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Tallman Family Papers
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Tallman Family Papers

Accession 0419

Manuscripts and Archives Department, Hagley Museum and Library

PO Box 3630
Wilmington, Delaware, 19807

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Tallman Family Papers
Dates: 1799-1949
Accession Number: 0419
Creator: Tallman family
Extent: 6 linear feet, 4 oversize items
Repository: Hagley Museum and Library: Manuscripts and Archives Department
Abstract: The collection consists of correspondence, legal papers, notebooks, and memorabilia relating to the Tallman family, although the bulk of materials pertain to Frank Gifford Tallman.

Historical Note

Captain Peleg Tallman (1764–1841) was born in Tiverton, Rhode Island on July 24, 1764. Tallman served in the Revolutionary War on the privateer Trumbull, and lost an arm in an engagement in 1780. He was also captured and imprisoned by the British at this time. After the war, Tallman married Eleanor Clarke and accepted a job as overseer of Bowdoin College, where he stayed until 1840, and engaged in mercantile pursuits in Bath, Maine, a district of Massachusetts until 1820. Tallman served as a Democratic-Republican to the Twelfth Congress from March 4, 1811 to March 4, 1813 but declined to be a candidate for renomination. Tallman served as a member of the Maine State Senate. Tallman died in Bath on March 12, 1841 and was interred in Maple Grove Cemetery but was later reinterred in Forest Hills Cemetery, Roxbury, Massachusetts. (Source: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress)

Captain Tallman's son, Peleg, was born on April 18th in Bath, Maine. He married Maria Hay Hudson in 1857 with whom he had three children, Henry Paine, Peleg Hudson (1861-1907), and Frank Gifford (1881-1938) who married Annie May Dickie (1859-1922) in 1881.


Scope and Content

The collection consists of correspondence, legal papers, notebooks, and memorabilia relating to the Tallman family including Peleg Tallman (1764-1841), Peleg Tallman (1836-1863), Frank G.Tallman (1860-1938) and Annie Dickie Tallman. The bulk of the collection pertains to Frank Gifford Tallman.



Materials are arranged by their creators and then grouped by type of material, e.g. correspondence, ledgers, diaries and printed matter.


Series Descriptions and Inventory

I. Peleg Tallman (1764-1841), 1799-1899
1 Observations written to Benjamin Willcox, 1799-1846
1 "A friend" to Denny McCobb, 1899
1 Peleg Tallman to Richard D. Tucker, 1810 January 29
1 Peleg Tallman to Hon. Wm. King, 1812 January 19
1 Peleg Tallman to Hon. Wm. King, 1812 June 9
1 Peleg Tallman to Hon. Wm. King, 1814 Feb 12
1 Peleg Tallman to Hon. Wm. King, 1817 Jan 22
1 Holder Tallman to Peleg Tallman, 1815 Dec 21
1 Peleg Tallman to "Gentlemen assessors of the town of Bath" [Me.], 1836 May 1
1 Eleanor Tallman to Peleg Tallman, 1836 May 10
1 Peleg Tallman to Eleanor Tallman, 1840 ApriI 12
1 "Committee of the First Church of Christ in Bath" to Eleanor Tallman, 1823 March 28
1 Ellen Sophia Lark Tallman (grandchild) to Eleanor Tallman, 1846 May 8
1 Peleg Tallman, sailor of the Revolution, master mariner and member of Congress, by Walter H. Sturtevant, printed history with mss. notes, Oct 1899
II. Peleg Tallman (1836-1863), 1857-1949
1 Incoming letters to Peleg Tallman, 1857 June 25 - 1862 May 29, undated; 23 items
1 Incoming letters in letterbook, 1857 October 7 - 1860 June 11
1 Outgoing letters in letterbook, pp. 1-102, including letters from McLean & Tallman, 1857 November 30 to 1861 December 23
1 Letters, receipts, diary/notebook of Peleg Tallman with obituary notice and other attachments tucked in the back cover, 1861 December 23
1 Notes on law lectures, 1856, 1857; 3 volumes
2 Journal containing ledger acccounts of McLean & Tallman, real estate company, 1857; mostly blank pages
3 Ledger of McLean & Tallman, 1857-1858; mostly blank pages
4 Diploma from Harvard University (1857 July 15) with enclosing letter to F.G. Tallman from Harry L. Palmer, 1949 October 27
III. Frank Gifford Tallman, 1876-1933
5 Tallman family history - two memos, 10 Feb 1932; 5 pp. typed
5 Papers re the Hartman Steel Co. laboratory; 15 items
5 Correspondence and papers re engineering consulting, 1890-1892; printed notice of Brown Hoisting & Conveying Machine Co., Cleveland, 0., 1896; 32 items
5 Account book, personal and business accounts, 1881-1891 [second half contains journal entries]
5 Engineering notebook, circa 1884-1891
5 Engineering notebook, 1886
5 Engineering notebook, circa 1888-1891
6 Printed patents of Frank G. Tallman and others; 30 items
6 Correspondence and papers re patent applications of Frank G. Tallman, 1885-1892; 22 items
6 Correspondence with the American Wire Nail Co., Covington, Ky., re: repeater patent infringement, 1889-1892; 8 items
6 Correspondence with Oberschlesische Eisen-Industrie, Gleiwitz, Poland re license for wire forming patent, 1890-1892; 13 items
6 Correspondence with Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Co., Ltd., Warrington, G.B., re license for coiling machine (18pp. typescript), 1890 September-1891 July; 40 items
6 Correspondence and papers re reel license for the New Castle Steel Co., New Castle, Pa., 1890-1899; 6 items
6 Papers re U.S. Steel Co., Jackson, 0., 1890-1891; 73 items
6 Correspondence, receipts, and copies of licenses for reels and repeaters built for the Portage Iron Co., Ltd., Duncansville, Pa., 1897-1898; 5 items
6 Various patent license agreements, 1888-1891, 1902; 11 items
7 Drafts of patent specifications, coiling and removing rods and reel patents, undated; 8 items
7 Original sketches for automatic reels, 1887-1890; 38 items
7 Preliminary sketches for continuous billet mill designed for Shoenberger, Speer & Co., steel producers, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1891; 6 items
7 Blueprints, 1887-1892; 4 items
7 Sundry papers re patents and licensing, 1884-1891; 28 items
7 Blank license agreement forms 1890, 1890; 7 items
8 Correspondence between F.G. Tallman and Thomas A. Jenckes, his attorney, re two lawsuits involving Tallman family property in the city of Boston, Mass., 1881-1916; circa 150 items
8 Receipts, bills, and note of F.G. Tallman in account with Thomas A. Jenckes, including insurance policy and mortgage security for loan, 1881-1904; 33 items
8 Broadside advertising mortgagee's sale of property at Larch and Ivy Streets, Providence, R.I., 25 March 1881
8 Court briefs for lawsuits involving Tallman family property in Boston - Frank G. Tallman et al. vs. Christian Rechel, District of Massachusetts, Circuit Court of the United States, May Term 1888; William H. Sweet et al. vs. Christian Rechel, Supreme Court of the United States, October Term 1894; 11 items
8 Sundry papers, memoranda, notes, court statements, land title and estate abstracts, and drafts and copies of documents re Boston property lawsuits, 1885-1894, undated; circa 200 items
9 Sundry papers, etc. re Boston property lawsuits, 1885-1905; circa 50 items
10 Ledger of personal financial accounts, 1878-1880
10 Leases, indentures, mortgages, bonds, agreements, stock certificates, financial statements, 1881-1900; circa 56 items
10 Marriage certificate of F.G. Tallman and Annie ("Anna") Dickie, 1881
10 Miscellaneous lists, advertisement
10 Cancelled notes, receipts, letters re loan of F.G. Tallman from stepfather W.A. Sweet, 1881-1890; circa 40 items
10 Correspondence re operation on Peleg H. Tallman (1861-1907), brother of F.G. Tallman, 1900-1901; 36 items
10 Correspondence and blueprints re alterations made of Tallman residence at 1401 West 10th Street, Wilmington, Del., 1927 June-November; 50 items
10 The Architectural Forum with pictures of Tallman residence, 1919 August
10 Plans and drawings for house in Syracuse, N.Y. for. F.G. Tallman, undated; circa 30 items
10 Check stub book of F.G. Tallman, First National Bank of Syracuse, 1883-1885; circa 130 items
10 Cancelled checks, Philadelphia National Bank, 1933
10 Check stubs, balance book, 1932, 1915
11 Memorabilia, maps, cards, programs, etc. re the World's Fairs, Chicago and St. Louis, 1893, 1904; 16 items
11 Programs, invitations, clippings, etc. for social and professional activities of F.G. Tallman, circa 1898-1917; circa 95 items
12 Scrapbook of items relating to mechanical engineering and to various engineering firms, 1882-1895
13 Scrapbook containg drawings of mechanical designs, many marked W.A.S. (William A. Sweet), 1881-1887; book of figures and sketches, 1881-1886; operating costs of Hartman Steel Co., Ltd. 1888; three booklets of cost sheets for unidentified company, 1888-January 1889, 1890; sundry loose papers
14 Scrapbook of invitations, programs, etc. for social and academic adtivities of F.G. Tallman, 1876-84
IV. Annie Dickie Tallman, 1844-1937
15 Annie Dickie to F.G. Tallman, 1878 August - 1879 September; 25 items
15 3 unattached covers
15 1 torn letter [of Annie Dickie]
15 Miscellaneous floral water colors by M.A.D., 1879
15 Ribbon, scarf, pressed flowers
15 Diary of Annie Dickie, 1879
15 Diary of Annie Dickie, 1880
15 Dickie family letters, Oswego County, N.Y., 1844-1895; 6 items
15 Letters to Mrs. F.G. Tallman from her daughter, Marion E. Tallman, 1903-1904 ; circa 25 items
15 Letters from J. S. Schroeder and F.C. Schroeder, Jr., 1928; 2 items
15 Certificate of F.G. Tallman from Syracuse High School, 1876
15 Invitations to M.E. Tallman's wedding, 1908 January 25; 3 items
15 Miscellaneous cards and lists
15 Constitution of the Syracuse Philharmonic Society, circa 1884
15 Letter from Miss Webb to Miss K. Tallman, 1912 June 28
15 Postcard to Mrs. F.G. Tallman from F.M.G., 1911 July 13
16 New England Historical & Genealogical Register , 1931 January; circa 40 items
16 Genealogy and history of The Ballous in America, 1937
16 Newspaper clippings