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John Okolowicz collection of publications and advertising on radio and consumer electronics
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John Okolowicz collection of publications and advertising on radio and consumer electronics

Accession 2014.277

Audiovisual Collections and Digital Initiatives Department, Hagley Museum and Library

PO Box 3630
Wilmington, Delaware, 19807

Finding aid prepared by Angela Schad, 2017.

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Accession number changed from AVD.JOPN.2014.001 to 2014.277.


Descriptive Summary

Title: John Okolowicz collection of publications and advertising on radio and consumer electronics
Dates: 1903-1988
Accession Number: 2014.277
Creator: Okolowicz, John
Extent: 3040 digital files
Physical Description: 2792 TIFF files. 247 PDF files. 1 JPEG file.
Language of Material: English
Repository: Hagley Museum and Library: Audiovisual Collections and Digital Initiatives Department
Abstract: Advertising, both print and radio, developed as a prominent industry in the early decades of the twentieth century as popular magazine circulation exploded and the radio became ubiquitous in American households. This collection consists of digital access copies of publications, including employee magazines, and magazine advertisements for radios and other related household electronics dating from 1912 to 1980.

Administrative Information

Existence and Location of Copies

This collection is available in the Hagley Digital Archives .

National Capital Radio & Television Museum holds digital copies of Philco News.

Existence and Location of Originals

Originals are held in a private collection.


Historical Note

Advertising, both print and radio, developed as a prominent industry in the early decades of the twentieth century as popular magazine circulation exploded and the radio became ubiquitous in American households. Increased spending power in the 1920s saw advertising agencies promoting consumer spending on a whole array of technologies and appliances newly within reach of middle class households. Radio and related products benefited from the ever-growing circulation of popular magazines and soon radio broadcasting itself became an influential method of reaching American consumers.

Print advertising championing new technologies in radio and phonographs often emphasized the elegance and sophistication that such objects could bring to the middle-class home. The Victor Talking Machine Company, a primary manufacturer of phonographs and phonograph records, introduced its “Red Seal” label in 1903 and advertised high-quality recordings in magazines over the following decades by featuring famous opera and popular singers, musicians, conductors, and composers. These purveyors of culture were now available to be enjoyed by new audiences across the country. And to play such recordings, the company’s “Victrola” phonograph was introduced in 1906 and featured highly decorative casework. Such a phonograph, according to advertisements, would appear elegant in any home.

At first largely the realm of hobbyists, radio emerged as a new medium for mass entertainment and advertising in the 1920s. While early print advertising of radios emphasized the distant stations consumers could reach with their receiving sets, companies led by the Radio Corporation of America (established in 1919 and later renamed RCA Corporation) focused on expanding radio beyond its narrow consumer base. The company introduced its Radiola line of deluxe home radios in 1923 and a superheterodyne set followed in 1924. The superheterodyne allowed sound to be heard through a loudspeaker instead of earphones, allowing an entire household to listen to a broadcast. The Radiola and radios like it would largely replace the Victrola, and in 1925, Victor and RCA introduced a combination radio and phonograph in one cabinet. Along the way, print advertisements continued to be used to popularize these radios, and by 1934 some sixty percent of American households owned a radio.

The popularization of radio was helped along by innovative broadcasting. Westinghouse established a radio station, KDKA, in Pittsburgh in 1920 after one of the company’s engineers had begun broadcasting music. The station soon began featuring sports including prizefighting and baseball. The Detroit News and other newspapers established stations to spread news and information to radio listeners. RCA established the first radio network, National Broadcasting Company (NBC), in 1926 with 19 stations. Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and others soon followed to reach ever growing listener bases.

To sustain the new radio stations and networks, a new form of advertising was introduced, although print advertising continued to play an important role. Advertisers began purchasing air time from stations to broadcast commercial messages directly to radio listeners. Such direct advertising began in 1922, and by 1928 radio had become an advertising-supported medium.

The 1930s and the Great Depression saw consumer spending and spending on print advertising drop. By 1938, radio had surpassed magazines as a source of advertising revenue. Radio broadcasting benefited from being an inexpensive form of entertainment in difficult economic times. Nevertheless, magazines would remain an important medium through which to promote radio and related products in the following decades. World War II saw the government-run War Advertising Council promoting wartime efforts and an idyllic vision of American home life, a home life which included radio and other modern conveniences, through advertising. Advertisements of this era often promote the buying of war bonds and contain patriotic themes.

After World War II ended, advertising played a key role in promoting post-war consumer culture. With radio well established in American households, television followed. The introduction of high fidelity sound reproduction in audio recording in the 1940s led to the term “hi-fi” becoming a marketing buzzword in the 1950s. While popular magazine circulation would diminish in later decades, manufacturers of radios and successor consumer electronics continued to advertise in print-based media.


Scope and Content

This collection is comprised of digital access copies. The collector retains the originals.

The Publications series, dating from 1920 to 1960, consists of industrial magazines, annual reports, trade catalogs, pamphlets, and coloring books representing fifteen radio and consumer electronic manufacturing companies. Of particular note are 141 issues dating from 1945 to 1962 of Philco News, which was the employee newsletter for the Philco Corporation. The series also includes two annual reports and other publications from the Philco Corporation. Also of note in this series are fifteen issues from 1930 and 1931 of Good News about RCA Radiotrons, published by Radio Corporation of America for its distributors and dealers.

The Advertisements series comprises tear sheets of advertisements taken from magazines and newspapers dating from 1912 to 1980. They advertise products such as radios, vacuum-tubes, batteries, phonographs, televisions, high-fidelity stereo systems, headphones, sound recordings, and other related consumer electronics.

More than 300 companies are represented in the series; approximately half of the companies have only one advertisement. The companies are primarily from the United States, although several international and multinational corporations are also represented. They include several pioneers in the radio, television, and consumer electronics industries. Other companies represented in the series include recording labels and radio or television stations. There are also advertisements from non-related industries which feature radio prominently in the image of the advertisement.

The companies with 50 or more advertisements in the series include the following: Philco Corporation (286 advertisements); Radio Corporation of America (266 advertisements); Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company (102 advertisements); Motorola, Inc. (99 advertisements); RCA-Victor Company, inc. (91 advertisements); Crosley Radio Corporation (74 advertisements); National Carbon Company, Inc. (65 advertisements); Magnavox Company (60 advertisements); Sparks-Withington Company (55 advertisements); Capehart Division of Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation (53 advertisements); General Electric Company (53 advertisements); Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company (52 advertisements); Echophone Radio Company (51 advertisements); and Sony Corporation of America (50 advertisements).

The advertisements are taken from more than 150 regional, national, and international publications. Publications particularly well-represented include The Saturday Evening Post, Life Magazine, QST, Radio News, Collier's, Fortune Magazine, Country Gentleman, Time, and Radio.



The Publications series is listed by company followed by genre. The Advertisements series is listed by company.



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Series Descriptions and Inventory

I. Publications, 1920-1960
Admiral Corporation trade catalogs, 1951-1952; 2 PDF files.
Altec-Lansing Corporation pamphlet, circa 1959 ["11 sneaky ways to beat your wife at Hi-Fi."] ; 1 PDF file.
Electro Importing Company trade catalog, 1922 [ Wireless & Electrical Cyclopedia Catalog No. 22.] ; 1 PDF file.
Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation "Radio Reality" catalog, circa 1925; 1 PDF file.
Howe & Company "Howdy" leaflet, 1930 October; 1 PDF file.
Montgomery Ward "The radio sensation of 1938" trade catalog, 1938; 1 PDF file.
Philco Corporation annual reports, 1959-1960; 2 PDF files.
Philco Corporation coloring books, 1949-1950 ["Alice in Philcoland " and "Annie Laurie's Philco Story."] ; 2 PDF files.
Philco Corporation's Philco News, 1945-1962 [Employee newletter for the Philco Corporation.] ; 141 PDF files.
Philco Corporation sales manual, 1938 ["No squat, no stoop, no squint with the new 1938 automatic tuning Philco."] ; 1 PDF file.
Radio Surplus Corporation trade catalog, 1932; 1 PDF file.
Radio Trading Company trade catalog, 1935; 1 PDF file.
Randolph Radio Corporation trade catalog, 1927; 1 PDF file.
Radio Corporation of America's Good News about RCA Radiotrons, 1930-1931 [A magazine of radio merchandising counsel intended for distributors and dealers of Radio Corporation of America's Radiotrons.] ; 15 PDF files.
Radio Corporation of America pamphlet, 1937 ["A short-wave journey of discovery with Hendrick Willem Van Loon."] ; 1 PDF file.
Sparks-Withington Company trade catalog, circa 1929; 1 PDF file.
Temple Corporation pamphlet, 1929; 1 PDF file."'Airy Tales' by Temple : The A.B.C. of Radio."
Western Auto Stores Truetone Radios trade catalog, 1939; 1 PDF file.
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company pamphlets, circa 1920s, 1930 ["A radio salute to the cotton textile industry" pamphlet. List of distributors included on nationwide tour by Westinghouse representatives.] ; 2 PDF files.
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company trade catalog, 1930; 1 PDF file.
II. Advertisements, 1912-1980
A.G. Healing Ltd. (Australia), 1949; 1 TIFF file.
A.H. Grebe & Company, Inc., 1922-1928; 32 TIFF files. 1 JPEG file.
Abox Company, 1928; 1 TIFF file.
A-C Dayton Company, 1929; 1 TIFF file.
Acme Apparatus Company, 1922-1927; 4 TIFF files.
Adams Morgan Company, 1924-1925; 4 TIFF files.
Admiral Corporation, 1942-1961; 29 TIFF files.
AEG-Telefunken, 1930-1932; 3 TIFF files.
Aeolian Company, 1915-1920; 7 TIFF files.
Akai America, Ltd, 1969-1974; 3 TIFF files.
Albion Coil Company, 1944; 1 TIFF file.
Alden Manufacturing Company, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
All-American Radio Corporation, 1927; 1 TIFF file.
Allen B. DuMont Laboratories, 1943-1952; 28 TIFF files.
Allen D. Cardwell Manufacturing Corporation, 1928; 1 TIFF file.
Allen-Bradley Company, 1925-1925; 2 TIFF files.
Altec-Lansing Corporation, 1977; 1 TIFF file.
Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Limited, 1951; 1 TIFF file.
Amber Manufacturing Corporation, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
American Bosch Magneto Corporation, 1925-1927; 9 TIFF files.
American Chicle Company, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
American Cyanamid Company. Plastics Division, 1944; 1 TIFF file.
American Radio and Research Corporation, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
American Reproducer Corporation, 1929; 1 TIFF file.
Ampex Corporation, 1968; 1 TIFF file.
Amplion Corporation of America, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Amrad Corporation, 1927-1929; 7 TIFF files.
Amsco Products Inc., 1924-1925; 5 TIFF files.
Apex Electric Manufacturing Company, 1925-1925; 4 TIFF files.
Ariane Radio, 1940-1949; 1 TIFF file.
Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1925-1930; 102 TIFF files.
Audio Devices, Inc., 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Australian General Electric Pty. Ltd., 1947; 1 TIFF file.
Avnet, Inc., 1973; 1 TIFF file.
Bakelite Corporation, 1933-1938; 5 TIFF files.
Bell & Howell Co., 1971; 1 TIFF file.
Belmont Radio Corporation, 1942-1945; 19 TIFF files.
Bendix Corporation, 1945-1948; 14 TIFF files.
Benjamin Electronic Sound Company, 1975; 1 TIFF file.
Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation, 1942; 1 TIFF file.
Bozak, 1968; 1 TIFF file.
Briggs & Stratton Corporation, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
Bristol Company (Waterbury, Conn.), 1924-1926; 5 TIFF files.
Browning-Drake Corporation, 1926; 1 TIFF file.
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, 1920-1930; 19 TIFF files.
BSR Limited, 1970-1970; 3 TIFF files.
Bulova (Firm), 1964-1964; 2 TIFF files.
Burgess Battery Company, 1927-1928; 4 TIFF files.
C. Brandes, Inc., 1923-1929; 16 TIFF files.
C.D. Tuska Company, 1922-1923; 3 TIFF files.
Campbell Soup Company, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
Capehart Corporation, 1929-1930; 4 TIFF files.
Carola Company, 1916-1916; 3 TIFF files.
Catalin Corporation of America, 1940-1947; 3 TIFF files.
CBS Radio Network, 1951-1952; 4 TIFF files.
CeCo Manufacturing Company, Inc., 1929; 1 TIFF file.
Charles Freshman Co., Inc., 1925-1927; 3 TIFF files.
Cheney Talking Machine Company, 1920; 1 TIFF file.
Cincinnati Electric Products Company, 1945-1945; 6 TIFF files.
Cleveland Metal Products Company, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Colin B. Kennedy Company, 1923-1925; 4 TIFF files.
Collins Radio Company, 1958; 1 TIFF file.
Colonial Radio Corporation, 1933; 1 TIFF file.
Columbia Broadcasting System, inc., 1947; 1 TIFF file.
Columbia Phonograph Company, inc., 1916-1931; 49 TIFF files.
Columbia Records, Inc., 1916-1970; 29 TIFF files.
Connecticut Telephone & Electric Company, 1924-1924; 2 TIFF files.
Connewey Electric Laboratories, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Consolidated Radio Corporation. Arborphone Division, 1929-1928; 2 TIFF files.
Continental Radio and Electric Corporation, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
Craig Corporation, 1970-1976; 3 TIFF files.
Crosley Radio Corporation, 1951-1955; 74 TIFF files.
Crosley Radio Corporation. Amrad Division, 1930-1930; 3 TIFF files.
Daven Radio Corporation, 1924; 1 TIFF file.
David Grimes, Inc., 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Day-Fan Electric Company, 1925-1928; 5 TIFF files.
De Forest Radio Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1922-1929; 6 TIFF files.
Decca Record Company, 1945-1956; 11 TIFF files.
Delco Electronics Corporation, 1944-1968; 13 TIFF files.
Deville & Company, 1929; 1 TIFF file.
Diamond State Fibre Company, 1924; 1 TIFF file.
Dictograph Products Company, Inc., 1924; 1 TIFF file.
Douglas & Company (New York, N.Y.), 1903; 1 TIFF file.
Dubilier Condenser and Radio Corporation, 1924; 1 TIFF file.
Ducati, 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Ducretet Thomson (Sound recording label), 1929-1935; 3 TIFF files.
Dudlo Manufacturing Company, 1928; 1 TIFF file.
Durez Plastic & Chemicals, 1942-1943; 17 TIFF files.
E.H. Scott Radio Laboratories, Inc., 1946-1945; 2 TIFF files.
E.K. Cole Ltd., 1951-1930; 2 TIFF files.
E.T. Cunningham Inc., 1922-1930; 27 TIFF files.
Eagle Radio Company, 1924-1926; 5 TIFF files.
Eastman Amplifier Corporation, 1945-1945; 2 TIFF files.
Eastman Chemical Company, 1940-1959; 3 TIFF files.
Echophone Radio Company, 1941-1945; 51 TIFF files.
Eitel-McClullough, Inc., 1944-1943; 4 TIFF files.
Electrad, Inc., 1924; 1 TIFF file.
Electric Storage Battery Company, 1925-1926; 2 TIFF files.
Electromatic Manufacturing Corporation, 1946; 1 TIFF file.
Electronic Communications Inc., 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Electronic Industries Limited, 1947; 1 TIFF file.
Electronic Laboratories Inc., 1943-1947; 4 TIFF files.
Electro-Voice Manufacturing Company, 1943-1968; 4 TIFF files.
Elkon Works, Inc., 1926; 1 TIFF file.
Elpa Marketing Industries, Inc., 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation, 1919-1956; 15 TIFF files.
Empire Scientific Corp., 1971-1974; 6 TIFF files.
F.A.D. Andrea, Inc., 1923-1945; 25 TIFF files.
Fansteel, Inc., 1928-1928; 2 TIFF files.
Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation, 1944; 1 TIFF file.
Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation. Capehart Division, 1953-1947; 53 TIFF files.
Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation, 1923-1945; 20 TIFF files.
Fisher Radio (Firm), 1968-1988; 2 TIFF files.
Fisk Tire Company, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Frankfort Distilleries, 1945; 1 TIFF file.
Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation, 1924-1929; 22 TIFF files.
French Battery & Carbon Company, 1923; 1 TIFF file.
Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., 1982-1982; 2 TIFF files.
Game Industries, Inc. Consumer Products Division, 1967; 1 TIFF file.
Garod Corporation, 1923-1924; 2 TIFF files.
General Electric Company, 1952-1969; 53 TIFF files.
General Electric Company. BASF Group, 1968; 1 TIFF file.
General Electric Company. Telechron Department, 1947-1952; 3 TIFF files.
General Household Utilities Company, 1933-1936; 2 TIFF files.
General Motors Corporation, 1930-1931; 8 TIFF files.
Gilfillan Bros. Inc., 1925-1925; 3 TIFF files.
Gold Seal Electrical Company, Inc., 1927; 1 TIFF file.
Graybar Electric Company inc., 1926-1930; 34 TIFF files.
Grigsby-Grunow Company, 1929-1939; 34 TIFF files.
GTE Automatic Electric Incorporated, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
Guinness (Firm), 1956; 1 TIFF file.
H.H. Scott, Inc., 1968; 1 TIFF file.
Hallicrafters, Inc., 1941-1958; 47 TIFF files.
Hammarlund Manufacturing Company, 1942-1945; 15 TIFF files.
Harvey-Wells Communications inc., 1944; 1 TIFF file.
Heinz and Kaufman, Ltd., 1943; 1 TIFF file.
Henry Hyman and Company, 1924; 1 TIFF file.
Herbert Frost, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
Hitachi Seisakujo, 1960-1970; 2 TIFF files.
Hoffman Radio, 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Holtzer-Cabot Electric Company (Boston), 1923-1924; 6 TIFF files.
Howard Radio Company, 1946; 1 TIFF file.
Hytron Radio and Electronics Corporation, 1943-1947; 16 TIFF files.
International Detrola Corporation, 1944-1945; 5 TIFF files.
ITT Corporation, 1984; 1 TIFF file.
J.B. Ferguson, Inc., 1925; 1 TIFF file.
James B. Lansing Sound, 1968-1968; 2 TIFF files.
Jensen Electronics, 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Jensen Radio Manufacturing Company, 1942-1944; 4 TIFF files.
Jesse French & Sons Piano Company, 1929; 1 TIFF file.
Jewett Radio & Phonograph Company, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
John F. Rider Publisher, Inc., 1943-1943; 3 TIFF files.
John Meck Industries, Inc., 1945-1946; 7 TIFF files.
Jones Radio Company, 1923-1923; 2 TIFF files.
JVC (Nihon Bikuta Kabushiki Kaisha), 1971-1972; 2 TIFF files.
Kellogg Screen-Grid Radio, 1929-1929; 3 TIFF files.
Kellogg Wave Master Switchboard & Supply Co., 1925-1925; 2 TIFF files.
Ken-Rad Company, 1943; 1 TIFF file.
Kenwood Corporation, 1968-1970; 7 TIFF files.
King-Hinners Radio Company, 1926; 1 TIFF file.
Kolster Radio Corporation, 1929-1929; 24 TIFF files.
Koss Corporation, 1970-1977; 7 TIFF files.
L.E. Waterman Company, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
La Salle Radio Radio Corporation, 1928-1929; 2 TIFF files.
Lear Incorporated, 1946; 1 TIFF file.
Lear Siegler, Inc. Bogen Division, 1967-1971; 3 TIFF files.
Lewyt Corporation, 1946; 1 TIFF file.
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
Machines Parlantes Thomson, 1930; 1 TIFF file.
Magnavox Company, 1922-1967; 60 TIFF files.
Manhattan Electrical Supply Co., 1924-1924; 4 TIFF files.
Marantz Company, 1977-1978; 12 TIFF files.
Marconi Company, 1930-1939; 1 TIFF file.
Marshall Field & Company, 1960-1969; 1 TIFF file.
Martin-Copeland Company, 1926; 1 TIFF file.
Maxell Corporation of America, 1986; 1 TIFF file.
McMichael Company, 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Meissner (Mt. Carmel, Ill.), 1943; 1 TIFF file.
Mercury Radio Products Company, 1924-1925; 2 TIFF files.
MGM Records, 1947; 1 TIFF file.
Michigan Radio Corporation, 1924; 1 TIFF file.
Mitchell Mfg. Co., 1940; 1 TIFF file.
Modernola Company, Inc., 1926; 1 TIFF file.
Monsanto Company, 1941; 1 TIFF file.
Montgomery Ward, 1924-1930; 2 TIFF files.
Motorola, Inc., 1944-1971; 99 TIFF files.
Mozart Grand Co., 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Mullard Limited, 1926-1942; 10 TIFF files.
Muntz Stereo-Pak, 1969-1969; 2 TIFF files.
Mu-Rad Laboratories, Inc., 1922-1924; 4 TIFF files.
Music Master Corporation, 1923-1925; 29 TIFF files.
National Broadcasting Company, 1948-1956; 5 TIFF files.
National Carbon Company, Inc., 1933-1941; 65 TIFF files.
National Company (Malden, Mass.), 1944-1944; 4 TIFF files.
National Phonograph Company, 1907-1908; 3 TIFF files.
Noblitt-Sparks Industries, Inc., 1948-1950; 13 TIFF files.
North American Philips Co., 1967-1969; 2 TIFF files.
Northern Electric Company, 1950; 1 TIFF file.
Odeon (Record company), 1946; 1 TIFF file.
Operadio Manufacturing Company, 1928; 1 TIFF file.
P.R. Mallory & Co., Inc., 1940-1968; 4 TIFF files.
Packard-Bell Company, 1947; 1 TIFF file.
Panasonic (Matsushita Denki Sangyo), 1971-1983; 8 TIFF files.
Pathe freres (France), 1936-1936; 2 TIFF files.
Pathe Marconi (Firm), 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Paz & Silva, 1930; 1 TIFF file.
Phenix Radio Corporation, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Philco Corporation, 1931-1968; 218 TIFF files. 68 PDF files.
Philips Electronics N.V., 1927-1957; 24 TIFF files.
Pilot Radio Corp., 1944; 1 TIFF file.
Pioneer Corporation (Paionia Kabushiki Kaisha), 1986-1988; 7 TIFF files.
Ponder & Best, Inc. Vivitar Audio Products, 1970-1970; 3 TIFF files.
Porto-Products, inc., 1947-1947; 2 TIFF files.
Powers Reproduction Corporation, 1933; 1 TIFF file.
Pye Radio Ltd., 1929-1962; 6 TIFF files.
Q-R-S Music Company, 1924; 1 TIFF file.
R.E. Thompson Co., 1924-1925; 3 TIFF files.
Radio Corporation of America, 1927-1971; 266 TIFF files.
Radio L.L. (Radio station : Paris, France), 1929-1930; 12 TIFF files.
Radio Savigliano, 1930; 1 TIFF file.
Radio Shack, 1943-1943; 2 TIFF files.
Radiobar Company of America, 1936-1936; 3 TIFF files.
Radiocraft Corporation, 1930; 1 TIFF file.
Radiola (Radio station : Paris, France), 1923-1933; 11 TIFF files.
Radiomuse, 1920-1929; 1 TIFF file.
Rauland Manufacturing Company, 1924-1925; 3 TIFF files.
Raytheon Company, 1942-1957; 18 TIFF files.
RCA-Victor Company, inc., 1946-1968; 91 TIFF files.
Rectilinear Research Corporation, 1969; 1 TIFF file.
Red Lion Cabinet Company, 1927; 1 TIFF file.
Reichmann Company, 1924-1926; 6 TIFF files.
Republic Steel Corporation, 1943; 1 TIFF file.
Rheem Manufacturing Company, 1968-1968; 2 TIFF files.
Rice and Hochster, 1924; 1 TIFF file.
Richardson Company, 1940; 1 TIFF file.
Rinshed-Mason Company, 1953; 1 TIFF file.
Rola Company, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Rosenow Company, 1934; 1 TIFF file.
RTR Industries, 1977; 1 TIFF file.
Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, 1945-1948; 34 TIFF files.
Sansui Electronics Corporation, 1973-1974; 3 TIFF files.
Sengbush Self-Closing Inkstand Company, 1936-1936; 2 TIFF files.
Sentinel Radio, 1948; 1 TIFF file.
Showers Brothers Co., 1928; 1 TIFF file.
Shure Brothers, 1942; 1 TIFF file.
Sinko Tool and Manufacturing Company, 1930-1939; 1 TIFF file.
Sleeper Radio Corporation, 1925-1925; 2 TIFF files.
Sonatron Tube Company, 1929; 1 TIFF file.
Sonora Radio & Television Corporation, 1929-1944; 7 TIFF files.
Sony Corporation of America, 1973-1983; 50 TIFF files.
Sparks-Withington Company, 1929-1953; 55 TIFF files.
Speed Cable Radio Tube Corporation, 1929-1930; 5 TIFF files.
Splitdorf Electrical Company, 1925-1927; 7 TIFF files.
Sprague Products Company, 1954; 1 TIFF file.
Standard Telephones and Cables Pty. Ltd., 1945; 1 TIFF file.
Sterling Telephone & Electric Company, 1924-1924; 2 TIFF files.
Stewart-Warner Corporation, 1925-1948; 32 TIFF files.
Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company, 1955-1953; 52 TIFF files.
Studebaker Corporation, 1945; 1 TIFF file.
Superscope, Inc., 1974-1977; 5 TIFF files.
Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., 1965-1967; 49 TIFF files.
Tandberg of America, Inc., 1968-1968; 2 TIFF files.
Taylor Tubes Inc., 1943; 1 TIFF file.
TDK Kabushiki Kaisha, 1972-1972; 2 TIFF files.
Tefi (Firm), 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Temple Corporation, 1929; 1 TIFF file.
Thermiodyne Radio Corporation, 1924-1925; 9 TIFF files.
Thomas A. Edison, Inc., 1920-1928; 3 TIFF files.
Thordarson Electric Manufacturing Company, 1924-1942; 7 TIFF files.
Tobe Deutschmann Corporation, 1943; 1 TIFF file.
Toshiba, Kabushiki Kaisha, 1960-1968; 4 TIFF files.
Tower Manufacturing Corp., 1924-1926; 3 TIFF files.
Toy Tinkers of Evanston, Illinois, 1922; 1 TIFF file.
Toyo Radio Company of America, 1971; 1 TIFF file.
Trav-ler Karenola Radio and Television Corporation, 1943; 1 TIFF file.
Triplett Electrical Instrument Company, 1945-1945; 2 TIFF files.
Tung-Sol Lamp Works, Inc., 1943-1946; 8 TIFF files.
United Electronics Company (Newark, N.J.), 1945; 1 TIFF file.
United Radio Corporation, 1926; 1 TIFF file.
United States Brewers Foundation, 1947-1948; 2 TIFF files.
Universal Microphone Company, Ltd. (Inglewood, Calif.), 1943-1944; 4 TIFF files.
Utah Radio Products Company, 1928-1945; 18 TIFF files.
Valentine & Company, 1924; 1 TIFF file.
Valley Electric Company. Radio Division, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Victrola (Sound recording label), 1922-1931; 34 TIFF files.
Vincennes Phonograph Company, 1927-1927; 2 TIFF files.
Vitanola Talking Machine Company, 1920; 1 TIFF file.
W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company, 1936; 1 TIFF file.
Warwick Manufacturing Corporation (Chicago, Ill.), 1944; 1 TIFF file.
Weil-Katler Manufacturing Company, 1905; 1 TIFF file.
Western Electric Company, 1943-1956; 29 TIFF files.
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, 1924-1954; 31 TIFF files.
Wilcox-Gay Corporation, 1941-1947; 6 TIFF files.
Willard Storage Battery Co., 1924-1925; 3 TIFF files.
Wireless Specialty Apparatus Company, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
WJR (Radio station : Detroit, Mich.), 1958; 1 TIFF file.
Workrite Manufacturing Company, 1924-1924; 4 TIFF files.
Wort Company, 1927; 1 TIFF file.
WTOP-TV (Television station : Washington, D.C.), 1958-1958; 5 TIFF files.
Yaesu USA, 1989; 1 TIFF file.
Yankee Tubes, 1925; 1 TIFF file.
Zenith Radio Corporation, 1947-1967; 38 TIFF files.