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Collection of Philadelphia merchants records
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Collection of Philadelphia merchants records

Accession 0095

Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department Department, Hagley Museum and Library

PO Box 3630
Wilmington, Delaware 19807

Clayton J. Ruminski, 2020

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Collection of Philadelphia merchants records
Dates: 1750-1850
Accession Number: 0095
Creator: Andrew Clow & Co.; Eyre, Manuel; De Stockar, George Louis; Dutilh & Wachsmuth (Philadelphia, Pa.); Unknown.
Extent: 10 Linear Feet
Language of Material: English
Language of Material: French, English, Dutch, Spanish, German
Repository: Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department
Abstract: The Collection of Philadelphia merchants records comprises the papers of major and minor merchant houses in Philadelphia throughout the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and primarily documents trade with major port cities in Western Europe and the West Indies. Included are the papers of merchants Andrew Clow & Co., Dutilh & Wachsmuth, Manuel Eyre, and George Louis de Stockar, along with records of other miscellaneous merchants from the Philadelphia area. The records include correspondence, accounts, bills, orders, invoices and other material that give insight into the rise of capitalism in the Early Republic.

Administrative Information

Processing Notes

The records that make up this collection were purchased by Hagley Museum and Library from rare book and manuscript dealers in the Philadelphia region between 1964 and 1973. Originally, each collection was accessioned separately and 22 different collections were created. To better contextualize the records, this artificial collection was created from the original 22 collections. The manuscript numbers from which this collection was created include the following: 0095, 0470, 0650, 0656, 0706, 0720, 0907, 1003, 1063, 1097, 1120, 1125, 1140, 1144, 1197, 1215, 1220, 1247, 1303, 1329, 1332, 1369.

Access Restrictions

No restrictions on access; this collection is open for research.


Historical Note

The Collection of Philadelphia merchants records documents the economic activities of merchants in Philadelphia in both the Revolutionary Period (circa 1765-1780) and the Early Republic (circa 1780-1830). The mercantile houses represented primarily include those founded by French and Quaker merchants conducting trade between major European, West Indian, and American port cities.

Andrew Clow & Co.

The Philadelphia mercantile firm of Andrew Clow & Company was active in the period after the close of the Revolutionary War. It conducted trade with Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, the West Indies and coastal ports south of Philadelphia. It exported flour, grain, sugar, tobacco, and other commodities and imported a wide variety of goods, especially textiles (including calico, chintz, sheeting, worsted and hosiery) from Great Britain, wine and brandy from France, and wine, raisins and almonds from Spain. Both Andrew Clow and his partner, David Cay, died in the great yellow fever epidemic of 1793.

Dutilh & Wachsmuth

The mercantile firm of Dutilh & Wachsmuth was established in Philadelphia in 1790 and was dissolved circa 1798.

Etienne Dutilh was born in France in 1748 and came to Philadelphia in 1783, after a career as a merchant in Rotterdam and London. Numerous members of the family were established as merchants in Holland, England, Smyrna, and the West Indies. E. Dutilh & Co. was established by 1784, trading primarily with the West Indies but also with Europe. John Godfried Wachsmuth was admitted to full partnership in 1790 under the style of Dutilh & Wachsmuth.

Wachsmuth seems to have had American connections, while Dutilh maintained the ties with Europe. Dutilh was away from Philadelphia a great deal, first at Cap Francois (1792-1793) and then in Holland (1793-1795), leaving the management of the Philadelphia house in the hands of Wachsmuth. Accounts for Dutilh & Wachsmuth continue through 1803, but the active partnership was apparently dissolved ca. 1798-1799. Wachsmuth then formed a partnership with John Soullier, an associate of Dutilh's, which continued through 1814. Dutilh anglicized his name to Stephen around 1804 and continued in business until his death in 1810. His widow married John G. Wachsmuth and raised Dutilh's three sons in his home at Germantown.

Manuel Eyre

Manuel Eyre, a Philadelphia merchant of Quaker ancestry, was born in 1777. His father, Manuel Eyre, Sr. (1736-1805) was a shipwright in Kensington and a colonel in the Contintental Army. Eyre obtained his training in the counting house of Henry Pratt and Abraham Kintzing and in 1803 joined with Charles Massey, Jr. (b. 1778) to form the mercantile firm of Eyre & Massey, a partnership that lasted until Eyre's death in 1845.

The firm of Eyre & Massey owned over 20 vessels, ranging in size from ships to sloops, and traded around the world, mounting voyages to Europe, the Caribbean, South America, China, India and the Pacific Islands. Manuel Eyre also served on the Philadelphia City Council and was a founding director of the Schuylkill Navigation Company (1816) and the Second Bank of the United States (1816). After 1820 he gradually retired from active trading and devoted much of his time to agriculture. He owned two farms outside the city and three in Delaware. He was the founder of Delaware City, Del., at the mouth of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, buying the entire site in 1828, erecting public buildings and dividing it into lots.

George Louis de Stockar

George Louis de Stockar (d. 1793, also spelled Stokar) was a merchant from Schauffhausen, Switzerland who later opened mercantile houses in France and Philadelphia. Stockar appears to have been a merchant at Bordeaux as early as 1772 and primarily imported tobacco and sugar, and exported wine, glass, and other manufactured products. In 1781 he partnered with Jean Guillaume d'Eberz in the firm of De Stockar & d'Erbez at La Rochelle, France, and in 1788 he formed the firm of De Stockar & Compagnie at Nantes. Shortly thereafter, Stockar came to the United States and established a mercantile firm in Philadelphia, where he developed business ties with the firm of Dutilh & Wachsmuth. He died in Baltimore in 1793. Following his death, Stockar's estate was administered by John G. Wachsmuth.


Scope and Content

The Collection of Philadelphia merchant records documents the operations of major and minor merchant houses in Philadelphia throughout the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Included are the papers of merchants Andrew Clow & Co., Dutilh & Wachsmuth, Manuel Eyre, and George Louis de Stockar, along with records of miscellaneous merchants from the Philadelphia area and southeastern Pennsylvania in general. The records give insight into the rise of capitalism in the Early Republic through economic development that was largely controlled by merchants and financiers.

The records themselves document trade between Philadelphia and major European, West Indian, and American port cities, including those in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Haiti, Great Britain, and South America. They consist of letter books, journals, ledgers, correspondence, accounts, bills, orders, invoices, shipping papers, bills of exchange, insurance policies, and banking records. The trade documented in the records reflect a wide variety of commodities, such as sugar, cigars, coffee, indigo, flour, butter, wheat, lard, hides, cotton, silks, logwood, wine and brandy, glass, glassware, earthenware, candles, gloves, gunpowder, and even elephant tusks. Correspondence between merchants discusses factors such as pricing, trade routes, wages paid to laborers on ships, business relationships between merchants, and discussion of domestic and foreign economic policies effecting trade.

More detailed descriptions of the records of merchants and businesses represented within the collection can be found below under Series Descriptions and Inventories.



As an artificial collection composed of 22 different accessions, a new arrangment scheme was imposed during processing in the absence of usable original order. Any accessions that were previously processed were reprocessed, and any related accessions that had not yet been arranged were integrated with the reprocessed material to further contextualize the records. In doing so, the collection was organized into five separate series, each being arranged alphabetically by document type or by primary correspondent.


Series Descriptions and Inventory

I. Andrew Clow & Company records
0.5 Linear Feet
Scope and Content
The records of Andrew Clow & Co. include invoices, receipts and correspondence with various merchants, including Matthew McGown & Co. (London), Patrick Morrogh & Co. (Corunna, Spain), B. Doüat, Labate & Planté (Bilbao, Spain), Rathbone & Benson (Liverpool), Corrie, Gladstone & Bradshaw (Liverpool), Parish & Co. (Hamburg), B. Martin l'ainé & Cie (Montpelier, France), James Brown (Richmond) and William Wilson & Co. (Alexandria, Va.). There are also letters, mainly of Andrew Clow, David Cay, Edward Hewitt, John Brown, John Travis, William Cramond, William Sonntag, Josiah Watson & Co., Philips, Cramond & Co. and Leamy & Holmes, primarily discussing the payment of debts and market perturbations of the early 1790s.
Many of the papers relate to the settlement of the estates of Andrew Clow and David Cay, including correspondence with creditors, especially Thomas Astley, statements of executors, and accounts. There is a bill of complaint and other papers relating to a suit by Cay's executors against Joseph Hadfield of London.
Also included are: a letter of James Matthews (1790) concerning the correct type of barrel in which to ship flour; record of goods shipped from Liverpool in the ship Grange; data on trade in wine and brandy from France and shipment into that country of Virginia tobacco, sugar, rice, mahogany, logwood, coffee, cacao, and codfish from America (1804); notice of the Privy Council of Great Britain prohibiting the importation of foreign wheat and flour (1790), sale of coffee, sugar and tobacco at Hamburg (1793); and account with Morris & Miercken for sugar (1793).
Series I consists of two subseries, with each arranged alphabetically by document type.
A. Business and financial papers
Box Folder
1 1 Advertisements and circulars, 1790, 1793, 1796; 3 items.
1 2 Bank checks, 1792-1793
1 3 Bills of lading , 1791-1793
1 4 Commercial notes, 1789-1793 [from cities in Virginia]
1 5 Correspondence - David Cay and Andrew Clow, 1788-1793
1 6 Correspondence, General - Incoming, 1784-1785
1 7 Correspondence, General - Incoming, 1786-1789
1 8 Correspondence, General - Incoming, 1790
1 9 Correspondence, General - Incoming, 1791-1793
1 10 Correspondence, General - Incoming, 1804; 1 item.
1 11 Correspondence, General - Outgoing, 1792-1793
1 12 Declaration of protest, 1790
1 13 Insurance policies , 1790, 1793 [includes two insurance policies for ships]
1 14 Invoices, bills, and accounts, 1784-1793
1 15 Invoices, bills, and accounts, 1793-1798 [with estates of Andrew Clow and David Cay]
1 16 Letter of attorney, 1785 [Andrew Clow to William Kay and John Fairbairne]
1 17 Promissory notes, 1786-1793
1 18 Miscellaneous items, 1792, 1793 [Receipt for thirty half shares in the Bank of the United States; agreement and bill for holding stoves for William Forbes at Walnut Street for one year] ; 3 items.
B. Estate papers
Box Folder
2 1 Account of cash received by executors since January 1813, 1835 November 7
2 2 Correspondence - Creditors of Andrew Clow & Co., 1805 April-1805 November; 12 items.
2 3 Correspondence - Creditors of Andrew Clow & Co., 1808 March-1808 June; 2 items.
2 4 Correspondence - Creditors of Andrew Clow & Co., 1811 April-1811 June; 3 items.
2 5 Correspondence - Executors of Andrew Clow & Co. , 1793-1813, undated
2 6 Executor's proceedings , 1796 October 10
2 7 Memorandum of resolutions - David Cay's executors, undated
2 8 Miscellaneous papers and accounts, 1836, undated
2 9 Papers re suit by estate of David Cay against Joseph Hadfield, 1793-1795
2 10 Report of claims made against estate of Andrew Clow, 1795 April 5
II. Dutilh & Wachsmuth records, 1772-1824
6.4 Linear Feet
Scope and Content
The records of Dutilh & Wachsmuth, one of the most important commercial houses established by immigrants in Philadelphia, document trade between Philadelphia and major European, West Indian, and American port cities. The bulk of the papers cover the firm's business operations following its organization in 1790 through the War of 1812.
Records include letter books, journals, ledgers, invoices, day books, check books, bills, orders, correspondence, shipping papers, bills of exchange, marine insurance policies, claims and related papers, and banking records. They reflect trade with Holland, France, Spain, Great Britain, the West Indies, South America, and Atlantic ports in the United States in a wide variety of commodities, including: Havana sugar and cigars, Caracas coffee, Guatemala indigo, flour, butter, lard, hides, cottons, silks, logwood, wine and brandy, glass, glassware, earthenware, candles, gloves, and gunpowder. There are also letters and accounts primarily concerning trade with Amsterdam and Haiti, including an account of a massacre of the French by the Spanish in 1794, one from Eli Whitney concerning the cotton gin, and another from Albert Gallatin regarding repatriating French women and children from Cuba.
Although the partnership of Etienne Dutilh (who anglicized his first name to Stephen around 1804) and John G. Wachsmuth was dissolved around 1798-1799, accounts continue through 1803. Following the firm's dissolution, J. G. Wachsmuth formed a partnership with John Soullier, an associate of Dutilh's, which continued through 1814 and is reflected in the records. Dutilh continued his business until his death in 1810. Records such as correspondence, accounts, and other business records document the careers of both Wachsmuth and Dutilh well after the dissolution of the firm of Dutilh & Wachsmuth.
There is a small portion of records relating to later generations of the Dutilh family in Philadelphia, including Charles Dutilh, an insurance executive. A small amount of family correspondence document the non-business affairs of various members of the Dutilh family in both France and Philadelphia.
Series II is composed of six separate subseries. Subseries A, Correspondence, and Subseries F, Dutilh family letters, are arranged alphabetically by the primary correspondent's surname or company name. The remaining series are arranged alphabetically by document type.
A. Correspondence, 1794-1814
i. Incoming
Box Folder
2 11 Bulletin of letters received , 1788
2 12 Dutilh, Edward, 1822, 1828
2 13 Dutilh, Estevan, 1808
2 14 Dutilh, John, 1800-1807
2 15 Dutilh, John, from Lewis de Carpentier, 1800-1802
2 16 Dutilh, John, from Vin. Thuun, 1801 [letters discuss errors in cargo list of the schooner Eutaw]
2 17 Dutilh, Stephen (Etienne), 1777-1794
2 18 Dutilh, Stephen (Etienne), 1795-1801
2 19 Dutilh, Stephen (Etienne), 1802-1810, undated
Box Folder
3 1 Dutilh, Stephen (Etienne), from Alex. Dobignie, 1797-1798
3 2 Dutilh, Stephen (Etienne), from J.J. Mazurie, 1798-1803
3 3 Dutilh, Stephen (Etienne), from Solomon de Water, 1793-1796, 1801
3 4 Dutilh & Wachsmuth, 1783-1792
3 5 Dutilh & Wachsmuth, 1793-1794
3 6 Dutilh & Wachsmuth, 1795-1800, undated
3 7 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Peter Baelde & Sons, 1791-1806
3 8 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Compayre Baille & Co., 1793
3 9 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Louis Bienfait & Fils, 1794-1797
3 10 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Chazal, 1797-1798
3 11 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Christian Dutilh & Co., 1778-1797
Box Folder
4 12 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Decoud
Box Folder
3 13 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Franjon, 1793-1794
3 14 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Hardivillier, 1794-1797
3 15 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Mirande, 1794 [describes massacres of French inhabitants by the Spanish government]
3 16 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Saller(?), 1794-1797
3 17 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Andrew Seguin, 1793-1795
Box Folder
4 1 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from A. Valck & Co., 1789-1800
4 2 Dutilh & Wachsmuth from Viaud, 1797-1798
4 3 Letterbook - "Copie de Lettres," 1794 January-1794 May [letters to John G. Wachsmuth (Phila. ), Vincent Thuun (Phila.), J. [?] Dewater (Phila.), Moses Myers (Norfolk), one to John Dutilh (Phila.), Messrs. Valck & Co. (Baltimore) and others] ; formerly volume 1
4 4 Mathieu, Jacques, 1791-1794 [mostly consists of letters from Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh]
4 5 Morin, A., 1795
4 6 Soullier, John, 1795-1796
4 7 Wachsmuth, John Godfried, 1787-1826, undated [correspondence with Leopold Nottnagel discusses his appointment as guardian of Stephen Dutilh's trust. See also J. G. Wachsmuth's outgoing correspondence file]
4 8 Wachsmuth, John Godfried, from Ghovaire, 1784-1789
4 9 Wachsmuth & Soullier, 1804-1807
4 10 Watmough, J. H., 1803-1804, 1807
4 11 Miscellaneous letters, 1783-1829, undated [letters that are not addressed to or from Dutilh & Wachsmuth or their immediate business partners]
ii. Outgoing
Box Folder
4 12 Dutilh, Edward, 1822
4 13 Dutilh, James , 1786, undated
4 14 Dutilh, Jean, to Skinner, Fenwick & Brown, 1803
4 15 Dutilh, John, 1801-1803; unbound letterbooks
4 16 Dutilh, John, to Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh, 1790-1803
4 17 Dutilh, Stephen (Etienne), 1787, 1798-1808
4 18 Dutilh & Wachsmuth, 1786-1794; miscellaneous loose letters, many unidentifed or incomplete
Box Folder
5 1 Dutilh & Wachsmuth, 1796-1797 [to: Insurance Company of the State of Penna., Messrs. Wharton & Lewis, Messrs. Bendtorff & Moller (Hamburg), Messrs. Arthur Crammons & Co. (London) and others] ; unbound letterbook; formerly volume 2
1 Duitlh & Wachsmuth, 1809-1814 [Business letters (in French and English) to: Messrs. Blandin Freres (Bordeaux); Messrs. Pieter Baelde & Son (Rotterdam); Mr. Leon Blain (Havana) relative to shipment of "real Haarlem Beggar's Laces "; Joaquin de Amadeo (Maracaybo); "To his Excellency the Governor & Captain General of the Province of Carracas" relative to bull shipped to him; R. E. Hobart (Ins. Broker, Phila.); Charles Steward ("Supercargo of the Schr. Transit Edward Meade Master", relative to sale of shipments abroad and procuring returns of German linen at Trieste, also glass, opium and "quik-silver" as well as silks; Messrs. Jacob LeRoy & Son (New York); President & Directors of the Delaware Insurance Company and other Insurance companies; Hamilton Ross,. Esq. (Cape of Good Hope); Governor Montes (Peurto Rico); Messrs. Wmo Thomas & Son (New York); Mr. Gerardo Patrullo (Caracas); The Hble. Albert Gallatin (Secy. of Treasury, Washington) re transporting "a number of poor unfortunate Frenchmen Women & Children,...from Cuba to France. "; Mr. John Richard (Richmond), "graine de Tabac"; Mons. Le Chavalier de Foronda (Phila.); Pedro Queheille (St. Sebastian); Henry Pratt (Phila.), re deeds of 3 lots in Broad St. near Race; J. F. Dutilh (Amsterdam); A. Beelen (Pittsburgh); Eli Whitney (New Haven) re cotton machine; Messrs. Schwartz Brothers (Tonningen & Hamburgn); Messrs. Thomas Davy & Josiah Roberts (London); Dl. Lacombe (Bordeaux); Messrs. Co & To Whittle (Norfolk); Captno Peter Schoyen ("commanding the Schooner Farmer bound to La Guayra"; Jasper Moylan Esq. (Washington); Letters from 1810 on refer mostly to the death of Stephen Dutilh (in Jan. 1810) and balances due his estate; included in this group are letters to Messrs. Francis Clapier & Co. (Marseilles); Made. M. E. Martin Vve. Lo D. Bongardt (Amsterdam); Wm. Van Bronckhorst (Utrecht); Mr. Gomez Vaez Cadet (St. Thomas); Jean Francis & Jacob Dutilh (Amsterdam) and others. Letters relative to cargo shipments (for the greater part to the above persons), accounts, insurance on ships and cargoes, bills of lading for shipments, procuring of goods by sale of cargoes, effects of the embargo, etc.] ; bound letterbook with cover and part of index missing; formerly volume 4
Box Folder
5 2 Dutilh, Morin & Co. to Pierre Duponceau, 1794
5 3 Mathieu, Jacques, to Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh, 1787, 1789, 1793
5 4 Soullier, John, 1793-1795, 1813 [majority of letters written to Stephen Dutilh]
5 5 Wachsmuth, John Godfried, 1791-1800, undated [correspondence with Leopold Nottnagel discusses his appointment as guardian of Stephen Dutilh's trust. See also J. G. Wachsmuth's incoming correspondence file]
5 6 Watmough, J. H., to John and Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh, 1793-1807, undated
B. Business papers
Box Folder
5 7 Articles of association - Jacques Dutilh and Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh, 1790
5 8 Advertisements and circulars, 1784-1801
5 9 Certificate of moneys seized from Stephen Dutilh, undated [seized in Havana and belonging to Daniel Thuun]
5 10 Contracts and agreements, 1789, 1790, 1804-1805 [includes letters of thanks regarding the execution of the contracts, as well as agreements between John Dutilh and business partner A. Morin]
5 11 Declaration of Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh against Pieter Baelde , 1801, undated
5 12 Dissolution of J. & E. Dutilh & Co., 1791
5 13 Exchange rates, 1796 [from Hamburg]
5 14 Note re John Soullier's business connection to Dutilh & Wachsmuth, 1803 [written by John G. Wachsmuth]
5 15 Notice of action of Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh against M. Bayou de Libertad, 1793
5 16 Price lists, 1790-1811 [exports from Germany and England]
C. Financial papers
2 Accounts , 1783-1788 [for "Divers Debiteurs & Marchandizes Generalles " and other accounts, including those for E. Dutilh, J. G. Wachsmuth, A., E., and C. Dutilh à Rotterdam, James Dutilh & Co.] ; bound journal; formerly volume 6
Box Folder
5 17 Accounts, 1793-1794 [specific to Dutilh, Morin & Co.]
5 18 Accounts, 1788-1809 [specific to John G. Wachsmuth]
3 Accounts , 1790-1795; bound; formerly volume 14
Box Folder
5 19 Accounts, 1796-1809 [specific to Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh] ; loose papers
5 20 Accounts current, 1787-1798 [includes foreign accounts] ; loose papers
5 21 Accounts and receipts, 1792-1794 [specific to Jacques Mathieu]
5 22 Accounts - Foreign, 1794-1795, undated [book of several accounts for companies in Amsterdam, Nantes and Hambourg with E. Dutilh and Wachsmuth; also three insertions including "Notte(s) pour Monsro E. Dutilh Philadelphie"] ; formerly volume 8
5 23 Accounts - Insurance, 1786-1797
5 24 Accounts - Insurance , 1801-1803 [specific to Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh]
Box Folder
6 1 Balance books, 1792-1799
6 2 Bank book, 1797 [with the Bank of the United States]
6 3 Bills of exchange/promissory notes, 1778-1791
6 4 Bills of exchange/promissory notes, 1792
6 5 Bills of exchange/promissory notes, 1793
6 6 Bills of exchange/promissory notes, 1794
6 7 Bills of exchange/promissory notes, 1795
6 8 Bills of exchange/promissory notes, 1796 [several promissory notes from 1796 are signed by John Wigglesworth, agent to the Commander of the 1796 British Occupation Force in Haiti and are connected to the 1796 slave revolt in Haiti]
6 9 Bills of exchange/promissory notes, 1797 [several promissory notes from 1797 are signed by John Wigglesworth, agent to the Commander of the 1796 British Occupation Force in Haiti and are connected to the 1796 slave revolt in Haiti]
6 10 Bills of exchange/promissory notes, 1798-1807
Box Folder
7 1 Bills receivable , 1795-1799
4 Blank checks, 1790s [from Bank of North America and Philadelphia Bank] ; formerly volume 19
5 Cancelled checks, 1799-1801 [signed E. Dutilh (Bank of U.S.).] ; formerly volume 26
6 Cancelled checks, 1801-1802 [signed E. Dutilh (Bank of U.S.).] ; formerly volume 27
7 Cancelled checks, 1802-1804 [signed E. Dutilh until September, then after signed by Stephen Dutilh] ; formerly volume 28
8 Cancelled checks, 1804-1805 [signed by Stephen Dutilh] ; formerly volume 29
9 Cancelled checks, 1806-1807 [signed by Stephen Dutilh] ; formerly volume 30
10 Check stubs (Nos. 7-115) and blank checks (Bank of U.S.), 1810 February 8-1811 March 4; formerly volume 18
11 Day book, 1788-1789 [sundry accounts] ; formerly volume 12
Box Folder
7 2 Day book, 1788-1790; pages 1-44 unbound; formerly volume 13
12 Day book, 1796-1800; formerly volume 15
13 Day book , 1805-1808 [sundry accounts] ; formerly volume 16
Box Folder
7 3 Drawback book, 1794-1795 [to be received; includes list of "Certificates of Landing" and several notations] ; formerly volume 22
7 4 "Expenses for my Country Seat, Carriage, etc." each account "Expenses for my Country Seat, Carriage, etc.," 1804-1813 ["C.S. & C.E.B." on cover] ; formerly volume 23
14 Invoice book, 1783-1784 [invoices for goods shipped from Rotterdam to Philadelphia "sous la direction de Messrs. E. Dutilh & Co."] ; indexed; formerly volume 5
15 Invoice book, foreign, 1796-1797 [for goods (cheese, coffee, Medoc Claret, glass, hides, glass bottles, earthenware, etc.) shipped from Amsterdam, Lisbon, Rotterdam, London, Port au Prince, Bordeaux, Jeremie (Haiti) to Philao, ordered by and shipped "on accto & risk of" E. Dutilh & Wachsmuth & J. G. Wachsmuth. Also one insertion of a bill of "Capn. H. Skinner of the Ship Columbia to E. Dutilh & Wachsmuth", dated 1796.] ; indexed, back and part missing; formerly volume 9
Box Folder
7 5 Invoices for sugar and Guatemala indigo, 1801 [shipped by Thomas Gimbal and John Dutilh from Havana] ; unbound; formerly volume 11
7 6 Invoices, bills, and receipts , 1780-1791
Box Folder
8 1 Invoices, bills, and receipts , 1792-1798
8 2 Invoices, bills, and receipts, 1799-1807, undated
8 3 Invoices, bills, and receipts, 1788-1793 [specific to John G. Wachsmuth]
8 4 Invoices, bills, and receipts , 1797-1802 [specific to John Dutilh]
8 5 Invoices, bills, and receipts , 1788, 1795-1809 [specific to Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh]
8 6 Invoices, bills, and receipts , 1804-1815 [specific to Wachsmuth & Soullier]
16 Ledger, 1792-1793 [accounts with: Thomas Allibone; Adventure Schooner Neptune; Adventure Brig Lydia; Adventure from Savannah; Dutilh, Morin & Co. at Port au Prince; "Dupont"; Duponceau; Faucher; Louis Fauché; Joshua Gilpin; Stephen Girard; Levi Hollingsworth; Wm. F. Montgomery; Prud'homme & Chaillou; Pichon; Henry Pratt; Wharton & Lewis and many others] ; indexed; formerly volume 17
17 Outward entry book - Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh, 1795-1797; cover and title page only, also several loose index pages; formerly volume 24
18 Sales book, foreign, 1796-1797; partial index only; formerly volume 10
Box Folder
8 7 Sight payment orders, 1794-1795 [signed by E. Dutilh and Wachsmuth (Phila.), Abel and E. and Chn. Dutilh (Rotterdam), and E. Dutilh at Amsterdam.] ; 9 pages, unbound; formerly volume 20
8 8 "Traites, Remises, Promesses, etc.," 17891798 [Signed by John Go Wachsmuth, E. Dutilh & Co., James Grant (P. Mr. Barbadoes) and others. Includes one page of receipts, Jacob Chrystler to Mary Graff for rent] ; formerly volume 21
D. Legal papers
Box Folder
8 9 Claim by Etienne Dutilh to furnish whale oil at Santo Domingo, 1792
8 10 Procuration - J. Lafargue to Dutilh & Wachsmuth, 1794
8 11 Procuration - M. Badarague to Dutilh & Wachsmuth, 1796
8 12 Suit against the citizen Porée at Cap-François, 1793
E. Shipping papers
Box Folder
8 13 Capture of the brig Ceres, 1804-1805
8 14 Insurance policies, 1789-1796
8 15 Inward/outward weights of cargoes - Wachsmuth & Soullier, 1797-1801 [reversed: "Outward Weights"] ; formerly volume 25
8 16 Lawsuits and depositions, 1804-1805 [contains papers relating to a lawsuit against Stephen Dutilh regarding dishonest supercargo and charges of taking on contraband coffee at Cuba on board the schooner Eliza, and the deposition of George Monk, captain of the ship Hercules]
Box Folder
9 1 Ship inventory, undated [includes list of ships, their status, and probable costs likely associated with insurance]
9 2-22 Ship records, 1790-1806:
Charming Sally (sloop), 1790-1792
Colombia (ship), 1793 [notarized receipt of goods at Amsterdam]
Commerce (ship), 1792
Fair American (ship), 1794-1806
Favorite (brig), 1791, 1801-1802
Fly (schooner), 1793-1795
Hetty (brig), 1790-1793
Hardy (schooner), 1790-1791
Hannibal (ship), 1793-1795
Isabella (brig), 1791-1795
Jason (brig), 1791-1793
Liberty (ship), 1797
Lydia (brig), 1791-1793
Minerva (brig), 1801
Olive Branch (ship), 1790 [consists of Seamens' Articles of Agreement related to trade between Philadelphia, New York, the Caribbean, and France]
Pilgrim (ship), 1805-1807
Pomona (brig), 1794-1797
Sally & Betsy (brig), 1794-1797
San Josef (ship), 1804
Two Sisters (brig), 1799-1801
Wissle-Valligheid (ship), 1783
Box Folder
9 23 Miscellaneous ship records
F. Dutilh family papers
i. Letters and correspondence
Box Folder
10 1 Dutilh, Charles, 1829-1875 [includes both business and family correspondence]
10 2 Dutilh, Eugene, to Edmund Dutilh, 1874
10 3 Dutilh, Francis, to Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh, 1798, undated
10 4 Dutilh, Jean, to Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh, 1786, 1793, 1795
10 5 Dutilh, Martha, to Etienne Dutilh (cousin), 1783
10 6 Dutilh, Peter Abel, to J. Laubie (uncle), 1799, 1802
10 7 Laubie, Peter, to Stephen (Etienne) Dutilh, 1799-1805 [Laubie was Etienne Dutilh's brother-in-law]
10 8 Veuve Espagnac (nee Dutilh) , 1798, 1805-1806
10 9 Watmough, J. H., to Peter Abel Dutilh, 1802 [includes death certificate for Peter Abel Dutilh]
10 10 Unidentified letters, undated
ii. Legal papers and miscellany
Box Folder
10 11 Death certificate - Peter Abel Dutilh, 1802
10 12 Extract from County Register re baptism of Pierre Etienne Dutilh, 1789
10 13 Will and testament - Constance Maria Francoise Dutilh, 1874
III. Manuel Eyre papers
0.4 Linear Feet
Scope and Content
The papers of Manuel Eyre comprise correspondence, accounts, invoices, bank checks, bills, and receipts. Some of the correspondence predates the organization of the mercantile firm of Eyre & Massey, and documents Eyre's business affairs when he was just twenty years old. The bulk of the records include shipping papers, ship's articles, accounts, manifests and bills of lading, and letters from corresponding merchants, mostly from Troup & Brown at Port au Prince. Other merchants include: Peter Dorey and John Van Cleve (Cap Francois), Tucker & Butler (Nassau), Runekel, Ruys & Co. (Amsterdam), and John Jones (Charleston). There is also a group of items relating to Eyre's property in Burlington, N.J., including printed broadsides for the sale of a house.
Series III is arranged alphabetically by document type.
Box Folder
10 14 Accounts, 1800-1806
Box Folder
10 15 Advertisements and circulars, 1802-1804
Box Folder
10 16 Agreements, 1822-1832
Box Folder
10 17 Correspondence, business - Incoming, 1796-1835
Box Folder
10 18 Invoices, bills, and receipts, 1800-1843
Box Folder
10 19 Letters re house and property in Burlington, New Jersey, 1797-1806
Box Folder
10 20 Promissory and bank checks, 1801-1824
Box Folder
10 21 Shipping papers - Aristides (brig), 1801 [2nd voyage, Philadelphia to Hamburg, Germany]
Box Folder
10 22 Shipping papers - Eutaw (schooner), 1797-1798 [1st voyage, Philadelphia to the West Indies]
Box Folder
10 23 Shipping papers - Eutaw (schooner), 1799 [2nd voyage, Philadelphia to Cape Francois]
Box Folder
10 24 Shipping papers - Nancy (brig), 1800 November-1801 February [2nd voyage, Philadelphia to Cape Francois]
Box Folder
11 1 Shipping papers - Nancy (brig), 1800 October-1801 February [3rd voyage, Philadelphia to Havana]
Box Folder
11 2 Shipping papers - Nancy (brig), 1801 [4th voyage, Philadelphia to Cape Francois]
Box Folder
11 3 Shipping papers - Nancy (brig), 1801 October-1802 June [5th voyage, Philadelphia to St. Lucar]
Box Folder
11 4 Shipping papers - Olive Branch (ship), 1801 [1st voyage, Philadelphia to St. Croix]
Box Folder
11 5 Shipping papers - Perseverance (sloop), 1815
Box Folder
11 6 Stock certificate - People's Steam Navigation Company, 1833 August 2 [100 shares issued to manuel Eyre]
IV. George Louis de Stockar papers
0.6 Linear Feet
Scope and Content
The papers of George Louis de Stockar comprise correspondence, accounts, bills, and other business papers, largely from his years spent in La Rochelle as a merchant. There is very little material from his time as a merchant in Philadelphia. The papers include correspondence with his family in Switzerland, papers concerning Swiss citizens operating as merchants in France, business records, among which are numerous notarized acts, and papers concerning the settlement of his estate by John G. Wachsmuth of Philadelphia.
Series IV consists of two subseries, with each arranged alphabetically by document type.
Box Folder
11 7 Incoming, family , 1771-1787 [the majority of the letters originate from D. de Stokar, but it is unclear if this is George Louise de Stockar's father or brother. The salutations for some letters include the French words "fils," meaning son, while others include "frere," meaning brother. There is a single letter from Stokar's brother-in-law, as well as a note describing the family's coat-of-arms]
11 8 Miscellaneous , 1782-1783
Business and financial papers
Box Folder
11 9 Account book, 1780-1781
11 10 Accounts, bills, and receipts , 1772, 1778-1783
11 11 Accounts, bills, and receipts , 1784-1789
11 12 Accounts, bills, and receipts , 1790-1795, undated
Box Folder
12 1 Advertisements and circulars , 1788, 1790
OS-1 Estate papers, 1789-1794 [includes documents discussing Stockar's estate, which include a letter from Stockar's father making claim on his estate and a document discussing payments to Stockar's creditors following his death, and a document discussing Stockar's "Grande Maison" in Rochelle]
Box Folder
12 2-3 Notarized documents , 1776-1791 [Includes documents referring to bills of exchange drawn to Devercy for the account of Roberjot Sartigue; a Certificate of Non-Appearence issued by the Peace Office to Gastinet Bauquier; many notarized documents discuss the business affairs of Devercy and Bauquier. Also included are the bankruptcy papers of Jean Adam Baschlin de Schaffhouse, a possible business associate, and other documents concerning the Canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. These include a written declaration to its citizens. There are also letters written to the Bürgermeister of Schaffhausen and two documents signed by Thomas Barclay, American consulate in Paris, regarding Stockar's business affairs.]
12 4 Printed receipts , 1785-1791
12 5 Refund notes, 1781-1788
V. Records of miscellaneous merchants
2.1 Linear Feet
Scope and Content
The records in this series comprise those that did not originate from the firms of Andrew Clow & Co., Dutilh & Wachsmuth, Manuel Eyre, George Louis de Stockar, or their immediate business associates. Included are miscellaneous accounts from larger Philadelphia area merchants, such as Richard Ashhurst, William Crammond, D'Arcy & Didier, and Nottnagel, Montmollin & Co., as well as smaller merchants. The records are incomplete and extremely fragmentary and thus only contain a few bills, receipts, letters, or accounts. Additionally, there are accounts and other financial records from unidentified merchants, likely from the Philadelphia area or southeastern Pennsylvania. These include invoice books containing shipments of cotton, coffee, sugar, indigo, and other similar goods. There is also a record book for Francis Curtis, a lawyer near Queenstown, Maryland during the early nineteenth century.
Series V consists of two subseries. Subseries A, Philadelphia area merchants, is arranged alphabetically by document type or merchant name. Subseries B, Unidentified accounts and miscellany, is arranged alphabetically by document type.
A. Philadelphia area merchants
Box Folder
12 6 Accounts - Miscellaneous , 1784-1798
12 7 Articles of copartnership - Thomas and Josiah Barker, 1830 September 13
12 8 Ashhurst, Richard - Accounts, bills, and receipts , 1817-1856
12 9 Ashhurst, Richard - Bank drafts, 1831-1841
12 10 Astley, Thomas - Correspondence with Philips Wood & Co. , 1812, 1839
12 11 Bills, receipts, and orders - Miscellaneous , 1780-1811
12 12 Bills, receipts, and orders - Miscellaneous , 1780-1830
12 13 Bronson, Silas - letter to F. W. Pickens, 1840 March 25 [discusses the state of the cotton market]
12 14 Buckman, G. - Invoices, 1864, undated
12 15 Calderon, Andres Alvarez - Correspondence and bills, 1799 [includes letter to Stephen Dutilh regarding commissions]
12 16 Correspondence - Miscellaneous , 1789-1836
12 17 Coxe, John D. - Bills, 1792, 1814
12 18 Crammond, William - Accounts , 1797-1801 [includes accounts for Philips, Crammond & Co.]
12 19 Crammond, William - Correspondence, 1796-1797, 1815-1818
12 20 Crammond, William - Bank checks / promissory notes , 1802-1804
12 21 Crammond, William - Bills of lading, 1816
19 Curtis, Francis - Record book, 1807-1808 [lawyer near Queenstown, Maryland] ; formerly volume 31
Box Folder
12 22 D'Arcy & Didier - Accounts and invoices, 1816
12 23 D'Arcy & Didier - Correspondence and miscellany , 1816-1817
20 Doran & Rank - Letter book, 1807-1808 [firm dealing in silks and cottons] ; formerly volume 20
Box Folder
12 24 Du Berry & Co. - Invoice for shipment of fans to Philadelphia, 1801 [shipped by William Heyl and Francis Gurney Smith on board the ship Atalanta]
12 25 Gill, John - Receipts and promissory notes , 1818-1840
12 26 Gimbal, Thomas - Consulate certificates declaring delivery of merchandise at foreign ports, 1801
Box Folder
13 1 Graff, Jacob and Charles - Accounts, bills, and receipts , 1760-1800
13 2 Harter, James - copy of letter from unknown London correspondent , 1789 September 8
13 3-4 Hartshorne, Samuel - Account book, 1772-1781 ["Millford" Pa., Del. or N.J.; Mill accounts for food, grain, and general merchandise] ; formerly volume 34
13 5 Heyl, William - Invoice for silk and satin goods from China, 1810 December 20
13 6 Hugh Houston & Co. - Bills of exchange , 1794
13 7 Hunter, John - Bills and receipts , 1842-1843
13 8 Krider, John - letter from J. W. Powell , 1846 November 8 [Letter discusses an order of decoy guns]
13 9 Mulvania, Thomas - Bills, 1818-1819
13 10 Nottnagel, Montmollin & Co. - Accounts, promissory notes, and bills of exchange , 1794-1800
13 11 Nottnagel, Montmollin & Co. - Correspondence , 1801, 1809-1811 [includes letter of attorney, Julia Barrabino to Leopold Nottnagel dated 1810 regarding the receipt of debts and disposal of real estate]
13 12 Nottnagel, Montmollin & Co. - Insurance policies for ships, 1799, 1802; 2 items
13 13 J. & W. Park - Bills and receipts , 1838, 1841
13 14 Promissory notes - Joseph Higbee / Pearson Hunt / Pettit & Bayard, 1800-1801
13 15 A. & G. Ralston & Co. - Price list, 1836 [Philadelphia iron and rail importers]
13 16 Sanchez, Philip - letter to Jose Joaquin Ferrer, 1799 February 28 [discusses mercantile shipping ventures to Vera Cruz and to other places, probably in the West Indies, to marine insurance, and the allegedly unscrupulous actions of Philadelphia merchant William Crammond, a participant in the ventures; includes original letter in Spanish and a copy translated by Peter Stephen Du Ponceau, official translator for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania]
13 17 Shinkle, Frederick - Bills and receipts , 1774, 1792, 1794, 1803, undated [also spelled "Shinckle" and "Shingel" in the records]
13 18 Shipping papers - Dove (brig), 1764-1774
13 19 Shipping papers - Globe (ship), 1838
13 20 Shipping papers - Miscellaneous , 1800-1810 [includes freight lists, bills of lading, cargo manifests, and other related material]
B. Unidentified accounts and miscellany
21 Account book, 1772-1785 [includes listing of "debts due to Richard Hartshorne" and "Invoice's of goods Received at different times from Hartshorne and Large in Philadelphia." Mill accounts, for corn, wheat, flour, rye, buckwheat, rum, etc.] ; formerly volume 36
22 Account book, 1792-1793; Incomplete, some accounts missing as well as back of volume ; formerly volume 40formerly volume 40
23 Account book - "Journal No. A," 1789-1794 [includes accounts for "Laus Deo. 3. 9bre 1789" (-1790), "1791 Laus Deo. No. B," and "Laus Deo. No. D. 1793."] ; formerly volume 41
24 Account book - "No. 3 Grand Livre No. A," 1789-1793 [includes "Etat des livres principaux, auxiliaires, carnets, liasses, boites cts. papiers, en correspondence, a l'usage de ma maison," "Divers Creanciers," "Divers Debiteurs," "1791 Grand Livre. No. B.," and "Grand Livre. N.D. Annee, 1793"] ; formerly volume 42
25 Account book - Unidentified Philadelphia firm, 1773-1776 [includes accounts with Hartshorne. Accounts of lumber, flour, buckwheat, etc.] ; formerly volume 36
26 Account book - Unidentified Philadelphia fur merchant, 1773-1777 [includes accounts with William Backhouse] ; some pages missing; formerly volume 37
Box Folder
13 21 "Fondation des Pauuves de Bauduen," undated [Note book evidently kept by a Notary at Aix-en-Provence to record: a legacy (1691) by Mathieu Bec du Bourguet, recorded in the office of Maitre Augier, Notary at Aix, amounting to 600 livres, to be distributed on the day of St. Bartholomew (Aug. 24) to girls about to be married and boys about to enter apprenticeship, residing in the little town of Bauduen. On the second page is noted: the Commune of Bauduen no longer pays this foundation on account of the Revolution. Also, details of loans by and to various people, to be reimbursed in the form of "Rentes" (annual interest-bearing payments), and notes on the reimbursements effected. All places mentioned are in the vicinity of Aix-en-Provence. Notes through 1824.] ; formerly volume 43
13 22 Invoice and account book, 1782-1788 [some invoices dated at La Rochelle. Shipments of St. Domingue cotton, coffee, sugar, indigo, 16 elephants tusks; to Orleans, Basle, Bremen, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, and Amsterdam] ; formerly volume 38
27 Ledger, 1853-1854 [initials "N.M." and "B.R." on front; "Maule Ledger" written in pencil on flyleaf; accounts for fish, lumber, tea, groceries, and other general merchandise] ; formerly volume 33
Box Folder
13 23 Ledger, 1788-1789 [accounts with Mary Clemens in the "New Yersies" and others] ; formerly volume 39
13 24 Legal documents re money owed to partners, 1803 [concerns Philadelphia area merchants W. H. Hagenau and Adolph Ehringhaus & Co.]
13 25 Letter of instruction to Mr. January , 1791 [concerns the settlement of Mr. January's account in the Wilmington, Chestertown, Salisbury, and Snowhill areas]
13 26 Property survey - White Hall Farm belonging to William Young, 1796
13 24 Stock inventory for dry goods , 1791