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Carter Litchfield Collection on the History of Fatty Materials
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Carter Litchfield Collection on the History of Fatty Materials

Accession 2413

Manuscripts and Archives Department, Hagley Museum and Library

PO Box 3630
Wilmington, Delaware, 19807

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Carter Litchfield Collection on the History of Fatty Materials
Dates: 1707-2007, bulk 1970-2000
Accession Number: 2413
Creator: Litchfield, Carter
Extent: 41 linear feet
Language of Material: English
Repository: Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department
Abstract: As a scientist, Carter Litchfield (1932-2007) studied and specialized in edible fats. In the course of his career Litchfield also built an interesting and significant collection of books, manuscripts, and ephemera relating to the history of fatty materials.

Administrative Information


Gift of Carter Litchfield, 2007

Access Restrictions

Records less than 25 years old are closed for research.


Biographical Note

Carter Litchfield

Carter Litchfield, born on February 18, 1932, earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Litchfield later earned Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Texas A&M after starting his professional career as a chemist for Procter & Gamble (P&G). During the mid- to late 1950s Litchfield worked in the Edible Research Section of the Chemical Division of P&G. His work there centered on shortening products like Crisco and margarine oils. Because of his work at Procter & Gamble, Litchfield developed an interest in the history of fatty materials, which he defined as high-calorie fats found in seeds and animals. Fatty oils include olive, linseed, soybean, cottonseed (all seed oils) as well as lard, tallow, and other animal body fats. Litchfield left P&G in 1960 to take a job as a research scientist at Texas A&M. After a few years at Texas A&M Litchfield decided to work towards his doctorate in organic chemistry.

Litchfield then spent nine years working at Rutgers University. His research activities revolved around soluble oils in marine mammals and aquatic sponges. Litchfield published his work on Amazon River dolphins in a 1970 article in Biomedical Life & Sciences. In 1972, Litchfield published the book Analysis of Triglycerides. While at Rutgers Litchfield founded Olearius Editions, a publication company dedicated to the history of vegetable oil and fat production. In 1979, Litchfield retired from Rutgers to pursue a new career researching and publishing works on the history of fatty oils.

Olearius Editions (named for the artisan in the Roman Empire who pressed oil from olives and sold it to the community) specialized in the publication of histories of the manufacture of vegetable oils and fats. Litchfield's first book, published in 1974 was an English translation of the 1836 Japanese work, Seiyu roku. One of Litchfield's most important Olearius publications was a book he co-authored, The Bethlehem Oil Mill, 1745-1934: German Technology in Early Pennsylvania (1984). The book featured first time translations of German documents detailing the craft and artisanship involved at the oil mill. His interest in oil mills extended well beyond Bethlehem, Pa. Litchfield researched and photographed oil mills all over the United States, Europe, and parts of the Middle East. Olearius Editions publications reflected Litchfield’s global scope with the publication of another translated work, History and Technology of Olive Oil in the Holy Land (1993). The Olearius version was partially translated from Hebrew with the addition of an original chapter not included in the original Hebrew publication. Litchfield also wrote and published through Olearius the definitive History of Oleomargarine Tax Stamps and Licenses in the United States (1988), a philatelic guide for the collecting of oleomargarine stamps. This book is known for its precise detail and dedication to an understudied topic.

As a member of the Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA) Litchfield regularly attended SIA meetings, functions, and conferences. He often presented papers to the SIA and sat on several committees, including the Vogel Prize committee. Litchfield researched the history of fats and fatty materials until his death on May 9, 2007 in Arlington, VA.

Carter Litchfield married his wife, Carol, in 1960. Like her husband, Carol Litchfield received a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Texas A&M and taught at Rutgers University. Carol Litchfield taught for 10 years before taking a position at the DuPont Company as head of Environmental Toxicology at Haskell Laboratory and then as Senior Scientist for its bioremediation subsidiary. She then started her own consulting company and worked for Chester Environmental prior to joining the George Mason University faculty in 1993.

Carter Litchfield died on May 9, 2007.

Julius Lewkowitsch

Julius Lewkowitsch, born in Prussian Silesia on September 4, 1857, was an authority on the chemistry of vegetable and animal fats and oils. Lewkowitsch attended Breslau University, where he studied with Victor von Richter. In 1879 he graduated with a Ph.D.; he also earned a M.A. degree in 1881. After graduation Lewkowitsch spent a year teaching mathematics and natural science in Real Gymnasium in Berlin. Lewkowitsch then took a position as a research assistant to Victor Meyer at the University of Heidelberg. At Heidelberg Lewkowitsch studied fats and fatty oils. His first published work concerned the action of nitric acid on fatty acids. Lewkowitsch soon left the academic world for a position as a research chemist at the tar distillery Aktiengesellschaft Fur Teerindustrie Erkner in Berlin. In 1887, Lewkowitsch immigrated to England and became Chemist and Technical Manager to the Whitehall Soap Works in Leeds. It was there that Lewkowitsch became the first person to prepare chemically pure glycerin from soap makers’ lyes. Lewkowitsch presented his results at the Leeds meeting of the British Pharmaceutical Conference in 1890. Prior to his presentation, glycerin was recovered from the arsenic in soap lye. The key to Lewkowitsch’s method was to avoid the use of arsenic in soap, making glycerin recovery much easier.

In 1895 Lewkowitsch became a consulting chemist and technologist in oils and fats in Manchester. That same year he published the first of six editions (1895, 1898, 1904, 1909, 1913, and 1921) of The Chemical Technology and Analysis of Oils, Fats, and Waxes. Although Lewkowitsch’s initial publication was founded on Rudolf Benedikt’s Analyse der Fette und Wachsarten, his later editions would be original works. Lewkowitsch book editions expanded to three volumes and were printed in French and German.

Lewkowitsch joined the Society of Chemical Industry in 1889. He contributed articles to the Society’s publications and wrote entries for the Encyclopedia Britannica on oils and fats. In 1898, Lewkowitsch moved to London, where he maintained a laboratory on Priory Road, West Hampstead and offices on Queen Victoria Street in the city of London. Lewkowitsch married Katherine Julia Morris, May 5, 1902. The two had one daughter, Phyllis Regina Elsa Lewkowitsch (Elsa) and a son Jason Farradane. In 1905 Julius was elected vice president of the London Section of the Society of Chemical Industry. Lewkowitsch went on to become chairman in 1908 and foreign secretary of the society in 1911, a position he held until his death in 1913. For his work as a chemist, Lewkowitsch was awarded the Lavoisier Medal in 1909. Lewkowitsch, an accomplished linguist, spoke German, French, Italian, and English. Julius Lewkowitsch died September 15, 1913 after an illness.

Ellsworth C. Warner

Ellsworth C. Warner (1884-1942), an Iowa linseed miller, founded the Midland Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1900. Warner was joined in the venture by his in-law Edgar C. Bisbee, a member of a wealthy Chicago linseed-oil-family. In 1890, Warner married Edgar’s sister, Francis Melvina "Mellie" Bisbee. Throughout the first decade of the 20th century the Midland Company continued to expand until 1911 when it was reincorporated as the Midland Linseed Products Company. At the time of incorporation Warner’s company was capitalized at $10 million. Midland Linseed products began to falter in 1921 when the Bisbee family members split with Warner over his acrimonious divorce from Mellie Bisbee. The Bisbees departure destabilized Midlands upper management severely enough to precipitate the company’s sale to the newly formed Archers-Daniels-Midland Company.

As of the divorce settlement, Warner gave over $1 million to Mellie Bisbee. In 1929, still unsatisfied with the previous settlement, Mellie Bisbee sued her ex-husband over a $2,200 inheritance that she claimed was seed money for nearly $5 million worth in oil mill investments. She sought a settlement of over $100,000. Unfortunately, the outcome of the suit is not recorded in the collection.

Ellsworth Warner and his first wife, Mellie had four sons, Ellsworth Bisbee "Bis" (b.1892), Maurice A. (1894-1953), Harold (b.1897), and Wendell E. (b.1902). In 1930, Warner married Roslyn Allen. Warner continued to work in the linseed oil business until his death in 1942.


Scope and Content

Carter Litchfield built an important collection on the subject of the history of fats and fatty materials. In addition, this Collection documents Litchfield’s activities as a chemist, historian, and collector. The library includes more than 5,000 books, many rare, which chronicle the history of fats and fatty materials; at least eight languages are represented and the collection spans 500 years. In the course of collecting, Litchfield acquired the Julius Lewkowitsch Papers and purchased the Ellsworth C. Warner Papers. Litchfield’s acquisitions were not limited to publications and manuscript collections. He amassed a collection of ephemera including tax stamps, posters, artifacts, photographs, and other items.

The Collection is arranged into seven series and includes his research with animal fats and fatty materials, collecting activities, research and publication on the history of oil mills around the world; the papers of Julius Lewkowitsch, the first authority on fats and fatty materials; the papers of Ellsworth C. Warner, founder of the Midland Linseed Products Company; and the correspondence of Frech Chemist Michel Eugène Chevreul. The Collection also contains records of Carol Litchfield's consulting work with Microbial Solutions.



The original order of the Litchfield Collection has been left largely intact.


Separated Material

Carter Litchfield collection on the history of fatty materials (Accession 2007.227), Pictorial Collections Department, Hagley Museum and Library

Carter Litchfield's personal libary of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and serials on the history of fatty materials has been transferred to the Published Collections Department, where it has been cataloged at the item level.


Series Descriptions and Inventory

I. Collection acquisitions, 1966-2007
5 linear feet
Scope and Content
A. Acquisition Correspondence, 1966-1992
1, 35 A-L, 1966-1991
2 M-Z, 1966-1992
B. Current Acquisition Correspondence, 1988-2007
2, 35 A-H, 1988-2007
3, 35 I-Z, 1988-2007
C. Miscellaneous Acquisitions Correspondence, 1998-2007 (Box 3, 35)
D. Book Acquisitions Notebooks, 1972-1988
38 A-H, 1972-1988
38 H-Z, 1972-1988
II. Fats and Fatty Oil research, 1956-1980
5 linear feet
Scope and Content
A. Procter & Gamble, 1956-1960
3 Procter & Gamble Newcastle England (notebook), 1956
4, 35 Procter & Gamble Cincinnati, 1957-1960
4, 35 Litchfield handbook of hydrogenation curves for fatty oils, 1959
4, 35 Litchfield handbook of intersterification curves for fatty oils, 1959
B. Cetacean Lipids, 1965-1979
35 Correspondence, 1965-1977
5 Research on Cetacean Lipids "A," 1968-1979
5 Research on Cetacean Lipids "B," 1968-1979
5 Research on Cetacean Lipids "C," 1968-1979
5 Research on Cetacean Lipids "D," 1968-1979
5 Research on Cetacean Lipids "E," 1968-1979
5 Research on Cetacean Lipids "F," 1968-1979
5 Research on Cetacean Lipids "G," 1968-1979
5 Research on Cetacean Lipids "H," 1968-1979
6 Research on Cetacean Lipids "I," 1968-1979
6 Research on Cetacean Lipids "J," 1968-1979
6 Research on Cetacean Lipids "K," 1968-1979
6 Research on Cetacean Lipids "L," 1968-1979
6 Cetacean research, 1975-1978
C. Sponge Lipids, 1974-1980
6 Research on Sponge Lipids "A," 1974-1980
7 Research on Sponge Lipids "B," 1974-1980
7 Research on Sponge Lipids "C," 1974-1980
7 Research on Sponge Lipids "D," 1974-1980
7 Research on Sponge Lipids "E," 1974-1980
7 Research on Sponge Lipids "F," 1974-1980
7 Research on Sponge Lipids "G," 1974-1980
7 Research on Sponge Lipids "H," 1974-1980
7 Research on Sponge Lipids "I," 1974-1980
8 Research on Sponge Lipids "J," 1974-1980
8 Research on Sponge Lipids "K," 1974-1980
8 Research on Sponge Lipids "L," 1974-1980
8 Research on Sponge Lipids "M," 1974-1980
8 Research on Sponge Lipids "N," 1974-1980
D. Hilditch Symposium on Analysis of Natural Fat Triglycerides, 1965
35, 39 Correspondence, 1965
E. International Society for Fat Research (ISF), 1962-1978
35, 39 Correspondence, 1962-1963
35, 39 Conference: 10th World Congress, 1970
35, 39 Conference: 11th World Congress, 1972
35, 39 Conference: 12th World Congress, 1974
35, 39 Conference: 13th World Congress, 1976
35, 39 Conference: 14th World Congress, 1978
F. American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS), 1966-1978
35, 39 Annual Meetings, 1970-1978
35, 39 Awards, 1966, 1978
G. Conferences, 1968-1974
35, 39 12th International Conference on the Biochemistry of Lipids, 1968
35, 39 17th International Conference on the Biochemistry of Lipids, 1974
III. Olearius Editions files, 1707-2007
23.5 linear feet
Scope and Content
A. Business Records, 1976-2003
8 Accounts, receipts, expense reports, balance sheets, 1990-1997
8 Correspondence, 1994
35 Correspondence continued, A-R, 1976-2003
36 Correspondence continued, S-W, 1976-2003
40 Order Book, 1994-1999
B. Moravian Oil Mills, 1707-2007
8 Correspondence, 1988-2004
8 Printer Correspondence, 1984-1985
8 Research Correspondence, 1975-1989
36 Research Correspondence continued, 1975-2002
8 Book Proofs: Figures 1-66
9 Proofs for book (notebook)
9 Drafts A-C
10 Printer Negatives
10 Research Notes (notebooks)
11 Book reviews, 1984-1985
11 Promotional Material
11 Notes on Building Chronology (notebook)
11 Notes on Oilseed Mill, Tanbark Mill, and Snuff Mill
12 Collection searches, 1985-2006
12 International Rapeseed Conferences, 1978, 1991, 1997, 2006
12 Flaxseed research, 1821, 1947, 1967
12 Research Materials: Account book, 1761-1766
12 Research Materials: Accounts of construction costs, 2nd version
12 Research Materials: Mill Construction costs, 1764-1765
12 Research Materials: Minutes of the Aufseher collegium, 1764, 1780
12 Research Materials: Mill blueprints (Hanfreibe plans)
12 Research Materials: Construction diary for the oil mill, 1764-1771
12 Research Materials: Diaries - Hans Christensen, 1716-1776
12 Research Materials: Diaries - Matthias C., 1707-1787
12 Research Materials: Diaries - John Arbo, 1713-1772
12 Research Materials: Articles, 1767-1989
12 Research Materials: Bibliographies
12 Research Materials: Patents, 1830-1855
12 Research Materials: Financial Agreements, 1853-1854
12 Research Materials: Miscellaneous, 1979-2007
13 How many gallons of linseed oil are in this barrel? (notebook)
C. , 1985-1999
13 Publication Correspondence, 1985-1999
36 Proof copy, 1989
40 Olive O - notebook
D. , 1972-1981
14 Correspondence, 1972-1981
14 Dummy Book, 1974
14 Draft corrections, 1973
14 Reviews, 1975-1976
E. , 1960-1993
36 Correspondence A-R, 1960-1993
37 Correspondence S-Z
37 BOM Log, 1988
38 Margarine Manufacturers
14 Printing negatives, 1988
F. Conferences, 1970-2006
14 Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA): Conferences, 1980-1992
37 Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA): Conference, 2006
37 Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA): Elections, 1980, 2000-2003
37 Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA): Fall tours, 1989-2000
37 Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA): Chapters, 1995-1997, 2003
37 American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS): Annual Meetings, 1970, 1980, 2004
37 American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS): AOCS/ISF World Congress, 1980
37 The International Molinological Society (TIMS): 5th Symposium, 1982 April
37 The International Molinological Society (TIMS): Program
37 The International Molinological Society (TIMS): Papers
G. American Oil Mills, 1902-2005
15 Blueprints, 1948-1959
15 California
15 California I
15 Iowa
15 Iowa I
16 Iowa II
16 Iowa: Cedar Rapids Oil Works
16 Iowa: Historic Oil Mills
16 Iowa: Hawkeye Linseed Oil Works - Marshalltown
16 Massachusetts
16 Maryland
16 Minnesota: Daniels Linseed Co
17 Minnesota: Mantako - Phillips Oil Mill
17 Minnesota: Mantako - Linseed Oil Co
17 Minnesota: Minneapolis
18 Minnesota: Minneapolis
18 Minnesota: Rest of State
18 Minnesota, 1902-1975
37 Articles: Other Mills, 1902-1958
37 Miscellaneous notes
37 Nebraska
18, 39 New York (unlabeled): Kelloggs & Miller Linseed Oil Plant Research, 1975-2005
39 New Jersey, 1982-1983
North Carolina
18 North Dakota
18, 39 Ohio (unlabeled): Platt Iron Works
18 Pennsylvania I
19 Pennsylvania II
19 Pennsylvania III
19 Pennsylvania IV
20 Pennsylvania V
39 Pennsylvania Correspondence, 1983
20 United States I
21 United States II
H. Foreign Oil Mills, 1974-1998
21 Austria I
21 Beglium I
22 Europe I
22 France, 1992
22 France I
22 Germany I
23 Germany II
23 Greece
23 Holland, 1974
23 India Correspondence, 1991-1998
24, 39 India (unlabeled): Ghani - The Traditional Oil Mill of India (book proof)
24 Israel I
24 Israel II
25 Israel III
25 Italy I
25 Morocco I
39 Miscellaneous Mills, 1979-1981
26 Netherlands, 1977-1981
26 Netherlands: Pelmolen Ter Horst - Rijssen, 1979-1989
26 Netherlands I
26 Netherlands II
26 Romania I
27 Romania II
27 Sweden (Swedish language): Mill blueprints, 1980
27 Sweden (swedish language): Articles, 1981-1983
40 Sweden I, 1985-1992
40 Switzerland I, 1972-1975
28 Tunisia I
28 Tunisia II
28 Unlabeled: Miscellaneous Countries
IV. Julius Lewkowitsch papers, 1857-1989
5 linear feet
Scope and Content
Arrangement note
A. Julius Lewkowitsch, 1857-1971
29 Germany 1857-1886: Report Cards, 1865-1870
29 Germany 1857-1886: Vaccination Certificate, 1869 - Betty Lewkowitsch, 1860, Amalie Lewkowitsch, 1860, 1869
29 Germany 1857-1886: Certificate, 1875
29 Germany 1857-1886: Course Schedule, 1873-1875
29 Germany 1857-1886: Quantitative Analysis notebook, 1876-1877
29 Germany 1857-1886: Allegemeine Botanik notebook
29 Germany 1857-1886: Diplomas, 1879-1880
29 Germany 1857-1886: Chemistry Award - Breslau, 1879
29 Germany 1857-1886: Thesis - University of Breslau, 1879
29 Germany 1857-1886: Notes, 1880
29 England 1887-1913: Lecture, undated
29 England 1887-1913: Laboratory work plan, 1886 September-December
29 England 1887-1913: Leeds, 1887-1894
29 England 1887-1913: Manchester, 1895
29 England 1887-1913: Correspondence, 1889-1909
39 England 1887-1913: Correspondence continued, 1917
29 England 1887-1913: Meetings, 1891, 1902, 1908-1910
29 England 1887-1913: Marriage License, 1902
29 England 1887-1913: House in London, 1907
29 England 1887-1913: Conferences, 1886-1909
29 England 1887-1913: Conferences - Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Congress in New York, 1904
29 England 1887-1913: Conferences - Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) London, 1909
29 England 1887-1913: Estate Settlement, 1913
29 England 1887-1913: Obituaries (Lewkowitsch's Obituary), 1913
29 England 1887-1913: Biographies, 1908, 1971
29 Julius Lewkowitsch: Publications, 1909-1914
29 Julius Lewkowitsch: Correspondence
29 Julius Lewkowitsch: "Industry and Analysis" draft
B. Katherine Lewkowitsch, 1911-1945
29 Correspondence, 1911-1945
29 Estate Settlement, 1940
C. Elsa Lewkowitsch, 1923-1987
29 Degrees, 1923-1928
29 Correspondence, 1927
29 Correspondence: Christmas Cards, 1970-1979
29 Correspondence: Carol and Carter Litchfield, 1970-1980
29 Correspondence: Acquisition of Lewkowitsch Papers, 1981-1983
29 Book on Olive Oil: Book Correspondence, 1929
29 Book on Olive Oil: Original English Manuscript for "Quimica y Analisi del Aceite de Oliva" - Madrid, 1930
29 Curriculum Vitae, 1961
29 Lewkowitsch Memorial Lecture transcript, 1981-1987
D. Lewkowitsch Laboratory, 1888-1989
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Personal Notebook
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Patent Applications, 1888-1940
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Correspondence, 1889-1913
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Correspondence - Equipment Orders, 1895-1897
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Correspondence - Palm Oil Development Co, 1895-1912
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Correspondence - Francois Merklen, 1906
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Quantitative Analysis notes, 1891
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Letterheads Business Announcements, 1895
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Notebook of Research Ideas, 1898-1913
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Notebook of Research Ideas - Transcription, 1989
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Miscellaneous Papers, 1900-1912
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Lectures on Oils and Fats, University of Glasgow, 1902
30 Laboratory 1888-1913: Letterbooks, 1905-1911
31 Laboratory 1888-1913: Letterbooks, 1911-1914
31 Laboratory 1888-1913: Court Cases, 1906-1913
31 Laboratory 1888-1913: Court Cases - Hudson v. Gossage & Sons, 1910
31 Laboratory 1888-1913: Court Cases - Hudson v. Gossage & Sons 1910 - Notes on Dry Soap Powder in the Technical Literature 1862-1889
31 Laboratory 1888-1913: Court Cases - Crosfield & Sons v. Technico-Chemical Labs, 1913
31 Laboratory 1888-1913: Receipts for interest on loan, 1910-1913
31 Laboratory 1914-1940: Miscellaneous Papers, 1914-1940
31 Laboratory 1914-1940: Patents Applications, 1918-1938
31 Laboratory 1914-1940: Correspondence, 1925
31 Laboratory 1914-1940: List of books and journals dealing with fats and oils, circa 1930
31 Laboratory 1914-1940: Testing contaminated whale oil, 1931-1932
31 Laboratory 1914-1940: Lease for Laboratory, 1940
32 Fatty Acid Distillation Patent 1932-1940: Correspondence - Patent Office, 1935-1973
32 Fatty Acid Distillation Patent 1932-1940: Correspondence - George Scott & Son Ltd., 1933-1935
32 Fatty Acid Distillation Patent 1932-1940: Correspondence - Fullerton, Hodgart & Braley Ltd.
32 Fatty Acid Distillation Patent 1932-1940: Correspondence - Kestner Evaporator & Engineering Co., 1932-1935
32 Fatty Acid Distillation Patent 1932-1940: Blueprints, 1932-1934
32 Fatty Acid Distillation Patent 1932-1940: Preliminary Applications, 1935-1938
32 Fatty Acid Distillation Patent 1932-1940: Notes
E. Monograph, 1898-1943
32 Book reviews, 1898-1909
32 Correspondence, 1905-1943
32 Manuscript for 7th Edition, circa 1930s
33 Manuscript for 7th Edition continued, circa 1930s
V. Ellsworth C. Warner Papers, 1883-1998
1 linear foot
Scope and Content
A. Correspondence, 1883-1998
34 Divorce, 1929
34 Lawsuit, 1930-1937
34 Taxes, 1921-1930
34 Obituaries: Ellsworth, 1942
34 Obituaries: Maurice, 1953
34 Acquisitions correspondence, 1995-1998
34 E.C. Warner letterbook, 1898-1899
B. Research Files, 1900-1994
34 Midland-A: family tree, deeds (1888-1902), insurance maps, incorporation articles (Archer Daniels), 1994
34 Midland-B: History of Midland Linseed Oil Company, photocopies, 1900-1993
39 Archer-Daniels-Midland Incorporation Contracts, 1902-1984
39 Former Archer-Daniels-Midland properties, New Jersey, 1960-1991
VI. M.E. Chevreul Correspondence, 1810-1889 (Box 34)
0.25 linear feet
Scope and Content
VII. Carol Litchfield papers, 1991-1998
0.25 linear feet
Scope and Content
34 Microbial Solutions: Accounts, 1991-1998
35 Book, Manipolazione de Saponi - Michel Angelo Bozzini, 1732
35 Bone meal contract, 1904 May 25
35 Correspondence - H. P. Kaufman, 1936-1971
35 Correspondence - J. Lewkowitsch, 1912-1947
35 Correspondence - Litchfield, miscellaneous, 1980-1984
35 Correspondence and symposium - T. D. Hilditch, 1964-1972
35 International Society for Fat Research Congress - Budapest, 1966
35 International Society for Fat Research Congress - Budapest, 1966
35 Journal - "Nozioni Agrarie Marammane", 1879-1886
35 Oil mills with historical materials, 1984-1989
35 Payment journal, 1776
35 Ration coupons, 1973
35 Sperm whale oil data sheets, 1966 May 5
35 Swedish Employers Confederation, 1988
35 Tidyman Rice Mill, South Carolina - correspondence, 1999-2002
35 Tidyman Rice Mill, South Carolina - historical documents and materials, 1766-2001
35 Tidyman Rice Mill, South Carolina - ilustrations and information, 1972-2000