allen (1881-1941) worked at the DuPont Company as vice president and director as well as general manager of the Cellulose Products and Paint, Lacquer & Chemicals Department. The papers document his work from 1928 to 1930, including meeting minutes, merger papers, and employee relations.

Dates: 1928-1930