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Wilkinson, Norman B.


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Clarence L. Walker, 1956 October 26

 File — Box 1, Reel: 29
Accession: 1970-370
Scope and Content:

Interviewers: Norman B. Wilkinson and Joseph P. Monigle in Wilmington, Delaware

Walker describes the process of peeling and cutting willows to burn for charcoal, how his friend obtained a job from A.I. du Pont, and his impressions of various members of the du Pont family. He also tells a story about Annie Oakley.

Dates: 1956 October 26

Edward Bader, 1956 November 23

 File — Box 2, Reel: 32
Accession: 1970-370
Scope and Content:

Interviewers: Joseph P. Monigle and Norman B. Wilkinson

Bader's interview offers details on many aspects of workers' lives in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including pay rates, the workers' homes, and the conditions in the laboratory. He recounts many different explosions, including the 1906 explosion that killed "Buck" Buchanan, the 1908 Press Room Explosion, the Packing House Explosion, one that occurred in the mill, and another that occurred in 1915. His interview also details his impressions of various members of the du Pont family, including Francis G., Lammot, Alfred I., Pierre S., Alexis, and Francis I.

Dates: 1956 November 23

E.G. Ackart, 1961 September 14

 File — Box 1, Reel: 1
Accession: 1970-370
Scope and Content:

Interviewer: Norman B. Wilkinson and unidentified participant

E.G. Ackart recounts his working career at DuPont in his interview. He discusses anecdotes from high school, differences in working for DuPont vs. other companies, the Barksdale plant, and the structure of the engineering department and its consolidation in 1916. He also describes the company during wartime, his various colleagues throughout his working career, the development of industrial engineering, and the relationship between DuPont and General Motors. He also discusses the development of nylon, rayon, and other important materials, including how DuPont's chemists and physicists utilized ideas they found working abroad to create them. He recounts building new plants and his interactions with members of the du Pont family.

Dates: 1961 September 14

F. Wardenburg, 1961 June 21

 File — Box 1, Reel: 22
Accession: 1970-370
Scope and Content:

Interviewer: Norman B. Wilkinson

Wardenburg describes the making of gunpowder and the smokeless powder plants where it was shipped, the reorganization of the various departments in 1911, his work in building power plants, the development of Old Hickory plant in 1917, the relationship between the operating department and the engineering department, ammonia production during wartime, making raw materials for Nylon, and his impressions of various du Pont family members. The content of discussion centers around working conditions and the development of various working practices and products during Wardenburg's career at DuPont.

Dates: 1961 June 21

J. Edgar Rhoads oral interview transcript

Accession: 2326

J. Edgar Rhoads (1883-1981) was a partner and eventually head of J.E. Rhoads & Sons, a commercial tannery that specialized in the manufacturing of leather belts for mechanical applications. In his oral history, Rhoads recalls the major events in his life to about 1950, with considerable background material on his family. Additionally, he discusses his family's company, J.E. Rhoads & Sons, rural childhood, civic and charitable activities, particularly his work in Europe after both world wars and with the United China Relief.

Dates: 1969

James F. Toy, Sr., 1964 April 20

 File — Box 6, Reel: 292
Accession: 1970-370
Scope and Content:

Interviewers: Norman B. Wilkinson and George H. Gibson in Wilmington, Delaware

Toy describes his salary and working conditions during that time. He later made his career in carpentry. In his interview, he discusses the demolition of the mills, his impressions of Louise du Pont Crowninshield and Colonel du Pont, his work on A.I. du Pont's sunken gardens, his childhood in Long Row, and community relations at Hagley.

Dates: 1964 April 20

James F. Toy, Sr., 1971 September 15

 File — Box 6, Tape: 274
Accession: 1970-370
Scope and Content:

Interviewers: Norman B. Wilkinson and Maureen Quimby in Wilmington, Delaware

Toy describes changes in restoration made to Eleutherian Mills, including the layout of the house, as well as the First Office. He also describes how A.I. du Pont built his wall around Nemours and his work on the sunken garden.

Dates: 1971 September 15

Joshua Gilpin journal article

Accession: 0563

Joshua Gilpin (1765-1841) was a merchant and paper manufacturer. Article written by historians Harold B. Hancock and Norman B. Wilkinson, "Joshua Gilpin: an American manufacturer in England and Wales, 1895-1801," based on Gilpin's journals.

Dates: 1961

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