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Wright family papers
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Wright family papers

Accession 1665

Manuscripts and Archives Department, Hagley Museum and Library

PO Box 3630
Wilmington, Delaware, 19807

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Wright family papers
Dates: 1785-1902, bulk 1809-1876
Accession Number: 1665
Creator: Wright family
Extent: 16.67 linear feet
Language of Material: English
Repository: Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department
Abstract: Samuel Gardiner Wright (1781-1845) was a West Jersey Quaker merchant and ironmaster who conducted a wide-ranging mercantile business based in Philadelphia, iron furnaces in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and in southern Delaware and maintained a country house and farm in Monmouth County, N.J. The papers document his varied business interests, especially iron manufacture and sales. There are smaller quantities of papers from his wife, sons and grandson.

Administrative Information


Gift of Richard R. Wright and Elizabeth Gaskill Wright Meirs, Jr., who are fifth-generation descendants of Samuel G. Wright. The Wright family papers were received in three installments between 1979 and 1981 and a large final addition in 1989.


Six linear feet of material was received as an addendum and are not part of the microfilm edition.

Existence and Location of Copies

Microfilm available in the Manuscripts and Archives Department at Hagley Museum and Library.

Duplicate microfilm also available in the New Jersey State Archives, 185 West State Street, CN307, Trenton, N.J. 08625

Processing Notes

The loose papers had been bundled, probably by Wright's sons, and stored in cloth bags at Merino Hill. The initial processing in 1980-1981 simply preserved the wrapper titles created by Wright's sons.

The last installment which arrived in 1989 contained all of Wright's papers for the 1840-1845 period, but also a large quantity of letters, accounts, bills and receipts which fell into all the categories and date ranges set up in the initial processing. Upon closer examination, it was discovered that much of the bundling of the papers by Wright's sons was extremely arbitrary, that correspondents were misidentified, and that the wrapper titles were not accurate. Consequently, the entire collection has been reworked, preserving only those headings and groupings which were in Samuel G. Wright's own hand.

All correspondence which could be identified as relating to a single enterprise, such as Dover Furnace, the Arrarat Company, etc., has been consolidated. The letters from Gardiner H. Wright have been separated from those on Delaware Furnace, since they discuss a number of unrelated subjects. The remaining letters have been arranged by name of correspondent. The account books have been grouped in something closer to their proper sequence. Since more material is now available for other family members, the collection has been retitled Wright Family Papers. This rearrangement has rendered the old microfilm edition both incomplete and obsolete. The inventory for the old arrangement can be found in the case file along with a sheet coordinating the old and new numbers of the accounting volumes.


Historical Note

Samuel Gardiner Wright was born on November 18, 1781, the great-great-grandson of Joshua Wright, one of three brothers who emigrated from Yorkshire, England, to the Burlington, New Jersey, area in 1677-1679. They were part of the larger movement of Quakers from the north of England to the Delaware Valley. Samuel's immediate line remained within the Society of Friends. His great-grandfather, John Wright, was the founder of Wrightstown, New Jersey. His father, Caleb, moved to the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania with a younger son, Joseph (1785-1855) and purchased a farm in Union Township, two miles above Shickshinny. Around 1811, Caleb returned to New Jersey, where he became a storekeeper at Juliustown. He was active in Quaker affairs, particularly the anti-slavery movement of the 1830s. Joseph remained in Pennsylvania, founding a separate line of the Wright family at Plymouth.

Samuel Wright married his distant cousin, Sarah G. Wright, in 1805, and through her came to possess a 300-acre farm at Cox's Corner in Upper Freehold Township. Monmouth County, a location later known as Wrightsville. The property had been purchased by Sarah's grandfather, David Wright, in 1770 and included a frame dwelling built by Robert Lawrence around 1735. Samuel demolished the newer frame dwelling built by David Wright and erected a handsome brick mansion in 1810 which he named Merino Hill. The name commemorated a flock of merino sheep which Wright imported in company with E. I. du Pont of Wilmington and other gentlemen farmers. Wright's flock had grown to about 200 by 1822, when he began selling them and devoting more time to other ventures. Besides breeding sheep and selling lambs and wool, Wright produced apples for distillation into cider and applejack, as well as other typical crops and livestock.

Around 1815, Wright began to diversify his operations. With several sets of partners. he engaged in two ventures to supply fuel to the newly-perfected steamboats operating in New York Harbor. The first, called the Arrarat Company, cut wood on Arrarat Creek near South Amboy under the supervision of James Applegate. The second, a partnership with C. and J. Foulks and others, operated near Toms River. Due to shortages of capital, bickering with partners, and the problem of supervising work at a distance, neither of these companies lasted more than three years, and the Arrarat Company ended in litiga-tion. Wright also invested in unsuccessful attempts by David Thacker to establish salt works at Tuckerton. New Jersey, and Lewes, Delaware.

By 1817, Wright had established himself as a general merchant in Philadelphia, initially in partnership with David Cooke. Initially dealing in New Jersey agricultural products, he was soon trading along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. From 1820 to 1822, he conducted a trade with David Brearley, then Indian Agent at Dardanelle, Arkansas Territory, exchanging eastern manufactures for furs.

Around 1820, Wright decided to expand into the iron trade. He agreed to supply David C. Wood's Millville Furnace with ore and market its output. In 1822, he took a full one-year lease of Millville Furnace and also acquired from William D. Waples a lease on the Delaware Furnace near Millsboro in southern Delaware, placing Derrick Barnard in charge. At the same time, he purchased the rights to bog ore beds along the Nanticoke River that had formerly belonged to the Deep Creek and Pine Grove Furnaces. Ore from the Delaware beds was shipped across Delaware Bay to Millville and other furnaces in southern New Jersey. Wright purchased another ore bed on the Ivanhoe Branch of Crosswicks Creek near Prospertown in 1824. About this time, he bought a fractional interest in the East Jersey Proprietorship, which entitled him to a share of unseated lands. He began to assemble enormous land holdings in a broad swath between Imlaystown and Toms River. The core of these holdings was a tract of 26,000 acres around present-day Lakehurst, which included the derelict Federal Furnace and Forge. Wright restored Federal Furnace and renamed it Dover Furnace in 1826. Wright apparently operated the associated Phoenix Forge for a short time but possibly lost it in a title dispute. He also briefly held a partial interest with Samuel J. Read in the nearby unrelated Dover Forge.

Charcoal was manufactured at Dover Furnace and (until 1830) on the nearby Greenwood Forest Tract through rights leased from the Newbold family. As bog ore deposits in South Jersey became exhausted, Wright helped found the Mt. Hope Mining Company in Morris County in 1831. Wright remained an important ironmaster for seven years. He manufactured pig iron, stoves, wagon-wheel boxes, sash boxes, and large quantities of pipe for the new urban gas and water systems throughout the Northeast. He appears to have made or tried to make strap rail and castings for some of the earliest United States railroads. Wright appears to have had a close relationship with architect John Haviland, providing iron architectural elements for the fence around Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and doors and fittings for several of his famous prisons. Delaware Furnace turned out the majority of Wright's stoves and also specialized in the manufacture of cast iron plowshares.

Wright was also heavily involved in real-estate speculation outside New Jersey. Through his father and brother Joseph, he inherited land in the Wyoming Valley at Plymouth and Pittston, much of it containing coal deposits. During the period from 1810 through 1820. Wright owned land at Milford, Otsego County, New York, and lots in Philadelphia. Beginning in the 1830s, he acquired lots in New York City and joined in the rush to speculate in western lands. Wright's purchases were in the central part of Illinois and also near Quincy, and were undertaken in conjunction with a number of friends and associates from the Trenton area under the name of the Trenton Illinois Company. Wright also made land purchases in Missouri. He made numerous trips along the Ohio-Mississippi Valley, both attending to his mercantile business and looking after his real estate.

Wright was a local leader of the Adams faction of the Democratic-Republican and Whig parties in the realignments of the 1830s. He was elected to a term in the Legislative Council (State Senate) in 1830-1831.

Wright began to withdraw from some of his enterprises in the early 1830s. He sent his eldest son Gardiner Harrison Wright (1806-1886) to take charge of Delaware Furnace in 1832. After 1832, the American iron industry suffered from the destabilizing effects of the Bank War and from reduced tariffs on imported iron. Wright sold the Dover Furnace property to another ironmaster, Benjamin B. Howell, in 1833 but retained a mortgage to secure the purchase price. Howell sold the property to his two sons, and they in turn sold it in 1836 to a group of New York land speculators, the Monmouth Purchase Company. The Panic of 1837 and its aftermath delayed the settlement with Wright and led to very strained relations with both Howell and the Monmouth Purchase Company. Wright's mortgage was not paid off until 1840.

The financial convulsions of 1837-1843 played havoc with Wright's other ventures as well. Delaware Furnace shut down in 1834, reopened briefly in 1836, and closed for good in 1837. Dover Furnace also shut down around 1837, as did Wright's Philadelphia store. Wright no doubt suffered from the collapse of western land values after 1839. Wright apparently spent these years at Merino Hill trying to salvage his western investments. He also engaged in the importation of Missouri mules. Wright took part in the political campaign of 1840, and in 1844 he was elected to the House of Representatives. Wright died of dropsy on July 30, 1845, before he could take his seat.

Wright's career provides an excellent example of the American businessman just before the transition from "merchant capitalism" to "industrial capitalism." While they were important in their own day, none of his enterprises left direct successors, and the trades and techniques they represented were rendered obsolete soon after his death. Although not ranked among the "great" Philadelphia merchants, Wright was part of that much larger second tier whose activities produced the first stages of industrialization in the United States.

Wright's widow survived him for another forty years. Gardiner H. Wright remained at Millsboro, Delaware. In 1834, he had married Cassandra, the daughter of Colonel William D. Waples. After the abandonment of Delaware Furnace, he continued to operate the foundry and remelting or cupola furnace adjoining it, manufacturing plows and other iron implements. This operation lasted until 1879. The family moved to Georgetown, Delaware, around 1862 where Gardiner became President of the Georgetown branch of the Farmers State Bank. He was also deeply involved in local politics and served as State Treasurer in the 1850s. The second son, Harrison Gardiner Wright (1810-1885) inherited Merino Hill and passed it on to his descendants. The third son, Samuel G. Wright, Jr. (1819-1897) had apparently caused his father some difficulties in his youth, running away to join the Navy. The elder Wright was obliged to use his connections to have him released from the service. Samuel, Jr., returned to New Jersey and, like his father, became a commercial farmer. While subsequent generations achieved some status in the learned professions (Harrison's grandson, Walter Livingston Wright, Jr., was President of Lincoln University), none equalled Samuel G. Wright's status in the business community.


Scope and Content

The papers of Samuel G. Wright document his activities as a New Jersey gentleman farmer, a Philadelphia merchant, an ironmaster, and a member of the New Jersey Legislature, as well as his private investments in land. As such, it is a valuable source on the details of the early nineteenth-century iron industry and its allied activities (including charcoal manufacture and coastwise shipping), on the impact of economic fluctuations during the Jacksonian Era, on the linkages between eastern merchants and the developing West, on land speculation, and on everyday life in rural New Jersey and Delaware.

The papers are essentially those which accumulated at Merino Hill over a period of about seventy years, plus some of those originally kept in Philadelphia by Wright's chief clerk, William Potter. The papers probably are not complete, although they do seem to cover the full range of Wright's activities. They reflect the relatively undeveloped state of recordkeeping and accounting in medium-sized businesses. Doubtless, much information at Merino Hill, Philadelphia, and Dover Furnace was conveyed orally. The managers of Delaware Furnace and other remote ventures produced more thorough written reports.

The core of the papers consists of bound and loose accounting materials and inbound correspondence. The accounts appear to be incomplete, and several volumes were used for writing practice and as scrapbooks by later generations. The largest portion covers the iron operations at Delaware and Dover Furnaces, with greater detail available on the former. Letters from the field describe all phases of ironmaking and its ancillary activities, including technical and labor problems, fluctuating market conditions, sales, and shipping. There is extensive correspondence with the Howells concerning the financial and legal difficulties surrounding the resale of the Dover Furnace Tract to the Monmouth Purchase Company. A photocopy of a map of the tract made by the Monmouth Purchase Company is available in the Pictorial Collections Department. There is some wage data, and the manufacture and marketing of cast-iron pipes and stoves is described in great detail. Wright was enmeshed in an extensive network of ironmasters and iron dealers stretching up and down the East Coast, and the correspondence indicates contacts with such iron pioneers as Oliver Evans and Eliphalet Nott.

Wright's western and southwestern trade is documented in accounts with David Brearley for the Arkansas fur-trading venture and by letters from Wright's clerk/agent William Potter during a long tour to Arkansas describing market conditions and prospects along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. There are also letters from merchants in Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Natchez who traded with Wright. Other letters describe Wright's early ventures in cordwood and salt manufacture, as well as speculative purchases of land in Otsego County (New York), Missouri, and Illinois, and purchases with his brother Joseph and nephew Hendrick of anthracite coal lands in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania. An account book lists bog ore shipments from central New Jersey in the 1820s.

Merino Hill Farm is represented by incomplete accounts, including farm payrolls and accounts with tenant/agent Caleb Malsbury. The accounts cover the construction of Merino Hill house and farm. Other account books give some coverage of Wright's Philadelphia mercantile business between 1817 and 1842.

Wright's political career is represented by a series of printed bills, petitions, and reports from Wright's term in the State Legislature. The bills include many that did not become law, the principal issues of the session being competing railroad schemes and the founding of the Camden and Amboy Railroad monopoly. The official collection of draft bills in the New Jersey State Library does not begin until much later. There is also ephemera from several political campaigns in which Wright participated, including a printed song from William Henry Harrison's Log Cabin campaign in 1840. There is also a chart giving a phrenological analysis of Samuel G. Wright, and the manumission papers for a young slave that he apparently bought and liberated.

Samuel G. Wright's father Caleb is represented by a small collection of papers, primarily related to the charitable and anti-slavery activities of the Society of Friends and to Orthodox attacks against the Hicksite Schism. Letters of Sarah Wright (1811-1883), Gardiner H. Wright (1826-1852), Harrison G. Wright (1826-1886), and Samuel G. Wright, Jr. (1839-1860) are primarily concerned with family and domestic life, although Gardiner in particular writes about his father's business activities. There are a number of letters from Samuel G. Wright, Sr., written to his wife while traveling on business. The sons wrote to their parents and to one another des-cribing life in boarding school and their social lives as young men in the 1820s. Of particular note are Gardiner's description of a stay with distant relations, the Latta family of Yorkville and Columbia, South Carolina. The papers of Harrison G. Wright also document his activities in settling his father's estate and closing up his affairs, as well as accounts for the operation of Merino Hill Farm.


Series Descriptions and Inventory

I. Samuel G. Wright, 1809-1845
A. Incoming correspondence
1 William Barker & son re purchase of iron - Baltimore, MD, 1824; 1 item
1 Samuel J. Barnett re sale of stoves, probably from Delaware Furnace - Louisville, KY, 1830; 1 item
1 Egbert Barrows re account for brick, 1827; 1 item
1 Bartlett, Murdock & Co. - Wareham, MA, 1825 [re Delaware and NJ bog ore for his furnace] ; 3 items
1 Daniel Bates - Boston, MA, 1831-1833 [re purchase of pig iron and stoves.] ; 5 items
1 George Bates - Boston, MA, 1827 [re purchase of kentledge (cast iron ballast) for Navy.] ; 3 items
1 Andrew Bayard - Philadelphia, PA, 1823-1826 [re bank at Montrose, PA; includes description of condition of Milford & Owego Turnpike.] ; 2 items
1 Mercer Beasley - Trenton, NJ, 1843-1845 [re Samuel G. Wright debt to Mrs. Higbee; Arkansas land.] ; 2 items
1 John Beatty, Jr. - Mt. Holly, NJ, 1827 [re sale of land in Pine Barrens to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
1 William Beatty - Columbia, PA, 1826 [re sale of lots belonging to estate of Nathan Dunn.] ; 1 item
1 John Belfield - Tappahannock, VA, 1822; 2 items
1 Lewis Benedict - Utica, NY, 1825-1826; 2 items
1 Mahlon Betts - Wilmington, DE, 1827 [re purchase of water pipe for city.] ; 1 item
1 Israel Biddle, 1824; 1 item
1 Thomas Biddle - Philadelphia, PA, 1838-1843 [re investment in Iron Mountain Mines in Missouri; iron manufacture; Illinois land.] ; 10 items
1 Richard Bilby - Russellville, VA (?), 1822; 1 item
1 John R. Blakiston - Philadelphia, PA, 1833-1844 [re sale of wharf.] ; 2 items
1 R. Boggs - New Brunswick, NJ, 1825 [re land in Pine Barrens.] ; 2 items
1 Jonathan Bonney & Co. - Wilmington, DE, 1831 [re purchase of iron for New Castle and Frenchtown RR.] ; 1 item
1 George Bornvill - Frederica, DE, 1829-1830 [re purchase of iron.] ; 2 items
1 John H. Bostwick - New Brunswick, NJ, 1827-1829 [re charcoal business near Toms River.] ; 16 items
1 S. E. And H. W. Bostwick - New York, NY (?), 1829-1830; 2 items
1 John Bradbury & Co. - Newburyport, MA, 1831-1833 [re purchase of stoves and castings.] ; 5 items
1 Thomas Bradford - Philadelphia, PA, 1837-1845 [legal advice re Dilworth estate, Gardiner estate.] ; 28 items
1 John T. Brady - Washington, NJ (?), 1824 [re John Clark estate.] ; 1 item
1 Winter Bray - Tappahannock, VA, 1822; 1 item
1 David Brearley - Washington, DC, 1823 [re Arkansas fur trade.] ; 3 items
1 N. E. Britton - Wrightsville, NJ, 1841-1844; 3 items
1 Robert Brookhouse - Salem, MA, 1822-1827 [re sale of stoves and castings from Delaware Furnace.] ; 12 items
1 Isaac Brown - Albany, NY, 1831 [re stoves, kettles, and other castings.] ; 1 item
1 Thomas Brownell & Co. - New York, NY, 1831-1832 [re cast iron pipes from Dover Furnace; lawsuit of Mark Richards vs. Brownell and Samuel G. Wright over ownership of pipes; bankruptcy of Brownell.] ; 16 items
1 Peter Bruere - Trenton, NJ, 1825; 1 item
1 Archibald Bryce, New York, NY, 1824 [re Nathan Dunn estate.] ; 1 item
1 R. Buck - Baltimore, MD, 1827-1830 [re purchase of stoves from Delaware Furnace.] ; 7 items
1 Wesley Budd - Millville, NJ, 1822 [re Gloucester Furnace.] ; 1 item
1 B. J. Burling (?) - Philadelphia, PA, 1842 [re sugar kettles for Cuba.] ; 1 item
1 Phineas L. Bunting - Crosswicks, NJ, 1841 [re purchase of plaster of paris.] ; 1 item
1 Richard Burr - New York, NY, 1834 [re offer to purchase copper mine, ore beds.] ; 2 items
1 George Bush - Wilmington, DE, 1834 [re purchase of iron pipe.] ; 1 item
1 J. Cambreleng - New York, NY, 1834 [re A. Arden Estate.] ; 2 items
1 John Carlisle - Bass River, NJ, 1825 [re wood business in Pine Barrens.] ; 1 item
1 Carpenter, Griffith & Co. - New York, NY, 1833 [re merchandise bought for Dover Furnace and Mount Hope Mining Co.] ; 3 items
1 John Cary - New Castle, DE, 1825; 1 item
1 Caswell & Murdock - New York, NY, 1834-1836 [re purchase of iron from Dover and Delaware Furnaces; shipments in schooner Henry Clay.] ; 20 items
1 A. C. Casenove & Co. - Alexandria, VA, 1823-1829 [re settlement with Mr. Addison of Georgetown.] ; 9 items
1 Robert Chew - Fredericksburg, VA, 1826 [re Samuel G. Wright's claim against Charles P. James.] ; 2 items
1 Daniel Christopher - Bergen Iron Works, NJ, 1838 [re charcoal.] ; 1 item
1 A. Church & Co. - Troy, NY, 1832 [re purchase of castings.] ; 1 item
1 John J. Clark - New York, NY, 1828-1829 [re repairing sloop Teaser in 1817-1818,] ; 2 items
1 John H. Clarke - Providence, RI, 1834 [re cast iron pipe.] ; 1 item
1 J. O. Clarke - Trenton Bank, 1830 [re bill.] ; 1 item
1 C. L. Clussman - New York, NY, 1824-1830 [re castings from Delaware Furnace.] ; 9 items
1 Andrew B. Cobb - Parsippany, NJ, 1842 [re lands under water at Jersey City.] ; 1 item
1 J. Coldwell - Philadelphia, PA, 1841 [re claim of Morris Canal & Banking Co.] ; 1 item
1 John V. Cole - New York, NY, 1832 [re bill against sloop Ben Burton.] ; 1 item
1 John Collier, 1838 [re sending ore to Newark, NJ.] ; 1 item
1 Leslie Combs - Lexington, KY (?), 1829; 1 item
1 Commercial Bank Of Pa - Philadelphia, PA, 1820 [naming Samuel G. Wright a director.] ; 1 item
1 John Compton - Dayton, OH, 1822-1823; 2 items
1 Joel W. Condit - Newark, NJ, 1834 [re pipe for Newark Aqueduct Co.] ; 1 item
1 John N. Conyngham - Wilkes Barre, PA, 1824 [re debt of Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
1 David Cooke - Philadelphia, PA, 1823-1842 [to Samuel G. Wright travelling in West; fatal illness of daughter Sarah Wright; damage to furnace; cholera epidemic; debt of Nathan Dunn; dividend on Lehigh & Susquehanna Canal stock.] ; 6 items
1 Cooper, Green & Cooper - Philadelphia, PA, 1841; 1 item
1 Cordwood Business at Toms River, 1815-1822 [Correspondents include C. & J. Foulks, Van Ranst & Goodyear, Mott & Williams.] ; 15 items
1 Lewis S. Coryell - New Hope, PA, 1834 [re family and political news.] ; 1 item
1 Caleb Cox - Fredericksburg, VA, 1827; 1 item
1 George Cox - Maysville, KY, 1822-1824 [re account with James Waddell.] ; 2 items
1 Nathan S. Crane - Mannahawkin, NJ, 1840; 1 item
1 W. M. Crane - Boston Navy Yard, 1827 [re shipments of kentledge.] ; 2 items
1 William H. Crawford - Secretary of War, 1815 [letter from Samuel G. Mitchell introducing William Shotwell, who is to present samples of "Taurino Cloth" made at his factory near Bridgeton, NJ, for possible use in winter uniforms.] ; 1 item
1 Sarah Emlen Cresson (cousin) - Philadelphia, PA, 1837 [re gift of watch chain.] ; 1 item
1 William Cross - Howell Furnace, NJ, 1823 [offering services as carpenter and mason at Dover Furnace.] ; 1 item
1 Thomas & Richard Crouch & Co. - Richmond VA, 1822; 1 item
1 William Davidson, Lowell, Ma, 1833 [re Samuel G. Wright's gas pipe vs. imported English pipe.] ; 1 item
1 George Davis - Cranbury, NJ, 1825 [re sale of NJ land move to Otsego County.] ; 1 item
1 George C. Davis - Sandtown, NJ (?), circa 1844 [re going to Illinois.] ; 1 item
1 Ivins Davis - Toms River, NJ, 1819 [re repairs to schooner Charles.] ; 1 item
1 William L. Dayton - Freehold, NJ, 1834-1845 [re debt against sloop Ben Burton; franking privilege.] ; 2 items
1 Elias B. Dean - Taunton, MA, 1822-1831 [re shipments of bar iron.] ; 6 items
1 Abraham Degraw - New Brunswick, NJ, 1822 [re sale of mules; building petiauger; apparently in connection with cordwood business.] ; 3 items
1 Delaware Furnace - Millsboro, DE, 1821-1829 [letters and reports, primarily from Col. William D. Waples and Derrick Barnard, Samuel G. Wright's agent. See also "Gardiner H. Wright" file for his reports from Delaware Furnace (1831-1837); topics include wood, charcoal and ore supply; shells for flux, water power, labor, housing, furnace performance, fatigue and shortage of horses, food supply, shipping supplies via Lewes, plan to manufacture cast iron plowshares, etc.] ; 382 items
2 Delaware Furnace - Millsboro, DE, 1830-1837; 139 items
2 Devins & Thompson - Boston, MA, 1824-1827 [re stoves and stove patterns.] ; 2 items
2 Philemon Dickinson - Trenton, NJ, 1832 [re iron pipes.] ; 1 item
2 John Diehl - Philadelphia, PA, 1832 [re cast iron sash weights for poorhouse.] ; 1 item
2 Charles Dilworth - Philadelphia, PA, 1830 [asking Samuel G. Wright to be part of wedding party.] ; 1 item
2 Mary Dilworth - Philadelphia, PA, 1845 [re partition of estate.] ; 2 items
2 Amzi Dodd - Newark, NJ, 1830-1831 [re election returns; Samuel G. Wright's support for chartering a new bank at Newark.] ; 2 items
2 Benedict Dorsey - Philadelphia, PA, 1843 [re debt of N. Britton.] ; 1 item
2 Edwin A. Douglas - Trenton, NJ, 1832-1834 [re purchase of iron water pipe for Delaware & Raritan Canal Co.] ; 6 items
2 Dover Furnace - Now Lakehurst, NJ, 1822-1837 [primarily reports from John Branson, Samuel G. Wright's agent re operations of furnace; financial difficulties; includes lists of workers and amounts to be paid for wages.] ; 19 items
2 John Dow - Belleville, NJ, 1832 [thanking Samuel G. Wright for courtesy on travels.] ; 1 item
2 James Dundas - Philadelphia, PA, 1832 [re debts of Nathan Dunn.] ; 1 item
2 Nathan Dunn - Philadelphia, PA, 1839 [re dispute with Samuel G. Wright's former partner David Cooke over settling debts from 1816.] ; 1 item
2 William Dunn, Jr. - Albany, NY, 1815 [to John D. Delary reciting Lake Champlain Steam Boat Company's acquisition of patent rights from Fulton & Livingston and from Aaron Ogden; Delary's offer of patent rights of Mr. Roswell.] ; 1 item
2 Alfred Du Pont - Wilmington, DE, 1823 [noting no iron ore near Brandywine but some at Iron Hill near Newark, DE.] ; 1 item
2 Jonathan Durell - Bordentown, NJ, 1832 [re purchase of open stove.] ; 1 item
2 Benjamin & Charles Dyer & Co. - Providence, RI, 1827-1834 [re purchase of pipe, Delaware pig iron.] ; 8 items
2 Earps & Haven - Philadelphia, PA, 1842; 1 item
2 East Jersey Proprietors - Perth Amboy, NJ, 1822-1843 [re Samuel G. Wright's purchase of share of Proprietors' land rights, the patenting of land in the Pine Barrens and elsewhere, and the meetings and actions of the Board of Proprietors. Principal correspondents are Andrew Bell, Edward Condit, James Parker, John Rattoon, and John Rutherfurd.] ; 45 items
2 J. B. Eggleston - Chestertown, MD, 1833 [re debt to Wright & Cooke.] ; 1 item
2 Andrew Ellicott, Jr. - Elk Ridge Landing, MD, 1832 [asks Samuel G. Wright for name of good caster; asks about progress of Camden & Amboy RR.] ; 1 item
2 Hudson P. Ellis - Crosswicks, NJ, 1845 [re Samuel G. Wright's carriage.] ; 1 item
2 W. Cox Ellis - Muncy, PA, 1823-1824 [re land matters in Lycoming County; including dealings with John Folwell and Alexander Weaver.] ; 4 items
2 Daniel Elmer - Trenton, NJ, 1834-1838 [re livestock.] ; 3 items
2 William Elmer - Bridgeton, NJ, 1835 [re sending livestock to Camden.] ; 2 items
2 John C. Ely - Upper Freehold, NJ, 1827; 1 item
2 Joseph Emley - Arneytown, NJ, 1839; 1 item
2 Christian D. Emson - Toms River, NJ, 1837 [has sold land jointly owned with Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
2 William Erwin - Gloucester Furnace, NJ, 1824 [re Samuel G. Wright's plan to rebuild Federal Furnace.] ; 1 item
2 Cadwallader & Oliver Evans - Philadelphia, PA, 1824 [re debt to Samuel G. Wright after death of Oliver Evans; offers a share of Lehigh Coal Mine Co. stock as collateral; offers Samuel G. Wright agency for selling self-sharpening plows in South.] ; 1 item
2 James Ewing - Trenton, NJ, 1838-1845 [re western land purchases; coal lands in Pennsylvania; status of Mrs. Charles Higbee; death of John Paul.] ; 10 items
2 Fales, Lothrop & Co. - Philadelphia, PA, 1839-1844 [re cast iron pipes; Wyoming Valley coal lands; lands in Pine Barrens.] ; 14 items
2 Lawrence Falkenberg, Barnegat, NJ, 1830 [re purchase of timber.] ; 1 item
2 Joseph Fawcett - Harrisonburg, VA, 1822 [re Missouri iron ores.] ; 1 item
2 Joseph Fell - Springfield, NJ, 1823 [re farm rented from Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
2 A. Ferguson - Philadelphia, PA, 1823 [re trip to Missouri; will attend to Samuel G. Wright's land there.] ; 1 item
2 George Ferris - New York, NY, 1829-1832 [re shipments of ore and cider for Samuel G. Wright.] ; 6 items
2 J. A. Fish - Trenton, NJ, 1840 [store goods have arrived.] ; 1 item
2 James Folwell (cousin) - Cincinnati, OH, 1823; 1 item
2 Gabriel H. Ford - Morristown, NJ, 1831-1845 [re iron ore from Hibernia Mine; shipments via Morris Canal; Samuel G. Wright's interest in mine; operation of mine; difficulties with ore.] ; 13 items
2 James Foster - Baltimore, MD, 1822-1824 [re shipments of stoves, castings.] ; 3 items
2 John Francis - Philadelphia, PA, 1831; 1 item
2 Franklin Institute - Philadelphia, PA, 1831 [re samples of iron or steel for 7th Exhibition of American Manufacturers.] ; 1 item
2 Thomas Freeborn - New York, NY, 1822-1830 [re pig iron from Delaware Furnace.] ; 22 items
2 Frederick T. Frelinghuysen - Newark, NJ, 1839-1840 [re estateof A. Plume; notes of Samuel G. Wright.] ; 6 items
2 Theodore Frelinghuysen - Newark, NJ, 1834-1839 [re notes to Moses Phillips; Plume estate.] ; 9 items
2 Nathaniel Frothingham - Salem, MA, 1822-1832 [re sale of stoves from, patterns for Delaware Furnace.] ; 40 items
2 Frothingham & Cross - Salem, MA, 1833 [re sale of stoves from Delaware Furnace.] ; 2 items
2 Mark A. Fuller - New York, NY, 1829 [re casting new Lehigh Coal cooking stove.] ; 1 item
2 John Gable - Baltimore, MD, 1822-1827 [re castings for stoves, boilers, for Delaware Furnace.] ; 13 items
2 Peter Gallen - Philadelphia, PA, 1831 [re rent of Samuel G. Wright's house on Cypress Alley.] ; 1 item
2 Garber & Dorris - Huntingdon, PA, 1822-1823; 5 items
2 John Gardiner Estate - Philadelphia, PA, 1826-1845 [Including notes on Lawrence vs. Sharp and Wright.] ; 12 items
2 Richard Gardiner (cousin) - Strawberry Hill, NJ, 1829-1831 [family matters.] ; 2 items
2 J. & M. Gassner - New York, NY, 1832 [re stove castings from Delaware Furnace.] ; 2 items
2 Henderson Gaylord - Plymouth, PA, 1824; 1 item
2 John H. Gill - New Hope, PA, 1829; 1 item
2 Gill, Cooper & Co. - Albany, NY, 1832 [re stoves from one of the Jersey furnaces.] ; 1 item
2 Gill, French & Webster - Albany, NY, 1829-1831 [re stoves and stove plates.] ; 12 items
2 Nath. Gilman, Jr. - Exeter, NH, 1822-1844 [reciprocal business dealings; NG selling Samuel G. Wright's iron; Samuel G. Wright selling New England shoes; Gardiner estate.] ; 15 items
2 John E. Gordon - Freehold, NJ, 1837; 1 item
2 Thomas Gordon - Trenton, NJ, 1837-1844 [re lands in Ohio, Illinois, etc.] ; 5 items
2 Samuel Gouvreneur - Cold Spring, NY, 1823-1830 [re offers of ore for Dover Furnace; describes Cold Spring Furnace; shipments of ore in Samuel G. Wright's sloop Sarah; low duties on imported railroad iron.] ; 13 items
2 John Graham - New York, NY, 1831-1833 [re castings.] ; 6 items
2 Grants & Stone - Philadelphia, PA, 1820 [re rye flour shipped to Boston.] ; 1 item
2 J. D. Graw - New Brunswick, NJ, 1838 [re bill for keeping cattle.] ; 1 item
2 Ashbel Green - Columbia, PA, 1832 [re Samuel G. Wright's lots in town.] ; 1 item
2 Henry W. Green - Trenton, NJ, 1842-1843 [re S. L. Southard mortgage; Freehold Battle Monument.] ; 3 items
2 James S. Green - Princeton, NJ, 1832 [re legal matters.] ; 1 item
2 Green & Westmore - New York, NY, 1831 [re purchase of pig iron for puddling.] ; 1 item
2 William Griffith - Burlington, NJ, 1823-1825 [re lands in Pine Barrens, including title to Federal Furnace.] ; 4 items
2 Hadden & Keen - Perth Amboy, NJ, 1844 [re ship timber.] ; 1 item
2 Thomas Haines - Juliustown, NJ, 1830 [re debt of Jonathan Hough to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
2 Thomas Hale, 1822 [order for stoves.] ; 1 item
2 Ahira Hall - Providence, RI, 1829-1831 [re shipments of pig iron.] ; 8 items
2 Gerard Hallock - New York, NY, 1834 [re Samuel G. Wright's lots in New York City.] ; 5 items
2 William Halsey - Newark, NJ, 1831 [re petition to legislature for New Jersey Atlantick RR.] ; 1 item
2 Richard D. Harris - Boston Navy Yard, 1827 [re shipments of kentledge.] ; 6 items
2 J. C. Harrison - New Egypt, NJ, 1845; 1 item
2 Thomas A. Hartwell - Somerville, NJ, 1842 [re title search in Somerset County.] ; 1 item
2 Joseph Harvey, 1822 [wants six yellow chairs.] ; 1 item
2 Mrs. Haskins, 1824 [re rent payments.] ; 1 item
2 John Haviland - Philadelphia, PA, 1832 [re castings for Norfolk Naval Hospital.] ; 3 items
2 J. P. & R. G. Hazard - South Kingston, RI, 1822 [re sale of their drygoods.] ; 1 item
2 Heermans, Rathbone & Co. - Albany, NY, 1829-1831 [re purchase of castings and stoves.] ; 3 items
2 David Helmback - Hampton Furnace, PA, 1837-1842 [securing two molders for Samuel G. Wright; wants good foremen.] ; 8 items
2 Samuel J. Henderson - Philadelphia, PA, 1837-1842 [re Samuel G. Wright's lots in Philadelphia; lease of farm.] ; 8 items
2 Samuel Henry - Harrisonburg, VA, 1822 [re trip to Philadelphia to buy goods.] ; 1 item
2 William Henry (iii) - Oxford Furnace, NJ, 1833 [re purchase of mules; wants Samuel G. Wright's assistance in promoting Delaware & Susquehanna RR.] ; 1 item
2 David Henshaw - Washington, DC, 1844 [re securing discharge of Samuel G. Wright, Jr., from Navy.] ; 1 item
2 Stephen Herrick & Co. - New York, NY, 1827 [re freight on kentledge shipped to Boston.] ; 2 items
2 Francis L. Hidenberg - Norwalk, CT, 1823 [re purchase of stoves.] ; 4 items
2 Charles Higbee - Trenton, NJ, 1818-1842 [Higbee participated in many enterprises with Samuel G. Wright, particularly in Illinois land after 1830. CH moved to Irish Grove, IL, in 1842, from which he describes the prospects of the country. He died soon afterward. CH's letters contain general business and legal information regarding their joint enterprises including: Millville Furnace, the Greenwood Forest Tract, debts of Gabriel Winter, bank credit, purchase of wine, making shingles, etc.] ; 88 items
2 D. Hoffman - Baltimore, MD, 1826 [to Charles Higbee re debts of Gabriel Winter.] ; 1 item
2 George M. Hollenback - Wilkes Barre, PA, 1822 [re Samuel G. Wright's advice for Col. Washington Lee, who is contemplating building a furnace; purchase of cast iron backs, jambs, and mantles; coal business.] ; 3 items
2 Holliday & son - Winchester, VA, 1823; 2 items
2 Charles E. Hollinshead - New Brunswick, NJ, 1822-1823 [re purchase of stoves from Delaware Furnace.] ; 5 items
2 George B. Holmes - Providence (RI) Iron Foundry, 1824-1832 [re use of Delaware pig iron, NJ and DE ore; offers millwright to build cupola for Samuel G. Wright.] ; 16 items
2 Francis Hopkinson, 1818 [re bounty lands in unidentified state.] ; 1 item
2 James Hopping - Middletown, NJ, 1832 [re deed to unidentified land.] ; 1 item
2 John H. Horton - Upper Freehold, NJ, 1830 [described difficulties in cordwood business.] ; 1 item
2 R. H. Hough - New York, NY, 1832 [re rent payments by Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
2 Jonathan Hough - Springfield (NJ?), 1828 [has not received pig iron from Dover Furnace.] ; 1 item
2 Roswell Howe - Pennington, NJ, 1842 [re patents for western lands.] ; 1 item
2 Benjamin B. Howell - New York, NY, 1831-1839 [describes the complications of Samuel G. Wright's sale of the Dover Furnace property to BBH and resale to Monmouth Purchase Co. (See also Monmouth Purchase Co.)] ; 124 items
3 Richard W. Howell - Howell Furnace, NJ, 1822 [Introducing George Rogers who is in market for castings.] ; 1 item
3 L. B. Hunt - Bordentown, NJ, 1843 [re debt.] ; 1 item
3 Seth Hunt - New York, NY, 1822 [re castings from Millville Furnace.] ; 1 item
3 Westley P. Hunt - Trenton, NJ, 1833 [re Samuel G. Wright's credit at Trenton Bank.] ; 1 item
3 Daniel Hutchinson - Trenton, NJ, 1833 [re 10-inch water pipe.] ; 1 item
3 Illinois Land, 1822-1845 [Includes letters of George D. Blackbie; J. Milnor HIgbie; G. M. LaForge; Moore, Morton & Co.; J. B. Okie; Josiah B. Smith; Tilson & Holmes; Tilson, Moore, & Co.; and Erastus Wright re Samuel G. Wright's purchase of land in Illinois; financing and taxes; correspondence with local agents, and attempts to sell to settlers.] ; 165 items
3 William Imlay - Trenton, NJ, 1844 [re note.] ; 1 item
3 Joseph Jackson & son - Rockaway, NJ, 1830-1843 [re shipments of ore from their Hibernia and Teabo mines to Samuel G. Wright; subscription to stock of Clinton Manufacturing Co.; describes operating difficulties of Morris Canal, over which ore is shipped.] ; 15 items
3 Josiah L. James & Co. - New York, NY, 1822-1834 [Samuel G. Wright's principal agent for the sale of iron from both Delaware and Dover Furnaces. Describes difficulties in marketing Samuel G. Wright's iron; state of the iron market; credit and payment problems; purchase as scrap iron of the chain used to block the Hudson River at West Point during the Revolutionary War.] ; 133 items
3 J. L. James & Caswell - New York, 1832-1834 [successor to Josiah L. James & Co., sale of iron from Delaware and Dover Furnaces.] ; 81 items
3 Peter Augustus Jay - New York, NY, 1834 [re prior mortgage on Samuel G. Wright's New York lots.] ; 2 items
3 Alfred Jenks - Bridesburg, PA, 1830-1831 [re iron for small castings.] ; 2 items
3 Jewett & Read - Portland, ME, 1830 [offer services in sale of pig iron and stoves.] ; 1 item
3 Phillip C. Johnston - New York, NY, 1843 [wants to buy some of Samuel G. Wright's Illinois timber land.] ; 2 items
3 Benjamin Jones - Philadelphia, PA, 1830 [re repurchase of Pine Barrens land sold to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
3 John R. Jones - Charlottesville, VA, 1823 [re pension for James H. Handley.] ; 2 items
3 R. Jones - Burlington, NJ, 1824 [re hogsheads.] ; 1 item
3 Captain L. Kearny - USS Warren, 1827-1830 [re terms by Samuel G. Wright for keeping his mules while he is at sea.] ; 4 items
3 Henry B. Kemble - Millville Furnace, NJ, 1821-1826 [re operation of Millville Furnace; also mentions conditions at Batsto, Etna, and Weymouth Furnaces.] ; 8 items
3 William Kemble - New York, NY, 1821-1830 [re purchase and sale of ore and iron from Millville Furnace, Ulster Iron Co., etc.; fire bricks.] ; 8 items
3 Jacob Kern - Bath, PA, 1822-1826 [re debt to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 7 items
3 Andrew Kerr - New York, NY, 1830 [re purchase of horses from Samuel G. Wright.] ; 2 items
3 Samuel V. King - Georgetown, SC, 1823 [repayment of debt to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
3 A. W. Kinney - Newark, NJ, 1832 [request for pig or scrap iron.] ; 1 item
3 Thomas Kilvert - Providence, RI, 1832 [re castings for cupola furnace to be built by Samuel G. Wright; describes offer to build or supply a steam engine.] ; 3 items
3 Daniel Kizer & C0. - Baltimore, MD, 1822 [re pig iron for Delaware Furnace.] ; 2 items
3 Silas Lambson - Sterling (NY?), 1823-1824 [re stoves, castings, iron trade.] ; 3 items
3 Lane & Orrick - Reading, PA, 1826 [re account against Mr. Ridgway of Orwigsburg.] ; 1 item
3 John Lashley - New Berlin (PA?), 1823 [re debts of Anthony Selins.] ; 3 items
3 Robert Latta - New Haven, CT, 1844 [re hospitality during northern tour.] ; 1 item
3 H. H. & R. Lawrence - New York, NY, 1823-1830; 2 items
3 James P. Lawrence - Cream Ridge, NJ, 1842; 1 item
3 Joseph Lawrence - Toms River, NJ, 1822 [re land and wood business.] ; 10 items
3 Lazell, Perkins & Co. - Bridgewater, MA, 1831 [re cast and scrap iron.] ; 4 items
3 Joseph Lea - Roxborough, PA, 1823 [re debts.] ; 1 item
3 Mark Leach - New York, NY, 1833; 1 item
3 Daniel Lee - Winchester, VA, 1825 [re debts.] ; 1 item
3 W. B. Leonard - Fishkill Landing, NY, 1829 [re Matteawan Company's using Samuel G. Wright's pig iron.] ; 1 item
3 Jonathan Lewis - Toms River, NJ (?), 1827 [re timber poaching on Samuel G. Wright's land.] ; 1 item
3 Isaac K. Lippinicott - Freehold, NJ, 1839 [re trip to Wilkes Barre, investment in coal lands.] ; 2 items
3 Robert C. Long - Baltimore, MD, 1827 [re pipe for gas works, etc.] ; 13 items
3 Susanna Longstreth - Greenway Farm, PA, 1824 [re mortgage on NJ property.] ; 1 item
3 Thomas Looker - Toms River, NJ, 1828 [re land dispute with Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
3 Lorain Estate - Germantown, PA, 1816-1840 [letters of Francis & Lydia Lorain re management of father's estate by Samuel G. Wright; financial difficulties, family news.] ; 6 items
3 John Lowrey - Princeton, NJ, 1843 [re debts of John Scudder.] ; 2 items
3 Lyman & Ralston - Boston, MA, 1824-1830 [re purchase of Delaware pig iron and pipe; iron trade.] ; 9 items
3 William Lyttle - Trenton, NJ, 1826 [re surveying Samuel G. Wright's land in NJ.] ; 1 item
3 Archibald Mccall - Wilmington, DE, 1822-1823 [re cotton goods offered by DuPlanty and McCall.] ; 2 items
3 Charles G. Mcchesney - Hightstown, NJ, 1831-1840 [re his visits to Mobile, New Orleans, and other southern cities; prospects for Samuel G. Wright selling castings.] ; 5 items
3 Stephan McCormick - New Baltimore, VA, 1830 [re plough castings.] ; 1 item
3 John McCollough - Society Hill, SC (?), 1822 [re accounts of Latta and Wood.] ; 1 item
3 Robert McDowell - Bath, PA, 1839-1840 [re roofing slate.] ; 2 items
3 James McIlvaine - Lewes, DE, 1830 [re purchase of Samuel G. Wright's land at Rehoboth.] ; 1 item
3 J. Mcilvaine - Burlington, NJ, 1822 [re sale of land to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
3 Samuel McIntire - Washington, DC, 1822 [re receipt of fireplace backs and jambs.] ; 1 item
3 Thomas McKean - Easton, PA, 1829 [re Samuel G. Wright's debts vs. Jacob Kern.] ; 3 items
3 J. L. Mcknight - Bordentown, NJ, 1823 [re trade in pork, apples.] ; 2 items
3 James & William McPike - Bowling Green, MO, 1842-1844 [re trade in Missouri mules with Samuel G. Wright.] ; 8 items
3 J. D. Mahon - Duncannon Forge, PA, 1824-1830 [re sale of land; debts of Mr. Gosweiler; construction of furnaces; iron trade.] ; 2 items
3 Richard Manley - New Brunswick, NJ, 1822-1832 [re purchase of stoves.] ; 12 items
3 Joseph Mannix - Lewes, DE, 1830 [re purchase of land.] ; 1 item
3 L. D. Martin - Philadelphia, PA, 1822 [re payment of note.] ; 1 item
3 A. Marvin - Georgetown, SC, 1822 [re debts to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 8 items
3 R. Matlock - Woodbury, NJ, 1838 [re Samuel G. Wright's note.] ; 1 item
3 John R. Matthews - Tappahannock, VA, 1822 [re debts.] ; 1 item
3 John & James Maull - Lewes, DE, 1824 [re ship built for Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
3 Volney L. Maxwell - Wilkes Barre, PA, 1843 [re iron ore and limestone in Wyoming Valley.] ; 1 item
3 Ralph Mead & Co. - New York, NY, 1832 [re debt of Jonathan Hough estate.] ; 1 item
3 S. V. Merrick - Philadelphia, PA, 1823 [re purchase of Delaware pig iron.] ; 1 item
3 Arthur Milby - mostly Milton, DE, 1821-1840 [primarily concern ore business connected with Delaware Furnace; shipments of ore to and disputes with David C. Wood of Millville Furnace.] ; 15 items
3 Milby & Ponder - Milton, DE, 1823-1829 [as above; Delaware ore business, shipments to Delaware, Millville, and Dover Furnaces.] ; 7 items
3 James H. Miller - Clarksburg, NJ (?), 1845 [re Malsbury property.] ; 1 item
3 Thomas Miller, 1843-1845; 2 items
3 Miller & Cooper - Philadelphia, PA, 1839-1844 [re houses and lots in Philadelphia.] ; 2 items
3 George A. Milnor - Columbia, PA, 1830 [re Dilworth's account.] ; 1 item
3 Charles Miner - West Chester, PA, 1822-1830 [re Lackawanna Forge; Wyoming Valley anthracite trade; describes operation of Delaware & Hudson and Baltimore Coal Companies; urges a large Philadelphia company develop Wyoming coal business.] ; 3 items
3 Missouri Land, 1822-1844 [re opportunities to purchase land in Missouri, particularly Iron Mountain deposits and lead mines.] ; 14 items
3 Monmouth Purchase Co, 1834-1843 [describe resale of former Dover Furnace property to Monmouth Purchase Co. through Benjamin B. Howell, and the financial and legal complications arising from same.] ; 53 items
3 Monmouth School - Freehold, NJ, 1844 [prospectus.] ; 1 item
3 James Montgomery - Allentown, NJ, 1823 [offers land in South Jersey.] ; 1 item
3 D. W. Moore - Stafford Twp., NJ, 1836-1840 [re debts, Samuel G. Wright's Senate candidacy.] ; 2 items
3 James E. Moore - Trenton, NJ, 1827 [re lands in Cedar Swamp.] ; 1 item
3 Samuel Moore - Manahawkin, NJ, 1829 [re pine lands; sloop Ben Burton.] ; 2 items
3 Joseph M. Morgan - New Egypt, NJ, 1829 [re land in Arkansas.] ; 2 items
3 Joseph Morris - Rehoboth, DE, 1830-1831 [re buying or renting adjoining land from Samuel G. Wright.] ; 2 items
3 Morris Canal & Banking Company - Jersey City, NJ, 1840-1941 [re S. L. Southard's mortgage held by Samuel G. Wright.] ; 2 items
3 E. Morrison - New York, NY, 1829-1830 [re Eliphalet Nott's new anthracite stoves, Nott's experiments smelting iron with Lehigh coal; purchase of fire brick.] ; 7 items
3 Jonathan Morrison - Portsmouth, NH, 1829-1831 [re stoves and patterns.] ; 6 items
3 Morrison & Willard - Portsmouth, NH, 1831-1833 [re stoves.] ; 12 items
3 John Morton - Baltimore, MD, 1829 [re stopcocks for gas company.] ; 1 item
3 R. Mount, 1843; 1 item
4 Mount Hope Mining Company, 1830-1840 [letters and papers relating to iron mines at Mt. Hope and Hibernia, Morris County, including: original purchase agreement, inventories of store attached to mines and of mine equipment, article of partnership, records of shipments.] ; 32 items
4 Jonathan Mulford - Philadelphia, PA, 1838 [re shipments of hickory wood.] ; 1 item
4 Myers & Gosweiler - Mechanicsburg, PA, 1821-1826 [re debts to Samuel G. Wright; also letters from William Ramsey of Carlisle, Samuel G. Wright's local attorney in prosecuting claim against Myers & Gosweiler; includes poster announcing sheriff's sale of Gosweiler's property; list of dry goods ordered from Samuel G. Wright.] ; 31 items
4 Hall Neilson - Richmond, VA, 1822-1831 [re purchasing plows and pipes.] ; 4 items
4 Robert Neilson - New York, NY, 1822 [letter of introduction for Mr. S. Reford from Ireland.] ; 1 item
4 Watson Newbold - Springfield, NJ, 1825-1844 [re lands in Burlington County; sale of hams to Samuel G. Wright,] ; 4 items
4 Joseph Newhall - Salem, MA, 1823; 1 item
4 Matthew Newkirk - New Orleans, LA, 1830 [has booked passage for self and Samuel G. Wright from New Orleans to Natchez.] ; 1 item
4 Joseph Noble - New York, NY, 1823-1826 [re castings for railroad from Dover Furnace.] ; 3 items
4 John H. Norton - Mauch Chunk, PA, 1830 [Samuel G. Wright has secured position for him with Mr. Latta.] ; 1 item
4 Eliphalet Nott - Schenectady, NY, 1830 [unable to answer Samuel G. Wright's questions re his experiments (presumably regarding combustion of anthracite in stoves or for smelting).] ; 1 item
4 William D. Oliphant - Manahawkin, NJ, 1844 [re note of William Cook; also letter of Samuel G. Wright to WDO re political patronage in Stafford Twp.] ; 2 items
4 Otsego County Lands, 1814-1828 [re Samuel G. Wright's lands near Milford, NY, mostly from Samuel G. Wright's agent, John A. Cronkhite; trespassers and thieves; also reports of Cronkhite's misconduct.] ; 27 items
4 William E. Owen - Franklin, TN, 1822-1823 [re debts to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 3 items
4 Samuel L. Palmer - Philadelphia, PA, 1840s [re purchase of Spanish jackasses.] ; 1 item
4 Peter S. Parker - Milton, DE, 1827 [re payment for ore.] ; 1 item
4 John Parvin - Philadelphia, PA, 1827 [letter to Peter Wager; has made assignment to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 S. V. R. Patterson - Perth Amboy, NJ, 1843-1844 [re death of Andrew Bell; arrival of mules.] ; 2 items
4 William Patterson - Perth Amboy, NJ, 1844 [re purchase of mules from Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 Joseph H. Patten - New York, NY, 1833 [re legal business.] ; 8 items
4 Richard Patten - New York, NY, 1822-1824 [re castings.] ; 11 items
4 Robert Patterson, Smyrna, DE, 1822-1825 [offering vessels for sale; re shipping of ore and iron from DE to NJ.] ; 7 items
4 John Paul - Philadelphia, PA, 1830-1844 [re investing in coal mines near Wilkes Barre; settlement of JP's estate with Samuel G. Wright.] ; 5 items
4 William W. Payne - Woodstock, VA, 1821 [re goods forwarded to John Gaw in Missouri.] ; 1 item
4 Charles Peirce - Philadelphia, PA, 1838 [re paying debt of son to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 A. S. Pennington - Paterson, NJ, 1840 [re mortgage of Philemon Dickerson assigned to Morris Canal & Banking Co.] ; 1 item
4 Edward Pennington - Philadelphia, PA, 1837 [re Samuel G. Wright's debt to estate of Mrs. LeConte.] ; 1 item
4 Henry Pennington - Philadelphia, PA, 1838-1839 [re notes on Pine Barrens land.] ; 3 items
4 John Pennington - Philadelphia, PA, 1842 [prospectus for proposed book on iron manufacture, with handwritten note of JP explaining his situation after leaving the Bank of the U.S.] ; 1 item
4 Samuel Perine, 1843 [re bill due Samuel G. Wright for barrel of whiskey.] ; 1 item
4 William A. Petrikin - Muncy, PA, 1830; 1 item
4 Moses Phillips - Phillipsburg, NJ, 1840 [re mortgage on Mt. Hope mine; also re need of NJ Whig legislature to resist mistreatment by Van Buren administration.] ; 1 item
4 John K. Pickering - Portsmouth, NH, 1827 [re stoves.] ; 3 items
4 Rebecca Pickering (cousin) - New York, NY, undated [family matters.] ; 1 item
4 Pickering & Sherburne - Portsmouth, NH, 1822-1823 [re stoves from Delaware Furnace.] ; 3 items
4 John Pierpont - Boston, MA, 1829 [re castings for Doric fireplace from Delaware Furnace.] ; 4 items
4 Politics, 1812-1844 [re Adams, National Republican and Whig party politics in NJ; includes Samuel G. Wright's commissions as a Justice of the Peace and Judge of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas of Monmouth County, signed by Govs. Aaron Ogden and William Pennington; vote tallies for the election of 1828 and 1831, including Samuel G. Wright's unsuccessful compaign for State Senator from Monmouth County; patronage matters; circular re organization of the National Republican party in NJ (1832); lyric sheet of Harrison Log Cabin song (NOT "Tippecanoe & Tyler Too," 1840); ballots for Whig ticket in 1844 election (Samuel G. Wright for Congressman); certificate of Samuel G. Wright's election (1844).] ; 42 items
4 Charles Polk - Milford, DE, 1823 [re purchasing his ore.] ; 1 item
4 John Ponder & Co., Milton, DE, 1829-1830 [re ore for Delaware Furnace.] ; 3 items
4 Isaac Post - Montrose, PA, 1822-1826 [re debts to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 6 items
4 Ephraim Potter - Toms River, NJ, 1839-1842 [re bar iron from Dover Forge to be bartered for merchandise; Samuel G. Wright supplying merchandise to EP's store.] ; 5 items
4 William Potter - Philadelphia, PA, 1824-1844 [Samuel G. Wright's agent at Philadelphia store; writing to Samuel G. Wright when at Merino Hill discussing current state of his business, including sales of iron, problems at Delaware and Dover Furnaces, sloop Ben Burton, etc.] ; 6 items
4 William Potter - as Samuel G. Wright's agent on the OhioMississippi Rivers, 1821-1824 [letters from WP describing business conditions along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers; purchase of cotton; agricultural potential, market and banking data; business conducted at Samuel G. Wright's direction. Includes a small map of the U.S. east of the Mississippi, ca. 1810. Points visited include: Henderson, IL; Wheeling, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Natchez, New Orleans, and Dardanelle, AK.] ; 44 items
4 Stacey G. Potts - Trenton, NJ, 1844; 1 item
4 B. Pratt & Co. - New York, NY, 1830; 3 items
4 Simeon Pratt - Providence, RI, 1822-1823 [re purchase of Delaware pig iron.] ; 3 items
4 N. Smith Prentiss, 1837-1840 [re purchase of lumber, pork, bread, etc.] ; 3 items
4 Providence Iron Foundry - Trenton, NJ, 1827 [re shipment of ore from Biddle's Landing.] ; 1 item
4 Providence Furnace Co. - Providence, RI, 1827 [re Delaware pig iron.] ; 1 item
4 William Quynn - Georgetown, DC, 1822-1823 [re purchase of stoves.] ; 2 items
4 J. Ralston - Easton, PA, 1827 [re samples of ore from Northampton County.] ; 1 item
4 Bennington F. Randolph - Freehold, NJ, 1842 [re Samuel G. Wright's judgement against C. Carter.] ; 1 item
4 Samuel Ratcliff - Milford, DE, 1829 [re pedigree of horse.] ; 1 item
4 Hiram Raynor - New York, NY, 1836-1838 [re business conditions in NY during Panic of 1837; investments in Illinois lands.] ; 5 items
4 Joseph W. Read - Mount Holly, NJ, 1842 [re foreclosure sale of his property in Dover Twp.] ; 1 item
4 Samuel J. Read - Mount Holly, NJ, 1823-1836 [re Dover Forge; purchase of Delaware pig iron; ore from Mt. Hope; land dealings with Samuel G. Wright.] ; 14 items
4 Stacy B. Read - Mount Holly, NJ, 1839 [re judgement against a creditor of Samuel G. Wright.] ; 2 items
4 William Remsen - Red Bank, NJ, 1843 [re debt of Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 E. & W. Reynolds - Boston, MA, 1823 [re stoves for Pickering & Sherburne.] ; 1 item
4 Rice, Henshaw & Co. - Boston, MA, 1822 [re stove plates from Delaware Furnace.] ; 1 item
4 Clark Rich - Bridgewater, MA, 1822-1823 [re stove patterns and plates.] ; 5 items
4 John Richards - Gloucester Furnace, NJ, 1839 [re purchase of land there by Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 Mark Richards - Philadelphia, PA, 1833-1837 [re problems with branch flasks and pipes furnished by Samuel G. Wright; troubles at Naseongo Furnace; NY City rejects Samuel G. Wright's pipes; notice of MR's assignment (1834); interests in Missouri Iron Mountain lands.] ; 6 items
4 Thomas S. Richards - Philadelphia, PA, 1832-1838 [re Mt. Hope mine; shipments of ore.] ; 5 items
4 J. M. Richmond - Trenton, NJ, 1844 [re sales of Southard house in Trenton.] ; 1 item
4 J. Ridgway - Philadelphia, PA, 1824 [re debt of John Folwell.] ; 1 item
4 Henry Robinson - Bostom, MA, 1827-1833 [re pipes for Boston Gaslight Co.] ; 13 items
4 M. Robinson - New York, NY, 1832 [re payment to James & Caswell.] ; 1 item
4 Peter Robinson - Georgetown, DE, 1822-1830 [re land dispute in Sussex County.] ; 8 items
4 John Rodgers - Washington, DC, 1833 [re pipes for Navy.] ; 2 items
4 George Rodgers - New York, NY, 1822-1823 [re castings.] ; 2 items
4 Henry Rodgers - Mount Holly, NJ, 1843 [re house and lot in Mt. Holly.] ; 1 item
4 Salt Works - DE and Tuckerton, NJ, 1816-1827 [primarily letters of David Thacher, operating salt works at Lewes, DE, and Tuckerton, NJ. Describes Thacher's filing for patent on saltmaking process, operating problems and failure of scheme. Also, letters of Francis Smith of Abingdon, VA, re salt works there. Other references to the Lewes salt works can be found under "Delaware Furnace."] ; 39 items
4 Saltus, son & Co. - New York, NY, 1826-1831 [re kentledge, pig iron.] ; 3 items
4 Nathan Satterthwait - Crosswicks, NJ, 1823 [re charity for Eliza Bird.] ; 1 item
4 Francis Sayre & Co. - Catskill, NY, 1829-1834 [re orders for stoves.] ; 18 items
4 Sayre & Armstrong - Catskill, NY, 1831-1834 [re orders for stoves.] ; 22 items
4 J. Schott - Philadelphia, PA, 1823 [re taxes on Amboy farm.] ; 1 item
4 J. M. Scott - Philadelphia, PA, 1845 [re property on Spruce Street.] ; 1 item
4 Joseph Scudder - Freehold, NJ, 1824 [re Samuel G. Wright granting loan secured by his farm.] ; 1 item
4 Richard B. Semple - Pricetown, NJ, 1831 [Cannot work for Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 George B. Shannon - New York, NY, 1829 [re pig and bar iron.] ; 3 items
4 Peter H. Shenck - New York, NY, 1829 [re pig iron.] ; 1 item
4 Providence L. Sheppard - New Brunswick, NJ, 1835 [re sending cow and calf.] ; 1 item
4 George Sherman, 1831 [re account for newspaper.] ; 1 item
4 Charles T. Shipman - Newark, NJ, 1834; 2 items
4 Nath(Aniel) Shuff - Bloomsbury, NJ, 1822 [re sending sheet iron and linen.] ; 1 item
4 William Shufflebottom - Philadelphia, PA, 1831 [re purchase money for house.] ; 1 item
4 William Simmons - Saugerties, NY, 1832 [letter of introduction for Mr. Fisher, an English iron refiner seeking employment.] ; 1 item
4 Walk Sipple - Milford, DE, 1824 [re iron ore for Samuel G. Wright's new furnace in NJ.] ; 2 items
4 Sites, Price & Co. - Philadelphia, PA, 1842 [re drafts of Von Phul & McGill.] ; 1 item
4 Green Slack (?) - Groveville (?), 1830 [re stoves.] ; 1 item
4 Caleb Smith, Jr. - Lawrenceville, NJ, 1817 [re debt of Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 Edward Smith - Philadelphia, PA, 1824 [re debt of Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 Matthew Smith - Millville Furnace, NJ, 1823 [re position as founder at Delaware Furnace.] ; 1 item
4 Moore Smith - Hightstown, NJ, 1841 [re purchase of hams.] ; 1 item
4 Sheldon Smith, Newark Aqueduct Co. - Newark, NJ, 1828-1831 [re purchase of pipe.] ; 11 items
4 William Smith - (Philadelphia, PA?), 1823-1829 [re debts.] ; 2 items
4 Willet Smith - Mullica Hill, NJ, 1822 [re drafts on estate of Richard R. Smith.] ; 1 item
4 Daniel Snowhill - Spotswood, NJ, 1829 [re renting house to Mr. Disbrow.] ; 1 item
4 Daniel D. Southard - Bordentown, NJ, 1835 [re suit of Saxton Emley vs. Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 Samuel L. Southard - New York, NY, and Washington, DC, 1835-1840 [re legal work for Samuel G. Wright; Samuel G. Wright's dispute with Hiram Raynor and George Wood; papers from Gabriel Winter.] ; 8 items
4 John Spencer & Co. - Albany, NY, 1822-1823 [re purchases of stoves.] ; 8 items
4 Spencer Stafford & Co. - Albany, NY, 1821-1827 [re purchases of stoves; debts to Samuel G. Wright; Mohawk & Hudson RR as potential customer for Samuel G. Wright.] ; 35 items
4 J. Stackhouse, 1828 [re deed for land in Pine Barrens.] ; 1 item
4 Stafford, Benedict & Co. - Albany, NY, 1823-1824 [re purchases of stoves, including stoves for canal boats.] ; 11 items
4 Charles C. Starbuck - New York, NY, 1823 [re Delaware pig iron.] ; 1 item
4 Starbuck, Bunker & Elliott - Boston, MA, 1830 [re purchase of scrap iron.] ; 4 items
4 John Starr - Milton, DE, 1827 [re problems shipping ore to Toms River.] ; 1 item
4 Thomas J. Stead - Providence, RI, 1832-1834 [re purchases of pipes, Delaware pig iron.] ; 20 items
4 Amos Stevens & Co. - Boston, MA, 1832-1833 [re stoves and stove patterns from Delaware Furnace.] ; 6 items
4 James A. Stevens - New York, NY, 1827 [re debt to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 Robert L. Stevens - New York, NY, 1830 [re boarding his horse at Samuel G. Wright's.] ; 1 item
4 Charles Stewart - Washington (NJ?), 1833 [re offer of farm at Bordentown for Mr. Cooke.] ; 1 item
4 John Stockley - Georgetown, DE, 1825 [re cost of Samuel G. Wright's lawsuit.] ; 1 item
4 John Sutton & son - St. Georges, DE, 1823 [re Mr. Barnard's patent plows.] ; 1 item
4 Samuel Sutton - New Hope, PA, 1834 [re stoves.] ; 1 item
4 John Swann - Warrenton, VA, 1830 [re castings.] ; 1 item
4 Elizabeth L. Swift - Easton, PA, 1816-1839 [re house in Germantown; Samuel G. Wright's managing her father's estate.] ; 6 items
4 George Sykes - Washington, DC, 1844 [re obtaining discharge of Samuel G. Wright, Jr., from Navy.] ; 1 item
4 A. Taylor - Williamsport, PA, 1830 [re satisfying mortgage to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 Caleb E. Taylor (nephew) - Riverside, NJ, 1843 [Wants letter of introduction to Samuel G. Wright's western friends; has read Last of the Mohicans.] ; 1 item
4 Edward Taylor (brother-in-law) - Riverside, NJ, etc, 1818-1843 [Manages various rural businesses for Samuel G. Wright in NJ; includes flour milling, ice harvesting, dealing in produce; also family illnesses, death of Samuel G. Wright's father, Caleb Wright; Caleb Taylor's desire to go west.] ; 9 items
4 J. M. Taylor - Philadelphia, PA, 1830 [re horses sold through G. H. Wright.] ; 1 item
4 Samuel Taylor - Burlington, NJ, 1841; 1 item
5 William Ten Eyck - Freehold, NJ, 1830 [re recording mortgage at Court House.] ; 1 item
5 Evan Thomas - Wilmington, DE, 1823 [re scrap iron.] ; 2 items
5 John Thompson - St. Clair Ville, OH, etc, 1822 [re accounts against Ward & Thompson.] ; 3 items
5 John Thompson, Jr. - Wheeling, VA, 1822-1823 [re selling ginseng and Virginia snakeroot through Samuel G. Wright.] ; 4 items
5 John H. Thompson - New York, NY, 1831 [re cooking stoves.] ; 1 item
5 Peter Thompson - New York, NY, 1824-1830 [re purchases of stoves, fireplace backs, and jambs.] ; 22 items
5 Samuel Thompson - New York, NY, 1830-1831 [re castings, stoves, and patterns.] ; 3 items
5 Thompson & Clussman - New York, NY, 1822-1824 [re castings, stoves, and patterns from Delaware and Millville Furnaces, etc.] ; 13 items
5 John R. Thomson - Princeton, NJ, 1833 [re check from Delaware & Raritan Canal Co.] ; 1 item
5 Reuben Thorn - Fredericksburg, VA, 1823 [re Samuel G. Wright's debt against Mr. Ware's estate.] ; 1 item
5 John B. Thorp - New York, NY, 1830 [re conducting experiments in smelting with anthracite at one of Samuel G. Wright's furnaces.] ; 1 item
5 William Torrey - New York, NY, 1841 [re titles to land bought from Monmouth Purchase Co.] ; 1 item
5 John Towne - Pittsburgh, PA, 1833 [re Samuel G. Wright's filling their order for pipe for Boston Gas Works.] ; 1 item
5 J. & C. Townsend - New York, NY, 1840-1841 [re sale of "Upland" liquor manufactured by Samuel G. Wright; shipments of liquor by J&CT.] ; 3 items
5 John Travers - Saugerties, NY, and Paterson, NJ, 1829-1832 [From Ulster Iron Co. re purchase of blooms and pig iron; from Paterson, re threatened tariff reduction on iron; purchase of pipes for steam heating.] ; 5 items
5 George W. Tucker - Tuckerton, NJ, 1838 [Endorsing Joshua Hopkins' request to buy western land from Samuel G. Wright so he may emigrate.] ; 1 item
5 Joseph Van Mater, 1817 [re sale of negro boy George.] ; 2 items
5 Elija Vose - Boston, MA, 1822-1829 [re purchase of stoves, castings, and pig iron.] ; 44 items
5 Reuben Vose - New York, NY, 1837 [re rent for mules hired to Mr. Jaques.] ; 1 item
5 Garrett D. Wall - Trenton, NJ, 1818-1836 [Legal business for Samuel G. Wright, including settlement with Col. Rhea, sale of public mine lands (probably in Missouri).] ; 3 items
5 Thomas Ustick - (Philadelphia, PA), 1833 [re brackets for new county prison.] ; 1 item
5 John Ware - Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, DE, 1824 [re purchase of Samuel G. Wright's old house on Cape.] ; 1 item
5 Water Right Association - New York, NY, 1839-1843 [Circulars from this Association, of which Samuel G. Wright was a member. It was apparently formed to acquire property and water-power rights from the East Jersey Proprietors, and included Walter Rutherfurd and other land dealers connected with the Proprietors.] ; 6 items
5 Joseph Watson - Philadelphia, PA, 1830 [President of Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co., offering coal for Samuel G. Wright's proposed experiments in smelting with anthracite.] ; 1 item
5 Mary Watson - Perth Amboy, NJ, 1824 [re debts of father John Rattoone.] ; 2 items
5 Isaac Webb, 1827 [re settlement of land dispute with Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
5 Alexander Weber - Muncy, PA, 1825-1831 [re satisfaction of mortgage; hiring son to Samuel G. Wright for farm labor.] ; 2 items
5 George Welch & sons - Bristol, CT, 1833 [re shipments of iron.] ; 4 items
5 John S. Wellford - Fredericksburg, VA, 1822-1836 [re local ore deposits; Samuel G. Wright's purchasing mine land.] ; 5 items
5 William H. Wells - Dover, DE, 1829 [re writing letters in support of his son's law practice in Kittanning, PA.] ; 1 item
5 Western Trade, 1821-1845 [letters concerning Samuel G. Wright's trading relations with merchants along Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and their tributaries; primarily concern exchange of western produce for eastern merchandise, transfer of credits and payments, and dealing in Missouri mules.] ; 64 items
5 Nathaniel Wheeler, West Taunton, MA, 1823 [re Millville pig iron.] ; 1 item
5 Canvass White - Princeton, NJ, 1834 [re pipes used by Mr. Coryell, not Delaware & Raritan Canal.] ; 1 item
5 James D. White, 1843; 1 item
5 Thomas White - Princeton, NJ, 1834 [re account with Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
5 Abraham & Isaac Wilkinson - Providence, RI, 1823 [re Delaware pig and scrap iron.] ; 1 item
5 James Williams - Fredericksburg, VA, 1824-1834 [re debt to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 4 items
5 Joseph C. Williams - Toms River, NJ, 1831 [re debt to Samuel G. Wright.] ; 2 items
5 Richard S. Williams - New York, NY, 1832-1844 [re financial responsibility of John Simpson; buying goods for Dover Furnace.] ; 6 items
5 Anson Willis - New York, NY, 1840 [asking for work as Samuel G. Wright's agent.] ; 1 item
5 James Wills - Pine Creek, NJ, 1834 [re settlement with Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
5 James Wilson - New York, NY, 1821-1826 [re stoves, patterns, and pig iron from Delaware and Millville Furnaces.] ; 67 items
5 James Wilson - Trenton, NJ, 1844 [re Southard property.] ; 5 items
5 James Wilson & Co. - New York, NY, 1830-1832 [re stove patterns.] ; 4 items
5 James R. Wilson - Philadelphia, PA, 1832 [re case of Hood vs. Lippincott, delayed by cholera epidemic.] ; 1 item
5 John Wilson & Co. - Portland, ME, 1831 [re stove castings.] ; 1 item
5 Nathan Winslow - Portland, ME, 1822-1824 [re stoves and castings.] ; 10 items
5 Gabriel Winter - Baltimore, MD, and Natchez, MS, 1827-1837 [re Supreme Court on Conner vs. Guillard, a slave case (Conner is debtor to GW who is debtor to Samuel G. Wright); GW's sugar mill, etc.] ; 8 items
5 G. Wood - New York, NY, 1832-1840 [re legal cases for Samuel G. Wright.] ; 4 items
5 Samuel R. Wood - Philadelphia, PA, 1831-1832 [re castings for new state penitentiary.] ; 4 items
5 Abraham Woolston - Stafford Twp., NJ, 1829 [re lands in Pine Barrens.] ; 2 items
5 Henry Worrall - New York, NY, 1822-1831 [re stoves and pig iron from Delaware Furnace.] ; 9 items
5 Caleb Wright (father), 1818 [re death of Samuel G. Wright's brother.] ; 1 item
5 Caleb E. Wright (nephew) - Doylestown, PA, 1839-1845 [Mostly family matters, CEW's literary avocation, etc.] ; 7 items
5 Gardiner H. Wright (son) - Millsboro, DE, etc, 1823-1845 [Gardiner H. Wright was Samuel G. Wright's principal agent and partner in his business dealings. Gardiner H. Wright generally briefs or discusses with Samuel G. Wright all his current business and family affairs. From 1823, there are two letters to Samuel G. Wright travelling on business in the West explaining the state of the iron business in Philadelphia. After 1831, Gardiner H. Wright is in charge of Delaware Furnace and sends detailed summaries of activities there, including operating problems, shipments of ore, ordering store goods and provisions, the movements of the schooner Henry Clay and other vessels, etc. He also discusses other pressing matters of concern to Samuel G. Wright, such as the dispute with B. B. Howell and the Monmouth Purchase Co. After 1837, the letters are concerned with Gardiner H. Wright's political career in Delaware, local and family news, and the operations of the ore beds and coninuing operations at the cupola furnace.] ; 190 items
5 Harrison Wright (cousin?) - Wilkes Barre, PA, 1839-1841 [local and family news.] ; 3 items
5 Harrison G. Wright (son) - Merino Hill, NJ, 1841-1843 [two letters to Samuel G. Wright in St. Louis re meeting with Monmouth Purchase Co.; other ongoing business.] ; 2 items
5 Hendrick B. Wright (nephew) - Wilkes Barre, PA, 1828-1845 [re Samuel G. Wright's farms and coal lands near Pittston and in Hanover Twp.; state of coal business in Wyoming Valley; notes LC&N success with anthracite smelting and possibility of doing same in Wyoming Valley;' HBW's interest in Samuel G. Wright's Illinois land; local and family news. One letter is written on a printed handbill of resolutions of an 1840 public meeting at Wilkes Barre (HBW chairs main committee) in favor of building an outlet lock on the Delaware Canal at Black's Eddy.] ; 39 items
5 Joseph Wright (brother) - Plymouth, PA, 1816-1837 [re family lands in Wyoming Valley; re prior deed granting Samuel Sutton the right to mine coal and ore on Samuel G. Wright's Pittston farm; securing admission to West Point for son Caleb E. Wright; prospects of North Branch Canal.] ; 20 items
5 Joshua Wright (cousin), 1831 [declining participation in unspecified business deal.] ; 1 item
5 Samuel G. Wright, Jr. (son) - Merino Hill, PA, undated [family news.] ; 1 item
5 William Wright (cousin) - Rural Retreat, IL, 1844 [has purchased land near Samuel G. Wright's.] ; 1 item
5 Wright, Shelton & Co. - Santiago, Cuba, 1838 [re credit standing of Francisco Jose Odios; sugar kettles.] ; 1 item
5 John Wurts - New York, NY, 1834 [re premises in Philadelphia rented by Samuel G. Wright from JW.] ; 1 item
5 Wyer & Noble - Portland, ME, 1821-1833 [re pig iron, stoves, and castings from Delaware and Millville Furnaces; back trade in Maine potatoes for Samuel G. Wright; plate rails and journal boxes for an unidentified railway (1826) ordered from Dover Furnace. One letter written on printed waybill with illustration of Wyer & Noble Franklin stove.] ; 48 items
5 Thomas Yeatman - Nashville, TN, 1829-1833 [re Samuel G. Wright's assistance in procuring furnace managers, founders, and colliers; Lambert's patent (U.K.); visiting Samuel G. Wright to buy horses; shipments of sugar to Samuel G. Wright from New Orleans; describes Dover Furnace of Yeatman, Woods & Co. near Nashville; buying patterns from Samuel G. Wright.] ; 13 items
5 John Youle - Tuckerton, NJ, 1827-1836 [re lands in Pine Barrens.] ; 2 items
5 Youle & Sabbaton - New York, NY, 1822-1823 [re pig iron and castings from Delaware Furnace; suspension of Y&S and their settlement with creditors.] ; 8 items
B. Legal papers
6 Administrator's Sale - Estate of Caleb Malsbury, 1844
6 Affidavits - No outstanding judgements vs. Samuel G. Wright, 1826-1843 [probably refers to Dover Furnace Tract.]
6 Agreements - Arrarat Company, 1813-1824
6 Agreements - Salmon E. and Hiram W. Bostwick - Otsego County Land, 1828
6 Agreements - David Brearley - Arkansas Trading Post, 1820
6 Agreements - Building Schooner, 1828
6 Agreements - Cordwood Business at Toms River, 1815-1817 [Includes Fulton Steamboat contract]
6 Agreements - Cox Farm, 1813-1837
6 Agreements - Ivins Davis - Cutting wood, 1826-1833
6 Agreements - Delaware Furnace, 1823-1833
6 Agreements - Dover Furnace, 1826-1831
6 Agreements - Fales, Lothrop & Co, 1825
6 Agreements - William Giberson - Cordwood at Egg Harbor, 1828
6 Agreements - Gloucester Place, 1837-1839 [Includes ink-and-wash map]
6 Agreements - Charles Higbee, 1818-1826 [Includes Illinois land]
6 Agreements - Iron for NJ State Penitentiary, 1833
6 Agreements - Lorain Estate, 1814
6 Agreements - William McKnight, 1842
6 Agreements - Merino Hill, 1815-1827 [Includes inventories of stock and tools]
6 Agreements - Miscellaneous, 1808-1844
6 Agreements - Ephraim Potter - Cutting wood, 1830-1831
6 Agreements - Samuel J. Read - Division of property, 1829-1832
6 Agreements - Samuel J. Read - Half interest in Dover Forge, 1829
6 Agreements - Salt Works, 1818
6 Agreements - Sawmill Tract - David McKean and Robert Montgomery, 1813
6 Agreements - E.A. Stevens - Railroad ties, 1833
6 Agreements - Western Trade, 1841
6 Agreements - Wright & Cooke - Partnership, 1816
6 Agreements - Wyer & Noble, 1822
6 Bond of Indemnity - Isaac Twinnell (?), 1821
6 Executors of David Hendrickson, 1828-1829
6 Gardiner Estate - Miscellaneous papers, 1825-1844
6 Insurance - Shipment by sloop Isabella, 1819
6 Land Papers - George D. Blackie's Warrantee, 1825-1828
6 Land Papers - Burlington County, NJ, 1720-1816
6 Land Papers - Dover Twp., NJ, 1720-1816
6 Land Papers - Drafts of Surveys, undated [probably NJ Pine Barrens.]
6 Land Papers - East Jersey Proprietors, 1815-1838 [Includes Samuel G. Wright's purchase of 1/4 of 1/24 interest in Proprietorship.]
6 Land Papers - Exchange of land with James Parker, NJ and IL, 1831
6 Land Papers - Germantown lot, 1798
6 Land Papers - Howeell Twp., NJ, 1809
6 Land Papers - Illinois Land, 1810-1845
6 Land Papers - Illinois Land - Patents, 1837
6 Land Papers - Lots for Quaker Schools, 1810
6 Land Papers - Luzerne County, PA, 1809-1832
6 Land Papers - Merino Hill Deed, 1790; typed copy
6 Land Papers - Millstone Twp., NJ, 1844
6 Land Papers - New York City Property, 1833-1836
6 Land Papers - Philadelphia Lots and Buildings, 1790-1842
6 Land Papers - Princeton Lots, 1816
6 Land Papers - Stafford Twp, NJ, 1834-1841
6 Land Papers - Trenton Lot, 1816
6 Land Papers - Tuckerton, NJ, 1819
6 Land Papers - Upper Freehold Twp., NJ, 1796-1844 [Includes Ivanhoe Tract, 1824]
6 Blackwell vs. Horsefield, 1806-1813
6 Higbee & Wright vs. Bostwick, charcoal business, 1823-1830
6 Legal Cases - Miscellaneous, 1817-1843
6 Notes and Reports on Mechanics Bank, 1818-1820
6 Powers of Attorney, 1830-1835
6 Protests of Notes, 1823-1830
6 Slave, William Rockaway, certificate, 1813
6 Slave, Stephen Parker, purchase and manumission, 1816-1817
6 Sloop Farmer papers, 1815-1816
6 Sloop Resolution, papers, 1820-1826
6 Esek White, estate papers, 1831
6 Wills - Samuel G., David and Robert Wright (typed copies)
6 William Wright, administrator of the estate of Abednego Wright, 1797
6 Samuel G. Wright, marriage certificate, 1805; typed copy
C. Bound accounts
1. General accounts
6 Day book, 1811-1822 [Includes livestock listed inside front cover including numbers prices for wool and lambs, purity of flock, etc., pp. 34-37. Accounts of Arrarat Co., p. 60f. Real estate acquired by Samuel G. Wright. Merino sheep from first purchase "in company with Mr. Dupont of Wilmington and others."; p. 66f; owned; p. 201f.]
6 Day book, 1824-1832 [Includes Delaware Furnace, Dover Furnace]
6 Day book, 1832-1835 [Includes Delaware Furnace, Dover Furnace, sales to such as U.S. Naval hospital, Eastern States Penitentiary, Philadelphia Navy Yard, Delaware & Raritan Canal, U.S. Naval Base in Norfolk, etc. All pages headed "Philadelphia."]
6 Ledger, 1824-1830 [Includes S. G. Wright, Store Account; Samuel G. Wright, Private; Bills Receivable/Bills Payable/Interest Acct.; Delaware Furnace Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sloop Commodore McDonough; Cash Account; Dover Furnace; Greenwood; Barnard & Co.; Phoenix Forge; G. H. Wright & Co., and numerous names of individuals. Very large leather-bound vol.; entries pp. 1-55 only]
6 Ledger Index, circa 1815
6 Ledger, 1824-1830 [Includes farm accounts; food supplies for Dover Furnace, Greenwood Coaling, etc]
6 Ledger, 1831-1834 [Includes farm accounts, with some references to iron. One reference to the famous stallion Sir Archey as the sire of certain horses brought from Virginia]
6 Ledger, 1839-1846 [Includes farm accounts with a few entries for iron sold]
6 Cash book, 1822-1835 [Includes Millville and Delaware Furnaces, Sloop Commodore McDonough.]
6 Cash book, 1824-1832 [Includes Delaware and Dover Furnaces; Samuel G. Wright Store Account; Samuel G. Wright Private; Samuel G. Wright, Greenwood; Barnard & Co.; D. Barnard; W. D. Waples; William Potter; Josiah L. James & Co.; sloop Sarah schooner Henry Clay, etc.]
6 Cash books - William Potter - Farmers & Mechanics Bank, 1824-1825; 2 volumes
6 Waste book, 1815-1830 [includes miscellaneous memoranda and transactions, large re buying and selling cloth. Cover inscribed "Waste Book, N. Dunn." All pages headed "Philadelphia."]
6 Accounts payable and receivable, 1818-1830 [Vol. 1 also includes Cash Book, 1818-1819] ; 2 volumes
6 Accounts payable and receivable, 1820-1922 [Vol. 1 includes Millville Furnace] ; 2 volumes
6 Accounts payable and receivable, 1822-1824
6 Accounts payable and receivable, 1824-1829
6 Accounts payable and receivable, 1821-1833 [includes Delaware, Dover, and Millville Furnaces; Samuel G. Wright Private account. NOTE: Some pages in Payable section used as child's scrapbook]
7 Accounts payable and receivable, 1825-1935 [PayablesReceivables]
7 Receipt books, 1819-1820
7 Receipt books, 1820-1828 [includes store receipts]
7 Receipt books, 1831-1836
7 Interest accounts and accounts current, 1819-1829 [Includes many entries for Delaware Furnace]
7 Memorandum books, 1822-1824 [Includes notes on Delaware and Millville Furnaces, manufacture of stoves, etc]
7 Memorandum books, 1827-1830 [Includes notes on Dover Furnace and Phoenix Forge, land in Pine Barrens, notes on Milford & Owego Turnpike, and bill of ship's timbers with sketches. Much pencil work now illegible. Leather cover]
7 Memorandum books, 1829-1839 [Includes Greenwood coaling; pencil sketches of cart, stoves, houses, and farms (probably in Pine Barrens; sketch maps showing oil deposits; much pencil work now nearly illegible. Red morocco]
7 Memorandum books, 1834-1835 [Includes notes on cider, cholera treatment, transactions with B. B. Howell]
7 Memorandum books, 1835-1836 [Includes transactions with Fales, Lothrop & Co]
7 Memorandum books, 1836-1840 [Includes ink sketches of stoves, notes and sketches on Iron Mountain lands in Missouri]
7 Memorandum books, 1840-1844 [Includes notes on Illinois land]
7 Memorandum books, 1841 [includes notes on travel to Missouri, Iron Mountain lands, ore deposits, pencil sketches of plantation houses including "St. Mark's Hall"]
7 Memorandum books, 1841-1842 [includes western trade, Illinois land, Missouri mules]
2. Delaware Furnace accounts
7 Day book, 1825-1827 [Blast Nos. 4 and 5]
7 Ledger, 1821-1827 [Blast Nos. 1 and 2]
7 Ledger, 1823-1827 [Blast No. 3]
7 Ledger, 1824-1827 [Blast Nos. 4 and 5]
7 Receipt book, 1823-1827 [Blast Nos. 3 and 4]
7 Receipt book, 1825-1832 [Blast Nos. 5 and 6]
7 Receipt book, 1829-1835 [Barnard & Co]
7 Memorandum book, 1821-1829 [Blast Nos. 1 and 2]
7 Plow Book, 1823-1825 [Back of book contains miscellaneous accounts (for Merino Hill?, 1855-1870]
7 Porterage and Postage, 1822-1825 [Include Millville Furnace]
3. Dover Furnace accounts
7 Day book (Vol. No. 1), 1825-1832
7 Ledger (Vol. No. 2), 1827-1834
7 Cash book (Vol. No. 1), 1825-1832
7 Cash book (Vol. No. 2), 1832-1835
8 Receipt book (Vol. 1), 1825-1832
8 Receipt book (Vol. 2), 1833-1838 [After 1835, contains accounts with Fales, Lothrop & Co]
4. Farm accounts
8 Apples Received, 1844
8 Farm Labor, 1823-1825 [Part 1: "The Double Rule of Three - Joseph Robbins, His Book," a practice book for accounting; Part 2: Accounts for laborers at Merino Hill farm"]
8 General Farm Accounts, 1809-1810 [Includes building new house at Merino Hill] ; 2 volumes
8 General Farm Accounts (Waste Book), 1813-1814
8 General Farm Accounts, 1824-1825
8 General Farm Accounts, circa 1842
8 Lime Books, 1842-1844; 2 volumes
8 Caleb Malsbury, Day Book, 1830-1842
8 Caleb Malsbury, Ledger, 1830-1842
8 Caleb Malsbury, Accounts, 1841
5. Miscellaneous accounts
8 Col. David Brearley, 1820-1822 [Dardanelle, Arkansas Territory, handsewn; Col. David Brearley, USA (d. 1837), Colonel in 1813, resigned from service 16 March 1820, is identified on first page as an Indian Agent. The last pages contain a copy of the settlement made between Samuel G. Wright and Brearley at the end of the two-year trading agreement. The intervening pages list a great variety of merchandise sent by Samuel G. Wright from Philadelphia]
8 Col. David Brearley, Sales Book, 1822 [Variety of merchandise sent by Samuel G. Wright to Natchez, from Dardanelle Rock, Arkansas Territory, delivered by William Potter for David Brearley and Samuel G. Wright. Handsewn volume]
8 Nathaniel E. Britton, 1840-1841; 2 volumes
8 "Goods Received on Commission, 1819-1823" (Part 1: reading from front of volume). Part 2: (reading from back of volume) "A list of patents and deeds delivered by me to Jno. Smith of St. Louis to be forwarded by him to Edwardsville to be recorded - belonging to S. G. Wright and Charles Higbee." Small volume, marked up by children
8 Greedwood Coaling Ledger, 1828-1829 [Provisions, labor, wood, for Greenwood and Dover Furnace]
8 Hendrickson & Conover, 1842-1844; 2 volumes
8 List of Debts, 1822
8 "Merchant's Pocket Remembrancer," 1835 [Diary format with pencil notes by Samuel G. Wright, including a voyage in a sailing ship]
8 Ore Books, 1821-1824 [Show shipments of ore by various routes from unspecified mines, including to Millville Furnace, via Biddle's Landing and Bordentown on Delaware River. Also, loose pages with ore accounts with Mr. Satterthwaite, 1823-1826]
8 Elias Phillips, 1844-1845
8 Ephraim Potter and J. C. Cox, 1842
8 William Potter, Cash Drawer Account No. 1, 1824-1825 [Payments by Samuel G. Wright listed in great variety: spades, stove pipes, ink stand, rye coffee, militia fines for 1824, portage to Bordentown boat, mattresses, patterns, copy books, kegs of tobacco, etc.]
8 William Potter, Cash Drawer Account No. 3, 1827-1830
8 William Potter, Cash Drawer Account No. 4, 1830-1832
8 Sale of Articles, 1844
8 Elizabeth Shewell Estate, 1810-1819
8 Charles Stewart Estate, 1821-1831 [Samuel G. Wright accounts as guardian for Ann, Charles, and John Stewart. List of rented houses at end]
8 Store Accounts, circa 1817 ? [Yard goods and many types of trimmings; shawls and bonnets; china; hardware; coffee, spices; books and writing supplies; furniture, lumber, pitchforks, potatoes in hole and hay]
8 Tilson, Moore & Co. - Illinois land, 1834-1842
8 Gabriel Winter, 1823-1824
8 Wright & Cooke, Philadelphia, 1817
D. Loose accounts
9 Arrarat Company, 1813-1823
9 Arrarat Company - James Applegate, 1814-1823
9 Auction of Damaged Goods, 1840-1842 [Includes broadside]
9 Bergen Iron Works, undated
9 David Brearley - Arkansas Fur Trade, 1820-1822 [Includes account of disbursements, 1820, and inventories for goods delivered to Samuel G. Wright agent William Potter by David Brearley at Dardanelle and at Post of Arkansas.]
9 Nathaniel E. Britton, 1840-1842
9 Thomas Brownell - Sale of pipes from Dover Furnace, 1831-1833 [Estate of Benjamin and Ellis Clark, 1818-1842]
9 D. Cooke, 1819-1824
9 Cordwood Business at Toms River, 1815-1817 [Includes C. & J. Foulks, Charles Valentine, and Robert Wright.]
9 James H. Deas, 1826-1831 [Includes Delaware and Dover Furnaces.]
9 Delaware Furnace, 1820-1822 1820 1821-1822 undated [Includes iron stove ornamentation by Robert Welford (Philadelphia), bill, lists of goods needed for Delaware Furnace; and receipts for goods received at Delaware Furnace,]
9 Dover Furnace, 1824-1833 [Includes Greenwood Coaling.]
9 East Jersey Proprietors, 1822-1844
9 John D. Ely, 1827-1828
9 Fales, Lothrop & Co, 1825-1841
9 Caleb Field, 1831-1834
9 Thomas Freeborn, 1823-1825
9 Furs, 1822
9 Richard Gardiner, 1832-1833
9 Gardiner Estate, 1842
9 William Giberson, 1828-1832
9 William Griffith and J. B. Wallace - Purchase of Holland Land Company holdings west of Allegany River, 1810-1815
9 Joseph Howell, 1823-1835
9 Illinois Land, 1842
9 Illinois Land - Taxes, 1823-1845
9 Griffith Jones & Co. - Acct., Weed & Williams, general merchandise, 1812
9 Joseph Lawrence, 1826-1828
9 Lorain Estate, undated
9 David McKean, 1835-1845
9 James and William McPike - Missouri mules, 1842
9 Thomas McTeer - Ore raised, 1828
9 Arthur Milby, undated
9 Miscellaneous, 1811-1845
9 Monmouth Purchase Company, 1840
9 Robert Montgomery, 1816
9 Samuel Moore - Merchant sloop Ben Burton, 1826-1836
9 Mount Hope Mining Company, 1831-1840
9 William Newbold, 1825
9 Ephraim Potter, 1841-1844
9 Samuel J. Read, 1826-1839
9 Caleb Shreeves - Carting, 1830-1833
9 Stoves, 1832
9 Edward Taylor, 1815-1818
9 Von Phul & McGill - Western land, 1840-1842
9 John S. Welford - Sale of plows, 1822-1827
9 Lewis Wernwag, 1810
9 William Williams and Phoenix Forge, 1821-1822
9 Samuel G. Wright - Inventory of stock in Philadelphia, 1829
9 Samuel G. Wright - One large ledger, 1825
9 Samuel G. Wright - Memo of outstanding accounts, 1831-1843
9 Samuel G. Wright - Purchaser, with articles purchased, undated
9 Samuel G. Wright - Real estate, 1826
9 Samuel G. Wright - Sales of personal property, undated
E. Bills and receipts
10 General, 1803-1828
10 General, 1829-1845
10 Arrarat Company, 1813-1816
10 Delaware Furnace, 1820-1832
10 Dover Furnace, 1826-1831
11 Dover Furnace, 1832-1835
11 Dover Furnace - Settlement with Peter Crozier, 1828-1929
11 Dover Furnace - Settlement with Caleb Ivins, 1828-1829
11 Dover Furnace - Settlement with Ephraim Potter, 1828
11 Dover Furnace - Settlement with Jacob Taylor, 1830-1831
11 Fales, Lothrop & Company, 1831-1840
11 William Giberson, 1828-1834
11 Greenwood Forest, 1828-1832
11 Ivanhoe Property, 1831
11 Lewes Salt Works, 1816-1818
11 D. McKean, 1833-1844
11 Caleb Malsbury, 1833-1841
11 Millville Furnace, 1820-1823
11 Mount Hope Mining Company, 1831-1837
11 Phoenix Forge, 1828-1830
11 Pine Wood Business - Clarks Landing, NJ, 1827-1830
11 Promissory Notes - Samuel G. Wright to Robert Wright, 1816-1819
11 Schooner Henry Clay, 1837
11 Settlement with Joseph Stackhouse, 1826
11 Taxes, 1827-1844
11 Torrey & Bulkley, 1841-1843
11 Union Transportation Line, 1831-1842
11 William Williams, 1819-1822
F. Bank accounts
1. Bank Books
11 Bank of Pennsylvania, 1819-1820
11 Bank of the United States, 1819-1834; 3 volumes
11 Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania, 1821-1825; 2 volumes
11 Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania - William Potter, 1827-1835; 3 volumes
11 Farmers & Mechanics Bank - William Potter, 1824-1831; 2 volumes
11 Girard Bank, 1833-1838
11 Mechanics & Manufacturers' Bank, 1839-1844; 2 volumes
2. Check Books
11 Bank of the United States, 1823
11 Bank of the United States, 1823-1832
11 Bank of the United States, 1832-1835
11 Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania, 1826-1830; 3 volumes
11 Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania - Check stubs, undated
11 Farmers & Mechanics Bank, 1824-1831; 2 volumes
11 Unidentified, 1832
3. Cancelled Checks
11 Bank of Pennsylvania, 1818
11 Bank of the Northern Liberties, 1818
11 Commercial Bank of Cincinnati, 1833, 1836
11 Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania, 1827, 1832, 1836, 1844
12 Girard Bank, 1835-1836
12 Mechanics & Manufacturers' Bank of Trenton, 1834, 1838-1844
12 Trenton Banking Company, 1816-1818, 1833-1844
G. Legislative papers
1. Bills
12 "to enable the owners and possessors of the meadows, lowlands, and swamps adjoining Pequest River and its branches... to clear the same and straighten their channels...,"
12 "to authorize Trustees... to sell real estate of Daniel Bates, deceased,"
12 "to incorporate "to incorporate ,"
12 "to incorporate the Washington Aqueduct Company,"
12 "to confirm certain acknowledgements of deeds and other instruments, taken by Thomas Haines,"
12 "to authorize the construction of a railroad connecting the Morris Canal with the Paterson and Hudson River Railroad,"
12 "to incorporate the Paterson and Hudson River Railroad Company,"
12 "respecting the real estate of William Salter, deceased,"
12 "establishing an Independent Regiment of Horse Artillery,"
12 "for altering and resettling a part of the boundary line between the counties of Somerset and Middlesex,"
12 "authorizing a subscription for the capital stock of "authorizing a subscription for the capital stock of ,"
12 "for facilitating the communication from near Dover, in the county of Morris, through Brooklyn in said county, to Andover and Sparta in the county of Sussex,"
12 "respecting elections,"
12 "for the relief of certain persons,"
12 "to incorporate "to incorporate ,"
12 "respecting the bridge over the Raritan River at New Brunswick, and for other purposes,"
12 "to incorporate the Newark and Morris Railroad Company,"
12 "to incorporate "The New Jersey Atlantick Railroad Company" (see also No. 55, 2 variants)
12 "for the relief of the Union, Hand-in-Hand, and Resolution Fire Companies of the City of Trenton,"
12 "for the relief of the president and Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church in Newton,"
12 "for erecting the lower part of the county of Gloucester into a separate county, to be called the county of Atlantic,"
12 "to amend an act entitled "to amend an act entitled ,"
12 "abolishing imprisonment for debt in certain cases,"
12 "for the appointment of Trustees to take care of a fund for the support and education of poor orphan children of the township of Newark, in the county of Essex, devised from Jabez Longworth, deceased,"
12 "to amend the judicial system of this state,"
12 "to promote the manufacture of silk,"
12 "to repeal an act entitled "to repeal an act entitled ,"
12 "to authorize the taking of acknowledgments and proof of conveyances, in any other state, of lands and premises in New Jersey; and to repeal a former act,"
12 "respecting Grand Jurors,"
12 "to reduce the taxable costs upon foreclosure of mortgages in the Court of Chancery,"
12 "to incorporate the East Jersey Railroad Company,"
12 "to establish a new township in the county of Gloucester, to be called the township of Camden,"
12 "to alter the boundary line between the townships of Randolph and Pequannack in the county of Morris,"
12 "to compensate Robert Lee,"
12 "to enable the owners of land adjoining Dismal Brook to open and clear the same, within the limits therein mentioned,"
12 "to authorize the sale of the real estate of Isaac Ogden, deceased,"
12 "to authorize Henry sell and convey lots of land on the farm on which he resides, on the Morris Canal, in the township of Mansfield, in the county of Warren,"
12 "establishing an Independent Regiment of Field Artillery in the county of Sussex,"
12 "to raise the sum of _____ dollars for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one,"
12 "prescribing the form of the bushel to be used for measuring lime in this state,"
12 "to authorize Trustees... to sell certain real estate of John Souder, deceased,"
12 "for the support of the government of this state,"
12 "to incorporate the Cumberland Beneficial Society of Cumberland County,"
12 "to authorize the sale of the real estate of Jason Page, Elizabeth Tayner, and Abigail Gedis, situate in the county of Somerset,"
12 "to authorize Azariah Davis, Administrator of John Cummins, deceased, to fulfill a certain contract...,"
12 "to authorize Aaron Pancoast and Thomas Edwards of the county of Salem to sell certain real estate of the heirs of Dr. Samuel Risley...,"
12 "to authorize commissioners to examine into the state of "to authorize commissioners to examine into the state of ,"
12 "dividing the township of Aquackanonk in the county of Essex into two separate townships,"
12 "to incorporate the Mount Holly Insurance Company, in the county of Burlington,"
12 "an Act to repeal...the act entitled 'An act to secure and defend the public revenue arising from lands let or to be let for the planting oysters'...,"
12 "to amend the 'Supplement to the Act' entitled 'An act to incorporate Elizabeth-Town Mutual Assurance Fire Company',"
12 "to annex part of the township of Elizabeth to the township of Union,"
12 "concerning sutlers,"
12 "to authorize James Osborn, Samuel F. Allen, Nicholas Van Wickle, and others to construct a canal to unite the waters of Barnegat Bay with Manasquan River in the township of Howell and county of Monmouth,"
12 "to incorporate 'The New Jersey Atlantick Railroad Company' (2), variants of No. 18
12 "to incorporate a company to create water power at the city of Trenton and its vicinity, and for other purposes,"
12 "to provide for the building of a draw bridge across South River, in the county of Middlesex,"
12 "relative to the map of New Jersey" (2)
12 "to prohibit the circulating or passing of tickets,"
12 "to authorize Elizabeth Lyle, widow of Samuel Lyle, late of the county of Middlesex, to make sale of certain real estate,"
12 "to incorporate the Taylorsville Delaware Bridge Company,"
12 "to incorporate the Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery
12 "to incorporate the Union Fire Engine Company of Mount Holly,"
12 "to enable the owners and possessors of the meadow, marsh and swamp adjoining Repaupo Creek in the county of Gloucester to erect and maintain banks, dams, and waterworks, sufficient to prevent the tide from overflowing the same,"
12 "to incorporate The Newark Mechanics' Association,"
12 "to incorporate the West Jersey (Camden and Salem) Railroad and Transportation Company,"
12 "to incorporate the Elizabethtown and Somerville Railroad Company,"
12 "to provide for the erection of a new prison for this state,"
12 "for the relief of Aaron Dodd, Samuel Dodd, and Hiram Dodd,"
12 "to authorize Abraham see a certain farm or lot of land and premises...,"
12 "to authorize a swinging gate to be hung in the road leading through the farm of Thomas Cook to Manasquan River,"
12 "to authorize a swinging gate to be hung in the road leading through the farm of Abraham Tyson to Manasquan River,"
12 "to enable the owners and possessors of the meadows, lowlands, and swamps adjoining Miry Run in the counties of Burlington and Middlesex to clear the same...,"
12 "relative to the Camden and Amboy Railroad and Transportation Company,"
12 "to incorporate "to incorporate ,"
12 "to alter the western limits of the city of Trenton,"
12 "respecting the appointment of the Clerk of the Court of Chancery,"
12 "to incorporate the Perth Amboy Manufacturing Company,"
12 "for the more easy sale of mortgaged premises,"
12 "to incorporate the East Jersey Railroad Company,"
12 "relative to the Delaware and Raritan Canal and the Camden and Amboy Railroad and Transportation Companies,"
12 "concerning a body of meadow on the easterly side of Oldman's Creek in the county of Gloucester,"
12 "relative to Common Schools,"
12 "to provide for ascertaining the effective militia of this state, and to repeal the act entitled 'An act establishing the militia system' passed" and the several supplements thereto, 18 February 1815
12 "to repeal an act entitled "to repeal an act entitled ,"
12 "to incorporate the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank at Lambertsville,"
2. Supplemental Bills
Scope and Content
Dates given refer to original acts.
12 "for the preservation of deer and other game, and to prevent trespassing with guns," 1771
12 "for the relief and settlement of the poor," 1774
12 "to enable the owners and possessors of meadows and tide marsh lying on Assiscunk Creek... to erect and maintain a bank, dam, and other waterworks across the said creek in order to prevent the tide from overflowing the same, and to run a fence across a certain lane, called Pudding Lane, in the city of Burlington," 1782
12 "to enable the owners of swamp or meadow ground to drain the same, and to repeal a law heretofore made for that purpose," 1792
12 "to authorize the draining of the lowlands in the town of Newark," 1822
12 "incorporating the inhabitants of townships, designating their powers, and regulating their meetings, 1798
12 "erecting the town of Bordentown in the county of Burlington into a borough," 1798
12 "to incorporate a part of the township of Newton in the county of Gloucester," 1828
12 "for the suppression of vice and immorality," 1798
12 "relative to the Supreme and Circuit Courts," 1799
12 "for the relief of creditors against absconding and absent debtors," 1798
12 "to empower the Governor of this state to incorporate a company to cut a canal to shorten the navigation of Salem Creek in the county of Salem and the state of New Jersey," 1800
12 "to incorporate the Delaware and Raritan Canal Company," 1830
12 "to incorporate the New Jersey Turnpike Company," 1806
12 "... an act concerning roads," 1818
12 "to incorporate the Paterson Fire Association," 1821
12 "to incorporate the Woodbury Fire Association," 1827
12 "... regulating the militia of this state," undated
12 "for the better organization of the Cavalry," undated
12 "for the punishment of crimes," 17 February 1829
12 "for the punishment of crimes," 23 February 1829
12 "for the punishment of crimes" (varies), 23 February 1829
12 "for the punishment of crimes" (varies), 23 February 1829
12 "for the punishment of crimes" (varies), undated
12 "relating to hawkers, pedlars, and petty chapmen," 1830
3. Petitions
12 John C. Stevens and others, requesting alteration in the law against racing, undated
12 The subscribers, residents, and freeholders of the county of Bergen protesting law against horse racing passed, 15 February 1811
12 The memorial of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Company, 1830
12 The memorial of the Camden and Amboy Railroad Company, undated
4. Reports
12 "on the propriety of disposing of... lands in the neighbourhood of Paterson" (Samuel G. Wright and others), 8 February 1831
12 "by the minority committee re capital stock subscription in the Camden and Amboy Railroad and Transportation Company," undated
12 "by the minority of the committee re resolutions of the Legislature of Alabama," undated
12 "by the Treasurer," 1831; triplicate; one only on microfilm
12 "by the committee...on the unfinished business of the last session,"
5. Other Documents of the State
12 Appeal in Phinny vs. Rogers, 1829 1831
12 Appeal by John J. Plume (Thomas Ward, Respondent), undated [3 items, handwritten, and notes by Samuel G. Wright]
12 Letter signed "No Monopolist" re internal improvements, undated
12 Resolution re the distinguished services of Gen. Andrew Jackson for his country, 1831
12 "on legislative patronage to state maps," undated
12 "to J. H. Sloan, secretary to the Camden and Amboy Railroad Co.," 1831; 2 communications, printed
H. Miscellany
12 "An act for supplying the City of New York with pure and wholesome water (Bank of the Manhattan Co.), passed 2 April 1799,"
12 "An act to incorporate the Proprietors of the Trenton Water Works, 1803,"
MD-14 "Diagram (map) of the State of Missouri," 1837 [with certain tracts marked with blue and yellow washes.]
12 "The Cultivator, Volume VII," decorative subscription notice with allegorical woodcut of Art, Industry and Science
12 Horse Breeding Register, 1831-1838
MD-14 Maps of land, probably in Illinois, Townships 33, 34, and 41, 1832-1836
MD-14 New Sectional Map of the State of Illinois, 1836 [with tracts marked in by Samuel G. Wright.]
12 Trade Card: John Keichline, Potter, 1841
MD-14 William D. Waples Estate Sale, poster, 1841
13 Samuel G. Wright: "Phrenological Synopsis" by J. M. Crowley, Practical Phrenologist, undated
12 Wright Family Genealogical Notes, undated
II. Caleb Wright papers, 1785-1840
12 Accounts, bills, and receipts, 1787-1836
12 Accounts with Samuel G. Wright, 1812-1819
12 Deeds, 1785-1820
12 Letters received, 1797-1840
12 Letters sent, 1817-1832
12 Letters to Catharine (Mrs. Caleb) Wright, 1803-1828
12 Quaker miscellany [Includes tracts on the Hicksite Schism (1826-1829) and Annual Reports of the Philadelphia Insane Asylum (1827, 1829)]
III. Sarah Wright papers, 1815-1881
A. Incoming correspondence
13 Elizabeth _____ (cousin) - Philadelphia, PA, 1815-1847 [Mostly family news; comments on Samuel G. Wright's last illness.] ; 5 items
13 Hettie _____ (cousin) - Philadelphia, PA, 1868 [re visit; family news.] ; 1 item
13 S. L. Ashburner (cousin) - Philadelphia, PA, 1848 [family news.] ; 1 item
13 Jane C. Blackie - Philadelphia, PA, 1824-1827 [re stays at Merino Hill; visit to the shore; education; Dr. Patterson's lectures on natural philosophy.] ; 3 items
13 David Cooke - Philadelphia, PA, 1811 [re purchases of drygoods; selling butter, apples, and cheese from Merino Hill.] ; 1 item
13 C. J. Coward - Hightstown, NJ, 1855 [re delivery of care of lime.] ; 1 item
13 Ann Gardiner (cousin) - Yorkville, SC, circa 1840 [nostalgia for activity and scenery of the North; travel; family news.] ; 3 items
13 A. E. Johnston (Niece), circa 1860 undated [family news; Lattas returning South because of Republican victory.] ; 1 item
13 Anna Cecilia Latta (cousin) - Woodland, SC, and Philadelphia, PA, 1854-1855 [re visit to North; family news; a recipe for apple tapioca.] ; 3 items
13 Elisa D. Latta - Columbia and Yorkville, SC, 1841-1851 [family news; sadness at abandonment of old home at Yorkville; describes Columbia, SC; fear of abolitionists, having son James admitted to Yale; describes loading cotton for shipment to Charleston by rail.] ; 7 items
13 Ida C. Latta (cousin) - Harrow Gate Lane, PA, 1853 [family news; describes "water cure" under Dr. Weder, a hydropathic physician.] ; 1 item
13 James Latta (cousin) - Columbia, SC, etc., 1840-1854 [family news; describes travel from Merino Hill to New Haven; dislike of "Yankees"; bad trip from NY to Charleston by sea; describes Columbia, SC.] ; 8 items
13 Richard Latta - Philadelphia, PA, 1848 [re Latta family's return to Charleston.] ; 1 item
13 J. E. Schuster (Nephew) - Trenton, NJ, 1855 [re securing fencemaker for Samuel G. Wright.] ; 1 item
13 Elizabeth Swift - Easton, PA, circa 1830s undated [re SW ordering merchandise for her.] ; 1 item
13 R. H. Waples - Georgetown, DE, 1852-1853 [death of granddaughter Emma Wright.] ; 2 items
13 Bell Wright (granddaugher) - Merino Hill, circa 1860 undated [family news.] ; 1 item
13 Cassandra Wise Waples Wright (Daughter-in-Law) - Millsboro, DE, 1833-1839 [Family news; a "railroad ball" held to promote Delaware Railroad.]
13 Custis W. Wright (grandson) - Millsboro, DE, 1847-1858 [re father showing him his former childhood haunts in Philadelphia; near wreck of uncle Ben Burton's boat; farm life.] ; 5 items
13 Gardiner H. Wright (son) - Millsboro, DE, etc, 1822-1876 [From 1822 to 1831, the letters were written home when Gardiner H. Wright was away, either accompanying his father on business or visiting relatives. After 1832, he wrote regularly from his home in Millsboro and Georgetown. Most letters are concerned with family news, including much illness and the deaths of two of his children, Theodore (1841) and Emma (1851). The letters describe his social life as a young man in Philadelphia in the 1820s, attending plays, the ballet, and dance parties; his proposal to Cassandra Waples; and the social activities of his adult life. There are mentions of his brother Samuel's life in the Navy, and of work settling the estates of Samuel G. Wright and William D. Waples. Two lengthy trips away from home are described. The first occurred in 1828 when he accompanied his father to Buffalo. His letter describes travel by stage and the Erie Canal, along with descriptions of the Genesee and Niagara Falls. In 1829-1830, Gardiner H. Wright spent about eight months at the plantation of some relatives, the Latta family of Yorkville, SC. Gardiner H. Wright describes the Carolina gold mines, the Catawba Indians, Latta's plantation, and some of the routines of southern life. After 1832, there are descriptions of Gardiner H. Wright's activities at Delaware Furnace and his growing role in Delaware state politics.] ; 140 items
13 Harrison G. Wright (son) - Burlington, NJ, 1826-1850 [Letters written while a student at John Gummere's boarding school, describing student life; one letter from Millsboro (1850) with family news.] ; 16 items
13 Hal Wright (nephew) - Wilkes Barre, PA, 1835 [family news.] ; 1 item
13 Mary G. Wright (great-granddaughter) - Georgetown, DE, 1875 [family news.] ; 2 items
13 Sallie Custis Wright (granddaughter) - Millsboro, DE, etc, 1850-1876 [family news; travel; studies at Hannah More Academy in Wilmington and St. Mary's Hall in Burlington; news of father (Gardiner H. Wright); own family after marrying John Paynton.] ; 40 items
13 Samuel G. Wright (husband) - various places, 1823-1842 [Mostly written during business trips to Carlisle, PA; Millsboro, DE; New York, or the West; many are perfunctory notes informing SW that he has arrived safely; describes a trading trip overland to Wheeling and down river to New Orleans, stopping at Cincinnati, Louisville, Natchez, etc.; describes steam boat travel; another similar trip in 1837 to view Illinois lands and Iron Mountain district of Missouri; trips to Illinois and St. Louis, 1841-1842.] ; 29 items
13 Samuel G. Wright, Jr. (son) - Wilkes Barre, PA, 1839 [family news.] ; 1 item
13 Sarah G. Wright (niece) - Riverside, NJ, undated [family news.] ; 1 item
13 Walter Livingston Wright (grandson) - Burlington, NJ, 1853-1854 [letters from boarding school.] ; 4 items
B. Legal papers
13 Leases for farming Merino Hill, 1854-1883
C. Accounts
13 Household account books, 1845-1849; 9 volumes
13 Sarah Wright's day book, 1801-1803 [prepared by SW as a school exercise to practice penmanship and learn bookkeeping.]
13 Bills and receipts, 1848-1881
IV. Gardiner H. Wright papers, 1826-1852
A. Incoming correspondence, 1826-1852
68 items
Scope and Content
These are letters written to Gardiner H. Wright while he was living at home or was visiting Merino Hill. The bulk are from friending during his youth (1826-1831).
13 Letter from Coburn Whitehead, a student at Yale, describes college revels, reading Byron, etc.
13 Letter from J. Milner Higbee, a recent emigrant to Quincy, IL, describes his new farm there, 1830
13 Letter from a cousin, Richard Gardiner, describes a large farm in Exeter, NH, and how farming practices differ from those in NJ, 1827
13 Letters from younger brother Harrison describing boarding school and flood damage at Millsboro, 1826, 1831
13 Letters from mother and father during Wright's trip to visit the Lattas in Yorkville, SC, 1829-1830
13 Letter from Samuel G. Wright describing work at Dover Furnace, Greenwood, and his purchase of the chain that was used to blockade the Hudson River during the Revolution
13 Letters from William and Richard Latta and three persons Wright met during his stay with the Lattas right after his departure with news from Yorkville
13 Letters from William Potter and James H. Deas re Delaware Furnace, 1828-1831
13 Letter from J.G. Smith re Dover Furnace, 1826
13 Group of letters relative to Samuel G. Wright's estate, 1846-1849
13 Letters from Wright's wife and business associates describing events in Millsboro while Gardiner H. Wright is visiting Merino Hill, 1849-1852
B. Legal papers
13 Apprenticeship Paper of Jacob Houston, is daughter Esther age 9, to Gardiner H. Wright until age 18, 1837
C. Accounts, 1829-1848
13 Booklet with travel expenses on trip to Yorkville, SC, 1829-1830
13 Log describing weather, etc., during return voyage from Charleston, SC, to New York, NY, on board the Niagara, April 4-May 13, 1832
13 Miscellaneous bills and receipts
D. Miscellany
13 Includes personal notes and invitations, undated
13 Remedies for people and animals, undated
V. Harrison G. Wright papers, 1826-1880
A. Incoming correspondence, 1826-1880
72 items
Scope and Content
Primarily letters from brother Gardiner H. Wright (1843-1872) and other relatives written to HGW at Merino Hill. They contain family news and descriptions of domestic and farm activities.
13 Letter from Gardiner H. Wright describing the shipment of plows and castings for Samuel G. Wright, Jr.
13 Letter from Gardiner H. Wright describing the operation of the cupola at Millsboro
13 Letter from Gardiner H. Wright describing Delaware politics
13 Gardiner H. Wright describing problems with Samuel G. Wright's estate, particularly its investments in western land
13 Letter from Gardiner H. Wright describing the shipment of Delaware fruit to New York by rail, 1869
13 Letter from James T. Latta asking HGW to recommend a good make of combined mowing and reaping machine, 1855
13 Letter from Edward Taylor informing HGW of the death of his uncle Joseph, 1855
13 Letter from Samuel W. Taylor noting receipt of $1,000 from HGW to be invested in oil stocks, 1865
13 Prospectus for Samuel J. Gummere's Burlington Boarding School, 1876
13 Invitation to the funeral of Sarah Ann Ridgway, 1855
13 Circular describing the operation of the Maryland Consolidated Lotteries, 1855
13 Call for a meeting to create a new NJ county out of parts of Middlesex and Monmouth
B. Legal papers, 1844-1886
Scope and Content
Deeds and mortgages for land in NJ, IL, and PA, including deed of inheritance to children (1886).
13 Farm Ledger, 1849-1854 [first third used as child's scrapbook]
13 Farm Ledger, 1846-1849 [Farm workers' pay and charges, including store accounts. Also (p. 43), text of agreement re rent of farm stock and utensils by Samuel G. Wright, 1849-1850, including list of livestock]
13 Farm Ledger, 1849-1856 [Farm workers' pay and charges, as above]
13 Farm Ledger, 1860-1872, 1877-1879 [Farm workers' pay and charges, as above. No index; some pages torn. Entirely full; pages laid in for 1877-1879. No apparent relation between contents and spine label: "Day Book - Delaware Furnace No. -."]
13 Miscellaneous Farm Accounts, 1845-1846 1849-1850; 3 volumes
13 Poem: "To a Friend on Party Spirit," undated [Quaker response to the secession crisis]
13 Samuel G. - Letters received, 1845-1857 [Closing up Samuel G. Wright's affairs, including Gardiner Estate; Water Rights Association; land in Wyoming Valley, Illinois, and Missouri] ; 86 items
13 Samuel G. - Accounts - Journal, 1845-1848
13 Samuel G. - Accounts - Ledger and Notebook, 1846-1866 [Primarily records closing out accounts on Illinois land with Moore, Morton & Co. Two pages list oyster shells purchased for Delaware Furnace (1825-1826)]
13 Samuel G. - Loose Accounts, 1841-1860 [Includes notes returned by J. Brown (1841-1845)]
13 Samuel G. - Gardiner Estate Papers [Includes ledger and paper book of proceedings before the Philadelphia Orphans' Court in settlement of the estate]
VI. Samuel Wright, Jr. papers, 1839-1960
13 Letters from Gardiner H. Wright concerning family news and illnesses, Delaware politics, travel, and setting up carding machine, 1839-1860 [Primarily letters from brother Gardiner H. Wright to Samuel G. Wright, Jr., at Merino Hill, describing events in Millsboro and Georgetown, DE.] ; 5 items
13 Letter from a convention to promote a new (rail)road between Philadelphia and New York via Mt. Holly, 1848