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Hologic Digital Mammography oral histories

Creation: 2019-2021
Accession: 2020-201

Andy Smith interview, 2020 June 24

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Smith_Andy_20200624

Carlene West interview

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_West_Carlene_20200210

Cornell Williams interview, 2021 March 18

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Williams_Cornell_20210318

Dr. Sally Friedewald interview, 2020 July 27

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Friedewald_Sally_20200727

Georgia Hitzke interview, 2020 July 1

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Hitzke_Georgia_20200630

Hologic Medical Imaging oral histories

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020_201

Jay Stein interview, part 1, 2020 June 29

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Stein_Jay_20200626

Jay Stein interview, part 2, 2020 June 29

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Stein_Jay_20200629

Jeff Yorker interview, 2020 January 16

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Yorker_Jeff_20200116

Jim Culley interview, 2019 September 19

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Culley_James_20190919

John Pekarsky interview, 2021 April 1

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Pekarsky_John_20210401

Lead Graffiti, Ray Nichols and Jilly Cypher interview, 2021 May 3

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Nichols_Ray_and_Cypher_Jill_20210503

Loren Niklason interview, 2020 August 26

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Niklason_Loren_20200826

Lothar Jeromin interview, 2020 June 12

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Jeromin_Lothar_20200612

Pam Cumming interview, 2020 July 15

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Cumming_Pam_20200715

Tom Umbel interview, 2020 June 9

 Digital Record
Accession: 2020201_Umbel_Tom_20200609