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Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Rail Road Co


Found in 1 Collection or Record:

Bankruptcy and reorganization files, 1928-1986

Accession: 2068-II.
Scope and Content:

Consists of reports, legislation, and hearings related to the bankruptcy and reorganization of select railroad lines, most of which Langdon played a major role. Subseries A comprises a series of preliminary reports from the 1930s and 1940s and covers regulations and law related to major freight carriers throughout the United States, as well as reports on the status and trends of various industries crucial to the success of motor, water, and rail freight carriers. Contained in Subseries B is a smaller amount of material dealing with the ICC's reorganization plan for the Erie Railroad in 1940. Langdon’s involvement with the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad is documented in Subseries C, and includes testimony, ICC dockets, and other material related to the prospective merger of Rock Island with the Union Pacific and the former’s potential to develop into a profitable line. There is also correspondence between Langdon and Maury Klein, a Hagley fellow, regarding the Rock Island non-merger. Subseries D consists of material from Langdon’s effort to revitalize the bankrupt Penn Central Transportation Company (Penn Central). These include prospective reports, Langdon’s deposition regarding the company’s valuation and reorganization, as well as testimony from the valuation proceedings. Some maps are included and highlight lines to be acquired by Penn Central and other carriers. There are also several reports discussing Penn Central’s reorganization and the need for extensive financial existence from the government. Lastly, Subseries E contains reports touching on the problems of the Conrail organization, including inventory, its financial situation, and performance reviews. Other reports cover Conrail’s profitability, freight statistics, and operational comparisons with other freight carriers.

Dates: 1928-1986