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Christ Church Christiana Hundred records
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Christ Church Christiana Hundred records

Accession 2437

Manuscripts and Archives Department, Hagley Museum and Library

PO Box 3630
Wilmington, Delaware, 19807

Finding aid prepared by Kevin Brown, 2009,

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Christ Church Christiana Hundred records
Dates: 1831-1998, bulk 1888-1987
Accession Number: 2437
Creator: Christ Church Christiana Hundred (Greenville, DE)
Extent: 16 linear feet
Language of Material: English
Repository: Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department
Abstract: Founded in 1848 by Reverend Samuel Brincklé and members of the du Pont family, Christ Church Christian Hundred located in Greenville, DE is one of the oldest Episcopal churches in the Diocese of Delaware. Their records chronicle the activities of Christ Church over a span of nearly one hundred fifty years and include administrative and vital records.

Administrative Information


Deposit of Christ Church Christiana Hundred, 2009

Access Restrictions

Internal documents and personal correspondence are closed to researchers for 25 years from the date of creation. Personal documents including baptisms, confirmations, and marriages are closed to researchers for 70 years from the date of creation.


Historical Note

The history of Christ Church dates back to 1815 with the beginnings of the Brandywine Manufacturer's Sunday School (BMSS). Eleuthère du Pont built the school on DuPont Company property.

By the mid-1840s, the community surrounding the powder mills had grown and the various denominations that made up the BMSS splintered off to form their own churches and schools. Mount Salem Methodist, Green Hill Presbyterian, and St. Joseph's on the Brandywine Catholic Church left the small BMSS with a diminished student body of Episcopalians.

In 1848, Alfred Lee, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware, appointed Reverend Samuel Brincklé a missionary for new Castle County. As part of his missionary work, Reverend Brincklé preached on Sundays at the du Pont's small Sunday School and during this time worked with the du Pont's to establish their own Episcopal Parish. The neighboring parishes in the Diocese initially resisted the creation of this new parish, claiming that it encroached upon other parochial jurisdictions. Nevertheless, in 1851 the corner stone was laid for Christ Church adjacent to the powder mills in Christiana Hundred and on May 4, 1856, Bishop Lee performed the first service at the church.

At first the congregation was small, mostly consisting of members of the du Pont family, and parishioners rented their pews (a practice that would continue into the 1940s). After Reverend Brincklé's death in 1863, the congregation grew and witnessed a succession of rectors. Reverend William Newbold succeeded Brincklé in 1864 until 1869, followed by Reverend Isaac Newton Stanger, under whose three-year tenure the church was incorporated in 1872. Reverends Dudley D. Smith, Hamilton Bartlett, and Charles Horne rounded out the rest of the nineteenth-century rectors.

In 1886, the establishment of Immanuel Chapel in Wilmington siphoned off a large number of communicants from Christ Church, but the diminished congregation remained active. The first women's groups formed during Bartlett's rectorship and the Young Crusaders, a boy's organization and branch of the Church Temperance Society evolved in 1898.

Though the church had declined in numbers, physically the late nineteenth-century represented a period of growth. In 1892, a rectory was built and electricity was installed in the church. A new organ was also put in the church and by 1899, when Reverend Horne departed Christ Church, construction had already begun on a new parish house. Reverend John S. Bunting brought the church into the twentieth century and worked hard to rebuild church membership and revamp the Sunday School, which he felt had been neglected.

Reverend Bunting initially caused anxiety among the communicants when he introduced a more ceremonial-style service and added candles and a cross to the altar. Christ Church had always prided itself on being Low Church Episcopalian. Any sense of formality and ceremony smacked of high churchmanship, which in the communicants' view would slowly align the church with Catholicism. Bunting reassured his congregation that he did not intend any doctrinal changes to their services, but the parishioners' insistence on retaining its tradition of being Low Church would crop up again in the 1980s.

Reverend Bunting left Christ Church suddenly in 1908 upon learning that it had never been properly consecrated and could not be as long as the du Pont Company held title to the land. Bunting did not feel comfortable serving an unconsecrated church and so Reverend William H. Laird succeeded him as Rector. During Laird's tenure, major renovations were made to the church. The renovations included enlarging the chancel, replacing wooden arches with stone arches, installing all new woodwork, all new pews, replacing the lighting, putting in new pulpit steps, as well as other alterations and additions to the building. Shortly after the renovations were completed in 1914, Laird left Christ Church and was replaced by Reverend Robert Coles. Coles lasted only three years, vacating the position for Reverend Frederick T. Ashton, who would remain rector for twenty years.

Reverend Ashton faced a similar problem to the one Reverend Smith encountered in the 1880s. The closure of the Powder Mills in 1921 led to a significant decline in church membership. Though the church instituted bus service so as to expand church membership to a larger community, for the next twenty years, Christ Church remained a shadow of its former self.

With the appointment of Reverend William Capers Munds as rector in 1942, Christ Church entered a time of profound growth and positive change. Under Munds' rectorship, pew rentals finally ceased, the Vestry members began to serve on a rotating basis, a cross was placed on the top of the steeple and in 1948, the church was finally consecrated. In addition, the congregation expanded and a new education building including a chapel was built. For eighteen years, Reverend Munds served the parish and grew to become one of its most popular rectors. When Munds retired in 1960, his replacement had large shoes to fill.

Reverend John O'Hear took over the rectorship in 1961 and though he had a hard act to follow in Reverend Munds, he succeeded in being as equally popular with the congregation as his predecessor. While Munds had revitalized the church, O'Hear brought the church into the community and onto the global stage. During the 1960s and 1970s, Christ Church offered a number of seminar programs related to social and racial justice. O'Hear also instituted a graduate-level seminar program featuring theological scholars from across the nation. The Church also actively aided the larger Wilmington Community. The West Center City Day Care Nursery provided day care assistance to families in the low-income, areas of urban Wilmington so parents could find jobs. The West Side Larger Parish, started in 1965, was a scholarship program meant to give financial aid to poor, young African-Americans aspiring to attend college.

In addition to providing aid for the communities in its immediate vicinity, Christ Church under Reverend O'Hear provided aid throughout the world. Beginning in 1963, the Campaign for Unmet Needs assisted parishes and dioceses throughout the world to provide basic needs such as church buildings, hospitals, transportation for ministers, funds for missions, schools, training centers for seminarians, water works, generators, equipment, and more. One project in Sarawak, Malaysia even funded the translation of the Bible into Iban. The Unmet Needs campaign operated on nearly every continent, though particularly in Southeast Asia, West Africa, Central and South America and even on Native American Reservations in the United States.

John O' Hear served as Rector for twenty years, retiring in 1981. It took Christ Church about a year and half to find a new rector. Though the assistant rector, Reverend John C. Scobell took over temporarily, the church lacked leadership. When Reverend Adam Lewis was appointed in 1983, the transition was a challenging one. Lewis did not always get along well with the vestry and the predominantly conservative congregation who feared that Lewis' minor alterations to worship services and preference for ceremony would carry the church away from the Low Church traditions that they had always valued. Lewis eventually called upon Reverend Philip Porcher, an outside religious consultant to help improve the working relationship between himself and the Vestry. Yet in spite of the difficult transition, Lewis served the parish for eleven years, leaving the rectorship in 1994.

Today Christ Church continues to be an active parish and to follow its mission to "share the beauty and the power of God's transforming love through our worship, community, and service in the world."


Scope and Content

The records chronicle the activities of Christ Church over a span of nearly one hundred fifty years and include administrative meetings minutes, committee activities, financial documents, legal documents, correspondence, and other records relating to the business of running a church. The records also include registries of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, transfers, and deaths.



The collection is divided into two series governed by their storage place in the church at the time of the acquisition. Series I consists of all the records that were contained in the church vault. By and large these are the oldest records. The more recent documents that comprise Series II were stored in the attic. Where appropriate, the original filing structure at the folder level was maintained.


Series Descriptions and Inventory

I. Vault Records, 1831-1998, bulk 1888-1960
3 linear feet
Scope and Content
All of the records that were contained in the church vault, which are by and large the oldest records.
A. Administration, 1854-1956
Scope and Content
Includes meeting minutes and reports mostly of the Vestry, the church's governing body. These records provide an excellent general and holistic view of church business at any given time dealing with information related to property, finance, construction projects, schools, reports from various committees, and other parish/Diocesan events.
Historical Note
Meeting minutes generally include a list of members both present and absent, reports from various committees, report from the treasurer, and votes on various motions concerning financial expenditures, the school, or construction projects.
Pew Holders annual meetings took place immediately before the annual meeting of the Vestry and were principally concerned with electing church wardens and vestrymen.
The Clerical Brotherhood of Delaware was established between 1889 and 1890 in order to provide a social gathering of local clergymen to socialize and conduct presentations and discussions regarding both business and spiritual matters throughout the Diocese.
The Bishopstead was a property donated to the Diocese for use as an Episcopal residence. Appointed by the Diocesan Convention to raise funds for the upkeep and maintenance of the Bishopstead property, the committee resolved to establish a fund to which each parish in the Diocese be required to contribute.
1 "Minutes of the Vestry of Christ Church Christiana Hundred," 1854-1916 [monthly meetings; also included are scattered financial statements, investments, and meetings of the pew holders.] ; bound volume
1 "Minutes of the Vestry of Christ Church Christiana Hundred," 1917-1949 [monthly meetings; issues discussed include Sunday School attendance, transportation, pew rentals, parking lots, and other church operations.] ; bound volume
1 "Minutes of the Vestry of Christ Church Christiana Hundred," 1949-1956 [monthly meetings] ; bound volume
1 "Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Vestry," 1906-1907 [Also included are election results for officers of the vestry and for delegates to the Annual Diocese Convention.]
1 "Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Pew Holders," 1906-1907
1 Minutes of the Vestry notes, 1899 [notes on three of the monthly Vestry meeting, written in shorthand, later transcribed for the minute books]
1 "Memoranda of Meeting of Vestry," 1916 November 21 [bullet point summary of the meeting minutes; Items discussed include church membership, cutting Sunday afternoon services to devote more time to the Sunday School, loaning their old altar and cloths to Immanuel Church chapel, and the resignation of Archibald du Pont and secretary of the board of vestrymen.]
1 "Minutes of the Clerical Brotherhood of Delaware," 1914-1931 [Included inside the front cover are various loose documents consisting of post cards to members regarding future meetings, miscellaneous correspondence, two committee reports concerning travel allowances for members, and an account book of the Lewes Trust Company.] ; bound volume
1 Bishopstead Committee Resolution, 1893 July 15
1 Diocese of Delaware - Committee Reports, 1947-1953 [activities in the Diocese including social relations, social service, missionary work, charity, Christian education, interracial relations, new construction and general financial matters]
1 Ledger, 1902-1914 [information on all Church expenditures and credits including salaries for the Rector, sexton, and other employees, money for the choirs, organist, vestments, decorations, utilities; funds for church improvements, charity and missionary work both foreign and domestic; business interests and investments; alms, service collections, bequests, offerings, and pew rents] ; bound volume
1 Ledger, 1914-1925; bound volume
1 Ledger, 1909-1931; bound volume
1 "Treasurer's Report," 1905-1906 [Henry F. du Pont's annual reports consisting of expenditures and credits including foreign and domestic missions, hospital work, communion alms, a piano fund for the Sunday School, church repairs and improvements, and donations and collections.]
B. Financial, 1892-1957
Arranged chronologically with the exception of the Treasurer's Reports, which are placed first.
Scope and Content
In addition to the Treasurer's reports, the subseries also includes information regarding stock investments, bonds, and securities and a summary of the Church's financial growth between 1943 and 1957.
2 "Treasurer's Report," 1917 [brief summary of finances for the Sunday School include amounts paid for utilities, music, and the janitor]
2 Bills & Receipts, 1892-1893 [for work done at the church, chiefly landscaping]
2 Balance Sheet notes regarding various expenditures and credits, 1898
2 Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. stock, 1903-1904 [concerns the Church's stock in Lehigh, primarily the company's requirement of notarized proof of Henry F. du Pont's election as the church secretary]
2 John Galloway to Henry F. du Pont requesting to whom he should send a mortgage payment, 1905
2 Letters from H.F. du Pont to Archibald du Pont in reference to obtaining the proper paperwork to prove his authority as treasurer to transfer and make changes in the church's various investments, 1913, 1915
2 Memo from the E.I. du Pont de Nemours Powder Co. informing its stockholders that they can receive a 200% dividend payable in the common stock of the company, 1915
2 "Growth of Christ Church," 1943-1957 [summary of the church's budget and expenditures for each year between 1943 and 1957 for its parish operations, school, and property] ; 1 page
C. Legal, 1888-1898
Arrangement note
The deeds and property transfers are arranged separately in chronological order at the front of the subseries. Following these records, the remaining documents are chronologically arranged.
Scope and Content
Includes various deeds and property transfers; several documents related to mortgage indentures, correspondence, and property maps related to a title search undertaken in the mid 1970s and late 1980s; and a report from 1998 consisting of copies of various deeds and title abstracts.
2 Various property deeds and land transfers, 1891-1977
2 Deed with E.I. du Pont de Nemours Powder Co., 1914; 3 copies
2 Deed with Henry F. du Pont and wife, Ruth Wales du Pont, 1924; 3 copies
2 Various deeds, maps, and agreements chiefly concerning land swaps between Christ Church and Lammot du Pont Copeland, 1949-1951
2 Mortgage indentures for Mary Jane Moore, 1888
2 A resolution by the vestry to secure a release of mortgage for Alexander C. Knorr, 1889; letter from attorney John S. Gerhard satisfying the mortgage, 1895
2 Title search correspondence and maps to determine the actual property boundaries and ownership of the church, 1963-1988, bulk 1975-1988 [Concern over ownership and boundary lines stems from various land swaps made during the 1950s with neighbors in order to square up the boundary lines. The title search is chiefly concerned with whether the church belongs to the immediate parish or the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware.]
2 Copy of a report made by the Eastern States Title Abstract company in 1998 including copies of original deeds and titles recorded in the recorder of deeds books along with accompanying maps, 1998
D. Construction Projects, 1871-1950
Arrangement note
Arranged chronologically.
Scope and Content
Documents relating to the various new constructions and renovations that occurred at Christ church. Types of documents include contracts, subscription lists, some blueprints, and community mailings.
2 Subscription list for funding a new Church Bell, 1871
2 Contract between George Speer & Christ Chruch for installing a new roof on the church, 1887
2 Contract agreements for building the Rectory, 1891-1892
2 Checks, Bills, and Receipts concerned with the Rectory construction, 1891-1893
2 Contract agreement and blueprints for a new Parish Building, 1898
2 Contracts for church renovations, 1914 [enlarging the chancel, replacing wooden arches with stone arches, all new woodwork, all new pews, replacing the lighting, new pulpit steps, and other alterations and additions to the building]
2 Parishioner mailings, 1948-1950 [fundraising and gaining community support to construct a church school]
E. Property Drawings, 1915-1951
Scope and Content
Consists of miscellaneous plans and drawings of buildings and property boundaries.
2 Property boundary maps and elevation drawings for buildings, 1915-1951 [Some are copies of plans filed in subseries C and D with associated deeds, contracts, or agreements.]
Map Maps, measured drawings, and plans, 1915-1951
F. History, 1848-1969
Scope and Content
Collection of documents related to the history of Christ Church as an institution, including information regarding its founding and the key people involved. Documents include diary extracts of the first rector, Samuel Brincklé, the church's Certificate of Incorporation, a sampling of letters and diary entries of Sophie and Eleuthera du Pont, recollections of a conversation with Sophie M. du Pont, and a manuscript copy of Charles Silliman's The Story of Christ Church Christiana Hundred and its People (1957) with associated documents.
Historical Note
Open for a half an hour before Morning Service, the Parish library was a circulating library consisting of religious books which parishioners could check out for up to four weeks at a time. Though it began in 1858, it had been closed for many years until the 1880s when it was reopened and catalogs like this one were published. This particular catalog belonged to Mary du Pont, wife of Henry A. du Pont.
2 Diary extracts, Reverend Samuel Brinckle [establishment, construction, and early activities of Christ Church], 1848-1863
2 Letter from Anna Brinkle to her Aunts, 1851 December 26 [family business and a mention of the Christmas Eve service at the new church]
2 Selected diary entries of Sophie and Eleuthera du Pont, 1854-1859 [establishment of the parish and its acceptance at the Diocese convention, the actual construction and the opening service in the newly completed church] ; typewritten transcriptions
2 Certificate of Incorporation, 1872
2 "Catalog of the Parish Library," 1886
2 Reflections of a conversation between Samuel B. Brown, a former attendee of the Brandywine Manufacturer's Sunday School and Sophie M. du Pont regarding the early establishment of the Sunday School and Christ Church, 1885-1887; multiple copies
2 The Story of Christ Church Christiana Hundred and its People, synopsis by Charles A. Silliman, 1957 [Also included are a chronology, a thumbnail sketch and a letter concerning a student researching the Church's history for a term paper.] ; 126 pages
2 Assigns of copyright for The Story of Christ Church Christiana Hundred and its People, related correspondence, and distribution lists for the published book in the Parish, 1959-1969
2 The Story of Christ Church Christiana Hundred and its People, 1957; bound volume; manuscript copy of the finished book
G. Church Services, 1855-1958
Scope and Content
Includes a smattering of sermons and church bulletins. A memorial sermon given in light of the assassination of President Garfield is included.
2 A collection of four published sermons given at Christ Church[includes two memorial sermons on the deaths of President James A. Garfield and Captain Sidney E. Stuart, an Inspector of Powder for the United States Ordinance Department killed in a powder explosion], 1855-1899
2 Assorted churce bulletins and programs for services, 1945-1958
H. Sunday School, 1831-1955
Arrangement note
The records in the subseries are arranged chronologically.
Scope and Content
Contains various documents related to the Sunday school such as financial ledgers, school enrollments, a brief history of the school, and the lesson books of Sophie and Eleuthera du Pont.
2 History of the early days of Brandywine Manufacturer's Sunday School, undated; 3 pages
2 Eleuthera du Pont lesson book for Brandywine Manufacturer's Sunday School [questions, with the correct answers, about passages in the Bible], 1831; small, hand-written, bound volume
2 Sophie du Pont lesson book for Brandywine Manufacturer's Sunday School, undated
2 Minutes of the Church School Committee, 1951 September 19 [Monthly meeting; Topics include inventory of school property, school curriculum, extra-curricular activities, parent-teacher meetings, and student transportation.]
1 Brandywine Manufacturer's Sunday School enrollment roster, 1945-1946 [includes student names, addresses, phone numbers, parents' names, grade-level, and date of birth]
2 Tables charting levels of school attendance as well as the growth of the school in numbers of students and teachers, 1942-1955
2 Single school mailing to parents regarding the Children's Festival Service on Easter Sunday afternoon, 1948
2 Ledger, 1890-1949 [information on investments, credits, and expenditures related to the Sunday School] ; bound volume
I. Women of Christ Church, 1941-1966
Scope and Content
Collection of documents related to the various women's organizations of the church such as the Altar Guild and the Women's Auxiliary. Most of the records are financial in nature, including treasurer's reports and bank statements.
Historical Note
Formed in 1936, the Altar Guild consisted of a body of women charged with the care of the furnishings and textiles in the sanctuary, keeping the good altar linen clean, keeping the brass candlesticks polished, setting and maintain floral arrangements, and general housekeeping throughout the sanctuary.
2 "Minutes of the Altar Guild," 1941-1951 [monthly meetings] ; bound volume
2 Ledger of the Women's Auxiliary - expenditures and receipts, 1956-1957; bound volume
2 Annual treasurer's reports, 1957-1963 [activities of the Women of Christ Church, such as the Green Show, revenues of the Winterthur Snack Bar, and yearly gifts to charities and missions]
2 Monthly treasurer's reports, 1957-1964 [activities of the Women of Christ Church]
2 Audits of the treasurer's checkbooks, 1960-1964
3 Balance books, 1956-1964
3 Bank statements, 1956-1958
3 Bank statements, 1959-1960
3 Bank statements, 1960-1961
3 Bank statements, 1962-1963
3 Bank statements, 1963-1964
3 Bank statements, 1964-1966
3 Annual report on the Winterthur Snack Bar, 1958-1960 [receipts, expenditures, and profits]
3 Annual reports of the distribution of funds from the Green Show to various aid societies, charities, and missions, 1962-1966
3 Various mass mailings publicizing the work of the Women of Christ Church, announcing upcoming meetings, and discussing schedules for floral arrangements, 1948-1951
3 Notes about budgets and charitable giving, circa 1958-1964; handwritten
J. Christ Church Discussion Group, 1945-1950
Scope and Content
Small collection of various essays and presentations about Christian teachings from a program the church hosted in the late 1940s and 1950s.
3 Topics, presentations, mass mailings, 1945-1950 [Various essays/presentations covering Christian teachings; the life and teachings of Jesus Christ; and the meaning and price of prayer; "The Parent-Child Relationship" and "The Deeper Meaning of Marriage"; reports on Discussion Group attendance, invitation bulletins announcing future Discussion Groups]
K. Correspondence, 1899-1916
Scope and Content
Small collection of letters, primarily written by former rectors accepting the offer to become Rector or resigning their post as Rector.
3 Correspondence of many of the Church's rectors accepting or resigning their position at the church as well as discussions over the joint-rectorship of Christ Chruch Parish and Immanuel Parish, 1899-1916
3 Alfred I. du Pont declining his election to the vestry; George Cheney, the janitor, requesting an increase in salary, 1895-1904; 2 letters
L. Mailings, 1943-1957
Scope and Content
Contains various mass mailings sent out to parishioners including editions of the Christ Church Chronicle, a parish newsletter produced for parishioners in the armed forces.
Historical Note
Christ Church Chronicle was a parish newsletter produced for parishioners in the Armed Forces. Typical editions include a message from the Rector, news or stories of specific church members in the service, sports reports from home, and occasionally funny poems or stories.
3 Christ Church Chronicle, 1944-1948, bulk 1944-1945
3 Mimeograph file, 1943-1946 [mailings and correspondence pertaining to Church services, donations, notices to parents regarding school events and other church business] ; bound volume
3 Mass mailings, 1944-1948 [pamphlets, invitations, event notifications, information on services, charities, missions, and fundraising drives]
3 Mass mailings, 1949-1957 [pamphlets, invitations, event notifications, information on services, charities, missions, and fundraising drives]
M. Media Clippings, 1926-1950s, bulk 1940s-1950s
Scope and Content
Articles referencing Christ church as well as loose pages of several religious magazines such as FORTH, Delaware edition and "The Witness." Also included are several obituaries for Henry A. du Pont and newspaper coverage of the sesquicentennial of the du Ponts in America.
Historical Note
FORTH, Delaware edition was the "Official Journal of the Episcopal Church in Delaware." The Witness was religious magazine similar to "FORTH."
3 Obituaries for Henry A. du Pont, 1926
3 du Pont family 150th anniversary in America, 1950
3 Miscellaneous articles discussing Christ Church, 1940s-1950s
3 Excerpts from FORTH magazine, 1945-1952 [information on all aspects of Church activities in the Diocese of Delaware]
3 Excerpts from The Witness, 1950
N. Miscellaneous
3 Miscellaneous documents, undated [anonymous lectures, a joke, and an advertisement for silverware patterns]
O. Photographs, circa 1882
Scope and Content
Contains several historic views of the church.
3 Photographs of Christ Church, circa 1882 [exterior and interior views]
3 Parish Records/vital statistics; 3 microfilm reels
II. Attic Records, 1877-1993, bulk 1960-1987
10.25 linear feet
Scope and Content
Prior to coming to Hagley, the records were stored in the church's attic and in general represent the more recent material in the collection.
A. Administration, 1942-1984
Contains documents related to the general operations of the church. Like subseries A in Series I, a large portion of this subseries consists of Vestry meeting minutes, an invaluable resource in understanding the business of running a church and offers in snapshot, a summary of legal and financial matters as well as all of the major activities and news in the parish and diocese for any given month. Also of great value in this subseries is the fourteen-year run of parochial reports from 1955 to 1979 that offer a thumbnail sketch of various parish statistics of any given year, such as church membership, vital statistics, official acts, number of services given, and various financial and property statistics.
Historical Note
Vestry Planning Meetings were Monthly workshops designed to renew the Vestry's commitments to their beliefs and values, maintain open and honest communication among the vestry members as well as the Rector, and behavior expectations of both the Vestry and Rector.
Vestry retreats were held at Oberod on Burnt Mill Rd. in Centerville, DE served as opportunities for both socializing as well as "team-building" in order to help the Vestry and Clergy of the parish work more effectively together for the benefit of the Church.
Annual Parish Meetings were open to the congregation at large to keep church members abreast of church business and other events in the parish and diocese. In October 1963, Parish Meetings were held in October instead of February so that they would fall in line with the church's fiscal year and the information given to the congregation would be most current.
Every year, each parish in the Episcopal Church is required to fill out a parochial report to be returned to the Bishop of the Diocese. Included in these reports are the church's vital statistics such as number of communicants, number of official acts (Baptisms, Confirmations, Mariages, Burials, etc.), church school enrollment, number of church services given and financial statistics such as receipts, disbursements, salary information and information concerning property, real or personal.
4 Vestry by-laws and a page from the 1946 edition of The Chronicle containing the model for the by-laws, circa 1946
4 Vestry members, 1942-1981
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1943
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1944 [May, August, and November minutes not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1945 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1946 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1947 [January, June, July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1948 [February, March, July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1949 [February, August, November and December not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1950 [May, July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1951 [July, August and December not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1952 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1953 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1954 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1955 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1956 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1957 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1958 [March, April, July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1959 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1960 [March and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1961 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1962 [July, August and December not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1963 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1964 [June, July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1965 [February, May, August, September, and December not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1966 [January, February, April, and June - September not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1967 [January, April, July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1968 [January, July, August, and December not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1969 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1970 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1971 January-May
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1971 June-December [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1972 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1973 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1974 [July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1975 [July, August and September not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1976 [February, July and August not included]
4 Vestry Monthly Minutes, 1987 November
4 Vestry Planning Meetings, 1985-1986
4 Vestry Retreat, 1983 April
4 Vestry Retreat, 1983 October
4 Vestry Retreat, 1984
4 Vestry Retreat, 1985
4 Parish Meeting, 1946
4 Parish Meeting, 1947
4 Parish Meeting, 1948
4 Parish Meeting, 1949
4 Parish Meeting, 1950
4 Parish Meeting, 1951
4 Parish Meeting, 1952
4 Parish Meeting, 1953
4 Parish Meeting, 1954
4 Parish Meeting, 1955
5 Parish Meeting, 1956
5 Parish Meeting, 1957
5 Parish Meeting, 1958
5 Parish Meeting, 1959
5 Parish Meeting, 1960
5 Parish Meeting, 1961
5 Parish Meeting, 1962
5 Parish Meeting, 1963 February
5 Parish Meeting, 1963 October
5 Parish Meeting, 1964
5 Parish Meeting, 1965
5 Parish Meeting, 1966
5 Parish Meeting, 1967
5 Parish Meeting, 1968
5 Parish Meeting, 1969
5 Parish Meeting, 1970
5 Parish Meeting, 1971
5 Parish Meeting, 1972
5 Parish Meeting, 1973
5 Parish Meeting, 1974
5 Parish Meeting, 1975
5 Parish Meeting, 1976
5 Parish Meeting, 1977
5 Parish Meeting, 1978
5 Parish Meeting, 1979
5 Parish Meeting, 1980
5 Diocesan Convention - news clippings, reports, and correspondence, 1957-1963
5 Diocesan Convention, 1972-1973
5 Diocesan Convention, 1974
5 Diocesan Convention [report of the diocese's Special Committee, formed in early 1978, to report on "programs, priorities, and resources needed for the Diocese through 1985," 1979; bound
5 Parochial Reports, 1944-1954
5 Parochial Reports, 1955-1961
5 Parochial Report, 1962
5 Parochial Report, 1963
5 Parochial Report, 1964
5 Parochial Report, 1965
5 Parochial Report, 1966
5 Parochial Report, 1967
5 Parochial Report, 1968
5 Parochial Report, 1969
5 Parochial Report, 1970
5 Parochial Report, 1971
5 Parochial Report, 1972
5 Parochial Report, 1973
5 Parochial Report, 1974
5 Parochial Report, 1975
5 Parochial Report, 1976
5 Parochial Report, 1977
5 Parochial Report, 1978
5 Parochial Report, 1979
5 Miscellaneous Parochial Report documents, 1954-1961 [blank forms, notes, and report instructions]
5 Proposals and literature regarding electronic security systems and information on routine patrols by security agents, 1972
5 Annual Report of the Parish detailing the activities of all of the various parish organizations and committees as well as a brief financial statement, 1984; 29 pages
B. Financial, 1950-1986, bulk 1950-1977
Scope and Content
Includes information regarding investments, church receipts and expenditures, account examinations, pension plans and trust funds.
Historical Note
The Diocesan Advance Fund was created in 1942 to provide loans to parishes and missions for no more than twenty-year periods at 1% interest. Also related to this fund is the Diocesan Development Fund created in 1955 to provide parishes and missions grants to fund land purchases and construction projects.
5 Diocesan Advance Fund Reports, 1950
5 Correspondence about Contributions and Resolutions on Investments, 1952
5 Pledges, fundraising, & other contributions, 1970-1975 [correspondence and mass mailings regarding monetary gifts for various purposes and canvassing for donations]
5 Bills and receipts, 1970-1971
5 Reports upon Examination of Accounts verifying the year's transactions and providng statements on available funds, 1971 [prepared by Cover & Company, certified public accountants of Wilmington to summarize the church's various accounts and holdings] ; bound; 27 pages
5 Finance Committee Meeting agenda and minutes, 1976-1977 [topics discussed include, pensions, investments, and general church expenditures]
6 Cross, Candlesticks, and Prayer Books, 1966, 1967 [correspondence and pricing of services regarding re-plating the bronze cross and candlestick holders in the Childrens' Chapel and the purchase of replacement of old Prayer Books]
6 Pension Plans & Trust Funds - Correspondence, 1960, 1972-1977 [information on Christ Church's Pension plan, those eligible for the plan, and where the funds are invested]
6 Pension Plans & Trust Funds -- Statements, 1972-1977
6 Pension Plans & Trust Funds -- Reports & Valuations, 1971-1974
6 Pension Plans & Trust Funds -- Reports & Valuations, 1975-1977
6 Personalized Statements of Benefits, 1975-1976
6 Proposed tax legislation, 1973, 1976 [newspaper clippings and copies of tax ordinances for New Castle County related to the possibility of churches no longer being tax-exempt or at least having to file informational tax returns]
6 Correspondence and newspaper article related to the sale of two mature walnut trees on the property, 1976
6 Correspondence and itemized budget sheets regarding both proposed and finished work done throughout the property, 1970-1976
6 Samuel Yellin Metalworkers, 1986 [bills and estimates for work a new organ screen and grille]
Map Samuel Yellin Metalworkers - plans and measured drawings, 1986
C. Organizations / Committees, 1961-1987
Processing Notes
The papers of the Property Committee in this subseries were originally bound together in a three-ring binder, but have been removed for preservation. All divisions within the binder were retained and each section now has its own file folder.
Scope and Content
Contains documents related to both internal and external parish committees and organizations. Internal organizations include the property committee, urban committee, Server's and Acolytes Guilds, Women of Christ Church, and others. External organizations include Citizens for Social & Economic Justice. Grass Roots Economic Development Corporation (GREDC), West Center Day Care Nursery, the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, the Appalachian People's Service Organization (APSO), and more.
Historical Note
The Urban Committee, related to the Social Concerns Committee, was charged with assisting with the needs of low-income urban areas, such as providing urban day-care centers, student aid and summer employment for teenagers of low-income families, access to decent education, and housing.
Started in 1984, the Christian Hundred Committee provided a "Christian Fellowship experience for single and married adults aged 25-40" through various organized social events and lectures.
A Welfare Rights Organization out of Dickenson County, VA, Citizens for Social & Economic Justice worked to provide aid to the poor in the United States, worked to uphold the rights of miners suffering from Black lung, worked to get food stamps for the poor, aided in education, housing, provided proper care to veterans, etc.
Grass Roots Economic Development Corporation (GREDC) was established to create jobs and businesses in Breathitt and Wolfe Counties in the Appalachians of Kentucky. The file includes their brochure and correspondence regarding donations.
West Center Day Care Nursery, Inc. provided day care assistance to families in the low-income, areas of Urban Wilmington.
West Side Larger Parish began in 1965 as a scholarship program meant to give financial aid to poor, young African-Americans aspiring to attend college.
APSO was a collaborative organization of nine dioceses in the Appalachians to minster to and aid the poor in rural Appalachia.
6 Directory list of Communications Committee members, circa 1961-1981
6 Statements of the purpose and responsibilities of the Property Committee, 1965
6 Copies of monthly Vestry minutes with the activities of the Property Committee highlighted in red, 1961-1963
6 Notes of the principal property items for which the Property Committee is responsible, 1961; handwritten
6 Property Committee - schedules of insurance policies and premiums for property and equipment, 1960
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence, notes, and statements of the budgets allotted to property maintenance, 1960-1964
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence regarding repairs and improvements needed for the church building, 1960-1963
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence regarding repairs and improvements needed for the education building and chapel, 1959-1964
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence regarding repairs and improvements needed for the Rectory, 1963-1964
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence & estimates for repairs and improvements to William C. Munds' home on Blackshire Rd., 1961-1963
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence and estimates for repairs and improvements to the Sexton's House, 1961-1963
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence and estimates for landscaping work on the grounds, 1961-1964
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence related to improved water system for a better water supply, 1961-1965
6 Property Committee -- Correspondence related to recording memorials around the church and the payment of the caretakers of the du Pont Cemetery, undated
6 Ad Hoc Committee correspondence on improvements of education building, 1984-1985
6 Discussion Group - various essays/presentations covering Christian teachings; the life and teachings of Jesus Christ; and the meaning and price of prayer, 1945-1948
6 Women of Christ Church -- Copies of the group's constitution and lists of executive board members, 1958-1973
6 Women of Christ Church -- Budgets for various Women of Christ Church activities, 1958-1968
6 Women of Christ Church -- Annual Mailings [officer list, plans for future meetings and activities], 1962-1973
6 Women of Christ Church -- Annual Mailings, 1984-1987
6 Women of Christ Church -- Mailings [routine mailings regarding activities and events, schedules, and invitations], 1958-1965
6 Women of Christ Church -- Mailings, 1967-1969
6 Women of Christ Church -- Mailings, 1970-1971
6 Women of Christ Church -- Mailings, 1972-1974
6 Altar Guild -- By-laws of the Altar Guild and directory of membership, 1984-1986
6 Altar Guild -- Schedules, correspondence to guild members, information on memorials and flowers in the sanctuary, correspondence regarding training new members, 1984-1986
6 Altar Guild -- Flower cards [cards which would be placed on flower arrangements dedicated to individual special intentions for memorials, the sick, weddings, etc.], 1986-1987; handwritten copies
6 Altar Guild -- Flower cards, 1986; printed copies
6 Altar Guild -- Flower cards, 1987; printed copies
6 Urban Committee, 1967-1968 [mass mailings, correspondence, and reports of the committee regarding their projects]
6 Christiana Hundred Committee, 1984-1987 [correspondence and pamphlets; lecture on "The Moral Life of Children" given by Psychiatrist Robert Coles., not a committee-sponsored lecture, but was originally filed with the other committee-sponsored lecture material]
6 Acolytes / Server's Guild, 1984-1987 [membership lists, schedules and assignments of services, and communications regarding acolyte training]
6 Reports outlining all of the Vestry committees and lists of the members of those committees, 1983-1985
6 Christ Church Chronicle - Drafts of documents slated for publishing, 1987 [See also Series I. Subseries L. Mailings]
6 Letter from Rector Adam Lewis to the dean of the Berkeley Divinity School pledging money to assist students in need of financial aid, 1987
6 Citizens for Social & Economic Justice - >copy of newsletter and a proposal for funding, 1973
6 Grass Roots Economic Development Corporation (GREDC), 1973
6 West Center Day Care Nursery, Inc., 1969 [copy of the director's statement to the board of directors and a letter of thanks to Reverend John O'Hear for Christ Church's assistance with the program]
6 West Side Larger Parish (WSLP), 1970-1974 [correspondence and report to the Vestry about WSLP's activities]
6 Appalachian People's Service Organization (APSO), 1972-1974 [reports of APSO's background, activities brochures, and correspondence]
D. Parish Events, 1951-1979
Scope and Content
Includes pamphlets and reports concerning events such as the Year Round Thanksgiving and annual Green Show fund raising events and the seminar series of graduate-level, non-denominational theological lectures.
Historical Note
Year-Round Thanksgiving was a donation drive of canned goods, livestock, clothing, toys, books, household articles, and cash.
The Green Show is one of Christ Church's most successful annual fundraising drives consisting of the sale of fresh greens such as handmade wreaths, topiaries, holly bundles, and other crafts. There is also a contest for the best greenery decorations such as wreathes, table displays, and mantelpiece displays. All proceeds go to various Christian efforts throughout the world.
Begun in 1961, the seminars were a series of non-denominational, graduate-level theological lectures given by theologians from around the country followed by a discussion, funded by the Lydia Chichester du Pont Memorial Fund.
6 Year-Round Thanksgiving donation drive, 1951-1961 [correspondence, bills, and mailings; two keys to a social service food locker]
6 Green Show, 1955-1963 [pamphlets, mailings, schedules, committee members, and money disbursements]
6 Green Show, 1964
6 Green Show, 1965
6 Green Show, 1966-1968
6 Green Show, 1969
6 Green Show, 1970
6 Green Show, 1971
6 Easter Breakfast, 1973 [list of needs, plans and report on the event]
6 Seminars, 1962 [programs, reading lists, and newspaper articles]
6 Seminars, 1963-1964
6 Seminars, 1964-1965
6 Seminars, 1965-1966
6 Seminars, 1967
6 Seminars, 1969-1970
6 Seminar programs, 1962-1979
E. Unmet Needs, 1946-1980, bulk 1963-1977
Arrangement note
The records are arranged chronologically.
Scope and Content
Contains records related to the various projects of the Campaign for Unmet Needs, an organization instituted by Christ Church in 1963 to give aid to parishes and diocese throughout the world for various basic needs such as school buildings, hospitals, transportation for ministers, funds for missions, schools, training centers for seminarians, water works, generators, etc. The files of the Unmet Needs typically contain correspondence between Christ Church and the local clergy of the parish receiving assistance, requests for assistance, literature about the foreign parish and photographs and/or slides from the foreign parish.
Two projects (one in 1946 and the other in 1980) that were not a part of the Unmet Needs Campaign are included with the subseries due to the similar nature and content of the projects. The projects, which took place all over the world, on every continent, provide a fascinating glimpse into church missions around the world in addition to placing Christ Church in a global context.
7 Lists of projects Christ Church helped to fund, 1963-1967
7 Hradec Králové, Czechoslovakia - The Czech Brethren Church, 1946 [Though this predates the official Unmet Needs campaign, the assistance Christ Church gave to this foreign diocese represents the same work that the Unmet Needs Campaign would undertake seventeen years later.]
7 General Unmet Needs, 1963 [General committee reports, budgets, pamphlets and other internal Christ Church documents related to the various projects they contributed to this year. Each "General Unmet Needs" file contains similar material.]
7 Bolahun, Liberia - New electric Generator, 1963
7 Philippines - Clergy housing for the diocese, 1963
7 Lawrenceville, VA - New lab equipment for St. Paul's College, an African-American school, 1963
7 Bull Head, SD - New chapel and guild hall at the Standing Rock Mission, 1963
7 General Unmet Needs, 1964
7 Boulden Academy & Seminary, Wilmington, DE - Monetary donation, 1964
7 Ramnad, India - Well, laundry and equipment for St. Martin's Hospital, 1964
7 Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - New school and conference center, 1964
7 Belem, Brazil - School and clinic, 1964
7 Taira, Japan - Rector's house at Onahama Church, 1964
7 General Unmet Needs, 1965
7 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Parish hall construction, 1965
7 Siquirres, Costa Rica - Clergy training center, 1965
7 Monrovia, Liberia - Housing for students at Cuttington College, 1965
7 Chota Nagpur, India - Parish center, 1965
7 Wind River, WY - Vicarage and parish house, 1965
7 Lucknow, India - School and training center, 1965
7 General Unmet Needs, 1966
7 Amritsar, India - Eye clinic, 1966
7 Chorrera, Panama - School and parish hall, 1966
7 Ovamboland, South West Africa - School buildings, 1966
7 Hong Kong - Monetary donation to St. Barnabas' Church, 1966
7 General Unmet Needs, 1967
7 Hong Kong - Monetary donation for clergy establishment, 1967
7 Uganda - Staff housing at Bishop Tucker College, 1967
7 Tanzania - New men's ward at Kw Mkono Hospital, 1967
7 Matina, Costa Rica - Church and parish house, 1967
7 Jesselton, Sabah - Church Rectory, 1967
Map Jesselton, Sabah - Plans and drawings, 1967
7 Chonju, Korea - Hospital campaign, 1967 [Proposed to the committee after the year's funds had already been allocated to other projects]
7 Toledo, Parana, Brazil - House renovation and expansion, 1967 [Proposed to the committee after the year's funds had already been allocated to other projects]
7 General Unmet Needs, 1968
7 Los Mochis, Mexico - Church, rectory, and other buildings to establish a parish, 1968 [Given the size and scope of this project, Los Mochis was the only Unmet Needs project for 1968.]
7 General Unmet Needs, 1969
7 Sarawak, Malaysia - Translation of the Bible into Iban, 1969
7 Damarland, West Africa - Nurse training facility, 1969
7 General Unmet Needs, 1970
7 Tehran, Iran - New church, 1970
7 Fort Yukon, AK - St. Stephen's Mission, 1970-1972 [A new church in Tanana, AK and new equipment for the community center in Fort Yukon]
7 General Unmet Needs, 1971
7 Carolina, Puerto Rico - The Episcopal Seminary of the Caribbean, 1971 [monetary donations]
OS-1 Carolina, Puerto Rico - Poster for the Episcopal Seminary, 1971
7 Kepong Bahru, Malaysia - New church, 1971
7 Bendajai, Liberia - Dillard H. Brown Memorial Clinic, 1971
7 Peru - Binder-Schweitzer Amazonian Hospital, 1971 [monetary donation]
7 General Unmet Needs, 1972
7 Haiti - School and ordination training, 1972
7 Sagada Mt. Province, Philippines - Waterworks, 1972
7 Georgetown, Guyana - Secondary School, 1972
7 General Unmet Needs, 1973
7 Banjul 'N-Ding, Gambia - Hall and boy's dormitory, 1973
7 Los Angeles, CA - Ballet Folklorico Emiliano Zapata, undated [request for a monetary donation]
7 General Unmet Needs, 1977
7 Salisbury, Zimbabwe - New car for the chaplain, 1980
F. Services, 1945-1987
Scope and Content
Includes scattered records of weekly sermons, ordinations, special holiday services, intercessory prayers of special intentions, and an extensive run of weekly bulletins from 1945-1987.
8 Weekly Sermons, 1983
8 Weekly Sermons, 1984
8 Weekly Sermons, 1985 January-June
8 Weekly Sermons, 1985 July-December
8 Weekly Sermons, 1986
8 Bishop's Ordination, 1986 [Order of service complete with readings, prayers, and music for the ordination of Cabell Tennis as the Bishop of the Diocese of Delaware.]
8 Funerals, 1953-1955 [orders of services]
8 Funerals, 1978-1987 [orders of services]
8 Funeral service for Nelly B. Bruce, 1984 [order of service, eulogy, and manuscript of Bruce's book of poems]
8 Dedication of the Lydia Chichester du Pont Memorial, 1962 [bulletin for service and sermon]
8 Dedication of Needlepoint, 1963 [bulletin for service and sermon]
8 Thanksgiving service, 1970 [correspondence, prayers, and order of service]
8 Installation of Reverend John C. Sanders, 1970 [invitations and information regarding the service]
8 Memorial for Reverend William C. Munds - order of service, 1976
8 Correspondence about lay readers for services and logistics, 1970-1972
8 Intercessory Prayers, 1982 [Weekly lists of names for whom special intentions are offered during services. Prayers are offered for the sick, the dead, the newly baptized, newly married, etc.]
8 Intercessory Prayers, 1983
8 Intercessory Prayers, 1984
8 Intercessory Prayers, 1985
8 Intercessory Prayers, 1986
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1945 [order of service, a theological message or lesson, upcoming news and events, a list of parish personnel]
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1948
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1949
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1950
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1951
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1952
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1953
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1954
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1955
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1956
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1957
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1958
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1959
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1960
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1961
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1962
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1963
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1964
8 Weekly Bulletins, 1965
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1966
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1967
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1968
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1976
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1979
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1980
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1981
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1982
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1983
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1984
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1985
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1986
9 Weekly Bulletins, 1987
G. Vital Statistics, 1877-1987, bulk 1950-1987
Access Restrictions
Due to the sensitive, personal information contained in these records, all records less than 70 years old are closed to researchers though access may be granted on a case by case basis for records over 25 years old.
Scope and Content
Contains a comprehensive collection of official acts performed in the church primarily from 1950 to 1987. Included are baptismal records, confirmation records, marriage records, parish transfers, judgments regarding divorcees re-marrying in the church, and necrologies. Many of these records contain important family information such as birth and death dates, names of spouses, parents, children, etc. and as such could prove invaluable for genealogical research.
Typical baptismal certificates contain full names of the newly baptized and each parent, lists sponsors, residences, date and place of birth and the officiant that presided over the ceremony. Typical Confirmation certificates contain full names of the newly confirmed and each parent, residence, date and place of birth, date and place of Baptism and the Bishop that presided over the ceremony. Marriage licenses typically contain the full name, age, race, occupation, nativity, and current marital status of the bride and groom, the full names and nativity of the parents of the bride and groom, names of witnesses and the person performing the ceremony. Judgments typically consist of correspondence between the rector and the Bishop of the Diocese. Anyone who wished to be married in the church who had been married before had to have the circumstances of all previous marriages' terminations examined to ensure that the newly engaged couple was sincere in each of their desires to marry and would be unlikely to repeat a termination of their new marriage. Only the Bishop had the authority to make such judgments which he did based on the recommendations and request of the parish rector. Transfer certificates were issued whenever a church member moved to a different parish. The certificates certified that the transferring member was a member of the church he or she was leaving and commend the person and his or her family to the new parish, which is not named. Occasionally, a list of all baptized children of the transferring party are listed on the certificate. Death records for the church (also called Clergyman's Record) contain the full name of the deceased, residence, date and place of birth, age, date and place of death, often the cause of death, marital status, next of kin, date and time of funeral, officiating clergy, and place of internment.
9 Summaries, circa 1950s-1960s [General notes and lists of statistics about the number of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Transfers, Judgments, and Deaths in the Parish. Also included is a chart of parish families that denote how many members of each family were full communicants and went through the official acts listed above.]
9 Baptisms, 1877-1957 [Primarily copies of baptismal certificates issued in the 1960s at the request of the baptized or relative thereof for the purpose of proving birth dates, nativity, and/or church membership for legal purposes.]
9 Baptisms, 1958, 1960
9 Baptisms, 1961-1963
9 Baptisms, 1964-1966
9 Baptisms, 1967-1968
9 Baptisms, 1969-1972
9 Baptisms, 1973-1976
9 Baptisms, 1977-1980
9 Confirmations, 1894-1895, 1927-1958 [Primarily copies of confirmation certificates issued in the 1960s at the request of the confirmed for proof of church membership.]
9 Confirmations, 1960
9 Confirmations, 1962
9 Confirmations, 1963
9 Confirmations, 1964
9 Confirmations, 1965
9 Confirmations, 1966
9 Confirmations, 1967
9 Confirmations, 1968
9 Confirmations, 1969
9 Confirmations, 1970
9 Confirmations, 1971
9 Confirmations, 1972
9 Confirmations, 1973
9 Confirmations, 1974
9 Confirmations, 1975
9 Confirmations, 1976
9 Confirmations, 1977
9 Confirmations, 1978
9 Confirmations, 1979
9 Confirmations, 1980
9 Confirmations, 1981
10 Marriage Registry, 1917-1945 [At one point, a bound volume containing the records of marriage in the parish. Each record contains similar information as marriage licenses.]
10 Marriage Registry, 1951-1958
10 Marriage Licenses, 1911-1918
10 Marriage Licenses, 1921-1929
10 Marriage Licenses, 1930-1939
10 Marriage Licenses, 1940-1946
10 Marriage Licenses, 1947-1949
10 Marriage Licenses, 1950
10 Marriage Licenses, 1951
10 Marriage Licenses, 1952
10 Marriage Licenses, 1953
10 Marriage Licenses, 1954
10 Marriage Licenses, 1955
10 Marriage Licenses, 1956
10 Marriage Licenses, 1957
10 Marriage Licenses, 1958
10 Marriage Licenses, 1959
10 Marriage Licenses, 1960
10 Marriage Licenses, 1961
10 Marriage Licenses, 1962
10 Marriage Licenses, 1963
10 Marriage Licenses, 1964
10 Marriage Licenses, 1965
10 Marriage Licenses, 1966
10 Marriage Licenses, 1967
10 Marriage Licenses, 1968
10 Marriage Licenses, 1969
10 Marriage Licenses, 1970
10 Marriage Licenses, 1971
10 Marriage Licenses, 1972
10 Marriage Licenses, 1973
10 Marriage Licenses, 1974
10 Marriage Licenses, 1975
10 Marriage Licenses, 1976
10 Marriage Licenses, 1977
10 Marriage Licenses, 1978
10 Marriage Licenses, 1979
10 Marriage Licenses, 1980
10 Marriage Licenses, 1981
10 Marriage Licenses, 1982
11 Judgments, 1947
11 Judgments, 1963-1969
11 Judgments, 1972-1974
11 Judgments, 1975
11 Judgments, 1976
11 Judgments, 1978-1979
11 Judgments, 1980-1982
11 Transfers, 1923-1947, bulk 1940-1947
11 Transfers, 1933, 1940, 1941
11 Transfers, 1947
11 Transfers, 1948
11 Transfers, 1949
11 Transfers, 1950
11 Transfers, 1951
11 Transfers, 1952
11 Transfers, 1953
11 Transfers, 1954
11 Transfers, 1955
11 Transfers, 1956
11 Transfers, 1958
11 Transfers, 1959
11 Transfers, 1960
11 Transfers, 1961
11 Transfers, 1962
11 Transfers, 1963
11 Transfers, 1964
11 Transfers, 1965
11 Transfers, 1966
11 Transfers, 1967
11 Transfers, 1968
11 Transfers, 1969
11 Transfers, 1970
11 Transfers, 1971
11 Transfers, 1972
11 Transfers, 1973
11 Transfers, 1974
11 Transfers, 1979
11 Transfers, 1980
11 Transfers, 1981
12 Deaths, 1943, 1951-1961
12 Deaths, 1962-1966
12 Deaths, 1967-1968
12 Deaths, 1976-1978
12 Deaths, 1985
12 Deaths, 1986
12 Deaths, 1987
12 Deaths--Miscellaneous obituaries, circa 1952-1967 [Newspaper clippings, including an obituary for Ruth Wales du Pont, wife of Henry F. du Pont of Winterthur.]
12 Family Records, Baker -- Huss, undated [Single sheets giving the names, birth dates, baptism dates, confirmation dates, and marriage dates for a couple and their children.]
12 Family Records, Jenney -- Worthington, undated
H. Parish Community, 1953-1986, bulk 1984-1986
Scope and Content
Contains records related to the physical body of membership in the church, such as directories and guest books.
12 Directory of parish members, 1953, 1961
12 Guest book, 1961-1973; bound volume; Cover is fragile. Handle with care.
12 Parish Directory for Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church in Naples, FL, 1981-1982
12 Parish Directory for Christ Church Canbrook Episcopal Church in Bloomfield Hills, MI, 1983
12 Directory sheets of members of various parish committees, 1984-1985
12 Parish Directory meeting minutes and documents on creating and developing the 1985-1986 directory, 1985
12 Parish Directory rough copy, 1985-1986
12 Parish Directory originals, 1985-1986 [Contains not only names, addresses and phone numbers of parish members, but also committees and their descriptions.] ; typed draft
12 Parish Directory copy, 1985-1986
12 Parish Directory copy, 1985-1986; Dot-matrix copy
I. Personal Files, 1952-1986
Scope and Content
Though many files contain resumes and biographical sketches, most contain miscellaneous correspondence or other documents that relate directly to each individual's role in the church.
Processing note
These personal name files existed in the original church files and have been maintained rather than separating out the correspondence and dividing the files into other subseries.
Arrangement note
Arranged alphabetically by individual name.
12 Dawson, Keith J., circa 1970s [resume and list of duties for the church's business administrator]
12 Earnest, David Bush, 1978 [resume and photograph]
12 Landon, Harold R. (former minister of education at Christ Church) - correspondence and slides related to ministry in Uganda, 1952-1956
12 Lewis, Adam (succeeded John O’Hear as Rector in 1983) - correspondence related to church business as well as information on vestry workshops and retreats, 1982-1986
12 Maddock, Charles S. (Senior Warden), 1959-1960 [parishioner mailings notifying the congregation of the retirement of Reverend William Munds as Rector; invitation to Reverend John O'Hear to take Munds' place]
12 Munds, William C. (Rector 1941-1960) - magazine article discussing Munds' retirement and a letter requesting his transfer out of the parish, 1960
12 O'Hear, John (Rector 1961-1981) -- Miscellaneous, 1962-1966 [documents such as travel itineraries, correspondence with guest preachers, letters of recommendations for members of the parish, and other personal correspondence]
12 O'Hear, John -- Reports, 1964, 1976 [copies of two speeches Reverend O'Hear delivered at the Annual Parish Meeting]
12 O'Hear, John -- Sabbatical, 1973 [mailings to the parish regarding Reverend O'Hear's six-month sabbatical, a newspaper article announcing the event, and copies of itineraries]
12 O'Hear, John -- Wedding Speech, 1981 [rough and final copy of O'Hear's wedding rehearsal speech]
12 O'Hear, John -- Retirement, 1981 [announcement, newspaper clippings, and poem for O'Hear's retirement]
12 Oliver, William H. (former purchaser for the du Pont Company, became the Assistant to the Treasurer in 1961), 1961 [Oliver's application and letter to Christ Church, a copy of his application to the du Pont Company, and the letter from Christ Church offering Oliver the position]
12 Porcher, Philip - correspondence, meeting agendas, and reports associated with Porcher's visit to Christ Church, 1984-1985 [Reverend Porcher was a consultant for religious organizations who was called to Christ Church in 1984 to help smooth over relations between Reverend Lewis and the Vestry.]
12 Scobell, John C. (Associate Rector at Christ Church, 1970s; Interim Rector from 1981-1983) - resume, circa 1970s
12 Stecker, Frederick IV - resume, circa 1970s
J. Correspondence, 1953-1987
Scope and Content
Mostly pertains to church business. Several of the letters from the early 1980s during Reverend Adam Lewis' rectorship, particularly those of W. W. Laird, provide a good glimpse of the friction that occurred in the parish upon Lewis' appointment to the church. In addition to personal correspondence, there are several mass mailings from the diocese, bishops, and personal correspondence from several seminarians.
Organization and Arrangement
Arranged alphabetically by name.
12 Bray, Ashlin (wife of James S. Bray) to Adam Lewis addressing her distress over the way Lewis celebrated Thanksgiving in the Church, circa 1980s
12 Chandler, Sara J., 1983-1985 [correspondence concerning Chandler's appointment to Christ Church, includes her resume]
12 Craven, Mina (wife of David Craven), 1987 May-June [party lists for Vestry friends and family to show appreciation for Mina Craven who provided the funds to refurbish the parish office]
12 du Pont, Averell (wife of Edmond du Pont), 1984 [letter addressing her concerns over retiring the 1928 Prayer book and adopting a new one; list of current ministries underway at the church]
12 du Pont, Francis I. "Nick," 1983 [correspondence with Reverend Lewis concerning Church business, particularly finances and adult scriptural education]
12 Knight, Catherine (wife of Paul O. Knight) - thank you card and recommendation letter from Reverend Lewis, 1984 [Knight was in charge of producing and publishing the parish bulletin as well as other special communications for the parish.]
12 Laird, W.W. "Chick," 1974; copies of article enclosed
12 Laird, W.W. "Chick" - correspondence concerning various aspects of church business, 1983 [Most letters were written to Reverend Lewis regarding his deep concerns surrounding Lewis' performance as Rector and what he's done to the church.]
12 Laird, W.W. "Chick," 1984
12 Laird, W.W. "Chick," 1985
12 Laird, W.W. "Chick," 1986
12 Laird, W.W. "Chick," 1987
12 Lewis, Adam, 1983 February [related to church business, especially thank you notes to members of the parish for their contributions to the church and work on different parish events; also includes some personal correspondence]
12 Lewis, Adam, 1983 March
12 Lewis, Adam, 1983 April
13 Lewis, Adam, 1983 May
13 Lewis, Adam, 1983 June
13 Lewis, Adam, 1983 July
13 Lewis, Adam, 1983 August
13 Lewis, Adam, 1983 September
13 Lewis, Adam, 1983 October
13 Lewis, Adam, 1983 November
13 Lewis, Adam, 1983 December
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 January
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 February
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 March
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 April
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 May
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 June
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 October
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 November
13 Lewis, Adam, 1984 December
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 January
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 February
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 March
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 April
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 May
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 June
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 July
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 September
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 October
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 November
13 Lewis, Adam, 1985 December
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 January
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 February
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 March
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 April
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 May
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 June
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 July
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 August
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 September
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 October
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 November
13 Lewis, Adam, 1986 December
13 Lewis, Adam, 1987 January
13 Lewis, Adam, 1987 February
13 Lewis, Adam, 1987 March
13 Lewis, Adam, 1987 April
13 Lewis, Adam, 1987 May
13 Lewis, Adam, 1987 July
13 Lewis, Adam, 1987 August
13 Lewis, Adam, 1987 September
13 McCuen, Robert P. (Vestry member), 1976 [agenda sent to John O'Hear for the Vestry meeting on December 3, 1976]
13 Reverend John C. Scobell, 1983 [correspondence related to Scobell's resignation and pension rights]
13 Kathleen Scobell (wife of John Scobell), 1983-1985 [correspondence related to her postulancy and ordination]
13 Snyder, Clarence (organist and choirmaster for 27 years), 1983 [correspondence related to his resignation and celebration of Snyder's retirement]
13 Wick, Ann (Vestry member; wife of Calhoun W. Wick), 1983 [correspondence concerning meeting agendas and adjusting the order of service for the Communion service]
13 Wick, Calhoun W. (Sunday Associate at Christ church), 1983 [correspondence related to Reverend Wick's resignation as Sunday Associate]
13 Correspondence between Adam Lewis and several seminary students regarding school funding and job placement, 1986-1987
13 Correspondence to Bishop William Clark and his successor Bishop Cabell Tennis, primarily concerned with Diocese business, 1983-1988
13 Forms and policies related to parish officers and the election of officers in preparation for the Diocesan Convention, 1983
13 Diocesan correspondence, 1984 [Pastoral letter from the House of Bishops, Jackson, Mississippi. A mass mailing to all of the Bishops in the country to be read to each congregation. The letter concerns a discussion of First Amendment Rights over Religion in light of the bicentenary of the consecration of Samuel Seabury, the first American bishop.]
13 Mass mailings concerning Diocese business, 1985
13 Mass mailings concerning Diocese business, 1986
13 Mass mailings concerning Diocese business, 1987
13 Diocesan correspondence -- ordination application, 1986
13 General Mailings -- annual Christmas letters to the parish from the Senior Warden, 1953-1964
13 General Mailings -- annual Easter letters to the parish from the Senior Warden, 1953-1969
K. Maps & Plans, 1931-1993
Scope and Content
Contains drawings and plans of the grounds and property boundaries as well as floor plans and schematics for the church, outbuildings, utilities, and décor.
OS-1 Sexton's house, 1931
OS-1 Historical drawings, circa 1948
OS-1 Memorial Gardens, 1993
Map Property lines & grounds, 1950-1953
Map Church, 1914-1989 [includes plans for the lighting system]
Map Church water lines, 1951-1963
Map Church organ, 1990
Map Parish Hall & expansion, 1952-1985 [includes plans for stone stools and fireplace as well as marble and wood carving]
L. Miscellaneous
13 Photographs, undated [Various views of the church, group photographs of vestry members, junior choir and servers.]
13 Irénée Bonfils on The Religion of his Forefathers (1808), 1947 edition [A short, hardcover bound volume written by du Pont de Nemours in France in 1808 concerning his thoughts on his religious beliefs. Pierre S. du Pont translated it in 1947. Inside the front cover were two photographs of an unknown subject.]
13 Article from The New Yorker, 1986 [Two copies of a lengthy article written about Reverend Paul Moore, Jr., Bishop of New York.]
13 Miscellaneous, undated [various pamphlets, recital programs, greenery catalogs, handwritten notes, a calendar, directions to the church, and newspaper clippings]