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Marshall Johnson Collection of Trade Literature and Ephemera
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Marshall Johnson Collection of Trade Literature and Ephemera

Accession 2268.I

Manuscripts and Archives Department, Hagley Museum and Library

PO Box 3630
Wilmington, Delaware, 19807

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Marshall Johnson Collection of Trade Literature and Ephemera
Dates: 1922-2003, bulk 1972-2000
Accession Number: 2268.I
Creator: Johnson, Marshall, 1938-
Extent: 3 linear feet
Repository: Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department
Abstract: The Marshall Johnson Collection of Trade Literature and Ephemera consists of materials collected by Johnson during his time with Wear-Ever/Proctor-Silex, including product catalogs, news clippings, and advertisements, with a small amount of manuscript materials.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Manuscript items closed for 25 years from date of creation. All trade catalogs, advertisements, manuals and clippings are open to research.


Biographical Note

Marshall B. Johnson was born in Mineola, Long Island, New York, on December 5, 1938. He became interested in Industrial Design in 1952 after reading a U.S. government career pamphlet. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1960 with a BFA in Industrial Design, and a minor in art education.

Following graduation, Johnson became the first staff designer hired by Black and Decker working seven years in Towson, Maryland, as their package engineer/product designer. In 1967 he moved to Pittsburgh to join the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) corporate design staff where he designed an oceanographic ship, the Alcoa Seaprobe, furniture, and numerous products using aluminum. In 1971 he was transferred to the ALCOA’s cookware subsidiary Wear-Ever Industries, Inc., in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he designed small appliances such as the first hot air corn popper, electric food gun (Super Shooter), kabob cooker (Kabob-It and Kabob 2) to name a few. He also designed cutlery for ALCOA’s Alcas/Cutco Division in Olean, New Year.

ALCOA sold Wear-Ever to Wesray Products, Inc., in 1982. A year later, Wesray acquired the Proctor-Silex Division of SCM Corporation, a manufacturer of kitchen appliances, and changed its name to Proctor-Silex, Inc. In 1986 it became WearEver-ProctorSilex, Inc. In 1988 the company was in turn acquired by NACCO Industries, Inc., a conglomerate, and moved to Glenn Allen, Virginia. The cookware division and Wear-Ever brand were sold to Mirro/Newell in January 1989. NACCO Industries, Inc., purchased Hamilton Beach, Inc., from Glen Dimplex of Ireland in 1990 and consolidated as Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex, Inc. Johnson stayed with Proctor-Silex through these various mergers until his retirement in 2001.

Johnson’s professional interests led him to serve on the boards of Goodwill Industries, Southern Ohio Speech and Hearing Center, and IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America), in addition to teaching Project Business to eighth and ninth graders for 10 years. He designed kitchen electrics and product graphics, and provided custom product models for over 45 housewares industry shows before retiring.


Scope and Content

The Marshall Johnson Collection of Trade Literature and Ephemera consists of materials collected by Johnson during his time with Wear-Ever/Proctor-Silex, including product catalogs, news clippings, and advertisements, with a small amount of manuscript materials.

The materials are about equally divided between the traditional cookware lines and the small appliances that are known in the trade as “kitchen electrics.” Product information sheets, used by salesmen to entice customers into purchasing such consumer icons as the “Super Shooter,” the “Mary Proctor Toaster,” “Wear-Ever Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware,” and “Popcorn Pumper,” contain product specifications, and list country of manufacture.

Use and care booklets, along with cookbooks written for use with specific products were a bonus for the middle class, Cold War era consumer. Johnson’s work with fellow designer and handle expert, Thomas Lamb, is represented by copies of Lamb’s patents for handles (1945-1964), as well as information regarding the Thomas Lamb Scholarship. Many samples from label company Topflight can be found in the collection since they were making the product labels for Proctor-Silex and Hamilton Beach. Marshall Johnson’s performance objectives and company reports give researchers a look at what was expected of an industrial designer in addition to creative thinking and drawing.


Access Points

Commercial catalogs.
Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex, Inc.--Catalogs
Household appliances.
Kitchen utensils.
Proctor-Silex Corporation.
Proctor-Silex Limited.
Proctor-Silex, Inc.
Trade catalogs.
Wear-Ever Aluminum, inc.
WearEver--ProctorSilex Inc.

Series Descriptions and Inventory

1 Allcraft Plastic Co., Inc.: Add-A-Sink, RediRoll, circa 1982
1 Aluminum Company of America: Photo of plastic Coca-Cola® dispenser
1 Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company: Wear-Ever price list, 1922
1 Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company: Wear-Ever Corn-Popper use and care booklet, 1949
1 British Rail: Experimental Seat
1 Cafe-Bar International: Cycolac ABS
1 Cornelius Company: Hotty's (countertop oven), 1977
1 Correct Use and Care of Aluminum Cooking Utensils; (33 pg. report) (33 pg. report)
1 General Electric: Valox Resins
1 Gillette: Super Curl, Easy Roller
1 Guild, Lurelle Van Arsdale: News clipping, 1973
1 Hamilton Beach: Advertising and promotional displays, 1995-2000
1 Hamilton Beach: Laminator 2; (1 photo) (1 photo)
1 Hamilton Beach: Product catalog, 2002-2003
1 Hamilton Beach: Product information sheets include mixers, blenders with photo, food processors, toasters, coffee makers, electric knife, irons, Super Shooter, can openers, Meal Maker Grill, rice cooker, indoor grill, 1989-1996
1 Hamilton Beach: Service catalog lists parts and price for HB products, 1964
1 Hamilton Beach, Commercial Division: Catalogs and product information, 1991-1995
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: Advertisements, 1998-2000
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: Color lists, 1991, 1993
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: Company information file contains company memos, retirement savings plan, Proctor Pride, press releases, memo from Mike Morecroft, mission statement, Brand News, photo of George Neble, CEO, 1991-2001
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: Cross-Reference charts include model numbers and instruction booklets, 1990
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: G.E. Brand Business Group, products for Canada, Mexico, and U.S., 2001-2002
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: News clippings include magazine and newspaper articles re products, the NACCO merger of Hamilton Beach and Proctor Silex, as well as corporate news, 1980-2002
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: Product catalogs for the years 1992 thru 1996 as well as Specialty Catalogs for small appliances, bagel slicer, toaster oven/broiler pan, grill rack, cow motif line, company catalog from Mexico, 1992-1996
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: Product information guides contain product features as well as product specifications (i.e. UPC codes, packing information, country of origin), 1996-2001
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex: Supplier Operating System Assessment booklet for suppliers regarding their responsibility to maintain Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex requirements, 1999
1 Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex, Canada: Product Catalog, 1993
1 Idex Corporation: Orange Peeler
1 Johnson, Marshall B.: File contains performance objectives, monetary award, weekly summary and meeting calendar, monthly/quarterly reports, production development review, project status reports, 1972-1981, 1983, 1987-1988
1 Labels: Miscellaneous labels for products such as: irons, coffeemakers, toasters, Adjust-a-Grill, Juicit
1 Lamb, Thomas: Patents for handles dating from 1945 to 1964, correspondence, magazine articles re. Wedge-Lock handle, photo of Lamb at desk, Wear-Ever Aluminum Inc. product drawing, information on the Cutco/Thomas Lamb Scholarship, 1945-1987
1 Metal Cookware Manufacturers Association: Consumer Information Guide, 1975, 1977-1978
1 NAACO Industries, Inc.: Annual Reports, 1987, 1988, 1998
1 News clippings: Miscellaneous companies and products relating to cooking and the preparation of foods, Several articles on slow cookers/crock-pots, 1967-1998
1 Potlatch Corporation: Context 1 publication on design competition, 2002
1 Proctor Electric Co.: Mary Proctor products flyer lists Hi-Lo Ironing Table with wheels, Champion Iron, Cordminder, Zedalon Miracle Fabric Cover, Proctor Deluxe Toaster; File also contains photo of ironing station, 1955
1 Proctor Electric Co.: Product service manual and renewal parts price list, 1950
1 Proctor-Silex: Advertisements for toasters, percolators, mixers, bread and dough maker, Hunter Green appliance line, 1965, 1993
1 Proctor-Silex: Catalogs for full product line, 1983-1994
1 Proctor-Silex: Corporate file includes Pension Plan for Salaried Employees, memos, operating plan, 1987, 1989, 1990
1 Proctor-Silex: Experimental toaster oven photos and slides, 1984
1 Proctor-Silex: Juicit and juice extractor product information sheets, label, and drawing for product label, 1982, 1986, 1989
2 Proctor-Silex: Labels for automatic drip coffeemakers
2 Proctor-Silex: Labels for irons, include model number for the corresponding iron.; (3 files) (3 files)
2 Proctor-Silex: Labels for Popcorn Popper/Pumper
2 Proctor-Silex: Labels for toasters; Viking Eaton, Farberware, Sears/Kenmore, and Phillips are the companies represented
2 Proctor-Silex: Mary Proctor product line catalogs. Products include irons and accessories, toasters, coffeemakers, ice cream freezer, slicer-shredder salad maker, fan, knife sharpener, Washerette, electric trimmer-edger. Also contains price list, 1961
2 Proctor-Silex: Mary Proctor percolator schematic
2 Proctor-Silex: Miscellaneous catalogs for coffeemakers, irons, toasters/toaster-ovens, popcorn popper, 1970s-1990s
2 Proctor-Silex: New Product Bulletin for lightweight steam and dry iron, model no. I3300, circa 1988
2 Proctor-Silex: News clippings regarding Wesray Corp. and merger, appointment of new officer, articles on travel irons and steamers, 1983-1990
2 Proctor-Silex: Price list, 1987
2 Proctor-Silex: Product change request forms for irons, 1990-1991
2 Proctor-Silex: Product displays and packaging, 1986
2 Proctor-Silex: Product information sheets (includes some photos) for ice cream freezers, mixers, H'eatery, Shut-off Memory Timer, Pan Handler, electric kettles, Slow Cooker, portable hair dryer, clothes steamer, can openers, irons, percolators, coffee makers, coffee mills, toasters, toaster ovens, bread makers, 1973-1996
2 Proctor-Silex: SuperShooter Plus file contains product information sheets, accessory kit, new product bulletin, 1988-1990
2 Proctor-Silex: Toaster drawing/blueprint, 1985
2 Proctor-Silex: Toaster parts list-Models 1463 to 20399, 1958-1967
2 Proctor-Silex: Unitized toaster chassis, 1966 May 26
2 Proctor-Silex: Use and Care booklets for pastry toaster, Sears® toaster, wide slot toaster, toaster/oven broiler, toaster oven, full-size irons, ice crusher, glass percolator, electric kettles, Super Shooter® Plus, Never-Lift iron, 1981-1992
2 Proctor-Silex Canada, Inc.: Service Bulletins, Use and Care booklets for blenders;File contains microfiche for Kettles & Bulletins, Toaster Ovens, Irons, ACD's/Cafetieres-Filtres, Toaster, 1989, 1992
2 Proctor-Silex Canada, Inc.: Service Repair Manual, Section 2, 1964, 1966
2 Products: Presto, Cook'n Carry, coffee bean grinders, vegetable cutters, Cornwall Corporation, Magikettle, Lewis Salton (with photo of Salton Peanut Butter Machine), Tomato Tamer, convection ovens, punch can opener, pressure cookers, SodaStream, Egg Stir, Racelett Gril, Donut Bakery, General Electric Steam & Dry Iron, Farberware, Muncy Products Roly Toaster, Jet-Stream Oven, Presto Vertical Broiler, Jaccard Meat Tenderizer, Fortune Factory, Baconizer, Zip-Snip, Odorless Cooker-Fryer, 1971-1998
2 Raymond Spilman Industrial Design: Product drawings and appliance information for cookware, microwave device, multi-purpose cooking container, Sonic Stir device, cook and store container system, "cordless" cooking system, programmed cooker, snack and food preparation system, automatic steam cooker, breakfast preparation unit, toaster, immersion heater, Heating-Cooking-Stir unit, Frozen Food Thawer-Cooker, adjustable toaster for toast and snacks, Ultra-Fast Coffee Maker, 1968-1988
2 Shetland-Lewyt: Catalogs, price lists, sales techniques, service manuals for vacuums, shampooers and polishers, 1955-1972
2 Shetland-Lewyt: Vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and Proctor-Silex Iron export models service manuals, 1971, 1972
Box Folder
3 1 Topflight: Label company
3 2 Topper Toys: Suzy Homemaker -- Sweet Shoppe, circa 1960
3 3 Tower Housewares: Tower Power file contains catalog for multi purpose casserole, egg boiler with automatic timer, self stirring saucepan and breakfast pan, Wear-Ever internal memo, correspondence, 1972, 1978
3 4 Wear-Ever: Advertisements include aluminum fruit juicer, cookware, Can-Handler fact sheet, Big Fry Pan promotion, Ad-Planners, commercial (Radio/TV) scripts, circa 1980s
3 5 Wear-Ever: Catalogs - Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company, "Wear-Ever" Barbecue Roaster, Hotel Ware, New Wear-Ever Preferred, Cookware by Wear-Ever, Lincoln Foodservice Products Inc. Supplies for the Professional Kitchen, Wear-Ever Full Line Catalog, Fine Family of Cookware, Wear-Ever Aluminum Cooking Utensils, Christmas Gifts A Poppin', Holiday Sled of Values, 1924, 1955, 1964, 1967, 1997
3 6 Wear-Ever: Company information contains bulletins and memos, pamphlet Demonstrating Wear-Ever with Silverstone, training program regarding alloys and tempers, thermal conductivity memo, Newsline (company newsletter) September 6, 1982, We're Cookin' employee monthly August and December 1982 issues, photo of Beverly Evans, director Wear-Ever Test Kitchens, 1963, 1971, 1976, 1977, 1980-1982
3 7 Wear-Ever: Cook Books with use and care information: New Method Cook Instruction Book, Salad Maker, Cook International with Wear-Ever, Ceramic Casserole, Suggestions for Using your Wear-Ever Fondue, Wear-Ever Cookie Gun, La Padella European-style Pan, International Cooker that's more than just a Wok, MicroRave, Oval Casserole/Au Gratin Pan, Wear-Ever/NFL Football Party Idea Book, Non-Stick Cooking the simple & savory way, Wear-Ever, Kikkoman, Quiche/Flan Set, Kabob-it, Super Shooter Idea Book, Rice Steamer, Electric Wok, Chafer Cook Book, Spring Form Pan, Wear-Ever Hallite Electric Cook Book, Wear-Ever Fondue Recipes, 1969-1982
3 8 Wear-Ever: General terms for distributors, 1983 January-May
3 9 Wear-Ever: Hotel Ware line, 1929, 1939
3 10 Wear-Ever: News clippings, 1990
3 11 Wear-Ever: Product information sheets-1 of 2(including some photos): stainless and aluminum cookware, SilverStone® Cookware/Bakeware, Wear-Ever NonStick, SilverStone® Glassware, 1981-1986
3 12 Wear-Ever: Product Information Sheets-2 of 2(including some photos): electric wok, bakeware, universal accessories, pressure cooker, buffet fry pan, chrome plated drip pans, microwave cookware, quiche/flan set, Chicken Bucket, Kabob-it/Kabob-2, SuperShooter, can opener, Popcorn Pumper, percolator, tea kettles, Pokey-Pot, 1977-1987
3 13 Wear-Ever: Products binder, 1966, 1967
3 14 Wear-Ever: Promotional brochures
3 15 Wear-Ever: Sales information bulletins for suppliers of Wear-Ever products, 1983
3 16 Wear-Ever: "Summary Report on State of the Art Technology" in Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cookware
3 17 Wear-Ever Aluminum Inc.: Consumer information booklets, and The Perfect Hostess by Nancy Prentiss, 1958, 1981-1982
3 18 Wear-Ever Aluminum Inc.: Product Design Dept. drawings for cookie gun and discs, food gun and discs, key ring for safety program, handle, cover knobs, clip-on cordset plug, cover grip pad for iron, layout base graphics for "Cerama" Ovenware; Includes new product planning memo, 1972-1985
3 19 Wear-Ever Aluminum Inc.: Products Binder, 1967
3 20 Wear-Ever, Canada: Catalogs-Comet aluminum cooking utensils manufactured by Aluminum Goods Limited, 1949
3 21 Wear-Ever/Proctor-Silex: Advertisements for Wear-Ever Teflon SR-3, Electric Entertaining, the Super Shooter, 1967, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1987
3 22 Wear-Ever/Proctor-Silex: Annual Report, 1986
3 23 Wear-Ever/Proctor-Silex: Company information file contains SEC form 10-K, form 10-Q, Notice to Annual Meeting of Shareholders, Profit Sharing Program, Announcement of Partnership with Proctor-Silex and move to Richmond, NACCO Industries Inc., announcement of January 20, 1988 regarding merger, 1985-1988
3 24 Wear-Ever/Proctor-Silex: Kitchen Collection catalog, 1986-87
3 25 Wear-Ever/Proctor-Silex: News clippings regarding acquisition/merger, personnel news, and new products, 1983, 1984, 1986-1988, 1990, 1994, 1995
3 26 Wear-Ever/Proctor-Silex: Promotional brochures, 1989
3 27 Wear-Ever Specialty (Direct Selling) Division: Design research binder produced by Raymond Spilman Industrial Design includes drawings, 1968 December
3 28 Wesray Corp.: News clippings that discuss the connection to ALCOA, Wear Ever Aluminum Inc., Lincoln Manufacturing Co., Inc., and Proctor-Silex. The file contains a list of Wesray Group associated companies as well as an article on William E. Simon, chairman and co-founder of Wesray Corp., 1982-1987
3 29 Zyliss: Products catalog from Swiss based Zyliss