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Bell Telephone Laboratories

Existence: 1925 - 1984


  • Existence: 1925 - 1984

Found in 4 Collections and/or Records:

Arthur D. Hall III papers

Accession: 2628

Arthur D. Hall (1924-2006) was a systems engineer who spent the first part of his career with Bell Telephone Laboratories and later taught at the University of Pennsylvania and conducted an independent consulting business. In the latter capacity he developed a patented automated agricultural production system that the called "Autofarm," but was unable to make the leap from invention to true innovation. It was an early, but failed attempt at "green" farming. The Arthur D. Hall III papers represent a portion of his total archive that survived at the time of his death and was removed from his home office in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The main focus of the papers is Hall's work to develop Autofarm and his unsuccessful attempts to secure funding and market the concept to paying customers. There are smaller amounts of material dealing with his career at Bell Labs and his writing and publishing efforts.

Dates: 1951-1999

James Gordon Ferguson Bell Laboratories memoir

Accession: 2843

James Gordon Ferguson (1900-1985) was an electrical engineer who worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories for forty-two years. He was the author of numerous technical papers and was one of the leads during the 1940s in developing the Number Five Crossbar Switching System (5XB switch), which brought telephone service to rural areas. This item is an unpublished memoir entitled "Me and My Bell System (As I Remember Us)," circa 1965. It details Ferguson's career and professional life.

Dates: circa 1965

Legal papers

Accession: 1825-IIdentifier: 1825-I-II.
Scope and Content:

The Legal papers document Sperry-UNIVAC's efforts to defend and license the ENIAC patent. This series contains patent interference files as well as the records generated by the Sperry attorneys who worked on the Sperry-Rand vs. Bell Laboratories case (1956-1957) the Sperry Rand vs. IBM case (1963-1964). This series also contains a fragment of the legal correspondence generated by the Sperry-Honeywell suit.

Dates: 1935-1985

Louis F. Moose papers

Accession: 2605

This collection contains papers from Louis F. Moose from his early days as a student at the University of California, Berkeley, to his retirement from Bell Laboratories, Allentown, Pennsylvania, as an electrical engineer and department head. They date from 1928 with the bulk of the documents from 1942 to 1982 covering his work and activities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Bell Laboratories.

Throughout his career, Mr. Moose was involved with the early research and development of magnetrons/microwave tubes used in radar for military use and for Bell Systems applications.

Dates: 1928-1991