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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Heat-engines; Internal combustion engines; Motors; Pistons; Portable engines; Pumping machinery; Solar engines; Steam-boilers; Steam-engines; Traction-engines; Turbines; Waste-heat engines; Water-pressure engines.

Found in 9 Collections and/or Records:

Diesel Engines - Research and Development, 1908-1929

Identifier: 1893-VI.
Scope and Content: Elmer Sperry's files on the compound diesel engine and the electric transmission include a number of blueprints and patent diagrams describing his diesel engine and proposed electronic transmission. During the 1920s Sperry collaborated closely with H. C. Snow, an engineer with the Velie Motors Corporation of Moline, Illinois, and the collection includes a complete file of their letters. These records show that in spite of their efforts the diesel project was both a technological and financial failure. Sperry could not develop a working model nor could he raise the capital required to finance research and development in this area. For a while Ford Motor Company, Standard Oil, Baldwin Locomotive Works, and the Illinois Central Railroad expressed interest in Sperry's work but, when research and development did not proceed as rapidly as expected, they quickly withdrew their support.
Dates: 1908-1929

E. G. Bailey papers

Identifier: 2092
Abstract: Ervin George "E. G." Bailey (1880-1974) was a combustion engineer, inventor, and businessman. His personal papers include correspondence and articles on subjects relating to combustion engineering, and information about awards and honors Bailey received and conferences he participated in. Bailey's papers include copies of numerous speeches and publications on combustion engineering and engineering education.
Dates: 1873-1991

Erie City Iron Works technical illustrations

Identifier: 1973-419
Abstract: The Erie City Iron Works in Erie, Pennsylvania, was a major manufacturer of boilers, stationary and portable engines, and machinery for sawmills and steam riveting. The collection consists of technical diagrams of engines.
Dates: circa 1912-1924

Kelvinator Corporation electric refrigerators album

Identifier: 1997-229
Abstract: Kelvinator was founded in Detroit in 1916. Nathaniel B. Wales (1883-1974) was the founding engineer, and he had been developing home refrigeration units. By 1923, Kelvinator had the lion’s share of the electric refrigerator market at eighty percent. This album appears to be a wholesaler's catalog showing sketched illustrations of the exteriors and interiors of Kelvinator refrigerator models.
Dates: circa 1930

W. & A. Fletcher Company

Identifier: 1699-III.-XX.
Scope and Content: The records of the W. & A. Fletcher Company consist of fragmentary job files, job account books, engineering notebooks, and a collection of correspondence and miscellany collected by Andrew Fletcher, Jr. A large collection of Fletcher ship and engine drawings is located at its South Street Seaport Museum in New York City. Among the job files are a master list of engines built by Fletcher from 1864 to 1925, and fragmentary correspondence on several orders. The job account books from 1869 to 1917 list cost breakdowns arranged by job. There is a small fragment of correspondence by Andrew Fletcher, Jr., most notably relating to marine turbine technology, and an item from a suit by Fletcher against the International Association of Machinists arising from a strike in 1903. There is also a collection of timetables and annual passes for the many railroads and steamship companies over which Fletcher travelled or with which he had business dealings. There is also a vertical file kept by Andrew Fletcher, Jr., which consists largely of tear sheets from the Nautical Gazette, Marine Engineering, and other trade journals.

There are two anomalous items reflecting Fletcher's role as president of the American Locomotive Works and the Eddystone Ammunition Corp. during World War I. The first is a volume of blueprints for shells, and the second a map of the plants of the Eddystone Ammunition Corp. and the Baldwin Locomotive Works at Eddystone.
Dates: 1860-1947

Westinghouse Electric Corporation Steam Division photographs

Identifier: 1969-170
Abstract: The Westinghouse Machine Company manufactured gas and steam engines, turbines and mechanical stokers. The vast corporate photographic archive from this division covers diverse topics including technical subjects showing surface condensers and reduction gears and components used to construct different types of turbines. There are building construction views and thorough documentation of the Essington property; specifically, this includes the blade, diaphragm, erecting, and forge shops, several different types of laboratories on the premise, a foundry and pickle house. In addition, there are images of the pattern storage house, power house, pump house, and salvage building
Dates: 1898-1964

Westinghouse Machine Company album

Identifier: 1983-247
Abstract: The Westinghouse Machine Company began in 1880, and the company's first contract to build a turbine dates to 1896. The album contains a variety of images of products and facilities related to the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. These include photographs of equipment such as boilers, generators, mechanical stokers, pumping machinery and turbines.
Dates: 1908

Westinghouse Machine News magazine

Identifier: 1993-242
Abstract: The Westinghouse Machine Company manufactured gas and steam engines, turbines and mechanical stokers. This is one sixteen-page copy of the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company magazine from the South Philadelphia plant.
Dates: 1919 December

William M. Henderson papers

Identifier: 2267
Abstract: William M. Henderson (1831-1904) was a mechanical engineer and inventor who spent most of his career in Philadelphia. The papers consist of two items: a scrapbook, which pertains to Henderson's career and inventions, and an atlas of twenty-nine plates of Bessemer and rolling-mill machinery.
Dates: 1847-1893